Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. NL Season 7 Grand Final: Terry vs Lyraelle - Fighting in the Hippodrome, will the heat of the Neo League finals boil away all the water? Will the stage even hold up?! Will the Hungry Wolves' passionate, individualized fans devour the manic efficiency of the Demon Queen's own Minions? Tune in to find out! - created on 18:42:56 09/09/2021 by Terry and last modified on 22:36:39 09/11/2021. Cast: Terry and Lyraelle.

2. Agni, God of Fire - A sushi date night between Katashi and Minal provides the perfect place setting for relaxing and chatting about current events. - created on 15:55:20 09/02/2021 by Mint and last modified on 10:54:33 09/11/2021. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

3. Pringer's Birthday Bash 2021 - Ten fighters enter the BLITZ MEGAMAZE. Only one can emerge victorious. Chosen by random draw, these combatants will face off against each other for the favour of the mysterious PRINGER X! (An experimental and self-serving event run by Pringer X for their birthday in 2021!) - created on 14:17:55 08/09/2021 by Pringer X and last modified on 09:52:37 09/11/2021. Cast: King, Kairi, Tung Fu Rue, Lynn, Widow, The Astro, I-No, Kokonoe, Platinum, and Titanic Tim.

4. Chessmaster: Kg1 Bc5+ - Bad, bad Leroy Smith is back in Southtown, and his first step has been to evict some small-time gangsters from a majestic old church. Such good work in cleaning up the neighbourhood is noticed by a powerful man, who has dispatched his insidious butler Hein to make Leroy an offer he ought not refuse. - created on 12:09:08 08/31/2021 by Hein and last modified on 17:47:54 09/08/2021. Cast: Hein and Leroy Smith.

5. Futility - "Tragic, isn't it? To be forced into an unbreakable cycle of life. To witness the same mistakes, made over and over again. So tiring..." - created on 19:12:38 09/04/2021 by Raven and last modified on 09:50:43 09/07/2021. Cast: Potemkin and Raven.

6. NL Season 7 Finals: Terry vs Upsilon - A tremendous show of force and fury! "The Wandering Wolf" Terry Bogard takes on NESTs representative Agent Upsilon for the chance at Neo-League finals glory! Will the power of science overcome the mighty vagabond? Tune in yo find out! - created on 12:08:14 08/31/2021 by Upsilon and last modified on 01:32:27 09/05/2021. Cast: Terry and Upsilon.

7. Beast in the Mirror - After locating Sabrewulf in California, Velvet Blue uses a little magic to whisk the werewolf back with him to rendevous with Tsinghua. - created on 17:20:28 08/31/2021 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 01:58:24 09/04/2021. Cast: Sabrewulf, Velvet Blue, and Tsinghua.

8. Worldwide Master Belt - Abigail vs Honoka - After waiving her Red Master Belt, Honoka sets her sights on challenging Abigail for his Worldwide Master Belt in the G-King Arena. Things get wrecked! - created on 19:37:15 08/31/2021 by Abigail and last modified on 06:47:02 09/02/2021. Cast: Honoka and Abigail.

9. Lunch-Time at Gedo High - An attempt at a peaceful lunch break with gyoza and a Yukio Mishima novel is ruined for Daigo Kazama, as the Don of Gedo High finds himself defending his territory from a bizarre individual in search of an entirely different sort of meal. - created on 18:24:04 08/27/2021 by Daigo and last modified on 16:53:44 08/31/2021. Cast: Daigo and Azrael.

10. Midnight Models - Shermie and Velvet Blue travel to the Midnight Channel studio to discuss a new line of outrageous fashions with none other than Lyraelle Darkheart. - created on 09:07:49 08/28/2021 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 22:33:29 08/30/2021. Cast: Shermie, Velvet Blue, and Lyraelle.

11. And When the Sky Was Opened - His name: Potemkin. His type: a genetically gifted titan bound into an experimental supersuit. Recent history: a crash landing at the Fairchild Air Force Base after a thirty-one hour flight from the nation of Zepp. Incidental data: The ship, with the man who flew her, disappeared from the radar screen for twenty-four hours... But the shrouds that cover mysteries are not always made out of a tarpaulin, as General Dickinson will soon find out on the other side of the tarmac floor in the Goldlewis Zone. - created on 22:18:29 08/22/2021 by Goldlewis and last modified on 12:41:52 08/30/2021. Cast: Potemkin and Goldlewis.

12. Resetting the Switch - Blossom joins Moondyne Mouse for a little brain surgery--to correct her murderous impulses! - created on 15:48:47 08/28/2021 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:34:10 08/28/2021. Cast: Moondyne and Blossom.

13. Chinatown Central - With danger on the horizon, Shina the Leopard meets up with the NOL officer she fought alongside a few weeks ago. Warnings are intended, to discuss a potential threat of vengeful yakuza and their Darkstalker ties. However, things do not entirely go as planned, and a fight ensues, followed by a new leg of their journey beginning. - created on 12:20:38 08/16/2021 by Shina and last modified on 15:29:42 08/27/2021. Cast: Meifeng and Shina.

