Rising Star 2021

The Kanzuki Estate has announced it is hosting the Rising Star tournament. All the up and comers across the world will be tested to see if they are qualified to participate in the Rising Star tournament. The lucky winner will not only hold the prestigious title of the Rising Star Champion, but also be the face of the Kanzuki Excellence Center.

Rising Star Interviews - Angel vs B. Jenet - In preparation for the Rising Stars tournament, Angel seeks out an interview for entry! When she arrives at a beach resort, a particular pretty pirate princess declares she's there to test her mettle. Flying fists and fanservice ensue. - created on 13:38:24 03/09/2021 by Bonne Jenet and last modified on 11:52:05 03/16/2021. Cast: Bonne Jenet and Angel.

Rising Star Interviews - "Blazing Panther" - The mysterious hero (?) "Blazing Panther" seeks entry into the Rising Star tournament! With his blank application, he has no choice but to interview and hope for the best. What will happen when his interview is Lady Kanzuki, the host of the tournament herself? - created on 12:47:47 03/21/2021 by Karin and last modified on 20:20:59 03/24/2021. Cast: Karin and Daisuke.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Hisako vs Mint - A marine finds a ghost. Much punching and stabbing ensues. - created on 07:23:02 03/22/2021 by Hisako and last modified on 22:51:57 03/24/2021. Cast: Mint and Hisako.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Hayley vs Clarity - Ristar Round 1 features a grand cast of up and comers. In front of the hot lights of Neo*Geo Land, Hayley Bretherton faces off against Clarity Reece. Which of these two young women are going to ascend to the bright lights and fame of the Rising Star Tournament? Which of these two are going to be cast aside to rise another day? Tune in to find out. (Winner: Hayley) - created on 19:37:31 03/22/2021 by Clarity and last modified on 12:51:29 04/09/2021. Cast: Hayley and Clarity.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Himeko vs Fumiko - Now begins the Rising Star Tournament. The young heroine with the Strongest Style, Hurricane Himeko, faces off against the Iajutsu Artist Fumiko Abe. The two clash in the lot of the dojo of the strongest style. Watch as swords clash with style in a bout amid the softly falling snow of a late winter flurry. - created on 00:22:56 03/23/2021 by Fumiko and last modified on 09:03:37 03/27/2021. Cast: Himeko and Fumiko.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Xolo vs Grand - Xolotl fights Grand in a Casino. Who will cash out? - created on 09:14:02 03/23/2021 by Xolo and last modified on 18:17:02 03/23/2021. Cast: Grand and Xolo.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Aaron vs Tsinghua - In the Kanzuki Exellence center's lobby, a neck-to-neck exhange of two boys (with sticks!) takes place. - created on 11:47:04 03/23/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 18:50:20 03/23/2021. Cast: Aaron and Tsinghua.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Blazing Panther vs Mitsuru - The mysterious Blazing Mask faces his first opponent at Seijyun High, the short tempered Mitsuru Tokugawa. - created on 11:43:56 03/24/2021 by Mitsuru and last modified on 09:13:30 03/25/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Daisuke.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Heavy D! vs Edenlith - The fight between Heavy D! and Edenlith for the first round of The Rising Star tournament. - created on 16:32:42 03/24/2021 by Edenlith and last modified on 22:49:13 03/24/2021. Cast: Heavy D! and Edenlith.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Brandon vs Hotaru - A fountain pulsing plaza at the base of the Sea Horses Grand Hotel plays host to this Round One match between Brandon Malone and Hotaru Futaba in the exciting Rising Star 2021 tournament! - created on 22:25:46 03/25/2021 by Hotaru and last modified on 20:58:17 03/28/2021. Cast: Hotaru and Brandon.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Kelly vs Yuri - In the Rising Stars tournament, it's on between Kelly and Yuri. Will Kelly triumph once again? Or will the awesomeness of Kyokugen Karate come out on top? (WINNER: Yuri) - created on 18:51:15 03/26/2021 by Yuri and last modified on 00:15:36 03/27/2021. Cast: Kelly and Yuri.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Alexis vs La Huesuda - La Huesuda and the mysterious Phantom Wolf, protege of Sven, face off in the ring at the Sydney Opera House and literally bring the house down. - created on 23:55:56 03/27/2021 by La Huesuda and last modified on 22:14:25 03/29/2021. Cast: Alexis and La Huesuda.

Rising Star 2021 Round 1: Daisy vs. Sakura - Rising Star! It's a clash of disciples, as Daisy Mallone takes on Sakura Kasugano in an all-karate showdown! Which is stronger--the Assassin's Fist or the School of Unrestrained Strength?? - created on 16:00:43 03/28/2021 by Sakura and last modified on 21:32:13 04/01/2021. Cast: Sakura and Daisy.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Okuno vs Yun - A Rising Star battle ensues when an angry Yakuza enforcer decides to come to a popular Chinatown restaraunt and start talking smack, prompting Yun to take him on in the streets outside. - created on 23:14:39 03/28/2021 by Okuno and last modified on 22:15:01 03/29/2021. Cast: Yun and Okuno.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Tsugumi Sendo vs Kasumi Todoh - Two Japanese maidens face off against the backdrop of a beautiful Shitennoji Temple. - created on 19:32:54 03/29/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 12:49:53 04/09/2021. Cast: Tsugumi Sendo and Kasumi Todoh.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Poison vs Kuma - In a seedy underground fighting cage tucked away somewhere in glorious Spain, Poison finds herself facing off with an actual for real god damn bear to claim her spot in the Rising Star Tournament. Seriously, who even makes these rules? Surely this must be cheating. - created on 20:25:39 03/29/2021 by Kuma and last modified on 00:01:41 03/30/2021. Cast: Poison and Kuma.

