Metro City Roller Race: Rocket vs Mimiru! - A relaxing day rollerblading at the park turns into something a bit more exciting as Rina "Rocket" O'Reilly and Mimiru meet for the first time. - created on 17:20:02 11/04/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 20:11:25 11/05/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

Ready for Liftoff: Rocket's Fighting Debut - A couple of weeks after Mimiru landed Rocket her new job as a courier, she lures the impressionable younger girl to a questionable underground club with promise of a new and exciting experience. And she ends up having one, thanks to a massive and muscular male partner. (don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds) - created on 13:36:04 11/06/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 01:29:57 11/07/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

Rocket vs. Ken's Car: Bonus Stage - Due to some kind of logistical malfunction, Ken Masters' car (well, one of them, anyway) ends up parked outside of a skate park in the slums of Metro City. He finds it just in time to catch Rocket taking a baseball bat to it, spurred on by her friends. Rocket gets a stern talking to from the U.S. Martial Arts Champ and learns a life lesson about peer pressure and forgiveness. ...Maybe. - created on 14:23:00 11/09/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 17:15:56 11/09/2014. Cast: Ken Masters and Rocket.

Behind Green Eyes: Southtown Alley Fight - While trying to take a shortcut home from school, Rocket comes across some schoolgirl on schoolgirl action in an alleyway. Not one to let such things stand, she joins right in. It turns out to be rougher than expected as there's more to one of the schoolgirls than it seems... and who is that fellow watching while the teenage girls get it on? - created on 12:22:43 11/14/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 15:42:23 11/14/2014. Cast: Rocket and Mr.Burr.

Metro Express: We'll Handle Your Packages Right - Rocket is left sore but satisfied after her encounter with the Mountain at the club. She and Mimiru discuss the experience, along with the potential profitability of taking on multiple men at once. Fellow employee Todd, who has been overhearing the conversation, gets invited to watch the next time the two go back to the club. (Sexy Sidebar: this log came out to 69 lines after cleaning. Imagine how dirty it was -before- it was cleaned up.) - created on 16:43:15 11/14/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 19:05:33 11/14/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

Metro Express Pt. 2: Girl on Girl - A few weeks after her first trip to the local underground club (but a while before getting sent to Japan), Rocket goes to meet her friend there once more. She's in for a surprise, though, as this time, Mimiru wants Rocket for herself. She may have been able to endure the Mountain, but can Rocket handle Mimiru's fists? Todd from Shipping gets to watch. - created on 19:07:00 11/14/2014 by Rocket and last modified on 16:17:53 11/15/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

A Mimi-Rocket Reunion - On a winter's day, Mimiru and Rocket are reunited by a chance encounter at a soup stand in the Southtown Village Mall. They talk about school, parents, tubes, and most importantly, nunchucks. By the end of it, Rocket has an official fighting mentor. - created on 16:06:59 01/09/2015 by Rocket and last modified on 16:03:20 01/14/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

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