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G (4 logs)

[SNF 2018.09] SNF: Global Connections
[SNF 2018.10] SNF: An American and Werewolf in Paris
[Neo League 0120] NL#0123: Antonov vs G
[SNF 2021.02] MC: G vs Emma in "Global Election 2021"

Gabriel (22 logs)

Dark dealings
The World's Sexiest Fight
[SNF 2014.11] SNF: Too Many Cooks
Cross of Legions
Backdoor Angels 3: Down the Foxhole
A Chance Encounter
Lights, Camera, Kasagi?
Old Frienemies
Old Frienemies 2
[SNF 2014.11] SNF: "Past Lives, Present Parades"
The Crusader and the Wolf
Contract Negotiations
[Neo League 0120] NL#0127: Mitsuru vs Koto
[KOF 2019] The Terrible Secret of Clowns
[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Team WTF vs Sever the Wicked
[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - USA Sports Team vs Sever the Wicked
Cafe Echo NoL
The Salem NoL Trials
NoL and a Date
NOL's Kitchen
Spiritus Sancti

Gallon (12 logs)

[SNF 2018.05] Midnight Channel - Gallon vs Bulleta
[SNF 2018.10] SNF: An American and Werewolf in Paris
Hunters In Darkness
[SNF 2019.01] SNF: Ironic Flavor In London-Town
Answers in America
Moonlight and Metro City
Danger at the Gates
Night in the Woods
Met by Moonlight
Where Dances the Dead
Tiger and Wolf
[Springtide Rosalia 2021] Rosalia #8) One Night to Live

Gan (15 logs)

Gedo Street Rumble
Gan / Girl
[Neo League 0001] NL#0061: Rainbow Mika vs Gan
[SNF 2015.03] SNF: "David"
Gan Land
School of Fighting
[SNF 2015.04] BLITZ: Satan vs Goliath
[SNF 2015.05] PFW: Sumo's Revenge
[Flight of the Soaring Spirit] [FSS:Week 1] THE WOLF VS THE MOUNTAIN
[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W3] Gan vs Lita
[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W4] Skullomania vs Gan
[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W5] Pepper vs Gan
[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W6] L Bracket Championship

Gang-il (3 logs)

[KOF 2019] Master and Servant
[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Team Korea vs Team Ikari
[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - Team Korea vs Team Aesop

Gato (6 logs)

[Neo League 0001] NL#0016: Lee vs Gato
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Sylvie vs Gato
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Kokan vs Gato
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Hitomi vs Gato
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Scorpion vs Gato
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifier - Ryo vs Gato

Geese (20 logs)

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 30 - No Harm, No Fowl
Chessmaster: Ke1 Bb4+
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifiers - Geese vs Heidern
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Baiken vs Geese
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Qualifiers R3: Duke vs Geese
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 1 - Jubei vs Geese
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 1 L - Geese vs Adelheid
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 2 L - Abigail vs Geese
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior R4 L - Geese vs Rugal
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Finals - Azrael vs Geese
[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Secret Stage - Geese vs Krauser
[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Offerings Before the Lord
[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Believe Wrong Death
[P-BBB 2018] PBBB: The Walking Dead
[KOF 2019] KOF: A Syndicate Broken
[Neo League 0165] NL#0188: Abigail vs Geese
Attempting Patricide
Eternal Rivals

Geki (5 logs)

Stones Creates Ripples
[SNF 2018.11] SNF: Balloon Fight - Geki vs Sophia
Sword Chases Fist
[SNF 2019.01] SNF: Death in the Shadow of Fire and Earth
Sunset Over Southtown

Gen (11 logs)

Fight for Respect
A Legend Begins
Cold Cuts
In Memorium
[Neo League 0064] NL#0086: Hotaru vs Marduk
A Dish Best Served Cold
[Neo League 0099] Neo League Finals: Mike Bison vs Aranha
[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 3 - Seeking Golgotha
Youkai Noodle Dandy
Entry Level
To Serve Man

Genie (16 logs)

