Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. Ninety Seconds - 'Juri and Vega didn't part on the best of terms' -- that's putting it lightly. Shadaloo, not wanting want to lose one of their best assets, has sent out a tracking team led by Scarlet Dahlia to track down Juri... - created on 10:00:09 09/22/2022 by Honoka and last modified on 16:06:28 10/03/2022. Cast: Honoka and Juri.

2. Tale of Two Kings: To The Pain - With Heihachi returning from his vacation, Fujimura moves to settle some debts and earn goodwill for her boss. The Owl instructs one of the Hawks under her command, Takawashi, to investigate mysterious disappearances at one of the Mishima Zaibatsu's weapon facilities. When he arrives, he soon discovers the cursed Vinnie Romero has descended upon the shadows of the facility, snatching the mercenaries to feed the Innocent. And with Vinnie being nearly immortal, he is forced to commit unspeakable acts to protect his soul... and appease the Vengeful Child before she takes the Tekken Force squad as an offering. - created on 11:28:40 09/23/2022 by Rugal and last modified on 16:46:57 09/26/2022. Cast: Rugal and Vinnie.

3. See Why Ess. Why Ess See? - See Why Ess comes to Seijyun High to Kick Some Ess. Why? Read and See. - created on 14:38:46 09/20/2022 by Mitsuru and last modified on 20:56:16 09/21/2022. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, and Mitsuru.

4. Spiritus Sancti - After returning home from the DoAtech facility India, Velvet Blue is awoken by nightmares, leading to an early morning 'walk' that runs them into Gabriel. - created on 13:58:10 09/21/2022 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 18:19:27 09/21/2022. Cast: Gabriel and Velvet Blue.

5. Dark Side of the Awoo - In search of other of her kind, Felicia is shot trying to shake down an exotic pet dealer--and must turn to Alice and Sabrewulf for help. - created on 21:08:37 09/18/2022 by Felicia and last modified on 14:24:44 09/19/2022. Cast: Sabrewulf, Felicia, and Alice Nonomura.

6. [The Descent] Test Your Might - Forgotten Kings - "Izanami Hades: You have explored the nature of Death and its strange contradictions throughout these proceedings, battling men untouched by its cold hand and a woman who thrives in spite of its possibility-- and like yourself, all have had the benefit of immortality to crystallize their ways of life. Thus, before your Descent continues, I challenge you to test your might against a man who still seeks to transcend the bounds of his mortality, once and for all-- a demon in flesh grinning from the dark, liminal reaches of humanity. Meet VEGA, the King of Heaven on the field of your choosing, and perhaps on the other side, you will find your will to Descend sharpened in the wake of chaotic ambition." - created on 16:47:32 09/04/2022 by Izanami and last modified on 02:20:11 09/19/2022. Cast: Vega and Izanami.

7. Bad Influences - Moondyne Mouse comes across Ramlethal 'borrowing' something from a store. The two synthetic beings have discourse over purpose, existentialism and shoes. - created on 22:15:31 09/13/2022 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:36:34 09/14/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Ramlethal.

8. [The Descent] Round 3 - Glistening Perfection - The bleak miracles of hyperscience, crystalized hatred, regal nature, and a kiss of hellfire have given rise to something never before seen in the Louisiana Bayou: a swath of gleaming, teeming biomechanical life adapted to drawing what sustenance it can from the harsh paradox of its environment. What better place for Death Incarnate and cosmic chaos to meet, wrapped in their veneers of innocent humanity? - created on 22:33:41 08/16/2022 by Izanami and last modified on 22:26:51 09/10/2022. Cast: Morrigan and Izanami.

9. [The Descent] Round 4 - Vanishing Point - Lately, the lost and forgotten tunnels of a Buried Subway Station in Metro City have seen more life than they have in decades. Maybe that's why there's a faint blue pinprick shining at the other end of the tunnel, growing gradually larger, closer when observed-- and farther when approached. Maybe that's why soft murmurs susurrate through stale air, creeping ever farther into the barely lit darkness. Maybe that's why Athena Asamiya and Edenlith, the Hollow Girl feel judgmental eyes studying their every move. - created on 14:15:23 09/04/2022 by Athena and last modified on 22:26:27 09/10/2022. Cast: Athena and Edenlith.

10. [The Descent] Round 4 - Only the Water Knows... - There is no flooded sub-basement in Calgary, Alberta's Saddledome arena. There is no deep, walled off floor which was all but annihilated in the flood which scourged the arena years ago. It has since become a seemingly endless underground sea as the world buckled beneath the strain of hosting clashes between powerful fighters. And so, in a place which doesn't exist, ravaged by a disaster which never escalated as far as it could have, drowned in stale waters which could never be, and populated by suffocated people who never were, a man who refuses to die and a woman who refuses to abide the sanctity of life will seek a chance to advance further into the Descent. - created on 18:25:04 09/05/2022 by Slayer and last modified on 06:36:18 09/07/2022. Cast: Slayer and Lotus.

11. [The Descent] Round 4 - This Burning Land - Parts of Japan's Chubu-Sangaku National Park have been all but quarantined for months due to sightings of strange creatures, an uptick in wildlife attacks, and a number of strange accidents occurring in the region. Something as silly as a police cordon is unlikely to prevent the World's Most Wanted, Ragna the Bloodedge and Iori Yagami, the Tainted Flame from seeking the site of their opportunity to Descend, however. Deep in the forbidden reaches of Chubu-Sangaku lies the Garden of Shells, an idyllic patch of untouched wild that thirsts for blood-- a gorgeous grove of flora and fauna precision-engineered for violence. It's here - beset by cruel, beautiful nature and bestial urges - that the two outlaws will meet. - created on 22:11:34 09/01/2022 by Ragna and last modified on 06:34:28 09/07/2022. Cast: Iori and Ragna.

