What Brings Me Here...? - What draws me here, inwardly asks a young woman by the name of Aya Hazuki. She is not certain as to the hows and whys of her arrival at what should be an otherwise nondescript hot dog vendor... or this strange man that is not from anywhere near here. He encourages her to take her interests a step further. Taken out of her zone of comfort with so many questions she can't pinpoint the origins of... should she take him up on his encouragement? Who is this man, anyway, and why does he seem so familiar...? Perhaps an astute reader can help her find answers within. - created on 14:33:08 11/05/2014 by Rust and last modified on 20:26:15 11/05/2014. Cast: Rust and Aya.

It's Just A Mental Scarring - Thunder Hawk went to confront a man - a terrible, powerful man - who did him great wrong during a time of emergency at the Ultratech Red Expo. In a pitched battle where time and space were falling apart around this man of great interest, he was unable to exact his revenge... yet, here he is, alive and in care at a local hospital. A close shave, indeed, leaving him time to consider life and his fortune. Now, uh... how does this other weird guy fit into the picture? - created on 12:52:40 03/18/2015 by Rust and last modified on 12:07:34 03/20/2015. Cast: Rust and T. Hawk.

(OIC) EVO 20XX MoTM '15 LOSERS FINALS - You won't believe this crazy Losers Final match for MotM '15 at EVO 20XX between Insinuation (Quon) and Playerwasp (Rust Jr.)! (You are hereby clickbaited. p.s. Firefox users not allowed, they are dirty casuals.) - created on 12:15:13 07/28/2015 by Rust and last modified on 17:18:02 08/04/2015. Cast: Rust and Quon.

Father's Day, 2016 - The Rust family celebrates Father's Day. - created on 20:56:47 06/19/2016 by Rust and last modified on 20:58:25 06/19/2016. Cast: Rust.

The Marauding Marduk - "Alright Asshole, I want you cut out the part where I end up in the hole, okay? No one wants to see my god damn ass right up in the air like that. Also get rid of that whole, god damn thing where he tricks me with that cotton candy scarecrow thing. Twice. I want people to see me as a genius, with brains as much as muscle, you know? And the part where I punch him the face. I want that to be real slow, god damn, let that just sink in." - created on 16:38:03 06/26/2016 by Rust and last modified on 23:37:06 06/27/2016. Cast: Rust and Marduk.

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