Blood Trails. - A surprisingly urbane meeting between a murderous Outworld assassin and one of Earthrealm's defenders takes whole minutes to devolve into an attempt to murder one another! Then the police turn up and ruin everything, because THE MAN is there to keep us down. - created on 13:12:54 01/01/2015 by Skarlet and last modified on 18:08:54 01/01/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Skarlet.

In The Same Vein. - Skarlet finds a fellow Enforcer. She convinces him to join in her hunt for Mileena, but the many minds of Ermac have started to reach their own conclusions. Ermac wishes to rein in the Princess, where Skarlet merely wishes to be around for the inevitable lightning strike. Are fractures already starting to form amongst Shao Kahn's minions? Or will they be able to solve their differences without resorting to kombat? - created on 07:07:23 01/02/2015 by Skarlet and last modified on 10:55:28 01/02/2015. Cast: Ermac and Skarlet.

In The Red - Skarlet needs a coat so that she looks like she's actually wearing clothes, but she doesn't understand the concept of money. Hugin, fresh from one brush with death, saves a mall cop, and then gets her second. Valuable lessons are learned about getting between a ninja and her fashion. - created on 14:50:41 01/06/2015 by Skarlet and last modified on 17:35:27 01/06/2015. Cast: Skarlet and Hugin.

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