12. [The Descent] Round 3 - Rainbow Memories - RAINBOW MEMORIES: Duo Lon vs Lord Mordread - created on 19:50:14 08/25/2022 by Lord Mordread and last modified on 04:01:58 08/27/2022. Cast: Iori and Lord Mordread.

13. [The Descent] Round 3 - A Fucking Fight Broke Out - Home to an elite cadre of monster hunters, The Arena of Ravenous Delights in Hungary has played host to increasingly raucous parties set to an unmistakable score of violence during the Revenant Queen's tournament. Perhaps, then, the pressure cooker into which Kain and Liu Kang are thrust to perform is an entirely predictable phenomenon, right down to the clashes of arms erupting throughout the audience which threaten to spill onto the fighting stage itself as Podiebrads descend into an alcohol and adrenaline-fueled riot. - created on 19:12:47 08/11/2022 by Kain and last modified on 11:36:33 08/25/2022. Cast: Kain and Liu Kang.

14. [The Descent] Round 3 - Silence of the Grave - What little remained of an abandoned, Remote Village in the depths of the wilderness after its trampling beneath the engines of war was practically plowed into the dust by titans, demons, and more-- and yet, it still hums with the faint, uncanny timbre of spectral potency necessary to play host to the Air Force Ace William Guile and the Mad Engineer Relius Clover as they fight for the right to Descend. - created on 20:39:50 08/16/2022 by Relius and last modified on 11:34:08 08/25/2022. Cast: Guile and Relius.

15. Scout's Honour - Injured, desperate and on the run, every ally that Juri might have once had is now her mortal enemy. With few options left to her she is forced to turn to one of the few people in this world she thinks might have the ability to keep her hidden until she can recover, and a heart soft enough to do it. More pity him... - created on 02:07:07 08/13/2022 by Juri and last modified on 16:03:50 08/24/2022. Cast: Rock and Juri.

16. [The Descent] Round 3 - Unholiest of Holies - A Forgotten Temple in Japan's alight with the poisonous after-effects of playing host to not one, but two cruel divinities in the span of a month. Once-still and silent halls now crawl with stalking shadows and blood-curdling vibrations, even in the light of day-- even in the presence of a Thunder God and a rising star in the Librarium trained to manage phenomena just like this; even if they've only been brought together to determine which has the strength of will and arms to Descend. - created on 16:13:47 08/15/2022 by Marduk and last modified on 09:31:59 08/24/2022. Cast: Marduk and Raiden.

17. [The Descent] Round 3 - The Danse Macabre - Voodoo Town in Haiti's been alive with the music of the spirits for weeks, ever since Athena Asamiya's visit. Joined and catalyzed by the debaucherous loa Baron Samedi, a neverending party of the living and dead grinds onwards as the Rebellious Flame Ash Crimson and the Serpent's Fang Ahmya Shiki fight for an opportunity to secure a place among the Descended. - created on 19:34:24 08/11/2022 by Ahmya and last modified on 09:33:24 08/24/2022. Cast: Ash and Ahmya.

18. [The Descent] Round 3 - Twilight Express - Deep beneath Metro City in a long-forgotten nexus of tragedy, a decrepit, Buried Subway Station thunders endlessly with warnings of trains yet to come, forever threatening to barrel right through the Cackling Chaos Lotus and the Urban Kunoichi Maki's bout. - created on 19:23:07 08/17/2022 by Maki and last modified on 07:36:23 08/18/2022. Cast: Maki and Lotus.

19. [The Descent] Round 3 - Midnight Audience - From the moment King Leo of Illyria sets foot in the throne room of a Gothic Castle in Transylvania, he and his next opponent in the Descent are met with dozens of expectant, spectral faces hungry for a little time with a noble personage. After waiting for so long, will they have the patience to simply watch as Leo and the hollow girl Edenlith clash, or might the risk of waiting another century to be heard drive them to interject themselves? - created on 16:47:22 08/12/2022 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 07:31:07 08/13/2022. Cast: Edenlith and Leo Whitefang.

20. [The Descent] Round 3 - Eternal Envy - The air hangs heavy and thick, redolent with the anguish and envy of a Graveyard full of lost souls hungry for another taste of life-- and resentful of the Nightwalker who mocks them with his very existence, and the Fortuneteller who so adroitly sidesteps her own demise. - created on 07:35:36 08/12/2022 by Zafina and last modified on 07:29:37 08/13/2022. Cast: Slayer and Zafina.

21. [The Descent] Round 2 - Midnight in the Garden - In a place of alien beauty and profound danger, Hades Izanami and Slayer - ancient entities of Death and Unlife - must take care not to trample the grass too harshly, lest it bite back at them with razor edges. The Garden of Shells in Chubu-Sangaku, Japan doesn't release visitors gladly-- but perhaps undying will can overcome its blossoming mysteries. - created on 21:29:59 07/22/2022 by Izanami and last modified on 10:19:35 08/12/2022. Cast: Slayer and Izanami.