14. Neo-League Finals with Upsilon - Fresh-faced and ready, Jae Hoon goes into his first Neo-League final match against a rather fierce competitor. Watched closely by NESTS, their operative kickboxing champ, Upsilon, puts up a fierce battle against Kim's youngest son. Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, it is a wonder who will come out victorious in this passionate one-on-one! - created on 12:18:29 08/09/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 22:12:52 08/25/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Upsilon.

15. You Me After School In The Parking Lot - Nena Memory Archive 109: Today, I engaged in bionic-on-bionic violence. May the Omnissiah have mercy on my central processing unit. - created on 22:21:34 08/22/2021 by Nena and last modified on 12:44:58 08/25/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

16. Podiebrad Of Passion: Lilies of the Valley - Amandine von Karnstein has found herself betrothed to the handsome and strapping Baron von Podiebrad, her boring life swept away into the endless parade of passions and pleasures that becomes the favored of the Baron. But it seems that nothing compliments a thick piece of steak than a light salad, especially one dressed with the sweet juice of the forbidden fruit. The scullery maid Zsa Zsa has found herself obsessing over the beautiful fiance of Baron von Podiebrad, fawning and stalking her in the shadows of Castle Alucard. While Amandine had long rejected her scandalous attentions, when the young maiden is caught alone in the kitchen, having snuck away a peach from her cupboard, the lusty servant finds a way to punish the naughty Karnstein. Will Amandine be able to resist the overpowering appetite of the low-born serving girl? Or will she find herself enamored to the scent of... The Lilies of the Valley? (The cover shows Zsa Zsa and Amandine hiding behind the central island of a kitchen, having ducked just out of sight in the midsts of their passions. Amandine is on top of Zsa Zsa, seemingly having just pushed the maid down. Zsa Zsa is clutching a set of pearls around Amandine's neck, while lilies are scattered all around her. Zsa Zsa has a peach in her mouth. Sharing the same peach, Amandine is biting down on it. Both have their cheeks blushing faintly, and a chain leads from around Amandine's ankle to a bubbling crockpot on the table. Walking into the kitchen from the opposite side of the island is the silver-haired Lord Podiebrad in his leather breeches, his sweat-glistened pectorals exposed. Following him at his side is the the lavender-haired Belladonna, who is covering her face with a fan, and her eyes stare jealously out towards the open window. A black stallion is peering into the window, eating a small cherry pie sitting on the windowsill) ($2.99) - created on 15:47:16 06/15/2021 by Sven and last modified on 22:10:22 08/24/2021. Cast: Amandine and Bela.

17. NL Season 7 Quarterfinals: Terry vs. Aranha - The Lone Wolf faces The Dancing Spider under the Southtown Overpass. The fight ends up being a brutal slugfest that is much closer than the odds makers had expected. (Winner: Terry) - created on 16:01:22 08/20/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 22:06:24 08/24/2021. Cast: Terry and Aranha.

18. NL Tournament Lyraelle vs Roland - Roland tries to steal Lyraelle's gag and ambush her for the Neo League final! But can fighting dirty really work when someone sexy easily distracts him...? Well... tune in to find out! - created on 14:01:36 08/07/2021 by Roland and last modified on 10:50:55 08/22/2021. Cast: Roland and Lyraelle.

19. The Concerns of a Friend - How the heck does one get around Southtown when they're new? Jae Hoon certainly doesn't know! Upon receiving recommendations to talk to Terry, the youngest scion of Kaphwan is eager to seek the Wild Wolf out, although there certainly is other reasons for that. Rock doesn't seem to be fighting anymore, which is something of great concern to the boy most closest to him. Curious and anxious about these new developments, the meet-up with Bogard may get more emotional than it needs to, but Jae is worried. Hopefully, the advice given by the wandering spirit will be enough to bate those feelings. - created on 00:54:00 05/28/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 16:15:46 08/24/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Terry.

20. General File, 09.64251.224.1.06 - She did well in physical trial. Inconveniently, her psychological profile is too codependent to consent and produce actionable intelligence on the whereabouts of the target. Fortunately, there are alternative pathways to stimulate cooperation. Placing the idea is often enough for our purposes in a first interview. I'll place a few phone calls from this point, and begin enhanced interviews. - created on 01:49:53 07/20/2021 by Magi and last modified on 03:13:42 08/23/2021. Cast: Elisabeth and Magi.

21. NL Season 7 Semifinals: Lyraelle vs Mint - After barely eking out a victory against Tarmo, Mint finds herself stuck in a burning building with the celebrity succubus, Lyraelle! Neo League Season 7's finals series continues with a semifinal bout between the two points leaders! - created on 20:41:52 08/18/2021 by Mint and last modified on 23:40:38 08/20/2021. Cast: Mint and Lyraelle.

22. Entry Level - Tsugumi, desperate for an income, wanders into a Chinatown eatery asking for work. What she finds is either much, much better; or so much worse. - created on 19:40:10 08/17/2021 by Gen and last modified on 19:36:17 08/20/2021. Cast: Gen and Tsugumi Sendo.

23. Sojourn - Charlie travels to Mt. Fuji to seek out the Dragon Ninja, deemed a worthy ally in an impossible war. Accords are struck, and a brief, brutal battle fought on the slopes of that sacred mountain. - created on 09:35:51 08/12/2021 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 22:15:21 08/19/2021. Cast: Charlie and Ryu Hayabusa.