[Fightfest 2023] Round 1: Genie vs Kenzo
[Fightfest 2023] Round 2: Tamaki vs Genie
[NFG Season One] Sunshine City R1 - Genie vs Iris
[NFG Season One] Sunshine City R2 - Genie vs Ichika
[NFG Season One] Sunshine City R3 - Genie vs John Doe
[NFG Season One] The RUMBLE
[NFG Season One] Matters of the Mind
[NFG Season One] Panic at the Disco
[NFG Season One] Metro City R1 - Genie vs Coco
[NFG Season One] Metro City R2 - Djamila vs Genie
[NFG Season One] Metro City R3 - Genie vs Buck
[NFG Season One Finals] Round Two: Djamila vs Genie
[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - An Apple A Day
[NFG Season Two] Happy Birthday, Hawksley
[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - This Food Tastes Funny
[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Story of Suffering

Gertrude (23 logs)

The Pride of Utopia
[Neo League 0001] NL#0018: Gertrude vs Urien
[Neo League 0001] NL#0019: Lita vs Gertrude
[SNF 2014.12] SNF: Too Close To The Sun
[Neo League 0001] NL#0023: Gertrude vs Hotaru
Serious Business
[Neo League 0001] NL#0025: Gertrude vs Daniel
[Neo League 0001] NL#00026: Gertrude vs May
[Circuit of Champions] PFW: Western Pro - Widow vs Gertrude
[SNF 2014.12] SNF: A Long Way To The Top
A Fight Fan's Fan
[Neo League 0001] NL#0029: Tiffany vs Gertrude
The Verhangnis Identity
Gaijin Army 3: Revenge of Raijin
[Neo League 0001] NL#0033: Rainbow Mika vs Gertrude
Tea Time!
[Neo League 0001] NL#0043: Tiffany vs Gertrude
Eve Dawns
[Neo League 0001] NL#0053: Gertrude vs Sakura
A Wolf With Sheep's Clothing.
[Neo League 0001] NL#0056: Mei Lin vs Gertrude
Fear in the Heart of Avalon

Gigas (2 logs)

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 2 - Seek And Destroy
[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 16) Broken Toys

Gill (1 log)

The Price of Freedom

Goenitz (1 log)

Unity Of The Faith

Goldlewis (6 logs)

Nervous Man In A Forty Dollar Room
And When the Sky Was Opened
To Serve Man
Come Wander With Me
[Fightfest 2023] Team Frost - Cold Open
[Fightfest 2023] The Inaugural NFG Draft

Grand (6 logs)

[Neo League 0001] NL#0034: The Main Man Hunter Grand vs Hotaru
[Neo League 0001] NL#0035: The Main Man Hunter Grand vs Tiffany
[Flight of the Soaring Spirit] [FSS:Week 1] THE MAIN MAN VS RAINBOWMANIA
[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R1 - Kazuki vs Grand
Kings and Queens: Grand vs. Lyraelle
[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R1 - Xolo vs Grand

Grant (5 logs)

The Gathering Darkness
Underground Survival
[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R3 - Wrong Number
[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon TDH - Control the Narrative
A Wrong Turn In Southtown

Great Oni (1 log)


Gregory (5 logs)

What is this Magical BS!?
[Dead or Alive] The Janus Project - Dibs
[Dead Or Alive] The Janus Project - Company Policy
[Dead or Alive] The Janus Project - Impact to the Oppressed (Pt 2)
[Dead or Alive] Invidia

Guile (8 logs)

[Flight of the Soaring Spirit] [FSS:Week 2] DANGER ZONE (Lita/Mint vs. Guile)
[KOF 2016] Making Plans
[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 1: Sonic Assault vs. Broken Hearts
[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 2: Sonic Assault vs Team Interpol
[KOF 2016] KOF: Third Place: Team USA vs Sonic Assault
[The Descent] Round 1 - City of the Dead
[The Descent] Round 2 - Blood and Wine
[The Descent] Round 3 - Silence of the Grave

Gunloc (2 logs)

[SLAMFEST 2020] SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Mai vs Gunloc
[SLAMFEST 2020] Free For All - Aranha vs Hotaru vs Gunloc

Guy (4 logs)

West Side Story
Dude, Where's My Money?!
[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 20) Take a Number
A Cat and Some Guy

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