Kinslayer - You cannot escape wrong death. - created on 15:49:59 09/28/2017 by Rock and last modified on 03:43:12 10/06/2017. Cast: Rock and Geese.

United, We Stand - With Southtown going straight to hell, Terry thinks Rock should hang back and make him a damn sandwich. Obviously, the suggestion doesn't go over very well. - created on 18:27:11 11/07/2017 by Rock and last modified on 13:44:04 12/05/2017. Cast: Rock and Terry.

The School of Hard Knocks - What happens when the average number of bullies at a school goes up? The mean increases. - created on 21:27:08 04/18/2021 by Rock and last modified on 18:08:42 05/15/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon, Rock, and Daisuke.

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