SNF 2014.11

SNF: News Channel Five - Athena Asamiya's star seems to be on the rise as the young fighter has shot up through the fighting circuits with incredible alacrity. But she soon finds out that there is an upper limit to her ascent when she battles the veteran martial artist, Lee Chao Lan, in an airborn chinook. Dangerously cunning, he opens her eyes to ways people fight. It's only fair that she show him what resolve can do. (DKO) - created on 23:33:16 11/07/2014 by Athena and last modified on 01:47:18 11/10/2014. Cast: Athena and Lee Chaolan.

SNF: "A F[CENSORED] RIOT!! - Did you know 'ken' can mean both 'sword' or 'fist' in Japanese depending on how it's written? True story. So enjoy some Ken on and Ken action in this SNF battle that doesn't require going to weird rule 34 Tumblr to find. (Draw Match) - created on 16:59:50 11/08/2014 by Aya and last modified on 17:13:49 11/09/2014. Cast: Aya and Makoto.

SNF: Too Many Cooks - It's a one-on-two handicap match in Metro City, filmed as part of a sitcom situation. Will Metro City's heroine have the upper-hand, or will the lesser of two evils triumph? (WINNER: Mimiru) - created on 19:01:37 11/08/2014 by Maki and last modified on 15:43:02 11/09/2014. Cast: Gabriel, Mimiru, Maki, and Jira.

SNF: Donate or Die! - A simple premise: Every time "Mighty" Mike Haggar can bodyslam "Rich" Ken Masters, the latter puts up a to-be-agreed-upon sum of money for Metro's public safety fund. How many times can Haggar slam Ken? Will Ken start a riot? Will Haggar cry about his dead wife? All this, and more! - created on 19:31:59 11/08/2014 by Haggar and last modified on 15:41:49 11/09/2014. Cast: Ken Masters and Haggar.

SNF: Rumble Roses - The Capcom Wrestling Association plays host to a woman's wrestling event in preparation for the upcoming SLAMFEST 2014 (allcaps required). Snakebite and Rainbow Mika take the stage before the secret agent joins in! - created on 20:24:38 11/08/2014 by Chloe and last modified on 02:16:08 11/09/2014. Cast: Sada, Chloe, and Rainbow Mika.

SNF: "INSERT COIN" - Metro City Arcade is, like much of Metro City, big and bustling but losing some steam. As part of the Metro City benefit, a lone schoolgirl--Sakura Kasugano--has been contracted to provide some entertainment, excitement, and advertising on behalf of the place. The opposition for her fight? A mysterious, shadowy fighter named Munin. How will their philosophies and styles clash? (Winner: Sakura) - created on 22:04:47 11/08/2014 by Sakura and last modified on 17:04:05 11/09/2014. Cast: Sakura and Munin.

SNF: "Fine Taste" - SNF: "Fine Taste" - Adelheid Bernstein valiantly defends manners and good taste against the crude shouting and frankly unbearable smell of... a wine cask?? Read on and find out exactly how well Chin Gentsai handles a nuclear explosion centered on his face! Witness the magic of an old man erupting into flames! Learn a little bit about wine, because really, it's a very immersive and complex field depending on the subjective fields of on-... - created on 22:21:31 11/08/2014 by Chin and last modified on 01:24:01 11/10/2014. Cast: Adelheid and Chin.

SNF: "The Emperor's Court" - Crocodiles in the sewers. Muggers in a dark alley. Guy Fieri's restaurant in Midtown. There are lots of things you could be scared of in Metro City, but the Emperor of Muay Thai in a dark abandoned subway tunnel might be among the most terrifying. Can three school-age fighters overcome the awe-inducing presence of Sagat and bring about a miracle victory? - created on 17:58:17 11/09/2014 by Haru and last modified on 01:30:56 11/11/2014. Cast: Sagat, Tiffany, Brett, and Haru.

SNF: You're a Loose Cannon - What do you call three individuals of dubious moral character surrounded by cops? A benefit exposition match apparently. Someone in the SNF must enjoy setting up these sort of situations, but does anyone end the fight in cuffs? Only one way to find out! - created on 19:45:20 11/09/2014 by Dyre and last modified on 00:56:29 11/10/2014. Cast: Dyre, Oboro, and Mr.Burr.

SLAMFEST2014: BEAR KING BAD - Girl verses beast, Mentor verses Monster, not even the participants of this Day 3 MAIN EVENT of SLAMFEST 2014 have any idea what is in store this match! - created on 22:19:07 11/14/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 22:29:01 11/15/2014. Cast: Hotaru, Rose, Heihachi, and Kuma.

SLAMFEST2014: KEEP UP OR KEEP OUT - Rock's SLAMitude is put to the test by the swiftly aggressive Shinobi of Slam. No time for the ring, he can't even make it down the hall without being ninja hassled! - created on 23:29:04 11/14/2014 by Kasumi and last modified on 03:45:55 11/21/2014. Cast: Rock and Kasumi.

