Fox Tale #1 - Where All Honor Lies - A routine night on patrol at the Southtown NOL Base becomes anything but for Private First Class Renka Kaneko. Her guard duty interrupted by a forgotten legend bearing cryptic warnings, the NOL soldier moves to put herself between this unknown threat and her comrades, no matter the price. - created on 00:16:39 06/16/2018 by Renka and last modified on 22:33:15 06/23/2018. Cast: Hakumen and Renka.

Fox Tale #2 - Points of Difference - Corporal Renka Kaneko follows up on a tip that leads her to the infamous One Man Army of the Ikari Warriors. The NOL files malign the mercenaries as savage terrorists. But while Colonel Jones may be a Bubble Gum Bully, nothing about the One Man Army or the Silent Soldier that comes to his rescue quite matches up with the information she was given... - created on 00:52:48 12/09/2018 by Renka and last modified on 01:39:59 05/18/2019. Cast: Ralf, Renka, and Leona.

Fox Tale #3 - The Long Night - One is a inhuman creature of myth that will weave any deception necessary to blend in among the unsuspecting, sustaining her unnatural longevity by stealing from the souls of those around her under the guise of being harmlessly domesticated. The other is a monster, who's night has only just begun when their conversation has ended. - created on 21:19:29 05/25/2019 by Renka and last modified on 03:34:32 05/27/2019. Cast: Katarina and Renka.

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