22. [The Descent] Round 2 - Unnatural Splendor - Ever since tasting opposed strains of infernal blood, a remote corner of a Louisiana Bayou has seen changes: flecks of metal melded with newly sprouted plants, wildlife with hellish glares, and rivulets of glistening oil flowing forth from murky waters. Surrounded by the slow, but steady collapse of a venerable ecosystem, the Rose of Blackthorne and the Frozen Heart, Jin Kisaragi, meet in a duel of beautiful faces laid over cruel intentions. - created on 07:03:30 07/19/2022 by Jin Kisaragi and last modified on 06:50:23 08/11/2022. Cast: Jin Kisaragi and Briar Rose.

23. [The Descent] Round 1 - City of the Dead - When the pride of the US Air Force and the cold hero of NOL grace the still, opulent avenues of Louisiana's Lafayette Cemetary, they shall grant its ghostly denizens a spectacle of brawn and swordsmanship for the ages. - created on 19:35:51 07/13/2022 by Jin Kisaragi and last modified on 18:06:25 08/10/2022. Cast: Guile and Jin Kisaragi.

24. [The Descent] Round 2 - Terminal Line - Somewhere beneath Metro City lies a once-beautiful, buried subway station deemed best forgotten after a string of horrific tragedies... and yet, in the post-midnight hours when the "Rebellious Flame" Ash Crimson meets the "King-Killer" Craig Marduk, the station's alive with eerie, flickering lights and a phantom train-- but mostly the sounds of a bit of the old ultraviolence, and the endless rage of the inferno. - created on 07:02:39 07/19/2022 by Ash and last modified on 08:44:18 08/09/2022. Cast: Ash and Marduk.

25. [Dead or Alive] Invidia - Emboldened by an encrypted file given to them in secret during the tumult of the Darkstalker riots, Gregory and Velvet Blue have discovered that Ultratech's JANUS Project is hiding a secret -- that the process to separate the humanity from a Darkstalker is not always as clinical as its made out to be. Some, it works on, and the process is a success. Some are imprisoned forever as hosts for the very machines the company is fielding to capture them. And yet still others are somewhere in-between. Deep in the holds beneath the JANUS facility, the team and their erstwhile backup will find themselves face-to-face with the most devastating secrets yet. - created on 19:33:53 07/22/2022 by Lyraelle and last modified on 19:00:09 08/08/2022. Cast: Gregory, Velvet Blue, Lyraelle, and Aeria Corday.

26. [SNF 2021.12] SNF: NEVERMIND THE BAUBLES - Lucky Chloe, the Christmas Kitty, has been chosen to perform for the lighting of the Christmas lights at Southtown Village Mall! Cold-hearted Canadian Alexis Lovell, crusader for the Communist cause, has come to cancel the commercialized capitalist Christmas carol caper! Can Chloe save Christmas, or will anarchy reign this holiday season? - created on 12:18:17 12/06/2021 by Alexis and last modified on 19:20:05 12/18/2021. Cast: Alexis and Lucky Chloe.

27. [The Descent] Round 2 - Blood and Wine - A fetid Abattoir dripping with the still-fresh blood of past bouts hosts a dutiful butler, an Air Force ace, and half a dozen of the world's richest men and women, here to partake of forbidden delights from the safety of an observation room behind kombat-proof glass. - created on 13:10:41 08/01/2022 by Hein and last modified on 08:32:37 08/08/2022. Cast: Guile and Hein.

28. [The Descent] Round 2 - Wandering Stars - Beneath a night sky glittering with endless shards of glass, what little remains of an Abandoned, Remote Village ravaged by war, then trampled by a titan and witch-husk must somehow bear a meeting between the one-armed ronin Baiken and Raven, the Observer-- a clash of tenacious survivor's instincts and undying, exhausted boredom. - created on 15:51:48 07/23/2022 by Raven and last modified on 08:34:25 08/08/2022. Cast: Baiken and Raven.

29. [Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R3 - Carl vs Jezebel - Carl Clover has finally found his chance to meet his life-long hero, Lightning Spangles. Sure, she is scarred, and broken, and it's a Golden Angel tournament match where their swimsuits melt when sprayed with the right kind of water. But when you have the chance to meet your heroes, you'll take it no matter what? But something seems wrong in how Jezebel and Carl remember their first, magical meeting... - created on 12:12:00 02/14/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 10:48:54 07/19/2021. Cast: Jezebel and Carl.

30. [The Descent] Round 2 - These Violent Delights - The Podiebrads were promised a show, and thanks to Slayer and Baiken they got it. Whipped into a violent froth by freely-flowing spirits and wanton bloodshed, the increasingly unruly crowd in Hungary's Arena of Ravenous Delights is now presented with a clash between Darkstalkers after their own vicious hearts: Morrigan Aensland, Dreamvore; and Black Lotus, Bloody Catastrophe, two exceedingly dangerous predators hunting from opposing poles. - created on 20:39:15 08/04/2022 by Morrigan and last modified on 11:17:23 08/07/2022. Cast: Morrigan and Lotus.

31. [The Descent] Round 2 - When the Boughs Break - Are they exceedingly intrepid Cage fans, stalking predators, or something worse? Duo Lon and Fei Long must consider this question as they meet in a deep, Dark Forest alive with rustling branches, peering eyes, and dark shapes on the edges of perception. - created on 21:46:01 07/22/2022 by Fei Long and last modified on 07:28:11 08/05/2022. Cast: Duo Lon and Fei Long.

