Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. [NFG Season Two] RTZI Round 1 - Phantasmagoria vs M.A.C. - Culture clash! Though their mentors couldn't quite make it, ideologies collide when two very different, but very similar fighters meet in a idyllic, picturesque spot! Will two mystically fated rivals find a way to achieve a pure and godly harmony? (In the background: "Shugendo is extremely annoying!" "You and your big dumb Texas!!") ...not likely. - created on 05:20:17 05/27/2024 by Homura and last modified on 12:55:02 06/14/2024. Cast: Arisa and Homura.

2. [NFG Season Two] RTZI Round 1 - Keijo for Coins - While the tournament begins with a preliminary round, four of the stranded NFG fighters set out to try and find sustenance. An opportunity presents itself: Zack has left behind instructions for a competition that will earn the four a 'cheeky handful' of Zack Coins. Fortunately, Coco is on hand to provide instruction in the rites of keijo - but who will emerge victorious from the mighty butt-battle? And what mysterious prizes could their Zack Coins (ZC) afford them? - created on 16:02:32 05/22/2024 by Coco and last modified on 10:38:48 06/04/2024. Cast: Kenzo, Coco, Ishida, and Roxana.

3. [NFG Season Two] Teachings of Failure - While the Mermaid Cruise Ship is still en route to it's destination, Iris takes the opportunity to have a practical training session with Albert to gauge his abilities. - created on 11:05:10 05/19/2024 by Albert and last modified on 04:25:04 05/24/2024. Cast: Iris and Albert.

4. [NFG Season Two] RTZI: Welcome to (New) Zack Island - Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship... o/~ A three hour tour goes awry when an excited group of NFG fighters is confronted by a spectre of the past. They soon find themselves stranded on the island with no clear means to communicate to the outside world and warnings of trials to come. Bienvenida a la Isla Zaca. - created on 09:07:46 05/08/2024 by Pringer X and last modified on 11:41:37 05/22/2024. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, Buck, Ishida, Homura, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

5. [NFG Season Two] A Poolside Chat - Decisions, decisions! Arisa's path leads to a fork in the road, whereas the path forward for Chevy is clear. Does the NFG first-genner have any actual advice for the troubled Texan, or just awkward metaphors about farm life? - created on 21:50:58 05/13/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 06:03:47 05/21/2024. Cast: Chevy and Arisa.

6. [NFG Season Two] Round Table Discussion - Off-brand Merlin and Wannabe Arthur strike up an unlikely but potentially fruitful partnership... and perhaps find some unexpected emotional common ground while they're at it. - created on 19:37:48 05/08/2024 by Iris and last modified on 16:54:35 05/15/2024. Cast: Iris and Albert.

7. [NFG Season Two] Mermaid Pool Party - Rodrigo decides to throw a bit of a get together for the members of the NFG. There's food, drinks, music, and... chaos? - created on 08:19:54 04/18/2024 by Rodrigo and last modified on 02:52:41 05/11/2024. Cast: Kenzo, Hawksley, Chevy, Zarine, Sarah, Rodrigo, Ishida, Albert, Homura, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

8. [NFG Season Two] Meeting at the Mess - Between the matches, Albert runs into Skye in The Mermaid's lavish buffet restaurant. The people in charge of the NFG's budget promptly regret giving the contestants free and unlimited access to the buffet. - created on 12:22:44 03/28/2024 by Tarmo and last modified on 05:45:25 05/06/2024. Cast: Skye and Albert.

9. The New Old Ways - By a quiet Hokkaido lake, a chance encounter that is not a chance encounter occurs between a performer who is not a performer and a student who is not a student. Discussion ranges across the future, the past, and the present. But who can truly say what the future holds? Except battle. It will always hold battle. - created on 16:23:30 04/19/2024 by Ichika and last modified on 12:45:22 05/05/2024. Cast: Honoka and Ichika.

10. [NFG Season Two] Pick Your Poison - The Queen Cobra and an Empress Scorpion size each other up in the Mermaid's casino. Will two naturally venomous vixens be able to find common ground? - created on 08:25:33 02/20/2024 by Coco and last modified on 10:09:56 05/01/2024. Cast: Coco and Roxana.

11. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Stubborn as a Goatherd - Philosophy and grisly punishments abound in this spectacular match between a honest karateka and a not-so-honest shugenja. Will truth or illusion win out? And what is WITH that sheep? - created on 22:00:38 03/31/2024 by Homura and last modified on 09:01:02 04/17/2024. Cast: Xander and Homura.

12. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - The Ultimate Warrior - Seeking to avenge the death of his beloved friend, Patroclus, Achilles has sought out Hector in the ruins of Hisarlik. Let's hope when these two legendary warriors face off that it won't be too much of a drag. Nobody wants it to all end in tears! - created on 17:46:51 03/29/2024 by Hawksley and last modified on 07:23:14 04/16/2024. Cast: Hawksley and Buford.

13. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Show No Mercy - The fearsome Chimera with the fore of a lion, the middle of a goat and the hind of a snake has been running rampage and scaring the local residents and visitors of tourist town Antalya. Gutsy slayer, Bellerophon has been hired to put a stop to her antics before she can get any further out of control. - created on 06:59:54 03/31/2024 by Albert and last modified on 11:28:40 04/15/2024. Cast: Albert and Max.

14. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Jagermeister - Odzine arrives on the island of Circe late at night feeling in desperate need of a good feed. Seeing Circe's impressive estate, she starts to make her way towards it, but spots a stag on the way. Unable to resist her needs any longer, she moves to attack the creature, intent on draining his blood! - created on 21:10:44 04/04/2024 by Zarine and last modified on 11:18:37 04/15/2024. Cast: Zarine and Buck.

15. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Story of Suffering - A feast is being held at the Hotel Alcinous in the beach resort of Acharavi Beach on the island of Corfu and Demodocus is feeling in a chatty mood. Unfortunately he's talking about one of Odyssenie's former matches and it causes her to cry as she's reminded of the pain and suffering she felt. She pulls her cloak over her head to hide her tears, only to have Demodocus grab it from her! - created on 18:26:12 04/08/2024 by Genie and last modified on 11:15:29 04/15/2024. Cast: Genie and Braun.

16. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Off With Her Head! - She is a terrifying yet beautiful monster with snakes for hair. He is a brave young swordsman determined to defeat her. After traveling for days he's finally managed to track her down to a cave in the Turkish seaside town of Ayvalik. Can they manage to do battle without Perseus being turned to stone or Medusa losing her head? - created on 23:55:03 04/02/2024 by Skye and last modified on 04:21:24 04/08/2024. Cast: Skye and Henry.

17. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Bad Influence - Lelantos goes to confront DJ Dionysus about the wild parties his daughter Aura has been going to. Lelantos tries to make any further parties unseen while DJ Dionysus tries to make Lelantos face the music. - created on 16:26:32 04/02/2024 by Kenzo and last modified on 10:50:13 04/06/2024. Cast: Kenzo and Sarah.

18. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Consult the Oracle - Rodrigo takes on the role as the radiant god of light Apollo in a fight against Tanwen who takes on the role of Delphyne, a dragon acting as gatekeeper. Shields, capes, and dignity get tossed aside in a fight to see who will reign supreme. - created on 09:52:52 04/02/2024 by Rodrigo and last modified on 07:58:45 04/05/2024. Cast: Rodrigo and Tanwen.

19. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Daughter of Poseidon, Charybodis engulfs lands and islands in water and drinks from the sea thrice a day to create whirlpools. From the rock she rests on, she looks directly at Scylla on her rock. Scylla is a beautiful nymph who has been turned into a sea monster after the spring where she bathed was poisoned. Bored of waiting around on their rocks, these two fierce females want some action. With everyone else avoiding their equally dangerous presences, perhaps they will have to fight each other! - created on 16:27:32 03/28/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 10:43:33 04/04/2024. Cast: Coco and Chevy.

20. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Rox and Roll - Sisyphus has angered the powers that be (Professional Fighting Worldwide?) by somehow managing to cheat death twice. As his punishment he has been sentenced to fight Rox on Geraneia Mountains in Corinth. Can he continue on his roll and manage to overcome this toxic challenger? - created on 18:54:40 03/27/2024 by Roxana and last modified on 07:52:23 04/03/2024. Cast: Ishida and Roxana.

21. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Aggro - Odysseuna just wants to go surfing but Poseidon spots him and grows angry at his skill. He pushes him off his board, pulls him under the water and breaks his board! Surely Odysseuna can't let this go without a fight? - created on 09:24:32 03/13/2024 by Xander and last modified on 15:53:52 03/27/2024. Cast: Xander and Kahuna.

22. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Royal Rumble - Really, this is an incredible fight, set on the Centaur's Path between a champion cosplayer and... a boy who really doesn't seem to understand the meaning of 'costumes.' However, what we will not comment on is that a disturbing amount of this thrilling battle is absolutely just a boy running for his life, trying vainly to save himself from a savage wrestling-based fate. - created on 01:01:59 03/15/2024 by Homura and last modified on 17:27:21 03/26/2024. Cast: Skye and Homura.

23. [World Warrior 2023] R4: Unagi vs Bezique - World Warrior match between Lee and Bezique at a construction site in Metro City - created on 11:23:55 02/26/2024 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 17:05:30 03/26/2024. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Bezique.

24. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - This Food Tastes Funny - Odysseinie is sightseeing when she stumbles upon an ancient palace, from where the sound of Circe singing classic rock whilst cooking can be heard. Curious, Odysseinie calls out to her and is welcomed in to share a meal. In the nick of time, Odysseinie discovers that Circe has mixed a potion into her food with the intention of turning her into a pig and she's none too happy about it! - created on 22:00:37 03/14/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 08:22:09 03/25/2024. Cast: Genie and Chevy.

25. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Games of the Olympiad - Buford and Kenzo faces off in an Odyssey of their own, as they return with a vengeance and a rematch. - created on 11:20:54 03/14/2024 by Buford and last modified on 08:02:38 03/25/2024. Cast: Kenzo and Buford.

26. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Rum and Coco Cola - Odyss R and his entourage have moored their yacht on Gozo with the intention of partying on the island. Calypco has been staying there alone for far too long and is very bored, so when it's time for the star to move on, she insists upon him staying. - created on 09:36:21 03/17/2024 by Coco and last modified on 12:01:39 03/24/2024. Cast: Coco and Hated R.

27. [NFG Season Two] Cabana Chat with Arisa Hawkins - And her cohost, Pool Boy! - created on 13:27:56 03/20/2024 by Arisa and last modified on 11:48:37 03/21/2024. Cast: Arisa and Albert.

28. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Underworld - The word is out that an exclusive new bar named 'Underworld' has opened on the southernmost tip of the Greek mainland. Notorious nightlife lovers Empusa (Zarine) and Hecate (Iris) are both eager to gain entry, but when they arrive, there's only enough room to admit one more! - created on 22:47:12 03/14/2024 by Zarine and last modified on 07:21:38 03/20/2024. Cast: Zarine and Iris.

29. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Get Out Of My Garden! - After a night of drink and debauchery, Menelausley is looking for a place to sleep and stumbles upon Proteus' resting place in the gardens of Ras El-Tin Palace. He slips into a steady slumber until Proteus appears in his many forms to try and eject the inebriated intruder from his lair. - created on 11:59:33 03/17/2024 by Hawksley and last modified on 14:14:40 03/18/2024. Cast: Hawksley, Chevy, and Buck.

30. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Philia - Brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaus are having a quarrel about what they should do next. Menelaury wants to take a boat trip but Agamemnon wants to spend more time exploring the ruins at Hisarlik. As the argument escalates to harsh words and physical fighting, who will get their way? - created on 11:19:27 03/11/2024 by Henry and last modified on 03:58:16 03/16/2024. Cast: Henry and Albert.

31. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Hoarding Apples - Ladon has discovered a tree brimming with 'Golden Delicious' apples and has set about guarding it, so she doesn't have to share them with anyone else. She hadn't counted on a hungry Hercules showing up and deciding he needed a snack. - created on 10:27:57 03/07/2024 by Ishida and last modified on 03:55:27 03/16/2024. Cast: Ishida and Tanwen.

32. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - This Cave Has Amazing Acoustics - Odyssarah finds a cave whilst out exploring in Crete and thinks it would be a cool place to host a party at! The problem is, there's already a one-eyed giant, Polypehmus, sleeping there and he's not very happy at being disturbed by the lively DJ. - created on 17:16:15 03/11/2024 by Braun and last modified on 03:51:22 03/16/2024. Cast: Sarah and Braun.

33. [NFG Season Two] Happy Birthday, Hawksley - It's Hawksley Moore's 22nd birthday and NFGers old and new are in the mood to celebrate. There's gifts, drinking, singing, romance and a potential scuffle. Just your average party then! - created on 08:18:38 02/25/2024 by Hawksley and last modified on 18:11:22 03/10/2024. Cast: Genie, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Zarine, Sarah, Iris, Buck, and Homura.

34. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - A Sting in the Tale - The confident and bold Orion has been boasting that he can defeat any creature that comes his way. Enter Scorpius to step into his path and try and prove his claims wrong! - created on 11:54:58 03/07/2024 by Roxana and last modified on 18:02:19 03/10/2024. Cast: Rodrigo and Roxana.

35. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Caught You Lion There - The Nemean Lion was one of Hercules' labors, and its golden fur was said to be impervious to weapons. Is it impervious to... chicken tenders or vape juice, though? We shall see, won't we? - created on 15:40:48 02/16/2024 by Braun and last modified on 05:57:34 03/06/2024. Cast: Buford and Braun.

36. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - The Original Wrestlemania - Antaeus was a wrestler of myth who had a totally unbroken victory streak... right up until Heracles took him out as another of the Labors. Will Xandercles manage to replicate this heroic feat, or will Skyetaeus put him on the mat for good? - created on 20:31:24 02/19/2024 by Xander and last modified on 07:27:12 03/03/2024. Cast: Skye and Xander.

