Rachel Alucard

Bystander's Log #1: Calamity's Beginning - "I do not regret my decision to save that boy, even though in retrospect, I can see now that in doing so, I was also furthering Terumi's plans. He is just one more soul on the pyre of hatred that vermin intends to stoke, one more feedback loop of enmity from which he draws power. The decade it took to recover is regrettable, however. So much has changed. And of course, after today, there is little hope that Valkenhayn nor I could possibly stop adding to that reservoir of antipathy Terumi draws power from... Putting him back into the bottle will be like trying catch the wind between our fingers. Fortunately, that is a matter I happen to know something about..." - created on 21:33:38 11/23/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 22:37:52 11/25/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn, and Hazama.

Bystander's Log #2: The Bargain - "It hardly seems fair for me to change the course of events, an editor striking through the playwright's script, embellishing and changing it with her own lexemes and phrases. But when the actors can no longer countenance the doggerel their story has become, can I scarcely deny their requests for revisions? I haven't called upon its full potential since the Day of Sequestration. Even now, I wonder if it will answer. Or, will I find I have gone too far, that my inkwell has run dry?" - created on 15:40:27 11/26/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 03:42:29 11/28/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn, and Trish.

Bystander's Log #3: A Message Delayed - "One of the greatest injustices of the Sequestration was robbing truly great individuals of their lasting legacy. Mister Jubei, Valkenhayn, even that single minded Hero... they deserve accolades rather than to gather dust in obscurity. Konoe, Trinity, their influences are still felt even though their memories are gone. Of course, it would have been better if the sixth of their number had remained forever forgotten. Unfortunately, even in my heart nests a coal of enmity for that man, ready to spark an inferno if I should forget to keep it suppressed. The grimalkin though... She may have the potential to feel nothing at all. Time will tell." - created on 15:47:50 12/02/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 23:10:14 12/06/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Kokonoe.

Bystander's Log #4: Emissary - "The site of the phenomenon is in utter ruin, an ashen wasteland devoid of life. Ever-burning fires of annihilation cast a viridian glow throughout the region. A blight will spread slowly, killing the life around it... There are few that could extinguish them. It would be within my means, but I don't suppose I will be making a return trip. One visit to that arcane interference wasteland was one too many already. That curse will have to be another's burden to dispel..." - created on 18:54:07 12/16/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 05:12:16 12/22/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Necalli.

Bystander's Log #5: Phenomena Intervention - "To stand by and observe all requires one to not intervene. I understand all too well the restrictions I must abide by... I witnessed the consequences of transgression in these solemn matters with my father's gradual, painful passing. Yet knowing full well the lethal ramifications, he spent his vigil as Bystander helping... interfering. I never wanted to follow in his footsteps, but now that I have started down this path, I realize now the slipperiness of the way... There may be no turning back now." - created on 21:22:10 12/16/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 00:43:40 12/21/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Jubei.

Bystander's Log #6: An Interruption - "...And yet, I continue not to speak a single word concerning that one. I confess, I find such pusillanimity loathsome, but I know the repercussions of intervening in her dark conspiracy would be severe. Already, I have strayed far too close to the edge and my failing health left me weak to that lost boy's accomplice. An unexpectedly fortunate lapse in my strength as it turned out to be, in light of what I learned, but I dare not take further risks until my strength has recovered. I wish I could warn them of the specter of death looming over them... but until more know her by her true name, it is not my place to intercede." - created on 19:43:19 12/30/2017 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 03:45:53 01/05/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn, and Naoto.

Bystander's Log #7: End of Watch - "... I have done a terrible thing. What would my father say if he knew I had abused the trust of his dearest friend? In the end, the device did as required of it. But as for the consequences... well, time will tell. I only have my theories for now. I knew before I began that he would forgive me, no matter the outcome... But that only makes this necessary enterprise all the more heinous upon reflection." - created on 14:36:55 01/28/2018 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 16:42:04 01/29/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Valkenhayn.

Bystander's Log #8: Lost Pawn - "One more piece to the board, one more block of wood for the pyre, one more sacrifice upon the altar. This one will require time to grow, but the base components are there. The pawn will one day be a queen. For now, she commences her journey. And I begin to learn more about my latest acquisition. Countess Bernard, the words of your dairy, etched from within the throes of madness, may help shape the future of the universe. Take solace in that, at least." - created on 00:18:08 02/08/2018 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 18:44:19 04/22/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Es.

Bystander's Log #9: An Elegant Killer - "A brilliant man beheld it once, that infinite sapphire spark. And unlike other mortals, he survived... after a manner. He became something else. Neither living nor dead, a machine man, with a machine heart. From great sage to monstrous lunatic... the horrors he unleashed upon his family, upon any he set his masked eye upon... That same spark had chosen a gatekeeper to prevent such deplorable events from transpiring. Yet I found her, lost between times, proof that the gate had been left without its keeper. I am reforging her now. But the Mad Architect already exists, a grotesque memorandum that even the Azure's sublime designs have cracks." - created on 12:25:15 06/30/2018 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 21:21:01 05/25/2019. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Es.

Bystander's Log #10: The Invitation - Part 1 - "What is it like to play god? To reach down from throne on high, to touch the lives of those deemed worthy, to guide with a gentle hand the chosen along paths that will bring them happiness and success? Or to descend with the wrath of the tempest, to usher in the choking clouds of brimstone and wield the flaming sword of judgment? To excise one's enemies from existence itself simply because one wills it? What is it like to play god? I may never know. But tonight, perhaps, I savored the approximation of such." - created on 03:08:15 06/18/2019 by Rachel Alucard and last modified on 03:23:36 07/01/2019. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Kagura.

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