Player Index

Aaron (19 logs)

NL#0079: Sven vs Aaron
NL#0080: Aaron vs Natsu
NL#0081: Stray vs Aaron
SNF: Alexis vs Aaron in "I'm On A Boat!"
A Business Proposal
SNF: Zappa vs Azumi and Aaron in Camp Crystal Lake
SNF: Through the Fires and Flames
NL#0093: Rochelle vs Aaron
SNF: T'was The Night Before Christmas
Mission 6) Teachable Moments
Act 3: Mission 12) Scout's Oath - Aaron vs Akame
NL#0117: Sven vs Aaron
NL0099 NL Quarter-Finals: Mike Bison vs Aaron
Happy Campers
Ristar 2021 R1 - Aaron vs Tsinghua
Ristar 2021 R2 - Brandon vs. Aaron
Shock and Awe
Ristar 2021 R3 - Hisako vs Aaron
SNF: Aaron vs Tarmo - "Summer Survival Story"

ABA (1 log)

SNF: It's Just Lunch (Of The Damned)

Abel (8 logs)

Long Dreams Of Dreamers
Q&A With CJ
One Night in Bangkok
SNF: Real Men Wrestling
B8 Qualifier Match: Revengeance vs Anti-Wrestling
She Came from a Land Down Under
Interior Decorating
P-BBB 2017) Get Up With the Sickness

Abigail (79 logs)

The UN Needs More Horsepower!
Clash Of The Titans
Metro Movie Magic
West Side Story
Distant Early Warning
A Rendez-Vous With the Russian
Dude, Where's My Money?!
No Trespassing! It's Lunch Time!
Chaotic Negotiations
Meeting of Two Earthquakes
That Other Gear Threat
Detectives and Drivetrains
Gentle-MANLY Discussions
Speed and Weight
World Warrior Qualifier - Abigail vs Blood
Sunday Night Slam
World Warrior Qualifiers - Juri vs Abigail
World Warrior Qualifiers - Duke vs Abigail
World Warrior Qualifiers - Abigail vs Athena
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Azrael
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Akuma
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Ryo vs Abigail
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Abigail vs Baiken
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Zach vs Abigail
World Warrior Round 1 - Abigail vs Robert
World Warrior Round 2 - Abigail vs Rugal
World Warrior Round 2 L - Abigail vs Geese
A Midnight Strolheim
SNF: The Rites Of Spring
SNF: Tag Team Battle!
A Masters Business Venture
Original Ray's Original Pizza in Metro City
NL#0102: Abigail vs M. Bison
Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! - Zangief vs Abigail
Rise Of The Kyokugen - Ryo vs Abigail
TBT Act 1 - Wheels of Fate
TBT Act 2: Meeting of the Muscle Minds
TBT Act 2 - Believe Wrong Death
TBT Act 3: Giants Of Southtown
TBT Act 3 - Robbing Peter To Pay Paul
SNF: The War Of the Gargantuas
Junkyard Dogs
The search for the tainted flame
Ninja Pizza Rat
SNF: Kongfrontation
NL#0133: Abigail vs Chet
NL#0134: Abigail vs Koto
Bullying the bully
SNF: Carve the Roast Beasts
NL#0136: Abigail vs Mei Lin
Moving the Chains Part 2
NL00120 Quarter-Finals: Abigail vs Bob
NL: Abigail vs B.B. Hood
NL Finals: Abigail V. Fumiko
SNF: Means of Production
Red Hot American Nightmare
Two Explodey Guys
Prelims 2 - Heavy Metal vs Cats
Quarterfinal 2 - Twilight vs Heavy Metal Burnin'
Job Hunting
SNF: 100% Canned Ham
Black Dragon R1 - Wolf Motel
Don't Wake Sleeping Giants
Black Dragon TDH - Hell To Pay
SNF: So Greased Lightning
Bay Area Brawlin'
SNF: Abigail vs Dennis + Raina - "Open Season"
Lesson One: How to Mom Your Way Out of a Fight
A Wrong Turn In Southtown
Catching Up Madly!
NL#0184: Roland vs Abigail
NL#0188: Abigail vs Geese
NL#0190: Terry vs Abigail
Rosalia #21) An Inclination for Violence
Worldwide Master Belt - Abigail vs Honoka
SNF: Abigail vs Leroy Smith - "The Breakfast Club"
Burnin' Winter Nights

Ace (1 log)

SNF: "Now.. my Plagues."

