Bonding on the Battlefield! - Two spectators of the Southtown underground fighting circuit find a boring fight is made better the only way they know how; entering the fray themselves to show people how it's done. The Bear Wrestling Finn, Tarmo throws down with the Fighting Marvel, Shina! - created on 12:30:14 06/22/2021 by Shina and last modified on 21:22:46 06/22/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

Distant Early Warning - Meeting up a few days after their fight, Tarmo finds Shina for some casual drinking and snacks along Southtown's river. There he learns a little more about the young mercenary. Not the least of which being that she may have angered a local gangster. - created on 14:05:24 06/28/2021 by Shina and last modified on 15:45:52 06/29/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

Food Truck Frenzy - It's a fun little date in Chinatown as two terrible contests are undertaken by Tarmo and Shina. One a test of physical and mental acuity that takes everything two have in order to surpass. The other is a fight in a carpark. - created on 12:44:05 07/26/2021 by Shina and last modified on 12:56:37 08/05/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

First Strike - Checking in on a dangerous potential client, Shina takes along Tarmo for back up. It isn't long until her suspicions are justified when an old enemy returns with a force of foot soldiers. Tarmo and Shina have to tangle with a gang of thugs, or else fall victim of angered underworld forces. - created on 15:08:26 08/10/2021 by Shina and last modified on 00:47:04 08/11/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

Chinatown Central - With danger on the horizon, Shina the Leopard meets up with the NOL officer she fought alongside a few weeks ago. Warnings are intended, to discuss a potential threat of vengeful yakuza and their Darkstalker ties. However, things do not entirely go as planned, and a fight ensues, followed by a new leg of their journey beginning. - created on 12:20:38 08/16/2021 by Shina and last modified on 15:29:42 08/27/2021. Cast: Meifeng and Shina.

A Cold Wind Blows - In a snow-filled Sapporo day, Shina the Leopard and Tarmo the Finn discuss what's to be done about the young mercenary's yakuza troubles. Also a snowball fight and a moment when Tarmo realizes he is in over his head in regards to shoe shopping. - created on 16:07:40 12/20/2021 by Shina and last modified on 12:45:40 12/21/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

Debriefing Among Cats - In the wake of DOA, two felines meet and discuss the shifts in the world. To look at how the other has grown, and to remind each other of the lengths they both have to go. - created on 11:30:23 09/29/2022 by Shina and last modified on 14:00:52 11/02/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Shina.

Tea by the Sea - Before the dawning of the World Warrior 2023, Shina the leopard speaks with her friend and confidant, Tarmo while in the Welsh seaside. - created on 12:12:41 09/02/2023 by Shina and last modified on 05:43:31 09/16/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

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