Ristar 2021 R1 - Bulleta vs Nena - Extremely normal Pacific High student Nena Washington and very stable Seijyun High student Beatrice B. Hood meet in Round 1 of the Rising Star tournament! (Winner: Nena) - created on 22:15:01 03/30/2021 by Bulleta and last modified on 19:58:21 04/09/2021. Cast: Bulleta and Nena.

Ristar 2021 R2 - Edenlith vs Hisako - When crazy meets horror. Well today horror wins, and it's well deserved. - created on 12:45:25 04/01/2021 by Edenlith and last modified on 18:33:37 04/01/2021. Cast: Edenlith and Hisako.

Ristar 2021 R2 - Brandon vs. Aaron - Brandon Malone and Aaron Fang square off at the Southtown Boardwalk where the energy seems off. Mage faces off against Archer to determine which party will move on in the Rising Star tournament. - created on 13:24:55 04/01/2021 by Brandon and last modified on 22:02:55 04/01/2021. Cast: Aaron and Brandon.

Ristar 2021 Round 1: Ryuko vs Tarmo - While there might not be a lot of opportunities for a rugged mountain man to throw down with a school girl in day to day life, the Kanzuki Estate has allowed this unexpectedly spicey match to play out in high definition for your viewing pleasure. - created on 18:42:11 04/03/2021 by Ryuko and last modified on 13:23:22 04/04/2021. Cast: Ryuko and Tarmo.

Rising Star Round 2: Blazing Panther Vs Yuri - The second rounds of the Rising Star tournament sees Yuri Sakazaki bringing the awesomeness of Kyokugen Karate up against the mysterious(?) masked fighter Blazing Panther and his bursts of blazing energy. - created on 20:55:58 04/09/2021 by Daisuke and last modified on 22:29:34 04/10/2021. Cast: Daisuke and Yuri.

Ristar 2021 R2 - Tsugumi vs Fumiko - Iajutsu practitioner Fumiko Abe faces off against rookie Shoot Wrestler Tsugumi Sendo in the Heritage Museum. What ensues is a frighteningly close, bloody dance. - created on 10:19:53 04/11/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 16:09:31 04/12/2021. Cast: Fumiko and Tsugumi Sendo.

Ristar 2021 R2 - Nena vs Tarmo - Tarmo savagely beats, crushes, defenestrates and dismembers ordinary teenage girl Nena Washington. In the meanwhile, an adorable talking cat is heartlessly punted off of bleachers, and Rafferty faints. - created on 13:28:59 04/17/2021 by Tarmo and last modified on 00:01:11 04/19/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Tarmo, Nena, and Rafferty.

Ristar 2021 R3 - Hisako vs Aaron - An eagle scout tells ghost stories in the woods. But real ghosts are worse. - created on 19:40:34 04/18/2021 by Hisako and last modified on 00:02:26 04/19/2021. Cast: Aaron and Hisako.

Ristar 2021 R2 - La Huesuda vs Yun - La Huesuda takes on Yun in the Rising Star Tournament! - created on 20:35:44 04/18/2021 by Yun and last modified on 14:34:27 04/26/2021. Cast: Yun and La Huesuda.

Ristar 2021 R2 - Sakura vs Hayley - In the second round of Rising Star, Hayley Bretherton, Australia's own Super Rookie battles the Ansatsuken Prodigy, Sakura Kasugano! Who will win? Who will advance? Who has the cooler bandana? These questions and more will (mostly) be answered as fists fly at this location! - created on 12:11:27 04/20/2021 by Hayley and last modified on 15:16:11 05/04/2021. Cast: Sakura and Hayley.

RiStar R3: Blazing Panther vs Yun - The White Dragon, Yun, has been invited to the Kanzuki Centre of Excellence for the third round of the Rising Star Touranament, to face off against the still insistently-masked Blazing Panther. - created on 11:02:32 04/26/2021 by Daisuke and last modified on 03:24:05 04/27/2021. Cast: Yun and Daisuke.

Ristar 2021 R3 - Nena vs Kuma - It's round three of the Rising Star tournament, and the Southtown Mall is playing host for the strangest match yet. Robo-Girl Nena Washington is squaring off against the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma. Highs, lows, ultra violence and international war crimes are all jammed into this singular clash, but most importantly of all are the friends made along the way. - created on 14:46:34 05/01/2021 by Kuma and last modified on 23:10:07 05/02/2021. Cast: Kuma and Nena.

Ristar R3: Tsugumi Sendo vs Hayley - Hayley and Tsugumi square off against eachother on the extraordinary backdrop of a abandoned japanese kabuki theater. - created on 16:34:55 05/04/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 16:03:55 05/11/2021. Cast: Hayley and Tsugumi Sendo.

Ristar R4: Hayley vs Blazing Panther - In the exciting third round of Ristar, Hayley Bretherton squares off against the mysterious Blazing Panther! Can this surprising newcomer take home victory with his dogged determination and mysterious power, or will Hayley's power of the Outback grasp victory? Fists will fly at this location! - created on 21:04:06 05/18/2021 by Hayley and last modified on 01:31:59 05/22/2021. Cast: Hayley and Daisuke.

Rising Star 2021 Finals - Nena vs Hayley - Here it is: the final for the Rising Star Tournament! In this bout, Completely Normal Girl Nena Washington faces off against Hayley "Aussie Spangles" Bretherton! Who will win and take home the championship? Find out there! - created on 20:57:19 05/28/2021 by Hayley and last modified on 22:55:23 06/05/2021. Cast: Edenlith, Hayley, Tsugumi Sendo, Nena, and Rafferty.

Rising Star - News Posts - List of news posts for the Rising Star tournament - created on 15:36:42 08/15/2021 by Kobun and last modified on 15:42:19 08/15/2021.

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