Adelheid (14 logs)

SNF: "Now.. my Plagues."
SNF: "Fine Taste"
SNF: Motocrossed
Gemini Rising
World Warrior Qualifier - Adelheid vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifiers - Adelheid vs Lee Chaolan
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Adelheid vs Rugal
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Urien vs Adelheid
World Warrior Round 1 - Adelheid vs Athena
World Warrior Round 1 L - Geese vs Adelheid
SNF: You Want Fries With That?
SNF: Like A Land War In Asia
TBT Act 1 - Mutually Assured Construction

Adon (3 logs)

The New Emperor of Muay Thai
SNF: The Captain's Chair

Aeria Corday (4 logs)

DOA R1 - Tsinghua vs Aeria Corday
The Vahana and the Parasite
DOA R2 - Aeria Corday vs Hayley
The Janus Project - Impact to the Oppressed (Pt 1)

Akame (6 logs)

Monster: Dealing with a Trail
Brittle Red Chiding Wood.
Those who cry Wolf
Around Town
Act 3: Mission 12) Scout's Oath - Aaron vs Akame
Black Dragon R1 - Pest Control

Akiko (3 logs)

SNF: T'was The Night Before Christmas
SNF: Akiko vs Munin IN Pillow Fight!

Akira (1 log)

Under Cover of Darkness

Akuma (22 logs)

The Endless Fist
SNF: A Bloodstained Fist
Battle of the Raging Demons
MK Round 1: Athena vs. Akuma
Mortal Kombat - MK Round 2: Akuma vs Juri
Gods and Demons
MK Round 3: Akuma vs Vega
MK Round 4: Baiken vs Akuma
Act 2: Mission 5 - Act of God
Act 2: Mission 29) The Devil's Due
A Fight Of Ice And Fire
World Warrior Qualifiers - Azrael vs Akuma
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Akuma
Through the Woods
Monster Hunter
SNF: Blood Rage
SNF: Night of the Demons
SNF: Legendary Blue Belt Defense
PBBB: The Walking Dead
The Village At the End of the World
The Shuddering Heavens
Yonkoma 4/28/2022 - Daniel vs Akuma

Alan (9 logs)

Who's This Kid?! I'm Doin' Business Here!!
I Gotta Get My Fortune Told?! Screw You!!
The Glorious Illuminati
SNF: Bright Lights, Big City
SNF: Alan vs Radha in 'Lisa Frankly'
A Sacrifice Bunt!! I Have To Wear It?!
It Had to Be Her
Chapter 2: Mercedes Has A Meeting

Alba (13 logs)

Hands Of FATE
Black Dragon R1 - Devil's Advocate
A Misunderstood Medic
Black Dragon R2 - Into The Maw Of The Beast
Hickory Dickory Dock
Black Dragon R3 - A Dirty Job
Black Dragon R3 - The Harom Shuffle
Is it Shark Tank or Dragon's Den in Japan?
A Study in Coincidence
Black Dragon R4 - Obscured By Clouds
Black Dragon TDH - Hell To Pay
FATE and Destiny
False Foes

Alex (4 logs)

SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Maki vs Alex
SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Haggar vs Alex and ????
SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Alex vs Noboru
SLAMFEST 2020 - Final Boss

Alexander the Grater (1 log)


Alexis (51 logs)

