P-BBB 2018

P-BBB 2018 - Mighty Number One - Mai vs Jack-O' - With the recent release of Mega Man 11, the Capcom series has been marked for potential integration. After all, the Power Fighters series has been identified as a potential fighting game. While we sort out how the buster system will work here, Jack-O' and Mai will test their limits. The insidious half-scientist Dr. Jack-O' has sent her adorable ghost gears out to stop the heroic Mega Mai in a series of scrolling stages with possible disappearing platforms. Will Mega Mai fight for everlasting peace? Or will Jack-O leave them crying like an anime fan on prom night? - created on 20:23:13 10/27/2018 by Mai and last modified on 02:01:14 10/28/2018. Cast: Jack-O' and Mai.

P-BBB 2018) Roy G Biv - Natsu vs May Lee - With the recent release of Cross Tag, RWBY has been identified as a potential fighting game to integrate. While we sort out whether or not we will allow certain Astral Finishes on certain characters, it's important to see if it is reasonable to include the theme. Taking place at just your regular high school, Natsu and May Lee must adopt their favorite RWBY persona, and carry out their wildest dreams of RWBY! Don't forget to check your Kawaii stat! - created on 17:51:32 11/14/2018 by May Lee and last modified on 21:45:42 11/30/2018. Cast: May Lee and Natsu.

P-BBB 2018 - Fantasies Eternal - As related to the Tekken one, the Final Fantasy series has recently been analyzed as possible integration for the MotM setting. With Dissidia being a prime example of a fighting game, the opportunity to recreate it is impossible to miss. As we sort out how to handle Blue Magic integration with MotM, we will need a test fight, the exotic Velvet Blue will battle the walking armory Bulleta. Velvet Blue will be taking on the persona of Kuja, thong and all. Facing him? Bulleta, in character as Laguna. Will Velvet Blue give Bulleta a truly climatic performance, or will he be getting the cuchi cuchi treatment? - created on 19:09:29 11/24/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 17:47:55 11/28/2018. Cast: Bulleta and Velvet Blue.

P-BBB 2018 - Train Slayer 2000 - With the release of Train Simulator 2019, the series has recently been analyzed as possible integration for the MotM setting, with the volume of train stations in the grid matching well with the volume of train stages in fighting games in general. However, to confirm that this will work with the playerbase, we need Chun-Li to act as the Mr. Conductor for the Shining Time Station within Sunshine City. But rather than Thomas the Tank Engine, a different sort of rail work comes in the form of I-No. But will the witch be the one unleashing her destructive rage on the trainyard, or will Chun-Li finally have enough of the train narrative? We'll never find out, because instead of any of this happening, I-No summons an enormous Gear fueled by suffering and regret and leaves Chun-Li to confront it before it can grow out of control. - created on 19:30:58 11/27/2018 by Chun-Li and last modified on 14:24:08 11/30/2018. Cast: Chun-Li and I-No.

PBBB: The Walking Dead - Tekken has recently been analyzed as possible integration for the MotM setting. Specifically, Tekken 7 alone. While this means that regular such as Armor King and Marduk will be excluded, this will allow new faces such as Noctis and Negan to be available. While we overview whether or not Lucille can be approves, the already established newcomers will duke it out in the heart of an active Volcano. Heihachi would be proud. Kazuya, less so. Or is that the other way around? - created on 22:43:05 01/22/2019 by Akuma and last modified on 17:01:51 03/02/2019. Cast: Geese and Akuma.

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