A Heavyweight Investigation - The aftermath of the war has left a number of mysteries unresolved and the burning life draining wasteland outside of Southtown is on the minds of a few of the powers that be. This leads the Zepp colossus-soldier Potemkin and Korean Tuner Kum Haehyun to investigate and the two seem poised to produce a potential alliance as a result Suddenly: TERUMI AGGRO. - created on 21:56:01 01/10/2018 by Potemkin and last modified on 02:22:32 01/14/2018. Cast: Potemkin, Susano'o, and Kum Haehyun.

Potemkin Reporting In - Following his failure to subdue Maxima, Potemkin returns to Southtown to view the Librarium databases on the cyborg and other Bounties. Clio's arrival triggers a discussion of soldiers choices, recreation and art. - created on 12:39:21 02/11/2018 by Potemkin and last modified on 17:08:17 02/11/2018. Cast: Potemkin and Clio.

Heavenly Potemkin Ghostbuster - When something strange is in the neighborhood - don't call Potemkin if it's Zappa as the clash of the supernatural against the premier agent of Zepp results in what could be seen as a mini-natural-disaster. - created on 20:51:19 02/15/2018 by Potemkin and last modified on 22:25:02 02/16/2018. Cast: Zappa and Potemkin.

It's a Kotal Kahn Party - It's trouble down by the border! Trouble enough to attract the attention of one praetorian soldier, Potemkin, in search of stolen Zepp technology and missing weapon caches. Enough to attract the attention of a so called 'god' who is furious at the interlopers despoiling his lands. Enough to draw the attention of a woman who..just wants to smash faces into the ground and call it a day. - created on 15:40:56 07/15/2018 by Potemkin and last modified on 17:16:15 07/16/2018. Cast: Potemkin, Kotal, and Bullet.

Didn't you read the sign? No Trespassing! - Potemkin is forced to politely explain to Anji Mito the meaning of the words 'Keep Out' when Anji comes calling at an old Zepp military installation in search of answers to a growing concern. - created on 22:07:55 08/16/2021 by Potemkin and last modified on 01:42:03 08/17/2021. Cast: Potemkin and Anji.

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