Dearest, Those Steamed Pork Buns Would Be -Divine- - Slayer accidentally lands in Jam's restaurant, trying to get pork buns for Sharon, who desperately needs them for immortal person reasons! LITERALLY EVERYBODY IS RUDE TO HIM. Racism is out of control, man. Nightwolf whips Jam and Benimaru into a pitchfork-toting DEMON HUNTING crew! Read on, and remember to root for Slayer. - created on 21:25:25 11/29/2014 by Slayer and last modified on 02:18:14 11/30/2014. Cast: Benimaru, Slayer, Nightwolf, and Jam.

Darling, Do You Think I'm Your Fated, Only Love? - Sharon asks a simple question! Slayer is so furious that his wife would even THINK he is not one thousand percent devoted to her that he storms out to find the most objective opinion in the land- a psychic opinion. Rose has some VERY BAD NEWS for Slayer, but are her motives entirely selfless?? READ ON. - created on 22:03:30 12/05/2014 by Slayer and last modified on 02:31:14 12/06/2014. Cast: Rose and Slayer.

A Spot of Tea - Slayer and Sharon talk business with Eadni over tea. - created on 15:32:40 05/24/2022 by Slayer and last modified on 15:47:54 06/13/2022. Cast: Slayer and Eadni.

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