24. False Humility - Because your heart was tender and you humbled yourself before God when you heard his words against this place and its inhabitants, and you have humbled yourself before me and have torn your clothes and wept before me, I also have heard you, declares the Lord. - created on 20:41:44 08/17/2021 by Raiden and last modified on 02:37:08 08/19/2021. Cast: Raiden and Sybil.

25. Didn't you read the sign? No Trespassing! - Potemkin is forced to politely explain to Anji Mito the meaning of the words 'Keep Out' when Anji comes calling at an old Zepp military installation in search of answers to a growing concern. - created on 22:07:55 08/16/2021 by Potemkin and last modified on 01:42:03 08/17/2021. Cast: Potemkin and Anji.

26. Pawn checks King, King takes Pawn - The Second King of Illyria makes an unofficial visit to Japan to extradite an informant... who also happens to have a warrant set on him by NOL. Surely there is no way in which this could have negative consequences. - created on 21:40:38 08/15/2021 by Katsuro and last modified on 22:50:23 08/16/2021. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Katsuro.

27. Mean Girls Of Seijyun - Mitsuru just wishes to live a quiet life. But as she settles in her new identity of studying and not bullying people, it invites the worst as Tulip takes on Mitsuru in order to heckle her into a fight, all while Kaicho tries and film it. But Mitsuru finds an unlikely savior in Tulip's own mother... - created on 10:19:25 08/09/2021 by Mitsuru and last modified on 22:50:46 08/15/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Sybil.

28. 21 Gedo Street - Are you guys even real hall monitors? You look like the kids on Halloween. - created on 10:57:16 08/06/2021 by Daigo and last modified on 23:33:11 08/13/2021. Cast: Daigo and Edge.

29. Absent Without Fault - Present Without Excuse - created on 12:13:48 08/08/2021 by Raiden and last modified on 19:12:14 08/11/2021. Cast: Honoka and Raiden.

30. First Strike - Checking in on a dangerous potential client, Shina takes along Tarmo for back up. It isn't long until her suspicions are justified when an old enemy returns with a force of foot soldiers. Tarmo and Shina have to tangle with a gang of thugs, or else fall victim of angered underworld forces. - created on 15:08:26 08/10/2021 by Shina and last modified on 00:47:04 08/11/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

31. Unsteady - And on this day, Terry realises the great lengths that Rock has gone to, all to avoid troubling or burdening him. That maybe the kid is anything but okay, and he was just trying to convince himself otherwise. - created on 02:50:12 06/14/2021 by Rock and last modified on 04:19:05 08/10/2021. Cast: Rock and Terry.

32. Call Me Raiza!: We Need To Talk - Raiza receives a mysterious note in her locker inviting her to a lunchtime rooftop rendezvous! What intentions lie behind this invitation...? - created on 13:28:40 07/31/2021 by Raiza and last modified on 22:40:05 08/08/2021. Cast: Daisuke and Raiza.

33. Neo League Season 7 Quarterfinals: Mint VS Tarmo - The quarterfinals for the seventh season of the Neo League begin! The first of the top 8 contenders to fight are the Bear Finn Tarmo and Bionic Boxer Mint! Which one will survive this clash of overwhelming brute force and rocket punches and move on to the semifinals?! - created on 08:17:59 08/06/2021 by Tarmo and last modified on 22:05:23 08/08/2021. Cast: Mint and Tarmo.

34. Attempting Patricide - I'll give you ten seconds. Enough time for a last prayer to your god. - created on 14:29:48 06/12/2021 by Rock and last modified on 05:21:39 08/08/2021. Cast: Rock and Geese.

35. Rosalia: Bus Factor - Brandon and Clio regroup after their respective tests during the Springtide Rosalia. Brandon knowing all of the problems he's dealing with, feels ill at ease with being single point of failure for the spell soon to be cast at Metro City Park. The two mages disagree on what the back up plan should be. - created on 11:44:26 07/22/2021 by Brandon and last modified on 22:35:41 08/07/2021. Cast: Brandon and Clio.

36. An Unlikely Pair - Tsinghua, the envoy, gets stranded on the shady outskirts of Sunshine city- Local robbers make the boy their prey... But red eyes flash above, in the darkness. - created on 18:28:35 08/03/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 06:59:24 08/06/2021. Cast: Sabrewulf and Tsinghua.

37. The Beckoning Cat - CUTSCENE: Felicia reflects on her accomplishments and past, and learns of more of her kind out there... - created on 22:32:22 08/05/2021 by Felicia and last modified on 22:35:08 08/05/2021. Cast: Felicia.

38. Nervous Man In A Forty Dollar Room - This is Major Charlie Nash, age thirty-one, and where some men leave a mark of their lives as a record of their fragmentary existence on Earth, this man leaves a blot, a dirty, discolored blemish to document a cheap and undistinguished sojourn amongst his so-called betters. What you're about to watch in this room is a strange mortal combat between a man and himself, for in just a moment, Major Charlie Nash, whose life has been given over to fighting adversaries, will find his most formidable opponent in a cheap hotel room that is in reality the outskirts of The Goldlewis Zone. - created on 10:57:55 08/04/2021 by Goldlewis and last modified on 22:08:10 08/05/2021. Cast: Charlie and Goldlewis.