32. [The Descent] Round 2 - A Scream In The Night - Still hungry for a shot at Outworld's elite on her own terms, Alexis is afforded an audience with none other than Lord Mordread, King of Hel in China's Lin Kuei Forest. All she has to do NOW is survive the towering knight's fury as she looks to come to terms with her previous brush with Kombat. - created on 20:48:29 07/30/2022 by Alexis and last modified on 08:20:39 08/03/2022. Cast: Alexis and Lord Mordread.

33. [The Descent] Round 2 - Coming Forth By Day - Warmed by the touch of cosmic and corrupted flames, the long-abandoned Antechamber of a lost and Forgotten Tomb in the Sahara Desert teems with visitors for the first time in countless centuries: the mournful spirits of a God-King's bereaved family and worshippers, come to pay their last respects once more; the Thunder God Raiden, fresh from a brush with grim duty; and the Mad Sage Relius, armed with forbidden data from an infernal knight. - created on 10:00:22 07/19/2022 by Relius and last modified on 11:29:43 07/31/2022. Cast: Raiden and Relius.

34. [The Descent] Round 2 - Lights... ... Action! - It's an entirely real Graveyard with an entirely real storm which continues to rage long after the Elder God of Thunder's presence has faded, populated by an entirely real girl with entirely real swords; entirely real, skeletal limbs bursting through the drenched earth; and an actor who must wrestle with the looming threat of notes from an entirely unsympathetic audience. - created on 20:09:38 07/27/2022 by Ahmya and last modified on 03:28:15 07/29/2022. Cast: Johnny Cage and Ahmya.

35. [The Descent] Round 2 - The One About A Kumite - Out by a Clown Motel in Nevada designed to hook tourists in spite of its humble accommodations lies a graveyard recently disturbed by verdant fire and elusive prowess. With so few memorials to go around, disturbing even one is a terrible slight-- one which King Leo of Illyria must contend with, should the aggrieved dead see fit to interrupt his bout with-- -- SOMEONE who the Revenant Queen has seen fit to dispatch in place of Maki Genryuusai. - created on 21:18:13 07/21/2022 by NiCO and last modified on 23:22:34 07/22/2022. Cast: Leo Whitefang and NiCO.

36. [The Descent] Round 2 - Disasters, Natural Or Otherwise - A decade ago, Calgary, Alberta, Canda's Saddledome suffered a horrific flood, claiming dozens of lives. Today, the water's ankle-deep in its forever-condemned basement and rising slowly, ever since this desolate space gave rise to a new friendship powerful enough to conjure tears from the drowned dead. Down here, the Last Yagami and the Strongest Titan are granted an opportunity to sink ever deeper into the Descent or be washed away. - created on 19:55:53 07/21/2022 by Iori and last modified on 19:21:17 07/22/2022. Cast: Iori and Kongou.

37. Bunny Kombat - Frost and Alice discover a few things about each other as they fight it out. - created on 18:53:45 07/12/2022 by Frost and last modified on 09:50:27 07/22/2022. Cast: Frost and Alice Nonomura.

38. [The Descent] Round 2 - In The Pale Moonlight - Beneath the light of a full moon, a Gothic Castle in Transylvania hosts a star-crossed seeress, a Dancing Spider, and a fleet of ghostly servitors drawn by the inexorable gravity of Geese Howard's tenacious butler. On the cusp of defeat, Zafina and Aranha clash before the watchful eyes of the dead to determine who has the will to continue their journey. - created on 08:06:41 07/19/2022 by Zafina and last modified on 10:43:25 07/21/2022. Cast: Aranha and Zafina.

39. [The Descent] Round 1 - Dying To Live - Together in Japan's Ruined Temple, a man who cannot die and a woman who can hardly bear the thought of living are afforded an opportunity to seek common accord through the language of violence. - created on 13:50:23 07/05/2022 by Raven and last modified on 10:33:41 07/21/2022. Cast: Izanami and Raven.

40. Lunch with a Friend - Alice and Meifeng meet up for some boba tea! - created on 20:08:15 07/11/2022 by Meifeng and last modified on 21:17:27 07/20/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Alice Nonomura.

41. [The Descent] Round 1 - The Branching Darkness - At the stroke of midnight, a stretch of deep, Dark Forest will play host to the NOL's ever-gentle Intelligence officer Hazama and star of films such as Ninja Mime 3 and HWAAAAA!!, Johnny Cage as they look to put on the show of their lives. - created on 19:37:24 07/11/2022 by Hazama and last modified on 13:46:49 07/19/2022. Cast: Johnny Cage and Hazama.

42. [The Descent] Round 1 - They Live - A haunted Graveyard rife with eerie lights and skeletal hands creeping forth from mounded dirt plays host to the Thunder God and the Killasaurus as ironclad order meets screaming chaos. - created on 20:22:01 07/12/2022 by Alexis and last modified on 21:19:39 07/18/2022. Cast: Raiden and Alexis.

43. [The Descent] Round 1 - Samurai Vamploo - Hungary's Arena of Ravenous Delights is proud to host a meeting between the Darkstalker hunter Baiken and the enigmatic immortal known as Slayer. In turn, the House of Podiebrad trusts that Baiken and Slayer will be proud to serve as entertainment for a cadre of lordly monster hunters who will be dining just beyond the arena's boundaries. - created on 18:34:46 07/14/2022 by Slayer and last modified on 19:15:20 07/18/2022. Cast: Slayer and Baiken.

