Let's Go Out For Chinese - In which Jam's business is harmed by cranky schoolgirls, and a fight fails to break out (boooooo). - created on 20:10:19 01/04/2015 by Sada and last modified on 00:25:46 01/05/2015. Cast: Sada, Jam, and Chisaki.

Sukeban Deka vs. The Pervert Tubes - In which Sada Asai puts her intensely corrosive levels of salt to work, investigating the medical pavilions and getting her butt whooped. Fortunately, the modern smartphone industry and her sheer spiteful nature save the day - or do they? Can an audio recording really replace the memory of your first kiss? - created on 16:23:30 01/09/2015 by Sada and last modified on 23:13:11 01/09/2015. Cast: Igniz and Sada.

Sukeban Deka vs. All-Japan Bancho - Sada Asai addresses her grudge against the school tournament's booking by seeking out a bold samurai who will Solve Problems or Die Trying. She finds Daigo instead, who is an adequate substitute. - created on 20:31:21 01/17/2015 by Sada and last modified on 19:51:15 01/18/2015. Cast: Sada and Daigo.

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