37. [World Warrior 2023] R4: The Dragon and the Mountain - After many a fight in the World Warrior tournament, the Sun Dragon of Southtown faces off against the Strongest Titan. Several properties in Yokohama pay the price for their meeting. - created on 16:47:12 02/22/2024 by Tairyu and last modified on 18:54:22 03/01/2024. Cast: Kongou and Tairyu.

38. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - An Apple A Day - Who knew that one apple could cause so much aggro? Zaphrodite, Sa-Hera and Athe-nie meet at a sacred spring to fight for the right to be named the fairest in the pantheon by claiming the golden fruit. Sponsored by Apple and Discord. - created on 19:10:21 02/14/2024 by Zarine and last modified on 03:30:11 03/01/2024. Cast: Genie, Zarine, and Sarah.

39. [NFG Season Two] Eating at Herbs - Ishida and Rodrigo happen to end up in Herbs Restaurant at the same time. Rodrigo inadvertently introduces Ishida to Spanish cuisine. Then they discuss their first fights as well as other NFG related things. - created on 14:34:00 02/22/2024 by Rodrigo and last modified on 05:53:39 02/28/2024. Cast: Rodrigo and Ishida.

40. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Ritual Sacrifice? Already?! - Albert plays Agamemnon (in theory), who accidentally killed the wrong deer and has been asked to kill his own daughter by Artemis as punishment. Tanwen, in a pair of fake antlers, gets to do what Iphigenia couldn't and fight back! NOTE: Nobody is actually sacrificed - created on 11:38:22 02/15/2024 by Albert and last modified on 04:49:48 02/27/2024. Cast: Albert and Tanwen.

41. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Lethe We Forget - Orpheus, one of the most famous musicians in Greek myth, once went to Hades itself looking to get his love Eurydice back. Supposedly his music soothed Hades into letting them leave, but what if instead of James Woods, Hades was a Carolinian pig farmer who was far harder to convince?! FEATURING Chevelle Beaumont as Charon, Ferryman of the Damned, ready to drag Hated Orpheus back into the river of Hell. - created on 15:06:27 02/15/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 04:41:33 02/27/2024. Cast: Hated R and Chevy.

42. Settling the Hash - Hashim is confronted by some street toughs in Southtown, but meets with the timely invervention of Velvet Blue. - created on 20:21:10 02/22/2024 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 19:17:46 02/24/2024. Cast: Velvet Blue and Hashim.

43. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Maze You Live In Interesting Times - A stunning battle at the site of the original minotaur story! Watch, as talented fighters show the world just what it is they have to offer! Clever tricks and mysteries abound in this wild, decisive bout! - created on 00:56:14 02/17/2024 by Homura and last modified on 09:33:42 02/21/2024. Cast: Rodrigo and Homura.

44. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - If It Weren't For My Horse - Kenzo was the first fight for Buck in both the first and second season. The two fighters face off in the Trojan Horse Ring. The action is electric as two versatile fighters face each other. - created on 16:33:56 02/16/2024 by Kenzo and last modified on 09:21:03 02/21/2024. Cast: Kenzo and Buck.

45. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Like Night and Day - A demon hunter and a Gear, the light and the dark. Just like Helios and Selene, the gods of the sun and moon, who run the heavens on chariots. So why not have these two fight on a chariot-driven platform speeding through the streets of Troy? - created on 11:43:20 02/18/2024 by Roxana and last modified on 08:19:30 02/20/2024. Cast: Arisa and Roxana.

46. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - A Rock To Tie His Face Around - Supposedly, Ajax took on Hector using a lot of rocks. One supposes punches with the solidity of rocks are almost as good, though they aren't great throwing weapons unless you're a robot. - created on 18:32:24 02/14/2024 by Ishida and last modified on 07:45:05 02/18/2024. Cast: Henry and Ishida.

47. [NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - [Don't?] Call Me Beautiful - It's the invincible Achilles versus the amazonian Penthesilea in a little bit of NFG matchmaking. Sure, Achilles fell in love with the queen of the Amazons, but only after he'd killed her. A fitting Valentine's Day celebration, New Fighting Generation style - with some surprising twists and turns along the way. - created on 07:51:06 02/15/2024 by Coco and last modified on 17:30:37 02/15/2024. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

48. [NFG Season Two] The Mermaid - As fighting stars new and old board The Mermaid Cruise Ship for the first time, friendships are formed, secrets are revealed and chocolate is consumed! - created on 09:01:21 01/31/2024 by Roxana and last modified on 13:37:10 02/09/2024. Cast: Skye, Xander, Kenzo, Henry, Zarine, Sarah, Braun, Arisa, Rodrigo, Ishida, Albert, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

49. [NFG Season Two] The Silver Locket - Chevy has a few things to take care of before she can join the Odyssey. - created on 11:00:03 02/08/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 04:30:32 02/09/2024. Cast: Chevy.