44. [The Descent] Round 1 - Are You Being Served? - Lightning flashes through the windows of a foreboding Gothic Castle in Transylvania as the Rose of Blackthorne and Geese Howard's Rook meet in a clash of princesses and servants. - created on 10:24:26 07/13/2022 by Hein and last modified on 19:14:04 07/18/2022. Cast: Hein and Briar Rose.

45. [The Descent] Round 2 - Under His Eye - In a place of lingering strife and vengeful grief, pyromancer faces mentalist for the stakes of the continuing tournament path. They find within one another reserves even beyond what was anticipated-- and respected-- up front, finding as much challenge as either kombatant can krave. - created on 12:20:55 07/17/2022 by Kain and last modified on 20:34:41 07/17/2022. Cast: Kain and Edenlith.

46. [The Descent] Round 1 - Red Right Hand - Surrounded by the raw stench and stuff of death in the bowels of an Abattoir, Ragna the Bloodeye and The Red Wanderer, Ahmya Shiki match blades and wills. - created on 21:45:43 07/11/2022 by Ahmya and last modified on 09:01:36 07/16/2022. Cast: Ragna and Ahmya.

47. [The Descent] Round 1 - The God-King Is In His Heaven - Nestled in the pristine heart of an otherwise ravaged pyramid, the burial chamber of a Forgotten Tomb in Egypt sees its first visitors in decades as two men too ambitious or stubborn to be swayed by curses - the Brilliant Flame Kain Heinlein and the Riotous Blaze Iori Yagami - have been called to entertain a long-dead king with their prowess. - created on 14:42:08 07/11/2022 by Kain and last modified on 09:01:19 07/16/2022. Cast: Iori and Kain.

48. [The Descent] Round 1 - Killer X King - Out in a nameless Southwest desert, a Greyhound Motor Bus riddled with bullet holes and blood spatter will see a confrontation between Illyria's regal swordsman Leo Whitefang and the blood-soaked mystery known only as Lotus. - created on 23:06:54 07/10/2022 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 09:00:58 07/16/2022. Cast: Lotus and Leo Whitefang.

49. [The Descent] Round 1 - If You Can Hear Them It's Too Late - China's Lin Kuei Forest is said to be haunted by demons. Luckily, the Shaolin prodigy Liu Kang and Stellar Assassin Zafina are well-equipped to face whatever might lurk in the shadows beyond the encroaching trees of the deep, dark woods. - created on 18:53:33 07/10/2022 by Zafina and last modified on 09:00:35 07/16/2022. Cast: Zafina and Liu Kang.

50. [The Descent] Round 1 - Friends On The Other Side - Voodoo Town, Haiti is a place where mortal and immaterial, light and shadow have a way of bleeding into one another; what better place, then, for the Psycho Soldier Athena Asimaya and the Dancing Spider Aranha - pop idol and ex-felon - to meet? - created on 23:14:38 07/08/2022 by Athena and last modified on 09:00:03 07/16/2022. Cast: Athena and Aranha.

51. [The Descent] Round 1 - I Wanna Do Bad Things To You - Out in the remote reaches of the Louisiana Bayou, mad science meets tyranny to see which malevolent force has the will to confine their foe to the swamp's sucking depths. - created on 22:22:03 07/07/2022 by Relius and last modified on 08:59:53 07/16/2022. Cast: Lord Mordread and Relius.

52. [The Descent] Round 1 - The Trampled Earth - In a Remote Village occupied by little more than burned, crumbling homes and ashes, the titan Kongou and the lethal husk Edenlith visit thundering fury upon a remote patch of jungle long since gutted by the engines of war. - created on 21:00:36 07/07/2022 by Edenlith and last modified on 08:59:38 07/16/2022. Cast: Edenlith and Kongou.

53. [The Descent] Round 1 - Drowning Pool - The Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has played host to countless spectacles of martial and athletic prowess, but the flood which tore through it nearly a decade ago and left its sub-basement forever condemned is what's marked it as the perfect place for NOL's rising star and Hong Kong's action star to meet, surrounded by the watchful eyes of lost, drowned souls. - created on 15:32:33 07/05/2022 by Marduk and last modified on 09:04:37 07/16/2022. Cast: Fei Long and Marduk.

54. [The Descent] The Cackling Chaos - The Revenant Queen looks to draw out an infamous Darkstalker to test her resolve and determine whether she's fit to Descend. - created on 21:02:30 07/04/2022 by Sindel and last modified on 09:03:42 07/16/2022. Cast: Sindel and Lotus.

55. [The Descent] The Hidden Scream - Wielding a surge of new power, Alexis seeks an opportunity to enter what she suspects is Outworld's latest machinations on Earthrealm, but must go through the towering shokan Sheeva to earn it. - created on 19:11:15 07/02/2022 by Sheeva and last modified on 09:03:27 07/16/2022. Cast: Alexis, Sheeva, and Sindel.

56. [The Descent] The Red Wanderer - Ahmya Shiki goes to a place she's never been to keep an appointment she didn't make, and tells a stranger a story she'd never before imagined. - created on 21:38:41 06/14/2022 by Sindel and last modified on 09:03:04 07/16/2022. Cast: Sindel and Ahmya.