39. Food Truck Frenzy - It's a fun little date in Chinatown as two terrible contests are undertaken by Tarmo and Shina. One a test of physical and mental acuity that takes everything two have in order to surpass. The other is a fight in a carpark. - created on 12:44:05 07/26/2021 by Shina and last modified on 12:56:37 08/05/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

40. An Unexpected Spar - Tsugumi Sendo encounters a certain Blossom, and is put in a precarious situation of being expected to spar with her- And a close battle ensues. - created on 09:43:23 08/04/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 18:14:09 08/04/2021. Cast: Tsugumi Sendo and Blossom.

41. Timeline Variance and Authority - Kain Heinlein and the Scarlet Dahlia sit down for a long overdue meeting of minds. Or is it right on time? Plans are explicitly not made, allegiances explicitly not challenged, and surely this will have no impact on anyone's status quo, at all. - created on 10:00:06 07/27/2021 by Kain and last modified on 21:22:42 08/02/2021. Cast: Honoka and Kain.

42. You Schmooze, You Lose - Sybil tracks down Johnny to propose. What? Technically, that's what happens! - created on 14:04:56 07/25/2021 by Johnny Cage and last modified on 11:04:18 08/02/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage and Sybil.

43. Two women who are more than eyecandy - A business meeting between two women turn into a fight. Than the fight turns back into a business meeting. - created on 11:40:49 07/31/2021 by Chanel and last modified on 19:16:54 08/01/2021. Cast: Shermie and Chanel.

44. A Blossoming Realization - Blossom tracks Moondyne Mouse down to her new lair in Shibuya, where she's gone to ground after coming to a few SHOCKING realizations courtesy of Raiden. - created on 15:42:50 07/31/2021 by Moondyne and last modified on 18:49:04 07/31/2021. Cast: Moondyne and Blossom.

45. Reading Behind the Lines - Moondyne Mouse gets hired by Sybil Katherine to swap out the malfunctioning amulet of Tsinghua, the young messenger. All goes well, until.. - created on 14:28:30 07/28/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 14:59:28 07/30/2021. Cast: Raiden, Moondyne, and Tsinghua.

46. Queen of Pain - Chanel runs into Echo Lacroix, necromancer and bat lady of Makai, but which is the more fearsome--the necromancess, or the Goddess of Sweet Chains?! - created on 19:18:37 07/29/2021 by Echo and last modified on 23:10:15 07/29/2021. Cast: Echo and Chanel.

47. False Foes - Yakuza-Leader of the Aizawa-Gumi Katashi Tairyu invites gang-leader Alba Meira to lunch, and leads with a most interesting proposition. - created on 08:51:47 07/27/2021 by Alba and last modified on 14:13:30 07/28/2021. Cast: Alba and Tairyu.

48. Eden tries new clothes, enjoys Velvet. - Eden tries a bar/cabaret where she thinks she might fit, with new clothes. Isn't sure about the clothes, but the company was good. - created on 17:45:40 07/26/2021 by Edenlith and last modified on 18:06:40 07/27/2021. Cast: Edenlith and Velvet Blue.

49. Terminator Two - Nena Memory Archive 108: Today, I met a malfunctioning cybernetic human. She threatened Rafferty. We will meet again. - created on 09:58:54 07/24/2021 by Nena and last modified on 12:46:47 07/26/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

50. Call Me Raiza!: Up All Night To Get Lucky - Raiza receives her first official ninja mission from Hisashi-senpai! But how can a newbie ninja expect to steal the tail right out from under Lucky Chloe? Find out in the fourth episode of Call Me Raiza! - created on 21:03:19 07/14/2021 by Raiza and last modified on 13:38:35 07/23/2021. Cast: Lucky Chloe and Raiza.

51. SNF: Terry vs Victor Ortega - "The PAIN in SPAIN" - Upon an elaborate ship, an ancient legend seeks to test himself against the Legendary Wolf; who will reign supreme in a battle between the proverbial and literal titan?! - created on 21:09:26 07/12/2021 by Terry and last modified on 12:10:10 07/23/2021. Cast: Terry and Victor Ortega.

52. NL#0200: Jae Hoon vs Kula - Become witness to another thrilling Neo League match, wherein the current leader of standings, Kim Jae Hoon, gets to fight against his newly budding crush, Kula Diamond. Featuring a short cameo from Rock Howard, and the grand, glorious return of Hulk-sensei! (Winner: Kula) - created on 14:53:41 07/16/2021 by Kula and last modified on 14:32:46 07/22/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Kula.

53. Operation Lebanese Red - Several months ago: a mission to 'rescue' the Russian virologist Dr. Sokolov leads Major Nash and his team into a facility on the Lebanese-Syrian border. Unfortunately, the organization behind the kidnapping appears to be fully aware of their intentions - and more than ready to respond to the incursion. - created on 11:25:44 07/12/2021 by Charlie and last modified on 12:44:51 07/22/2021. Cast: Charlie and Juri.

54. NL#0199: Mitsuru vs Banyu - The Neo League Underdogs of Mitsuru and Banyu duke it out in a final stand in this season of the Neo League - created on 12:36:57 07/21/2021 by Mitsuru and last modified on 20:11:53 07/21/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Banyu.

