Free Ice Cream! - Satsuki has her first outing in the real world, and encounters a certain capoeirista. From there, she learns the value of free ice cream... /OR DOES SHE/? - created on 20:36:39 10/27/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 02:46:21 10/28/2014. Cast: Momoko and Satsuki.

The Pride of Utopia - A Doll goes hunting in *extreme* public in Southtown, and finds her target. Can Gertrude defend herself against the onslaught of a Doll desperate to prove her worthh after multiple failures? - created on 00:03:05 10/30/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 07:46:00 12/30/2014. Cast: Satsuki and Gertrude.

A Shocking Battle!! Building A Doll's Legend - A public appearance by Benimaru turns into one fight -- and then another, as a Shadaloo Doll seeks to build the notoriety of her class of super-soldier. But is she outmatched by the electrifying fighter in front of her...? - created on 00:20:06 11/19/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 10:06:01 11/19/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Satsuki.

The Dollhouse: Psychic Integrity - Some important discussions are had in the lovingly-appointed living spaces of the Dolls. - created on 20:09:23 12/18/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 03:58:25 12/19/2014. Cast: Cammy, Juli, and Satsuki.

Who Sat Me Down Here? - A Doll stalks her potentially-psychic prey through Southtown's harbor. She gets a lot more than she asked for -- including a memory that never was. - created on 18:16:24 12/23/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 23:22:37 12/23/2014. Cast: Honoka and Satsuki.

The Causeway to Neverwhere - A Doll encounters a circus performer at a train station, makes some offers that are probably beyond her pay grade, and then runs off, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots. - created on 20:31:51 01/12/2015 by Satsuki and last modified on 22:42:26 01/13/2015. Cast: Honoka and Satsuki.

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