Mark Savage Gets Lucky. - Mark Savage is a man with a scoop. Sally Swagger is a girl with a spoon. Shr1ke is a thing with lots of knives. Who ends up with the scoop when all is send and done? Find out in one of the most exciting cutlery-themed contests of this generation. Spoon vs Knife, Whip vs Shr1ke, right here, right now! - created on 09:18:01 01/21/2018 by Shr1ke and last modified on 13:20:52 01/22/2018. Cast: Shr1ke and Whip.

A Curiosity and a Cat. - It is a tale as old as time. A traumatised monster made of blades and killing intent teams up with the world's strongest feline in order to save a drunk salaryman from unknown assailants in the dark. - created on 10:08:29 01/28/2018 by Shr1ke and last modified on 03:07:10 01/29/2018. Cast: Shr1ke and Jubei.

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