=CUT= An Expanse Filled By One Ideal - A young man wakes up alone, in the burnt out wreckage of his own village. A message from another life is the only thing left in his mind. All the while, fragments of a past he is not entirely sure is his assail him. What would you do if all you had left was an ideal? - created on 07:25:54 12/06/2014 by Seishirou and last modified on 17:10:58 01/14/2015. Cast: Seishirou.

=CUT= Yume - His life has taken him to many places. Tragedy and strife is the legacy of the Ryouhara. For some, it is a cost gladly paid. For a boy who remembers nothing, the only time he can even begin to understand who he was is in his dreams. But in the end, who is he? - created on 07:43:16 08/01/2016 by Seishirou and last modified on 07:47:10 08/01/2016. Cast: Seishirou.

Hirano Gaiden: Tangled Winds - Stories of a long time ago, when the Ryouhara village yet stood. Back then the Ryouhara clan was split into two distinct families. Despite a tumultuous start, the shinobi of Hirano and Ryouhara had a strong alliance, one that resonated through history. The children, on the other hand.. - created on 22:39:48 12/13/2016 by Seishirou and last modified on 23:00:01 12/22/2016. Cast: Seori and Seishirou.

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