55. Rosalia #22) A Wish Going Stale - When one wishes to accomplish a mission, they must always expect an adversary to stand in her way. Bound by her determination to find the answers to the Ash problem, Elisabeth enters Castle Alucard on the eve of the Rosalia with a mysterious task bestowed to her upon Terumi. A dutiful ninja serves to stand in her way to accomplishing this task, and Noboru most certainly will prove to be a tougher challenge than the heiress could have anticipated. [Winner: Noboru] - created on 19:04:03 06/21/2021 by Elisabeth and last modified on 11:26:55 07/21/2021. Cast: Elisabeth and Noboru.

56. NL#0198: Velvet Blue vs Aranha - Both Aranha and Velvet Blue receive invites to Neo*Geo Land to put on a show in one of the last fights for the Neo League season. There's acrobatics, a light show, and even some brutality mixed in. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 16:30:55 07/20/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 09:29:08 07/21/2021. Cast: Aranha and Velvet Blue.

57. NL#0197: Roland vs Kasumi - Roland and Kasumi have a high-speed battle, where the normally quick cybernetic brawler finds himself out-maneuvered for once. And ultimately, fighting a sexy kunoichi is a win/win for him in a lot of ways... - created on 22:47:01 07/05/2021 by Roland and last modified on 09:26:11 07/21/2021. Cast: Kasumi and Roland.

58. Golden Angel R3 - Carl vs Jezebel - Carl Clover has finally found his chance to meet his life-long hero, Lightning Spangles. Sure, she is scarred, and broken, and it's a Golden Angel tournament match where their swimsuits melt when sprayed with the right kind of water. But when you have the chance to meet your heroes, you'll take it no matter what? But something seems wrong in how Jezebel and Carl remember their first, magical meeting... - created on 12:12:00 02/14/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 10:48:54 07/19/2021. Cast: Jezebel and Carl.

59. Disguise Self - A mysterious Gyaru-Girl stalks Daisuke all the way to a café.. What could she possibly want?! - created on 13:16:32 07/12/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 15:07:47 07/16/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon, Mitsuru, Tsugumi Sendo, and Daisuke.

60. A Rose By Any Other Name - Matthias von Podiebrad has come to Castle Alucard with his Podiebrad brethren. But rather than wage an assault on the vampire master of the castle, he is content to look for some nice roses and tea leaves to bring back to the manor. But as he looks around an abandoned greenhouse, he stumbles upon Lady Briar Rose Blackthorne, who takes more than a passing interest in him. - created on 09:48:21 07/08/2021 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:29:01 07/14/2021. Cast: Bela and Briar Rose.

61. SNF: Aaron vs Tarmo - "Summer Survival Story" - Our first stop on our global tour de force is in the Great White North! No, not Canada (they're still not returning our calls), but Finland, home of Santa Claus! This match will pit one of our greatest American woodsmen (a boy scout, naturally) against one of Finland's greatest woodsmen in a battle above the crater lake, Paasselka! If you're eagle-eyed and lucky, you might even spot one of the Paasselka Devils, a harmless local will-o'-the-wisp phenomenon! - created on 15:10:49 07/01/2021 by Aaron and last modified on 16:35:46 07/14/2021. Cast: Aaron and Tarmo.

62. High Stakes & Police Hats - Following up from the earlier deal made at the cafe, Steve and Lyraelle brawl it out in a public park! When things get more destructive then the boxer had anticipated, the bobbies step in! - created on 18:24:37 07/10/2021 by Steve and last modified on 21:30:04 07/13/2021. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

63. Scuppered Scandal in the Seven Eleven - Rafferty gets more than he bargained for, when he stops by the local Seven Eleven for supplies. - created on 18:13:19 07/13/2021 by Rafferty and last modified on 21:04:05 07/13/2021. Cast: Blossom and Rafferty.

64. The Sands of Heck - Tarmo and Lackey meet on the beach late at night. Can Tarmo avoid falling victim to the demoness's corruption like everyone else around? - created on 16:06:46 07/10/2021 by Lackey and last modified on 21:49:18 07/10/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Lackey.

65. Podiebrad of Passion: Hungry Like The Wolf - The Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad's easy life as a beloved nobleman has ended in the most humiliating of ways. When he knocked over a single vase while entertaining guests at the Castle Alucard, as punishment, our hero has become enslaved by the mistress of the castle. In order to work off his debt, Bela von Podiebrad is forced to act as a manservant for the cruel vampire queen. But while placed in charge with working and cleaning the Alucard's organs, the most senior of her servant has different sort of chore for our hero to complete. Will he escape from the dominating power of the head butler, and back into his previous status and standing? Or will Valkenhayn be on the hunt after him, mouth alive, with juices like wine... and Hungry Like The Wolf? (The cover shows Bela pinned against an old pipe organ. He is stripped to the waist, down to his leather pants. He is turning his head away, lips curled somewhere between a look of disgust and lust. Grabbing his wrist is a fair-looking Valkenhayn, gripping the Podiebrad's wrists with both of his hands, and neatly and cleanly in control of the smaller Podiebrad with a look of bemused detachment. Behind them, the door is opened a crack. Behind it reveals the master, Rachel Alucard, arrive back from her chores with a look of shock. At her feet, a chubby black cat and chubby red bat are peeking in too, and a black stallion is poking its nose in above her. The stallion and the bat look as shocked as their master. The cat looks rater excited.) - created on 14:28:15 07/06/2021 by Bela and last modified on 16:08:43 07/09/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Bela.