NL#0052: Alexis vs Azumi
Killasaurus Orphanage in: Hungry for Battle!
Killasaurus Orphanage in: Get Thee to a Nunnery!
Killasaurus Orphanage in: Day of the Red Dragon
Talent Scouting
NL#0055: Mei Lin vs Alexis
Twilight Star Challenge 4 - Alexis!
Drinkasaurus Rex
[UG:Round 3] MY HERO
[UG:Week 4] K.O. in: 'I Rocked With a Zombie'
DOJO: The Secret Behind Killasaurus Orphanage
BLITZ: Love is a Battlefield
SNF: If It Ain't Baroque...
SNF: Mazes & Monsters
PCS: Red Rookie - Pepper vs Yuri vs Alexis
Team Canada?! Bad Ideas and Misguided Causes
Team Canada?! National Call To Arms?!
B6 Qualifiers: Team Canada vs Twilight Star
SNF: Alexis vs Aaron in "I'm On A Boat!"
NL#0085: Alexis vs Craig Marduk
SNF: Two Americas, One Cup!
Killasaurus Orphanage in: 'Barn Burner Deluxe!'
SNF: The Rock Show
Killasaurus Orphanage in: Deal... Or No Deal?
A Taste of Things to Come
Strangers On a Foreign Shore
MK Round 1: Takako vs Alexis
Halfdeadasaurus Orphanage
MK Round 2: Alexis vs. Henchman
MK Round 3: Rust vs. Alexis
MK Round 4: Alexis vs Eadni
MK: Bolivar vs Alexis in "Kursed"
Rock 'n Rainbow
SNF: Decadent Battle
ICP Fight Fest: Alexis vs Tabitha
SNF: Brandon vs Alexis in Final Fantasy Forever
KoF: Rock and Rumble
Tim Hortons? In My Metro City??
Grumpy Grumpy Dragons
B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury
Golden Angel R1 - Quon vs Alexis
SNF: Tokusatsu Sentai
In The Wolf's Den
SNF: Idol Showdown: Rats In A Cage
Ristar 2021 R1 - Alexis vs La Huesuda
Killasaurus Orphanage in: Golden Angel Tsunami!
It's Blue Steel, Baby

Alice Nakata (14 logs)

SNF: Who Sits On The Iron Throne?
TIP - Week 1 - Grand Opening
TIP - Week 1 - Bogard Bros vs Team Maginot Line
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 2 - Wildcats versus Pudding Hearts
SNF: You Don't Even Know What an Oubliette Is
PCS: Red Pro - Kazuki vs Alice Nakata
[Rumble W1] Rainbow Mika vs Alice Nakata
[Rumble W2] Pepper vs Alice Nakata
[Rumble W3] Alice Nakata vs "HitBot"
[Rumble W4] Maki vs Alice
[Rumble W5] Alice Nakata vs Elise
SNF: American Sports-Off!

Alisa (6 logs)

A Typical Day in Southtown
NL#0069: Cracker Jack vs Alisa
Snakes and Robots
[Rumble W1] Rust vs Alisa
Birth of a Monster
Act 2: Mission 33 - Viral Media

Alma (34 logs)

Mission #1: Destiny for Two
The World's Sexiest Fight
The Bubble Bursts
Of Subletting and the Subliminal
Ignorance is Bliss
NL#0039: Rainbow Mika vs Chloe
By the Blade of the Sword
Darkness Rising
Thrusting at Fate
Psycho Soldiers, Assemble!
The Morning After
Doctor Who?
First Darkstalker Hunt
Guardians of the Balance
Trains Passing
Kliff Notes
You're That Ninja!
B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury
Mission 1) Over River, Through Woods
Q3: Team USA vs Team Balance
Ends and Means
S2: Hungry Wolves vs Balance
A Speedo Assassination
Act 2: Mission 9 - Clever Girl(s)
Coffee Break
Duty Calls
Interlude: Lucifer
KOF Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad
Act 3: Mission 21) Sacred Assassins
Making a Splash on the Scene
KOF Finals: Syndicate Team vs Team Balance
Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????
Chivalry, Tea, and Cake

Amandine (13 logs)

Illyria Act 1 - To Serve Man
Illyria Act 2 - Bread & Bitter Herbs
Illyria: Aspect of Water
SNF: Dining Out - Mai vs Amandine
Attack on the Library
NOL's Kitchen
Podiebrad Of Passion - The Tantalizing Temptor
Black Dragon R1 - Anarchy Reigns
Black Dragon R3 - Hell's Kitchen
Black Dragon R4 - Dating Destiny?
Podiebrad Of Passion: Lilies of the Valley
Ristar 2022 R1 - Amandine vs Himeko
Ristar 2022 R2 - Amandine vs Blazing Panther

Ambrosia (2 logs)

Return To Witch Mountain

Amy (18 logs)