SLAMFEST2014: BODY EXPLODING SLAM TUTORIAL - When it comes to learning about wrestling, no book is going to be enough to teach you how to SLAM. You need the kind of hands on experience that a professional educator like Hayato Nekketsu is capable of providing. And while Aya and Natsu may not have known quite what to expect, they prove to be quick learners. (WINNERS: Aya and Natsu) - created on 16:17:09 11/15/2014 by Hayato and last modified on 18:09:54 11/17/2014. Cast: Hayato, Natsu, and Aya.

SLAMFEST2014: BEAR ENDURANCE SLAM - Hungry bear. Robot bear. Two cosplaying bears. EXPLODING BEAR. And a MECHA BEARZILLA. It's more bears than you can... stand. You think I missed a pun didn't you. I GAVE YOU THAT ONE, GUYS. - created on 20:00:13 11/15/2014 by Slam of Bears and last modified on 11:47:19 11/16/2014. Cast: Kyo and Slam of Bears.

SLAMFEST2014: MEANWHILE, BACKSTAGE... - The best way to get a sociopathic serial torturer to do what you want is to ask him to do something he already kind of wants to do. Osore no Oni, the Demon of Horror, is happy to assist the BWA in their plot to sabotage the CWA, and take a meeting with a schoolgirl that has caught his attention. - created on 20:19:05 11/15/2014 by Kichiga and last modified on 11:48:17 11/16/2014. Cast: Sada and Kichiga.

SLAMFEST2014: WRESTLEFREAKS - After her victory last week, Chloe expects to engage in SLAMFEST against Sada to break out of the low-grade league she was stuck in and become a real wrestling challenger. Instead, Brute Force Wrestling - and Vyle - makes a surprising entrance... - created on 13:26:32 11/16/2014 by Chloe and last modified on 11:44:18 11/17/2014. Cast: Vyle and Chloe.

SLAMFEST2014: PIXIE WRANGLER - The match of the century! ...Well okay, not quite. But still a match! Sent by Justice High to represent the school at SLAMFEST, Haru finds himself squaring off against the mysterious Lilith; the Wrestling Pixie! Let the slamming commence! - created on 15:18:12 11/16/2014 by Lilith and last modified on 03:47:06 11/17/2014. Cast: Haru and Lilith.

SLAMFEST2014: MOTHER RUSSIA SALUTES SLAM...!? - It's the main event on the last day of SLAMFEST 2014. New arrival onto the scene, Rainbow Mika, is set to face her idol, Zangief. It all goes wrong when the BWA attacks, lead by the mysterious Astro. Can Rainbow Mika's overwhelming belief in the true spirit of wrestling, combined with the help of an enthusiastic audience member, overcome the man claiming to lead the future of wrestling? - created on 18:45:16 11/16/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 03:47:34 11/17/2014. Cast: Vyle, Rainbow Mika, Tabitha, and The Astro.

SLAMFEST2014: IT'S RAINING BEARS - It's a battle between two women who's names start with the letter J. Watch Jira send Julia through a table, and watch Julia, in a rare instance, demand a rematch! (WINNER: Jira) - created on 19:43:35 11/16/2014 by Julia and last modified on 22:04:21 11/16/2014. Cast: Julia and Jira.

SLAMFEST 2014: DYRE, SHUT UP AND SLAM - Panic in the crowd!! Ayane has tracked Kasumi here, and gained entry to SLAMFEST by signing up as one of the fighters. However, who could have foreseen this? While the mercenary Dyre was putting on a (handsomely paid) exhibition against a few wrestlejobbers in a side room of the stadium to demo science's latest creation the SLAMSUIT, the CWA comes under attack!! Even worse, it turns out the SLAMSUIT is the victim of SLAM sabotage! Now, under the influence of SLAM enhancing rage drugs, he's SLAMed his way through the wall out into the crowd of the main stage, and is now SLAMing random members of the audience! It just so happens that Ayane was in the middle of interrogating a fight coordinator in a skybox about the people in attendance at SLAMFEST when this happens--it looks like the security team is woefully underequipped to deal with the threat, and the coordinator isn't talking until he can get something organized to deal with the safety threat to the crowd! - created on 19:12:33 11/18/2014 by Dyre and last modified on 23:48:29 11/18/2014. Cast: Vyle, Ayane, and Dyre.

SNF: Just what is the fireplace made out of? - There's a hotel made of ICE... dropped right onto the boardwalk in Southtown after a freakish amount of snowfall. And inside, two girls go to the bar, each looking for a good time. But each has their own wildly different definitions of 'fun'. [Winner: Lilith] [BURNOUT DM DAMAGE: 0] - created on 19:13:28 11/21/2014 by Natsu and last modified on 23:14:12 11/21/2014. Cast: Natsu and Lilith.

SNF: Suspiciously Dandy - Expecting to formally introduce himself to the head of the Alucard clan in a format they could both appreciate, Slayer is instead greeted with an impostor! Mimiru Kasagi, vampire noblewomen do NOT wear jean shorts over yoga pants! Mimiru becomes equally frustrated when Slayer isn't about to clean her clock -- and convinces him with her thrilling masochism. Read on, and discover how deep the Kasagi bullshit runs! - created on 21:59:11 11/21/2014 by Slayer and last modified on 22:53:31 11/22/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Slayer.