50. [NFG Season One] Interstate 76 - There are a number of great landmarks and stopping points along the way from Metro City to Beaver, Oklahoma: Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City. It's a good long drive with plenty of opportunities for Buck and Chevy to stretch their legs and enjoy a good, hearty meal. But before they can kick back and relax in the Midwest, they'll need to make their way through snowstorms, mountain passes, and... feelings? - created on 17:55:44 01/17/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 16:24:18 02/03/2024. Cast: Chevy and Buck.

51. Boxer's Dance - With Mint's duties in wrangling rookie fighters finished, a vacation is in order. And this means seeing a certain man over in Southtown -- and date activities that only two enthusiastic fighters can engage in. - created on 12:35:58 01/16/2024 by Tairyu and last modified on 09:38:35 01/28/2024. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

52. [NFG Season Two] The Red Dragon - Hawksley is hanging about at a pub in Cardiff while his friend Jimmy visits family when a young lady walks into the bar. The Welsh girl quickly takes an interest in the bar brawler, and the two spend an amicable early evening educating each other on gaps in their respective reserves of knowledge. - created on 08:10:07 01/20/2024 by Tanwen and last modified on 08:36:32 01/23/2024. Cast: Hawksley and Tanwen.

53. [NFG Season Two] Karate Champs - Superstar Jace Timmons is out in Metro City Park, putting on a demonstration for Kyokushin Karate. But he ends up attracting a karate volunteer who is not only willing to spar with him on stage, but outright demands to be taught a lesson.. for the NFG. - created on 20:20:44 01/19/2024 by Xander and last modified on 07:46:16 01/23/2024. Cast: Xander and Jace.

54. A Match Made in Hell - After tangling with the reborn phoenix goddess, Katsuro finds himself in need of a helping hand. Afterwards, he and his commanding officer discuss their dark plans for the future. - created on 15:05:16 01/15/2024 by Katarina and last modified on 15:35:50 01/22/2024. Cast: Katarina and Katsuro.

55. [NFG Season Two] Interview With An Irishman - As Hawksley enjoys his tour of Europe, settled in Amsterdam, he is accosted by the furious karateka Xander De Vries. Bitterballs are consumed, interviews are conducted. - created on 10:20:14 01/17/2024 by Xander and last modified on 10:09:16 01/19/2024. Cast: Xander and Hawksley.

56. Phoenix Rising - For weeks, no one bothered to respond to the apparent rebirth of an old Japanese deity in the body of a young miko despite her very public apotheosis. It was starting to look to Suzaku like she wasn't being taken seriously. When at last someone shows up on her doorstep to issue challenge, it isn't the sort of response she expected to receive... - created on 05:37:42 01/08/2024 by Junko and last modified on 08:06:33 01/11/2024. Cast: Katsuro and Junko.

57. Vigilante Hunting - Cherry Aguirre has been assigned, for surely completely unknown reasons, to patrol through Southtown Village and investigate sightings of a masked vigilante using some kind of supernatural powers. It probably should have been a mind-numbingly boring assignment, but-- she actually ends up finding the vigilante. - created on 11:50:37 01/06/2024 by Daisuke and last modified on 09:58:52 01/07/2024. Cast: Daisuke and Cherry.

58. [NFG Season One] It's An NFG Holiday Party, Charlie Brown! - An amazing festive celebration of the end of NFG, involving the biggest and the most bombastic of holiday cheer! Who could possibly show up?! What guests will the spirit of the season bring?! - created on 16:10:39 12/24/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 17:38:17 01/06/2024. Cast: Vega, Mint, Abigail, Kongou, Daisuke, Kenzo, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, and Buck.

59. Zog's Quest #2: The Hunt for Red December - Just when he'd been nearly lulled into forgetting about the Heart of Ignarok, the fire inside Zog is reignited by the chance appearance of its thief. A chase through Metro Square ensues as Hollyella refuses to surrender her prize to the surly ogre! - created on 11:02:28 12/21/2023 by Zog and last modified on 10:28:16 12/22/2023. Cast: Zog and Hollyella.

60. [NFG Season One Finals] NFG Season One Final: Ichika vs Djamila - The Prodigy of Steel faces off against the Dancer of Wind at the Metro City Arena this Sunday in a return to the very first match of FightFest 2023! Time for them both to showcase how much has changed over the course of a year! - created on 07:22:11 12/13/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 07:03:18 12/24/2023. Cast: Mint, Ichika, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Zog, Braun, Buck, Hollyella, and Jace.