Serious Business
Thrusting at Fate
The Morning After
Show Me Your Bang
TIP - Week 2 - Angels & Demons
Doctor Who?
The Templar and the Priest
Damsel in Distress
Crossed Paths
Waking the Wyrm
TIP - Week 3 - Extreme Beach Volleyball
TIP - Week 3 - Pudding Hearts vs Team Glamalot
Monster: Hunters' Meet
The Vixen and the Maiden
The Vixen, the Maiden and the Dragonslayer.
Fear in the Heart of Avalon
Doctor Doctor, Please
Chivalry, Tea, and Cake

Andy (6 logs)

SNF - It's A Dog's Life
SNF: Miko Or Ninjas?
"Special Ninjutsu Training"
SNF: War Of The Roses- Andy vs Rashido
SNF: Master Blue Belt Defense

Angel (13 logs)

An Angel in the Infirmary
TIP - Week 1 - Grand Opening
Beach Time Fun
TIP - Week 2 - Angels & Demons
A Typical Day in Southtown
Girl Your My Angel
Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????
Golden Angel Round 3 Promotional Announcement
SNF: The Riddle of the Minotaur
SNF: Slippery When Wet
Michael encounters a random Angel
Black Dragon R2 - Horny Devils
Rising Star Interviews - Angel vs B. Jenet

Angelina (3 logs)

Parole in the Park
Ristar 2022 R1 - Angelina vs Tarmo
Ristar 2022 R2 - Chris vs Angelina

Anji (4 logs)

Illyria Act 1 - Forbidden Knowledge
Illyria Act 2 - The Guardian Watchers
Illyria: Aspect of Water
Didn't you read the sign? No Trespassing!

Antonov (6 logs)

NL#0120: Cody vs Antonov
Muscles and Money
NL#0121: Urien vs Antonov
NL#0122: Menat vs Antonov
NL#0123: Antonov vs G
NL#0141: Bob vs Antonov

Aprile (1 log)

TBT Act 2 - Airlift Interception

Aracely (15 logs)

NL#0032: Tiffany vs Aracely
NL#0036: Aracely vs Sven
NL#0041: Aracely vs Nightwolf
NL#0048: Rainbow Mika vs Aracely
SNF: Satanic
NL#0054: Aracely vs Tabitha
SNF: "Luck Be A Lady"
NL#0060: The Moonchild vs Hotaru Futaba
SNF: "David"
BLITZ: Satan vs Goliath
PFW: Road to the Championship

Aranha (63 logs)

Under the Bridge Fight Club - A Spider vs A Wolf
Spiders at the Fight Club
PFW: Western Champion - Aranha vs Nightwolf
[UG:Week 2] Escaping the Honeytrap
[UG:Week 3] Licking Wounds
[UG:FINAL] Towering Heights
[UG:Extra] Along Came A Spider
[UG:Extra] Catharsis
OOC: Lounge Hijinx
Work In Progress
Underground Survival
A Taste of Things to Come
Strangers On a Foreign Shore
MK Round 1: Zach Glenn vs Aranha
MK Round 2: Aranha vs Honoka
Cost of Living
Bereavement leave
MK: The Lessons of Civilization
MK: Questionable Successes
The Ladykiller: Darkness Consumes
MK: Release
MK: A Second Chance
SNF: Cross the Tracks (Aranha vs Maki)
SNF: Eliza vs Lotus vs Aranha
KoF: Rock and Rumble
Tim Hortons? In My Metro City??
B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury
A New Adventure
One For the Road
Crossing Parkour Paths
Golden Angel R3 - Kelly vs Quon
Illyria Finale - Multi Man Melee
NL#0101: Rochelle vs Aranha
NL#0115: Aranha vs Rashid
Out of Retirement
TBT Act 2 - Walking The Dog
NL#0118: Aranha vs Fumiko
Ninja Rap
NL0099 NL Quarter-Finals: Aranha vs Masaaki
Neo League Finals: Mike Bison vs Aranha
Stuck In A Moment
TBT Act 3 - Mission Complete
Moonlight and Metro City
NL#0143: Aranha vs Steve
SLAMFEST 2020 - Aranha vs Kasumi
SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Morrigan vs Sophia + Aranha
Free For All - Aranha vs Hotaru vs Gunloc
Succubus Confrontation
Stages of Grief
NL#0153: Aranha vs Olivia
NL#164 - Aranha vs Tsinghua
NL: QF Aranha vs Olivia
NL#0165: Juliet vs Aranha
Allergic Reaction
NL#0178: Jae Hoon vs Aranha
NL#0194 - Banyu vs Aranha
NL#0198: Velvet Blue vs Aranha
NL Season 7 Quarterfinals: Terry vs. Aranha

