Rainbow Mika

Rainbow Mika's Debut: Petey's Pork Buns - It's the Petey's Pork Bun Annual Eating Contest 2014 and a surprising newcomer comes out on top. This is the perfect publicity opportunity for Rainbow Mika to announce her official debut in the fighting world! - created on 18:56:46 11/02/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 18:57:11 11/02/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika.

Fight for Respect - Following her debut match outside Genhanten, Rainbow Mika receives an invitation to participate in a second match at the restaurant. However, when she arrives she discovers Yun Lee is currently acting like Yun Lee. After the teenager mouths off a bit too much, R. Mika determines that she needs to beat some courtesy into him, but did she bite off more than she can chew? - created on 19:40:29 11/03/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 02:26:10 11/04/2014. Cast: Gen, Rainbow Mika, and Yun.

Coming to Throws over a Misunderstanding - Rainbow Mika is all set to be the headliner in an throwdown with one of her rivals from Iwashigahama Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (IJWPW)...at least until a misunderstanding brings an angry Marduk to the ring. It's still a fight the audience won't soon forget, but this is one some would probably rather not remember. - created on 16:52:37 06/04/2017 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 18:05:14 06/05/2017. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Marduk.

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