SNF: Turn Your Head and Cough - Principal Walter 'Zero' Smith interrupts a fight between Marilda and Sakura--and Tiffany, who is maybe not even supposed to be there! Has he come simply to administer an impromptu lesson, or is there something more to his intrusion... - created on 22:22:48 11/21/2014 by Zero and last modified on 02:22:23 11/26/2014. Cast: Zero, Sakura, Tiffany, and Marilda.

SNF: "Past Lives, Present Parades" - Fighting atop an ice sculpture turned into a parade float, Gabriel Kai and Haru Sakuraba have their first meeting. While Haru's tricksy yoyo technique seems to give him an early edge, it may be that Gabriel's distinctive brand of psychological warfare is what clinches victory in the end! (Winner: Gabriel) [Burnout DMs Used: 1] - created on 13:15:38 11/22/2014 by Haru and last modified on 23:13:26 11/22/2014. Cast: Gabriel and Haru.

SNF: A DAME TO KILL FOR - "Of all the offices in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. It's a cold night out tonight, but she's put together like the Sahara in July..." Somewhat riffing off of Daniel's old job, today's battle is going down at his old offices, with suspiciously monochrome lighting conditions. Somewhat in keeping with the theme of things, Hitomi has been given access to a small allowance in the form of a gift card to a very high end apparel store and dress shop to get "something appropriate for the match." - created on 18:35:00 11/22/2014 by Hitomi and last modified on 03:42:11 11/24/2014. Cast: Daniel and Hitomi.

SNF: Definately Not Swimsuit Season - Some people have the worst luck. As part of a (scripted) event put on by the SNF organizers, the battle today is being held at the top of the local airport's control tower, where the weather has reached its coldest, but only Jira has been assigned the heavy standard issue 'SNF' parka available to all fighters during this part of the year. Oh no! But the show must go on. Despite teeth-chatteringly cold temperatures, can Maki stave off hypothermia long enough to beat her opponent!? ==WINNER: MAKI!!!== [BURNOUT DM DAMAGE: 1] - created on 20:40:22 11/22/2014 by Jira and last modified on 22:53:55 11/22/2014. Cast: Maki and Jira.

SNF: IT'S HARD TO STAND ON BOTH FEET - Another weekend fighting exhibition becomes a plunge into horror as Kasumi's opponent is slaughtered by the Adjudicator from Beyond. Arriving in the aftermath, the shinobi quickly realizes the executioner is beyond her ability to handle on her own and attempts to escape before suffering the same fate as the unfortunate Amazing Frog Man. [Burnout DM Damage: 5] - created on 11:56:48 11/23/2014 by Kasumi and last modified on 16:52:49 11/24/2014. Cast: Kasumi and Ermac.

SNF: FROZEN - Never let it be said that the organizers behind Saturday Night Fight are ever at a suffering for information. Judging from the extensive fight profiling done, they have elected to take the two most calculating fighters in the stable today and put them head to head in a tense battle meant to test their wits as well as their bodies. Held out on the frozen Japanese lakes just outside Southtown, the footing is mostly solid enough. Still, with the amount of power output fighters typically express in the course of a single day, a steady hand and a sharp wit will be needed to avoid going into the frigid drink! So, bring your ice skates if you got em, because this fight is getting ready to explode! - created on 14:11:38 11/23/2014 by Kula and last modified on 11:58:30 12/04/2014. Cast: Adelheid and Kula.

SNF: Cold Contract - When a boxer meets someone into bloodsports at SNF, one thing is for sure: Fists will fly at this location. This goes double when Dyre is under external contract - to take as much damage as he can and walk away the victor. Apparently, that doesn't happen this time. [BURNOUT DM DAMAGED: 3] - created on 17:46:24 11/23/2014 by Tabitha and last modified on 16:08:45 11/24/2014. Cast: Dyre and Tabitha.

SNF: The Young and the Restless - With Southtown buried under snow, someone had the bright idea of holding a fight for three challengers in a parking lot completely filled with a mountain of snow. Tempers heat up as Lili, Mila, and Rainbow Mika all face off to see who which challenger will be standing on the top at the end and be declared Queen of the Hill! ...Despite the production coordinator getting the rules slightly wrong. - created on 18:09:59 11/23/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 17:20:18 11/24/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika, Lili, and Mila.

SNF: "Bushido's Blades" - In a tranquil, snowy garden owned by Howard Enterprises, two masters of armed combat -- one a virtuoso with a single blade, the other conducting a symphony of diverse weapons -- duke it out for the sake of sports entertainment. The result is more philosophical than you might imagine! (Winner: Aya) [BURNOUT DM DAMAGED: 2] - created on 20:10:02 11/23/2014 by Aya and last modified on 04:06:09 11/26/2014. Cast: Aya and Makari.

Saturday Night Fight - November 2014 OOC Posts - Collected OOC posts for the month's Saturday Night Fight events. - created on 17:53:35 01/25/2015 by Kobun and last modified on 18:28:18 01/25/2015.

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