61. NFG Epilogue: Ayala - In this NFG epilogue, we check in on our favorite legally distinct blonde haired cavewoman fighter and see how she fared in her quest. - created on 16:24:01 12/23/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 16:25:52 12/23/2023. Cast: Ayala.

62. Weirdness 101: Class Is In Session - Velvet Blue and Jace Timmons meet to discuss what had happened during the events of The Droste Box, Jace curious about the supernatural happenings he found himself involved in. - created on 18:19:00 12/20/2023 by Jace and last modified on 23:41:41 12/20/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Jace.

63. [NFG Season One Finals] Charity Bonus Match: Chevy vs Brian Storm - With one of the competitors disqualified from the third place match due to demonic apotheosis, Professional Fighting Worldwide has decided to substitute another opponent to face Chevy in a charity exhibition match. And who better to take on the former hog wrestler than the biggest ham in the New Fighting Generation? - created on 08:40:19 12/12/2023 by Brian Storm and last modified on 03:32:27 12/18/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Abigail, Brian Storm, and Chevy.

64. The Droste Box - Jace stumbles into a haunted house with a sinister secret and runs into... Velvet Blue? Can the two manage to outmanuever the house and eachother? - created on 22:09:21 12/15/2023 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 13:26:17 12/16/2023. Cast: Velvet Blue and Jace.

65. Home for Christmas - Officer Benedetti's biggest pain in the backside surprises her by showing up in Metro City after touring the world in violation of the terms of his parole. Will she be sending him to a holiday in the big house? - created on 08:57:24 12/12/2023 by Seven and last modified on 13:02:49 12/14/2023. Cast: Angelina and Seven.

66. [NFG Season One] A Lesson In Environmentalism - In an attempt to spread knowledge and good cheer, Djamila takes it upon herself to educate the massive gigas Kongou on the matter of hoarding reusable bags meant for the masses and not just the massive and in doing so hopefully walks away with some encouragement to bolster her into the final fight of the tournament! - created on 14:23:48 12/12/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 07:01:12 12/14/2023. Cast: Kongou and Djamila.

67. [NFG Season One] Cutscene - Drafts Folder - Kenzo's road to recovery is just beginning but not all injuries are physical. - created on 14:07:25 12/09/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 12:17:46 12/10/2023. Cast: Kenzo.

68. [NFG Season One] Djamila Confides to Daisuke - Djamila still hasn't gotten over what she did to Kenzo. She decides to call Daisuke to talk with him. Free sandwiches for the trouble. - created on 10:19:09 12/09/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 07:30:48 12/10/2023. Cast: Daisuke and Djamila.

69. [NFG Season One] Bags To Riches - There's much gossipin' afoot as Braun seeks out Djamila to congratulate her on her journey to the finals and to discuss recent events when lo - a sudden pop star appears and must account for his dumpster filling misdeeds! - created on 13:50:58 12/08/2023 by Braun and last modified on 07:12:50 12/10/2023. Cast: Djamila, Braun, and Jace.

70. Purple vs Parasite - Aeria and Hashim meet in the park, fight in the park, lose clothes in the park and then go for a drink. - created on 16:59:34 12/09/2023 by Aeria Corday and last modified on 20:54:50 12/09/2023. Cast: Aeria Corday and Hashim.

71. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Four: Chevy vs Ichika - Before a packed-out arena, with the eyes of the world watching, Chevelle Beaumont and Kasumoto Ichika come face to face at last. They've lived together, trained together, even fought together before... but never in a truly competitive way, and never with so much riding on the line. What will happen now, when faced with the reality that only one of them can take that next step towards their dream? - created on 07:44:11 12/05/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 13:23:01 12/07/2023. Cast: Shermie, Lyraelle, Ichika, and Chevy.

72. Unraveler of Secrets - It doesn't take long for a master of one craft to recognize a master of another -- for emotions shine clearly through any disguise or obfuscation. One recognizes the other -- and even though she might prefer to lurk in shadows, she's occasionally unafraid to step into the light. - created on 20:01:09 12/04/2023 by Honoka and last modified on 07:53:04 12/06/2023. Cast: Honoka and Jace.

73. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Four: Djamila vs Junko - Junko and Djamila fights. Neither seems to be in a nice mood. The fight ends, but it's only the beginning of real troubles. - created on 07:11:19 12/04/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 06:59:05 12/06/2023. Cast: Mint, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, and Junko.

