HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! - Da da da da dah, daah~ - created on 07:38:40 11/24/2015 by Ryu and last modified on 08:34:45 11/24/2015. Cast: Ryu, Cracker Jack, and Rainbow Mika.

The Gathering Darkness - Darkness is merely an absence of illumination. Maybe it is the illumination instead that is the out-of-place element. Whatever side of interpretation one may take, 'darkness' remains a popular catch-all term for the worst that can be seen among those who hone themselves as martial artists. Some struggle against it. Some yet embrace it. Others yet disregard all constraints of good or evil for the sake of simply seeing where the path goes... or where others may yet rest along the champion's road. A man, facing down the stare of approaching oblivion, finds themselves drawn to a growing, swirling nexus of nature's fury where one stands at the center... not as the cause, nor as shelter. One seeks, one abstains... but both, in one form or another, act under the encroaching blackness of the skies above. - created on 18:13:45 08/27/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 12:15:01 08/29/2016. Cast: Grant and Ryu.

The Inspiration Behind the First Step - Sakura meets her hero and inspiration on her journey to become a fighter. - created on 13:55:04 07/29/2017 by Ryu and last modified on 01:28:15 07/30/2017. Cast: Ryu and Sakura.

The Warrior's Path 1: The Beginning - Ryu, free of the influence of Vega and fresh off of his defeat during King of Fighters, has traveled to Southtown to challenge a former King of Fighter's champion to a friendly spar. Old fights are brought up, and a fighting spirit is found. but most importantly, the once World Warrior takes his first step down the Warrior's Path, to once more find the champion he knows he can be. - created on 18:10:15 11/24/2017 by Ryu and last modified on 15:58:23 11/27/2017. Cast: Ryo and Ryu.

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