Friendship Friends - After a chance encounter with Heidern, Hazama has been left in tatters. Broken beyond belief, the Intelligence agent has found a surprise hero to rescue him: Relius Clover, the genius scientist of the Sacred Order. Unfortunately for both, it seems that even the best of friends can have the worst of intentions for each other... - created on 00:07:23 11/16/2017 by Relius and last modified on 23:50:58 11/21/2017. Cast: Hazama and Relius.

Chains Of Destiny - After a minor disagreement, Relius sends out another signal to the NOL; this time for a proper rescue. And who better for a proper rescue than Clio St. Jeanne, the freshnew face within the Sacred Order. But of course, Relius is a dangerous man even to his own allies; not because of what he will do, but what he can promise to fresh new faces within the organization... - created on 00:00:47 11/22/2017 by Relius and last modified on 12:10:17 11/24/2017. Cast: Relius and Clio.

Experiment Log #2014 - X-X!V''Q - My experiment has yielded unpredictable, but optimistic effects. With the recent activity in the Bystander's realm, it leads to assume that invasion of the realm is feasible. Having found some ancient words of power, I've prepared the the sigils adjusted in a specific pattern. Based on the texts, I had expected to breach the defenses of the Bystander, and approach her enhanced with locked away powers. Instead, I have bypassed most of her defenses completely. Unfortunately, that has left me short on resources... and within the company of my old compatriot, Valkenhayn. I must find another passcode... - created on 11:43:00 01/05/2018 by Relius and last modified on 15:05:50 01/11/2018. Cast: Valkenhayn and Relius.

Experiment Log #2015 - The Little Bystander - After breaking Valkenhayn, I finally get an audience with the lady of the house. While I was expecting tea, crumpets, perhaps delightful fireside chats with the one Rachel Alucard as Ignis serves us, it seems that Lady Alucard would rather find all kinds of ways to make me dead. Naturally, it forces me to make a minor breach in protocol, and discuss with her directly. At the very least, I get the answers I need to help keep my mind focused. Now I just need to find Hazama... - created on 01:17:55 01/09/2018 by Relius and last modified on 00:05:36 01/17/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Relius.

Experiment Log #2016 - My Valentine - One of the field research operations has managed to secure some Gears for me to investigate. I found them disappointing; small ghostly things, barely able to survive hands on research. But as I went to dispose of them, Jack-O' Valnetine, one of the stronger Gears as I understand, arrived to claim them. See, they function as a kind of hive mind, working under a queen as drones. And as she created them before my very eyes, she revealed to me something so incredible, that I have decided that I must have her. For Science. - created on 17:27:37 01/19/2018 by Relius and last modified on 00:40:59 01/20/2018. Cast: Relius and Jack-O'.

Experiment Log #2017 - Got No Strings - So I have found the Mad Dog, the little accident Kokonoe had let out of his cage. While Terumi was intentional, I am interested at the arrival of Azrael. How many more of these beings are locked away in the Boundary, outside space and time? Perhaps there are other opportunities to unlock from the depths of the Boundary.... - created on 16:19:07 02/03/2018 by Relius and last modified on 14:04:18 02/05/2018. Cast: Azrael and Relius.

Experiment Log #2018 - Masterpiece Theater - Alas, once again I fail to create a functional soul from nothing, that maintains the requirements of sustainable essence. If I could only engineer the perfect soul, I wouldn't have to depend on unreliable and difficult to acquire raw materials. At the very least, my darling son Bedman comes to pay me company. The little boy is having some bed trouble, and what kind of loving father wouldn't help their son with that. Of course, I require a little something from him, but it's only reasonable to assume that. Unfortunately, that damnable Lightning Spangles gets involved when I least expect it, and now I must do what I can to save not only my worthless son Carl, but the whole of the Novus Orbis Librarium! - created on 12:33:25 02/08/2018 by Relius and last modified on 18:56:25 02/20/2018. Cast: Bedman and Relius.

Experiment Log #2019 - A Unwanted Marriage - In what was supposed to be simply a matter of business process has ended up into a miserable day for me. After we secured the Command Gear, I had hoped to be washing my tools in preperation for the creature's examination. Imagine my despair when I found out that not only I had to oversee the transfer of valuable NOL secrets to the Sacred Order, but their leadership practically treat me as a hostile attacker! Really, it's not my fault they want their little Command Gear back... - created on 23:21:56 02/28/2018 by Relius and last modified on 01:05:58 03/04/2018. Cast: Ky Kiske, Katarina, Leo Whitefang, and Relius.

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