74. [NFG Season One] Ichikast 6 - The NFG Finals! - Ichika Kasumoto's fans have been clamoring for the young prodigy's insight on the last few rounds of NFG finals. Who better to plead for the next episode than the sword-wielder's biggest fan? - created on 13:40:20 11/26/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 08:03:56 12/05/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

75. Paying A Visit to the Po-Po - Apparently aiming to get a bounty attached to his name, Kongou heads to the small local branch of The NOL in Metro City to file a 'complaint' regarding their recent efforts concerning him and Bezique arrives to help fill out the paperwork with fists, magic cards and earthquakes. - created on 19:44:20 12/03/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 00:27:12 12/04/2023. Cast: Kongou and Bezique.

76. And Now For A Public Service Announcement - Saving the environment, one dumpster at a time! - created on 23:40:40 12/02/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 15:43:29 12/03/2023. Cast: Kongou and Jace.

77. Notice of Resignation - After Juri's departure and headline-hitting act of violence, Daisuke has come to turn in his resignation as Team Frost's intern with the intent to go chase after after her. Abigail, however, has some other ideas. - created on 15:05:09 12/02/2023 by Daisuke and last modified on 22:03:55 12/02/2023. Cast: Abigail and Daisuke.

78. [NFG Season One] The Truth Shall Set You Free - Mint does what she needs to do to get the truth out of Djamila about what happened with Kenzo. Something Djamila couldn't admit even to herself. - created on 09:02:05 11/30/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 03:33:31 12/02/2023. Cast: Mint and Djamila.

79. [NFG Season One] Love Can't Protect From Everything - Kenzo and Djamila talk together. Then they have a spar. They thought Kenzo was safe after his match, but no one is safe from injuries... - created on 11:10:37 11/28/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 08:26:49 11/29/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

80. [NFG Season One] Meet The Parents - Hawksley arrives back at Coco's hospital room to find a surprise waiting for him. - created on 12:19:45 11/24/2023 by Coco and last modified on 17:43:08 11/26/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

81. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Ichika vs Buck - With a packed Metro City Arena, the viral phenomena that was The Dragon and The Sword is reprised. Buck showcases newfound surprises; tricks and capabilities demonstrating how far he has managed to push his talent along with a new respect for tactics. Ichika has her sword, and the techniques she has spent so long honing to perfection. In the end, only one can triumph, but the victory, in truth, belongs to both. - created on 15:00:37 11/24/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 13:07:30 11/25/2023. Cast: Ichika, Chevy, and Buck.

82. [NFG Season One] A Big Surprise - Kongou drops in unexpectly to meet Djamila. Djamila confuses Kongou. But everybody seems happy. - created on 16:23:27 11/24/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 12:56:38 11/25/2023. Cast: Kongou and Djamila.

83. [NFG Season One] Chevy and The Blaze Boys - Chevy decides to take a trip to Blaze HQ to look for Braun but she's not expecting to run into Hawksley...literally. - created on 09:17:27 11/22/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 12:02:54 11/24/2023. Cast: Hawksley, Chevy, and Braun.

84. [NFG Season One] Suspicious Interview - Fate - or possibly some more deliberate will - brings Djamila to bump quite literally into a... very strange person. Who claims to be a journalist. With very strange interview questions. - created on 12:27:31 11/23/2023 by Katsuro and last modified on 04:30:00 11/24/2023. Cast: Katsuro and Djamila.

85. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Chevy vs Iris - It's time for a Rumble rematch in the NFG quarterfinals, as Chevelle Beaumont and Iris Osterlund get their very first, and last, 1-on-1 fight with each other. Both of them have plenty to prove, and the resulting fight takes the knob all the way to 11 and thensome! - created on 11:11:30 11/19/2023 by Iris and last modified on 16:25:02 11/21/2023. Cast: Chevy and Iris.

86. [NFG Season One] Even More Brawly, Burly and Brawny - In the long awaited sequel to Brawly, Burly, Brawny and Slightly Hairy, recently appointed therapist Braun gives Hawksley an opportunity to speak out on the matters weighing on him: Meaning there is drinking and brawling. Much, much brawling. - created on 14:54:31 11/18/2023 by Braun and last modified on 09:45:14 11/19/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Braun.

87. [NFG Season One] Self Actualised - Coco receives yet another visitor. It seems like she can't catch a break! Or, can she. How the hell is it possible that Juri isn't the worst person to have turned up in her hospital room? Is the ex(?)-assassin going soft? ... No. Surely not. - created on 10:17:14 11/18/2023 by Juri and last modified on 18:34:49 11/23/2023. Cast: Juri and Coco.

88. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Kenzo vs Junko - Kenzo the lighting ninja takes on the fiery miko, Junko in the final tournament of the NFG. The violence intensifies and the action heats up in this match to see who should move on. - created on 10:04:47 11/21/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 18:32:45 11/23/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, Djamila, and Junko.

