Settling In - Sophia Smith, newest recruit to the Sacred Order and field medic of some skill, has her first run-in with knight captain Ky while relaxing in the Vatican. She tries to break the ice and help him relax a bit with a time honored tradition - booze! - created on 09:57:19 01/30/2018 by Siren and last modified on 15:58:55 01/30/2018. Cast: Big Blue, Ky Kiske, and Siren.

A Little Birdie - Upon assurance from knight captain Ky that the command Gear currently under the Sacred Order's protection is friendly and harmless, Sophia decides to follow his advice and introduce herself to Dizzy. - created on 13:37:17 01/31/2018 by Siren and last modified on 14:11:49 02/01/2018. Cast: Siren and Dizzy.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Ever on the prowl for fresh talent to bolster their ranks, the Illuminati turns their eye upon a particularly promising young man in the Chinese triads. Though she has yet to earn the trust of her new masters, their agent Siren is sent to make the offer, perhaps hoping that her charming nature will make him more receptive. - created on 00:48:45 05/17/2018 by Siren and last modified on 04:09:49 05/19/2018. Cast: Siren and Hei Xuanfeng.

House Call - Not long after being recruited by the agent of a shadowy organization, Hei awakens from a drug-induced slumber in the midst of an old abandoned warehouse and soon finds himself engaged in a (mostly) harmless bit of sport as his skills are put to the test. - created on 01:39:25 06/21/2018 by Siren and last modified on 11:50:42 06/24/2018. Cast: Siren and Hei Xuanfeng.

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