Stress Relief - Rashid of the Turbulent Wind was traveling through Thailand to clear his head and enjoy some time to himself without Azam in tow. Hayley was getting a break from hanging around Jezebel and getting in some training with some local Muay Thai fighters. Two souls looking to just try and relax facing off in a fight that neither expected to have. - created on 22:11:45 12/08/2017 by Rashid and last modified on 20:29:10 12/12/2017. Cast: Rashid and Hayley.

Crossing Parkour Paths - Rashid was looking for some relaxation in his travels. Planning on heading to Metro City he has made a stop prior and on a day where he was looking for a distraction he found one in a big gathering of parkour practitioners that included The Dancing Spider: Aranha. Some fun is had and information exchanged. Perhaps in the future Rashid has another ally he can call on for help. - created on 20:20:09 01/05/2018 by Rashid and last modified on 22:37:52 01/11/2018. Cast: Aranha and Rashid.

Speed and Weight - With his friend still missing and no real leads Rashid continues to travel around the world. This time the speedy Arab is visiting Metro City where he looks towards Abigail, the ganger trying to go legit. Shadaloo has been quiet and while not for certain the culprits of the kidnapping, Rashid feels getting some ears to the more seedy side of a big city like Metro might help his search in the long run. - created on 18:32:31 01/07/2018 by Rashid and last modified on 22:37:16 01/07/2018. Cast: Rashid and Abigail.

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