57. [The Descent] Into The Fire And The Flames - On a cold summer morning, in the time before the light, Alexis comes in flames of death's eternal reign. She rides towards the fight when the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. As the sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight, she prepares fighting hard, fighting on for the steel through the wastelands evermore. The scattered souls will feel the hell, bodies wasted on the shores. On the blackest plains in hell's domain, Eadni watch them as they go. In fire and pain, now once again, they know. So now Alexis fly ever free, free before the thunderstorm, on towards the wilderness. There, her quest carries on far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight, deep inside her heart and all her souls. - created on 20:47:35 06/14/2022 by Eadni and last modified on 12:08:18 06/20/2022. Cast: Alexis and Eadni.

58. Lesson Two: Finals are a bit more important! - Victoire has decided to take up the good fight against Kim's youngest son, which is all well and everything, except that Jae Hoon learns the hard way that perhaps maybe he can't focus on more than two things at once. Exams are no joke, my friends! - created on 17:34:58 07/02/2022 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 14:41:02 07/13/2022. Cast: Jae Hoon and Victoire.

59. Restless Knights - Echo goes looking for leads on an old target in Southtown, the field trip heads down the rabbit hole with a surprise visit from Alice Nonomura, instead. - created on 22:31:50 07/07/2022 by Echo and last modified on 17:08:50 07/09/2022. Cast: Echo and Alice Nonomura.

60. Swiss Cheese Buildings - A teenage criminal has gotten his hands on a magical artifact he doesn't quite understand -- property damage ensues! NOL officers Yao and Terada are trying to get the situation under control, but they've got their hands full! Luckily, a nurse happens to be available to lend a helping hand! - created on 20:04:11 07/03/2022 by Meifeng and last modified on 17:01:21 07/05/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Alice Nonomura.

61. Follow the White Rabbit - Alice the Rabbit finds herself in the Gold Lounge and meets Velvet Blue and Sabrewulf. - created on 18:47:33 07/04/2022 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 13:33:30 07/05/2022. Cast: Sabrewulf, Velvet Blue, and Alice Nonomura.

62. What Dreams May Come - Part 1/8 - The Vignettes of Wandering Squardsmen: To be, or not to be, that is the question; Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? - created on 14:42:18 06/29/2022 by Bela and last modified on 21:58:31 06/29/2022. Cast: Amandine, Bela, and Tsinghua.

63. In Your Eyes - In a heart wrenching moment of emotional honesty, two men who are DTF meet chest to chest, their muscles brimming with unbridled passion yet to be tamed. 'Can you fill, the car tonight; it is running low on fuel? If you don't, it might run out again, somewhere by the school~' - created on 09:54:18 06/21/2022 by Marduk and last modified on 21:38:50 06/27/2022. Cast: Marduk and Abigail.

64. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 Bonus Boss: Adelheid - Two close competitors in the Rising Star tournament-- Chris and Shermie-- combine their forces to take on the Bernstein heir, Adelheid. They prove too much to handle, much as suspected-- if far from as planned-- in a chaotic 2v1 match! - created on 14:00:27 06/21/2022 by Adelheid and last modified on 07:43:24 06/27/2022. Cast: Chris, Adelheid, and Shermie.

65. [Rising Star 2022] Rising Star 2022: FINAL BOUT - The final bout of Rising Star 2022! Action packed and full of fun! And fabulous(?) prizes! - created on 19:30:59 06/15/2022 by Rose Bernstein and last modified on 22:38:14 06/16/2022. Cast: Adelheid, Shermie, Yashiro, Rose Bernstein, Rugal, and Meifeng.

66. [Rising Star 2022] RISTAR 2022: BONUS BOUT - The Ristar champion receives one of her prizes: A bout with the hostess herself! - created on 19:03:02 06/22/2022 by Rose Bernstein and last modified on 23:03:01 06/23/2022. Cast: Rose Bernstein and Meifeng.

67. [Neo League 0201] NL#0203: Bob vs Victoire - In the aftermath of her crushing defeat at the blades of Ahmya, Victoire visits the Southtown Young Fighter's Institute where she sets up a far more familiar battle with Bob Richards. No gimmicks, no interfering costumes, just good old fashioned, no-holds-barred, hand to hand fighting. The polite Canadian and the exceedingly arrogant French fighter may look like near polar opposites to one another, but in a dramatic battle before the eyes of the next generation an unlikely friendship blooms between them. - created on 16:30:01 06/20/2022 by Victoire and last modified on 23:01:47 06/23/2022. Cast: Bob and Victoire.

68. Stay Frosty Amigo - Stumbling upon Frost busting up some mooks in Metro City, Lilith makes a new friend. - created on 18:01:42 06/19/2022 by Lilith and last modified on 17:32:26 06/21/2022. Cast: Lilith and Frost.

69. [Neo League 0201] NL#0202: Abigail vs Merrick - It's the new season of Neo League and the possiblity of cosplay has roused Abigail from his self-imposed exile from the Fighting Circuit! Is Merrick and the rest of the world ready for Mecha Abigail?? - created on 21:37:09 06/20/2022 by Abigail and last modified on 09:53:15 06/21/2022. Cast: Abigail and Merrick.

70. [Neo League 0201] NL#0201: Victoire vs Ahmya - Victoire, a professional fighter from France, makes her international debut against an unknown high school student. It's fair to say that things do not go as expected for anyone concerned. - created on 13:41:06 06/19/2022 by Victoire and last modified on 06:48:20 06/20/2022. Cast: Victoire and Ahmya.

