Battle of the Raging Demons - Sensing an ominious presence, Riki traverses into the wilderness to face a great evil. Atop the wind-swept battlefield of a craggy mountain plateau, two demons will face each other in an epic match for supremacy. Which will prove the victor - honor and courage or focused murderous intent? - created on 01:59:54 08/08/2016 by Riki and last modified on 05:50:34 08/11/2016. Cast: Akuma and Riki.

Eat or Be Eaten - Patrolling Southtown as rogue Gears and roving Darkstalkers plague the countryside, the guardian demon of Meigan Jinja finds herself facing off against a power far more dangerous than he initially appeared. - created on 16:21:23 01/02/2018 by Riki and last modified on 00:52:50 01/03/2018. Cast: Riki and Makai.

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