66. Podiebrad of Passion: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Studly Baron of the House of Podiebrad, Bela von Podiebrad, has been betrothed to Rachel of the House Alucard, to take her hand in marriage when she is of age. But the future Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad finds temptations around ever corner. The dark and devilish Terumi has come to the manor grounds, eager to lure the handsome Podiebrad away into a life of leisure and pleasure. But the price may be too great even for the hedonistic Bela; for the green eyed demon invites Bela to defy his vows in the way only men can do, by giving himself up willingly into a Mind Break. To make matters worse, when his brother Matthias gets wind of the affair, Bela's father sweeps in to intervene between the two. Will Bela keep his vows with his family and his honor? Or will he be seduced into committing... dirty deeds done dirt cheap? (The cover shows the interior of a stable. It shows Bela stripped to the waist in leather pants, next to the pen where his black stallion is at. Terumi himself is also stripped to the waist, though he is wearing a yellow raincoat over his muscled, naked torso. Terumi has Bela pinned against the wall of the stable, pressed against him chest to chest. One arm is extended, palm out against the wall to corner him. Tee other is clutching a strange sack underhanded, the green eye of the god gleaming. Bela struggles to stare defiantly at man, clutching the neck of a pitchfork tightly as he struggles at the raw power of the god. Behind them, from the doorway to the stable, Matthias looks in wide-eyed, pointing with one hand, and escorting with the other the young Rachel Alucard. The young lady looks in, eyes watering in despair. A fat bat and black fat peer in beside her; the bat looks equally distressed, but the cat looks on the duo with an eager hunger.) - created on 22:54:16 06/10/2021 by Crock and last modified on 16:38:26 06/30/2021. Cast: Susano'o and Bela.

67. Invitation To A Crazed Moon - Bela responds to Rachel Alucard's invitation to her Rosalia. He is not very happy about it. - created on 16:36:02 05/11/2021 by Bela and last modified on 16:37:01 05/11/2021. Cast: Bela.

68. Down the Rabbithole - Velvet Blue invites Tsinghua Tao over to the newly renovated Gold Lounge for some conversation, and to check up on how the poor kid is doing. - created on 16:35:35 07/08/2021 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 20:21:01 07/10/2021. Cast: Velvet Blue and Tsinghua.

69. Confrontation at the Coffee, Cake and Kisses Cafe - Steve finally decides to give the demon queen a call after their encounter in the boxing underground. The two decide to meet in person to discuss the terms of their continuing relationship. The question remains, what does Lyraelle want with the British boxer...? - created on 13:03:18 07/09/2021 by Lyraelle and last modified on 18:04:48 07/10/2021. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

70. Rosalia: Dark Reflections - While Scarlet Dahlia had been transported to Castle Alucard, she's been poking her nose into a few places where she wasn't expressly invited. One place in particular: the ballroom of Countess Karnstein. Trapped within the many mirrors are ghosts of her past, or futures that would never come to be... and a figure which seems both familiar and alien at the same time. - created on 07:56:48 06/10/2021 by Honoka and last modified on 16:23:58 07/10/2021. Cast: Honoka and Kira Volkov.

71. SNF: "ENTER the DRAGON: HONG KONG BLOCKBUSTER" - Continuing in our tour, we'll be moving down to Hong Kong, where American movie star and Hong Kong film aficianado Johnny Cage will face off against local martial arts master Brad Wong in the glamorous Diamond Dragon Casino, a location set to be highlighted in Johnny Cage's upcoming movie, a remake of the Legend of the Drunken Master, sponsored by Bud Lite! - created on 10:57:05 07/03/2021 by Brad Wong and last modified on 10:56:29 07/10/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage and Brad Wong.

72. A Spirited Defense - The Gong Estate messenger has a confrontation with his overseer, leading to an unexpected outcome for both parties. - created on 13:18:26 07/08/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 15:02:20 07/08/2021. Cast: Tsinghua.

73. MC: LOCH AND LOAD - "Oooh, I'm excited about this one, minions! Our first match of the night features a hot talent straight from the Armed Forces! Or, should I say... the cybernetically-armed forces? ;D In honour of our fresh Marine signing, her first match will take place on a floating arena of rafts, empty crates, planks, and other floaty stuff all tied together with ropes on the surface of Loch Ness! I've got just the opponent for her 'hands on' approach!" - created on 10:42:39 07/07/2021 by Lei Lei and last modified on 13:35:21 07/09/2021. Cast: Lei Lei and Mint.

74. MC: VOX POPULI - A catgirl, a schoolgirl, a cat, and the Ristar champion all meet in the wild (virtual) world of a digital arena! Fur flies as Edenlith battles Felicia and Hayley in a test of a Vtubing arena! Now trending on Hitter! - created on 18:50:59 07/06/2021 by Hayley and last modified on 13:30:02 07/09/2021. Cast: Felicia, Edenlith, and Hayley.