71. Two on a Raft - While Johnny is lost at sea, he runs into an unlikely benefactor. Or rather, an unlikely benefactor runs into him, with a deal to die for. - created on 10:57:00 06/20/2022 by Rugal and last modified on 08:42:17 06/21/2022. Cast: Rugal, Johnny, and Zel.

72. Ah, Venice - Angelina finally tracks down Seven in Venice, but after their encounter, perhaps she'll wish she hadn't! - created on 17:25:44 06/13/2022 by Angelina and last modified on 18:28:39 06/16/2022. Cast: Angelina and Seven.

73. You Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best - Moondyne Mouse has had a hard life, going from villain org to villain org. Working hard under deadlines, transferring from one dead end research lab to the next. It was time for the rat race to end; and thanks to a fresh new marketing sample of R Security, the Mouse can finally leave the House with a once in a life time opportunity. - created on 17:32:06 06/06/2022 by Rugal and last modified on 15:35:13 06/15/2022. Cast: Rugal and Moondyne.

74. A Spot of Tea - Slayer and Sharon talk business with Eadni over tea. - created on 15:32:40 05/24/2022 by Slayer and last modified on 15:47:54 06/13/2022. Cast: Slayer and Eadni.

75. Lightning Strikes In Hel - A Tyrant meets a God. Can a deal be struck? - created on 00:26:05 06/10/2022 by Lord Mordread and last modified on 14:31:15 06/13/2022. Cast: Raiden and Lord Mordread.

76. Finding The Violet Flame - Mr. Burr seeks out Iori to give him a message. It goes better than you'd think. - created on 21:13:27 06/11/2022 by Iori and last modified on 23:11:13 06/11/2022. Cast: Iori and Mr.Burr.

77. [Dead or Alive] DOA R3 - Renka/Shina vs Heidern: "Ikari Rising" - With the lockdowns occurring at JANUS sites all over the world, information is becoming harder to find surrounding the enigmatic and controversial process clearly at the heart of Darkstalker disappearances all over the globe. In this case, the only way to find out is directly from servers from the JANUS facilities. Infiltrating a facility in the middle of a massive protest is no easy task, but an NOL agent should have no problem with it. However, Renka will discover that the security's already been breached, and that Shina has been sent by Ultratech to address what was assumed to be a rioter breakin. Shina, working with Ultratech to pursue an agenda of her own in secret, will find out that the entire facility has been secretly taken over by a powerful covert military force. The Ikari Warriors have mobilized in response to the drama, and they will not abide by any interference. How far are Renka and Shina really willing to go to find out the truth? - created on 11:52:39 04/04/2022 by Shina and last modified on 19:46:40 06/10/2022. Cast: Heidern, Renka, and Shina.

78. [The Descent] Killasaurus Orphanage in: I Hear You Calling - When nightmares from Alexis' past resurface, she turns to the Warwolf for guidance - and receives a message from an old acquaintance. - created on 20:19:19 06/06/2022 by Alexis and last modified on 13:28:51 06/10/2022. Cast: Sven and Alexis.

79. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R4 - Amandine vs Shermie - Amandine clashes with Shermie in the semifinals to Ristar 2022! Who will win? Who will fry?! - created on 15:02:05 06/04/2022 by Amandine and last modified on 10:40:00 06/10/2022. Cast: Shermie and Amandine.

80. Mr.Burr and Ambrosia meeting. - Ambrosia and Mr.Burr meets. Ambrosia is not sure why, but isn't worried. - created on 18:50:00 06/04/2022 by Ambrosia and last modified on 21:18:26 06/04/2022. Cast: Mr.Burr and Ambrosia.

81. Making New Friends - Passion and Romance is in the air for the Sacred Order Knight of Love has arrived! - created on 18:47:47 06/01/2022 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 19:46:34 06/03/2022. Cast: Ky Kiske, Leo Whitefang, and Elphelt.

82. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R4 - Meifeng vs Chris - Meifeng and Chris meet for the semi final of Ristar. Only one wins and goes on. - created on 18:19:28 06/01/2022 by Chris and last modified on 17:05:19 06/02/2022. Cast: Chris and Meifeng.

83. Faster Food - Chris runs into Echo chasing some fast food as he celebrates his recent victory in Kansas City. - created on 18:13:54 05/31/2022 by Echo and last modified on 10:51:17 06/01/2022. Cast: Chris and Echo.

84. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar R3 - Seven vs Meifeng - "Finally, we come to Seven versus Meifeng. Will the Tiger of the Library be able to hold out against the bearer of the Deadly Sins? We will all find out as they meet before the gorgeous San Giorgio Cathedral in Sicily." - created on 19:53:49 05/23/2022 by Meifeng and last modified on 11:09:52 05/31/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Seven.

85. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R3 - Mint vs Amandine - In Round 3 of Ristar 2022, Amandine Karnstein squares off against Minal "Mint" Panesh in a battle of petite pugilists! Miniature maulers! Bite-sized brawlers! Who will come out on top? - created on 21:53:33 05/24/2022 by Amandine and last modified on 06:19:09 05/31/2022. Cast: Mint and Amandine.

86. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R3 - Daichi vs Chris - Within a creepy restaurant, a Tanuki fights an equally creepy kid. Who will reign supreme in this strange setting?! - created on 14:44:51 05/29/2022 by Daichi and last modified on 22:14:13 05/29/2022. Cast: Chris and Daichi.

87. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R3 - Shermie vs Echo - "Next, we have Echo facing Shermie! An interesting matchup. Darkstalker facing the fashion designer! Find out who comes out on top as they strive for victory in front of the Sydney Opera House!" - created on 14:30:57 05/28/2022 by Echo and last modified on 18:00:50 05/28/2022. Cast: Shermie and Echo.

88. Entry 5 - Lunch - Dear Diary, what is curry? What is it made from, and how is it prepared? Today a young man named Daisuke Kubo shared his lunch with me. I learned that curry has a very complex flavour, but it is nothing like ice cream or cake. He asked if I would sample his cooking again some time. Will it be another curry? Are there different kinds? Can he make them all? - created on 01:51:17 08/17/2021 by Kula and last modified on 05:30:20 05/28/2022. Cast: Kula and Daisuke.

89. The Village at the End of the World - Chun-Li and Ambrosia cross paths as they both look to investigate the strange happenings surrounding the ruins of a secluded village-- and they aren't alone. - created on 16:48:41 05/10/2022 by Chun-Li and last modified on 11:34:34 05/24/2022. Cast: Chun-Li, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ambrosia.

90. [Dead or Alive] The Devil's Advocate - Having successfully infiltrated the FATAL CORE's labritory facilities, the Demon Queen finds her branded gambit still alive and angry. But every action has a cost, and the universe has a funny way of giving us exactly what we deserve. - created on 14:40:33 05/03/2022 by Rae and last modified on 13:14:53 05/23/2022. Cast: Rae and Lyraelle.

91. [Dead or Alive] DOA R3 - Kasumi vs Whitney: "Information Control" - While some other groups need to manually make their way out, in the tournament semifinals, competitors found themselves with much easier disposal. Airlifted onto a massive floating battlestation that is DOATEC's secret Fatal Core facility, Kasumi meets her challenger in a massive arena on the facility's broadcast floor. Here, al the threads about the dangerous Dead or Alive tournament meet, along with the trail of an old ghost of the Mugen Tenshin -- but the company is still pulling all the strings. Her opponent today knows a thing or two about pulling strings: Representing Heihachi's eye in the tournament, Whitney has developed interesting details that suggest the corporate upheaval is not just localized to DOATEC. Together, they could access Fatal Core's advanced communications arrays. But first -- they have a battle to settle. - created on 12:05:55 04/11/2022 by Whitney and last modified on 18:09:05 05/23/2022. Cast: Kasumi and Whitney.

92. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Amandine vs Blazing Panther - In the heart of Shibuya, the calamitous chef Amandine fights against the mysterious masked hero Blazing Panther (spoilers: it's Daisuke) in the second round of 2022 edition of the Rising Star Tournament! - created on 15:46:30 05/15/2022 by Daisuke and last modified on 10:44:09 05/22/2022. Cast: Amandine and Daisuke.

93. Marriage Disposal - Deep within Illyria, Dizzy and Elphelt discuss about the nature of humanity, love, and the seme and ukes between them. - created on 19:59:45 05/17/2022 by Dizzy and last modified on 23:31:28 05/18/2022. Cast: Dizzy and Elphelt.

94. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Seven vs Velvet Blue - Velvet Blue travels to the Gold Nugget Buffet in Las Vegas to face down Seven in a battle of the bulk for Ristar Round 2! - created on 15:22:12 05/16/2022 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 19:55:45 05/16/2022. Cast: Velvet Blue and Seven.

95. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Meifeng vs Clarity - Rising Star 2022 continues into round 2, as Clarity and Meifeng brawl in front of the Sea Horses Grand Hotel! - created on 10:34:24 05/12/2022 by Meifeng and last modified on 18:59:48 05/15/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Clarity.

96. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Echo vs Mr.Burr - Echo joins Mr.Burr for some hot and heavy ballroom dancing--to the death! Only in Round 2 of the Rising Star Tournament 2022! - created on 17:54:44 05/13/2022 by Echo and last modified on 23:19:12 05/13/2022. Cast: Mr.Burr and Echo.

97. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Mitsuru vs Shermie - "Shermie will be fighting Mitsuru, I'm sure this will be c'est magnifique!" With Blossom behind her, Mitsuru will face Shermie, the star of her number 1 band CYS! But Shermie is all too familiar with Mitsuru, or at least, an idea of Mitsuru that was given to her by Lyraelle... - created on 09:05:46 05/12/2022 by Mitsuru and last modified on 21:48:11 05/14/2022. Cast: Shermie and Mitsuru.

98. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R1 - Amandine vs Himeko - These two ladies, both bent on the care for their fellows, will have to duke it out to see which is superior! What better place to war over morale than THE LAFF STOP? Who will win?! Who will cry!? - created on 23:09:56 05/02/2022 by Amandine and last modified on 18:48:47 05/12/2022. Cast: Himeko and Amandine.

99. [Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Chris vs Angelina - Angelina surprises Chris. Can he be fast enough? Or is Angel going to bring him closer to god? - created on 09:57:33 05/10/2022 by Chris and last modified on 09:45:37 05/11/2022. Cast: Chris and Angelina.

100. The Treaty of Clapham Grand - A pair of what are supposed to be bitter enemies have a concert date to engage in the most romantic of activities: Discussing terms! Things go well, until they don't. - created on 17:37:21 01/29/2022 by Steve and last modified on 10:46:21 05/10/2022. Cast: Steve and Lyraelle.

100 logs listed.