89. [NFG Season One] Cutscene: Going My Own Way - A mysterious note delivered after her fight with Chevy sends Iris to a moonlight meeting in Metro Park with more serious implications than she could have imagined. - created on 13:38:52 11/21/2023 by Iris and last modified on 16:32:15 11/21/2023. Cast: Iris.

90. [NFG Season One] Mutual Appreciation - While she's thankful to her mentors in the NFG, Iris realized in her fight with Buford that she was so focused on shoring up her weaknesses, she never thought about her strengths. A lunch date with Minal Panesh is a chance to put that question to the corporal. - created on 13:22:08 11/15/2023 by Iris and last modified on 09:56:02 11/19/2023. Cast: Mint and Iris.

91. [NFG Season One] The Greatest Path to Self-Improvement - There are many paths to improve one's skill in martial arts. Some subject themselves to extreme conditions to harden the body. Some find meditation to unlock the powers of the mind and soul. Others... take the express elevator to the vaunted heights of technology. - created on 19:39:57 11/15/2023 by Meifeng and last modified on 20:34:12 11/18/2023. Cast: Mint, ARIA, and Kenzo.

92. [NFG Season One] Mistakes Were Made - [CW: mild self harm] Having given her what feels like a safe amount of time to deal with the aftermath, Rei Hazuki tracks down Junko for a little "what's next?" conversation that goes to some decidedly unexpected places... - created on 22:33:16 11/14/2023 by Frei and last modified on 20:29:35 11/18/2023. Cast: Frei and Junko.

93. [NFG Season One] Once is Not Enough - Djamila after her last fight with Tarmo, wanted more. She asks him if he would train her. They end up fighting again. What does she get out of this? There are no more physically imposing big guys in the tournament anymore. Yet. - created on 08:09:16 11/18/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 20:18:12 11/18/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Djamila.

94. [NFG Season One] Extra-Curricular Fight - Djamila goes out without her security detail to search for a fight to let off some steam with. What was supposed to be giving a lesson to hoodlums becomes, instead, a chance meeting with a wandering brawler completely unrelated with the NFG tournament. - created on 10:53:45 11/17/2023 by Tarmo and last modified on 19:34:34 11/18/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Djamila.

95. The One Running Free - In the dingy labyrinth of Southtown's shadowy alleys, Potemkin, a colossus of might, clashes with an unlikely pair already in the midst of battle. The air crackles with an impending storm as K', driven by desperation, implores Kula to team-up to better their odds against such a tremendous 'foe'. Will they emerge victorious, or is it time for K' to pay the price of freedom? - created on 21:17:32 07/06/2022 by K' and last modified on 05:47:08 11/16/2023. Cast: Kula, K', and Potemkin.

96. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Three: Djamila vs Hawksley - Djamila and Hawksley. They have met before, they both have reasons to want to win this match. Will this be a repeat of the first Tournament, or can the blind girl turn things around, like Hawksley did with Nixie? - created on 11:36:18 11/15/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 17:26:15 11/15/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Djamila.

97. [World Warrior 2023] R3: This One's for the Title of Genius! - It's King against King as the Sacred Order leaders turned Illyrian monarchs take to the battlefield with the knights and citizenry of Illyria looking on! The most noble of World Warrior duels begins! - created on 21:11:18 11/10/2023 by Leo Whitefang and last modified on 10:16:24 11/15/2023. Cast: Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang.

98. [NFG Season One] Mad Gear Rising - Operation: Get Well Coco did not go well, nor did it achieve its intended objective. But, some good did come of it, as a tactical counterstrike from Team Frost's largest operative began with a coded message conveyed to Chevelle Beaumont's private communicator. The message was clear: Come to the scrap metal yard. And come alone. - created on 18:31:25 11/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 10:00:36 11/15/2023. Cast: Abigail and Chevy.

99. [NFG Season One] Right as Rain - In the aftermath of a disastrous hospital visit, Chevy had started to give chase to a retreating Junko. After a few small steps, she'd realized that the true remedy might just be a little time alone with her thoughts. But only a little though: to Chevy, the prison of a restless mind is bleak and oppressive. There's only one way to let those trapped thoughts out -- calling a friend. Or, in this case, her very own sponsor. - created on 09:28:15 11/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 04:48:14 11/13/2023. Cast: Chevy and Ariastra.

100. [NFG Season One Finals] Round Two: Buck vs Laurel - The King of the RUMBLE holds the high ground in this matchup, but can Marble Lake's Terror of the Deep avoid a watery grave at the hands of his implacable foe? - created on 19:58:11 11/10/2023 by Laurel and last modified on 04:31:57 11/12/2023. Cast: Laurel and Buck.

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