75. SNF: "EAGLE and DRAGON: BATTLE on the WALL" - For our next stop on the tour, we'll be travelling all the way to China, where our brave American representative EAGLE LASS will face off against the fearless fighter TAO TSINGHUA! As the birthplace of fireworks (at least, we're pretty sure it is), we figured this would be a great opportunity to celebrate both cultures with a special patriotic fireworks showcase above the wall! - created on 09:43:17 07/06/2021 by Dizzy and last modified on 13:23:47 07/09/2021. Cast: Dizzy and Tsinghua.

76. Call Me Raiza!: Rafferty's Riverbed Rescue Rangers - Rafferty takes a wrong turn onto the riverbed near Gedo Street late at night. When a mugger shows up to demand his most prized possessions, the American prettyboy is on the verge of an untimely bout of bravery - only to be rescued by a dynamic ninja duo! Well, at least one of them is a ninja, anyway! - created on 19:11:22 07/07/2021 by Raiza and last modified on 19:38:11 07/08/2021. Cast: Rafferty, Daisuke, and Raiza.

77. Someone really wants in. - Blossom really wants to get into a club without waiting, until the owner himself Tairyu has to get involved. Annoyance ensue. - created on 11:30:54 07/07/2021 by Blossom and last modified on 17:36:11 07/07/2021. Cast: Tairyu and Blossom.

78. MC: TERROR FROM THE DEEP - After reports of a seemingly aquatic Darkstalker assaulting the Sandy Cove resort, both enterprising fisherman Banyu and NOL soldier Katsuro respond; which is precisely what the monstrous fighter hoped for! How many tentacles is TOO many tentacles?! - created on 15:46:15 07/02/2021 by Masaru and last modified on 17:18:32 07/07/2021. Cast: Masaru, Banyu, and Katsuro.

79. Rosalia: Keeping the Same Energy - A chance meeting at the Rosalia yields a lot of information for both parties. It also raised major concerns for one of the parties regarding a project that they are working on. - created on 12:59:40 07/02/2021 by Brandon and last modified on 07:41:26 07/07/2021. Cast: Honoka and Brandon.

80. Starstruck in Southtown - Rafferty has stars in his eyes, over the fact he may be about to meet movie idol, Johnny Cage. It's a good thing he's wearing mirrored sunglasses! Lyraelle meanwhile, has a star studded meetup of her own planned, but will the sly succubus get her way? - created on 13:40:03 07/06/2021 by Rafferty and last modified on 20:45:41 07/06/2021. Cast: Johnny Cage, Lyraelle, and Rafferty.

81. Call Me Raiza!: The Art of Seduction - Raiza is taking lessons in the kunoichi ninja arts from Mistress Hiroko-sama! Her first target: Rafferty Lawrence Stewart?! With the boy in Hiroko-sama's sights, it's game, set, and... matchmaking?! - created on 18:02:46 07/04/2021 by Raiza and last modified on 00:14:55 07/06/2021. Cast: Rafferty and Raiza.

82. NL#0196: Mint vs Roland - The battle of the cybernetics! Does two giant fists match up with one entire arm? The pressing answer to this question is hidden inside... - created on 15:47:26 07/04/2021 by Roland and last modified on 22:38:13 07/05/2021. Cast: Roland and Mint.

83. A Bitter Drink - Tsinghua & The Tanuki meet up for their sparring match, yet the serene moment is halted by unfortunate truths. - created on 18:37:44 06/27/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 16:49:54 07/04/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Daichi.

84. The Gift of Music - Having returned as promised, as a tanuki always keeps their word, Daichi and Tsinghua discuss the trade with the Spirit World's Ancient and what -- if anything -- a human has to offer... - created on 13:39:47 06/25/2021 by Daichi and last modified on 17:31:18 07/04/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Daichi.

85. SNF: "Fight Knight: Battle in Berlin" - The last stop in our American birthday extravaganza is the capital of another titan of industry: Germany! The great American hero Mike Bison will put his fists to the test against German** steel in this clash of powerhouses! Both fighters will be driven to the battleground before the gate in top-of-the-line vehicles provided by our sponsors, Ford and Mercedes-Benz, under the glow of fireworks above the iconic gate! - created on 19:36:33 07/02/2021 by M. Bison and last modified on 23:09:39 07/03/2021. Cast: M. Bison and Leo Whitefang.

86. Things Are Heating Up! - Things are getting steamy in the CYS hotel room - or at least, one of the members of CYS is, anyway. Looking to simmer down, the band goes to enjoy some dinner at a local noodle bar. Yashiro finds the night rather inspiring, and like any good show, things end on a high note. - created on 17:45:46 07/03/2021 by Yashiro and last modified on 23:03:21 07/03/2021. Cast: Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro.

87. Harborside Heroics - Taking a lead from Malin, Daisuke investigates some shady business in Southtown Harbor. This of course leads to trouble, but the arrival of a local super...hero...only complicates matters further. - created on 19:01:07 06/19/2021 by Bob and last modified on 15:35:56 07/03/2021. Cast: Bob and Daisuke.