Ardiyanti (1 log)

SNF - Live From Noh Theater It's Saturday Night!

Area (1 log)

SNF: Refined Tastes

Argent (3 logs)

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #3
For Honor
Plans B through Z

Argo (4 logs)

[UG:Round 3] MONSTER

ARIA (1 log)

Human Resources

Armor King (6 logs)

SNF: Three Cherries
PCS: Worldwide Champion - Armor King v Zach v Rust
PCS: Red Champion Armor King vs MURDERHOUSE
RED CHAMPION BELT MATCH - Armor King vs Kasumi
SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Honoka Inoue/Kasumi vs ???

Ash (13 logs)

Uninvited Guests
SNF: On the Catwalk.
Vengeance, Served Cold
A Cat is Fine Too
TIP - Week 1 - Bogard Bros vs Team Maginot Line
TIP - Week 2 - Fuji Curios vs Team Maginot Line
TIP - Week 3 - Sadomasochism
TIP - Week 3 - Pudding Hearts vs Team Glamalot
TIP - Week 4 - Des ennuis au paradis
Blood in Alleys
Further Apart
Still Not on Track
Act 2: Mission 18 - At the Edge of Time

Astrid (1 log)

A Rock and a Hard Place

Asuka (1 log)

A Mishima Family Christmas

Athena (43 logs)

SNF: Enemies United
SNF: News Channel Five
Forge of the Dream Deferred
The clash of the Phoenixes
SNF: Exhibition - Justice High
On the Devil's Anvil
Inter-High School Tournament: Rock vs Athena
A Light in the Darkness
Inter-High School Tournament: Daigo vs Athena
Fear Tempered by a Bunny
By the Blade of the Sword
Psycho Soldiers, Assemble!
TIP - Week 2 - Wildcats versus Pudding Hearts
TIP - Week 3 - Pudding Hearts vs Team Glamalot
Psycho Soldiers Unite!
B7 Qualifiers: Psycho Soldiers vs No-Brand Heroes
Interlude Enhanced
KOF Stage 1: Team Ninja vs Psycho Soldiers
KOF Stage 2: Psycho Soldiers vs Team USA
KOF: The Sifting of Chaos
Perchance to Dream
KOF Finals: Team Interpol vs Psycho Soldiers
Rainy Day Diversion
Starting Somewhere
MK Round 1: Athena vs. Akuma
Never Alone
A Burden for Two
MK Round 2: Athena vs Ermac
MK Round 4: Athena vs Honoka -- Mongoose
World Warrior Qualifier - Athena vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifiers - Abigail vs Athena
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Athena vs Azrael
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Zach Glenn vs Athena
World Warrior Round 1 - Adelheid vs Athena
World Warrior Round 2 - Jubei vs Athena Asamiya
World Warrior Round 2 L - Athena vs Urien
World Warrior R3 L - Athena vs Ramlethal
Emotions by Proxy
The Greatest Show on Earth - Zangief vs Athena
TBT Act 1 - Visions of Despair
Patience in Control
For a Good Cause

Aurora (5 logs)

A Walk in the Park
Brought the Sexy Back
Prelims 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Heavy Metal Burnin'
Quarterfinal 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Women's Team
Hunger Pains

Axl Low (2 logs)

Distant Early Warning
Act 3: Mission 11) Which Witch Will

Aya (19 logs)

What Brings Me Here...?
SNF: "Bushido's Blades"
Target Lock
Foundation Layers
SNF: "I Want the Rocks"
Eyes Turned Skyward
Mission #23: For the Sake of the Self
The Morning After
MK Round 1: Aya Hazuki vs Lita Luwanda
A Story for Three
MK Round 2: Aya vs Lotus
Now What
MK: Quid Pro Quo
Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????

