One's Mission - Tsubaki Yayoi seeks out Ragna the Bloodedge once more in order to carry out the mission assigned to her. Ragna doesn't appear to be in the mood for the NOL's shenanigans. The clash is inevitable. But in the end, for what purpose was this all for? - created on 21:30:14 12/21/2017 by Ragna and last modified on 22:10:10 12/27/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Ragna.

Lincoln Tunnel Escapade - For whatever reason beyond his understanding, Ragna the Bloodedge is in New Jersey. Coincidentally, so is Marduk, who has caught wind of the massive bounty The Grim Reaper has hanging over his head. Thanks to Marduk's disruption of traffic, he finds his target - or, rather, his target finds him - and the two engage in a fierce battle on the outskirts of Lincoln Tunnel. Who will reign victorious? Will Marduk realise he's actually fighting his bounty? Who knows! Featuring Major Jin Kisaragi back at NOL HQ, being a creepy Ragnerd. - created on 14:28:57 04/27/2021 by Ragna and last modified on 21:57:59 05/11/2021. Cast: Marduk, Jin Kisaragi, and Ragna.

A Master and His Pupil - After catching wind of the disastrous encounter outside the Lincoln Tunnel, Jubei thinks it is about time to visit one of his dear pupils. Meanwhile, Ragna the Bloodedge is still wandering about New Jersey, trying to navigate his next destination. The last person he expects to run into is his teacher, who comes to educate him on his Grimoire usage, poke fun at him regarding a certain "rabbit", and inform him of a side project that may pique his interest. - created on 16:19:00 05/12/2021 by Ragna and last modified on 14:46:38 05/15/2021. Cast: Jubei and Ragna.

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