88. Surface to Air - Minal Panesh has gained some new inspiration for her fighting techniques. Fortunately for her, Katashi Tairyu makes the perfect guinea pig upon whom to test out her ideas! - created on 11:20:55 06/29/2021 by Mint and last modified on 01:38:56 07/03/2021. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

89. MC: THE WITCHING HOUR - Ambrosia tests out her new body and combative skills against the Black Knight within a bell tower... yet will the silent armored figure's ball and chain be too much for the enterprising fighter?! - created on 15:09:13 07/02/2021 by Chang and last modified on 20:50:07 07/02/2021. Cast: Ambrosia and Chang.

90. SNF: Ken vs Ryo - "Shitenno-Ji Shotokan Showdown" - A global martial arts tour wouldn't be complete without a stop in Japan, home of the Ryukyu islands, the birthplace of karate! America's Ansatsuken master Ken Masters will face off against Kyokugen karateka Ryo Sakazaki in front of Japan's oldest Buddhist temple! Why was this location chosen, you may ask? Because it looks cool! And it'll look even cooler with a fireworks display overhead! - created on 12:24:30 07/02/2021 by Ryo and last modified on 20:46:52 07/02/2021. Cast: Ryo and Ken Masters.

91. A Servant's Travels: Long is the Night - It would seem my return to Castle Alucard was a timely one indeed, for the blood moon has brought many guests... and many changes. While inspecting damage done to the estate's clocktower, I was set upon by an immortal I did not recognize; one recently turned, and by that brute Lord Maximoff no less. How frightful is must be for a human to be thrust into the shadows with no guiding hand - poor, frail creatures that they are! Alas, power has always come with a price, but perhaps Miss Volkoff will come to terms with the reality of her new life: that time is an abyss, as profound as a thousand nights. - created on 22:22:49 06/24/2021 by Valkenhayn and last modified on 19:12:42 07/02/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Kira Volkov.

92. Beauty Shot - Rafferty and Lyraelle Darkheart show up at Velvet's newly renovated club, the Gold Lounge to discuss business and plans--and a party ensues! - created on 11:01:17 07/01/2021 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 18:35:39 07/01/2021. Cast: Velvet Blue, Lyraelle, and Rafferty.

93. Rosalia #13) Signs and Portents - In a letter to Morrigan: "Lady Aensland, I too understand the curse of boredom. It is my hope that the entertainment available at my Springtide Rosalia can help dull the pain of monotony the world normally has to offer. To that end, might I direct your attention to the necropolis beneath the castle. You will find a representative of the Yata clan wandering lost from where I left her. It would be helpful if you could persuade her to reveal what she knows of the pending shadow during your dance. -Rachel Alucard" - created on 22:47:51 06/07/2021 by Chizuru and last modified on 11:37:25 07/01/2021. Cast: Chizuru and Morrigan.

94. NL#0195: Tarmo vs Banyu - A battle of spectacle ensues between two giants, smack-dab in the middle of the Mars & Venus host clubs! - created on 16:57:39 06/30/2021 by Banyu and last modified on 10:22:06 07/01/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Banyu.

95. NL#0194 - Banyu vs Aranha - Aranha and Banyu come together for a throw down at a fish market in Southtown. The action gets heated, literally, as both fighters are finding their energy acting weird. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 14:11:18 06/25/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 10:05:43 07/01/2021. Cast: Aranha and Banyu.

96. Rosalia #10) The Eye that Cannot See - Rachel to Nago at tea time: "...true, it is almost that time again... someone will have to descend into that pit and deal with it. I cannot have it getting loose in the castle, it would disrupt the Rosalia. It is a filthy labor. Let us have a couple of our guests attend to the matter. A favor owed will be their reward, should they survive." - created on 18:12:30 06/06/2021 by Renka and last modified on 01:39:45 07/01/2021. Cast: Clio, Renka, and The Forgotten One.

97. The Succubecoming - Lilith separates from her sister (literally) inside Castle Alucard and a brand new Succubit is born. - created on 20:04:01 06/30/2021 by Lilith and last modified on 23:17:39 06/30/2021. Cast: Morrigan and Lilith.

98. Eternal Rivals - After his attack on Rock, Terry is unsurprised to find himself being called out; and after measuring himself against Geese once more so long after their first fateful rooftop match, it's clear that the Legendary Wolf will need to sharpen his fangs...! - created on 01:30:04 06/25/2021 by Terry and last modified on 23:01:13 06/30/2021. Cast: Terry and Geese.

99. Distant Early Warning - Meeting up a few days after their fight, Tarmo finds Shina for some casual drinking and snacks along Southtown's river. There he learns a little more about the young mercenary. Not the least of which being that she may have angered a local gangster. - created on 14:05:24 06/28/2021 by Shina and last modified on 15:45:52 06/29/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Shina.

100. Rosalia #17) At Hell's Gate - Rachel musing while gazing into a cup of tea: "That pompous, self-important mummer. I knew he would not be able to resist the lure. So he presumes to invite himself, does he... If it is an audience he desires, then he will have to earn his way. What better piece to place in his way than a man who has walked through hell itself? Only one will be admitted. It will amuse me to direct their hatred for my kind at each other. Though I would just as well neither tread within these halls... dispatch the Obsidian Sentinel to make difficult the way. Only its tenacity can rival the animosity of these two..." - created on 16:24:28 06/14/2021 by Bela and last modified on 22:02:19 06/28/2021. Cast: Donovan and Bela.

100 logs listed.