Ayame (54 logs)

SNF: "Now.. my Plagues."
Mission #1: Destiny for Two
Mission #2: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Mission #3: This is Just the Beginning
Mission #4: Beyond One's Own Power...
Mission #5: Determination's Daybreak
Mission #6: A New Journey
Mission #7: Enveloped in Solitude
Mission #8: Darkness' Conspiracy
Mission #9: Proof of Existence
Mission #10: The Moon of Absolution
Mission #11: Opened Eyes
Monster: Hunters' Meet
Mission #12: A Dark Myth's Beginnings
[Rumble W2] Elise vs Ayame
[Rumble W3] Ayame vs Nagase
[Rumble W4] Daniel vs Ayame
[Rumble W5] Maki vs Ayame
[Rumble Final] Lee vs Ayame
OOC: Lounge Hijinx
KoF Teambuilding: Shrine Recruitment
Mission #13: Birth of a Devil
B8 Qualifiers: SoM vs BH
KOF: KOFallout
Mission #14: Path to the Machine Empire
Mission #15: Dark Warrior's Advent
Mission #16: Sinful Protector
Mission #17: To Be Ignorant of the Past
Mission #18: Messenger of Ruination
Mission #19: The Importance of Truth
Mission #20: Machine, Machine
Mission #21: Isolation By Choice
SNF: RUMBLE in the Recap
Mission #22: At Vagrancy's End
Mission #23: For the Sake of the Self
MK Round 2: Cassie Cage vs Ayame Ichijo
MK: Soul Shakedown
MK: Of Debts and Gratitude
MK: Quid Pro Quo
Mission 1) Over River, Through Woods
Act 2: Mission 7 - Paved By Good Intentions
Mission #24: Prelude to Ruination
Mission #25: The One Ayame Entrusted
Act 2: Mission 18 - At the Edge of Time
Act 3: Mission 8) Fear The Reaper
Mission #26: Along With My Home
TBT Act 1 - The Weapons' Dawn
Black Dragon R1 - Snakes and Ladders
Black Dragon R2 - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Black Dragon R3 - Wicked Souls
Black Dragon R4 - Crossfire
Raeneck Rampage Part 2

Ayane (14 logs)

The Caprese Fountain! Thrilling Rooftop Battle
A Tengu Floats By
Schoolgirl vs Ninja
Nine Tenths of the Law
Even a hero needs a hero.
Converging leads...
Home Sweet Home
Who wants to be a hero?
Class Crash Clash
Trouble in Taiyo High
Bullying the bully
Slippery Encounters of the Ninja Kind
Interrogations are really the worst

Azrael (12 logs)

The Cannibal Awakes
World Warrior Qualifier - Azrael vs Blood
Experiment Log #2017 - Got No Strings
World Warrior Qualifiers - Rugal vs Azrael
World Warrior Qualifiers - Azrael vs Akuma
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Abigail vs Azrael
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Athena vs Azrael
World Warrior Round 1 - Azrael vs Duke
World Warrior Round 3 - Jubei vs Azrael
World Warrior Finals - Azrael vs Geese
The Fear
Lunch-Time at Gedo High

Azumi (29 logs)

New Blood
The Wolf Pack
Midnight Snack
Full Moon Meetings
Offering at the Shrine
The Ways of the Pack
NL#0051: Mimiru vs Azumi
That Escalated Quickly
Don't call me demon!
NL#0052: Alexis vs Azumi
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 2 - Medusa Beach!
Bat and Hawk
[UG:Round 3] MONSTER
[UG : Week 4] You shall not pass.
A Business Proposal
NL#0082: Kazuki vs Azumi
NL#0083: Quon vs Azumi
What Hunts The Night
The Company Of Wolves
Warehouse District Brawl, Claws Meet Steel
SNF: We Were Soldiers (Hijacked!)
Unfurl the Banners
Those who cry Wolf
SNF: Zappa vs Azumi and Aaron in Camp Crystal Lake
SNF: Through the Fires and Flames
SNF:Story of a Murderer(Azumi vs. Rust)

646 logs listed.