P-BBB 2017

P-BBB 2017) P. Diddles Birthday Dungeon! - P. Diddle is the rap-superstar with a rap supersheet. After hosting the mother of all parties, inviting all the rich, famous, fashionable, and fun people he knows, he suffers the worst of all hangovers: Being arrested for wrongful imprisonment charges. And right on his birthday too! Felicia and Fei both wake up in the depths of P. Diddle's dungeon, underneath his mansion, with the worst of understandings. Will Fei get Neko'd in the knees? Or will Felicia have Wing Chun tonight? - created on 18:01:28 10/20/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 13:10:03 09/15/2018. Cast: Felicia and Fei.

P-BBB 2017) Get Up With the Sickness - Poodles are adorable dogs. They can be a little bad tempered, yes, and snooty. But once you have them trained, they are adorable, beloved creatures. And what better way to appreciate these dogs than hosting a great big doggie birthday party for them. Two of the best Francophiles, Abel and Sylvie, will fight under the legendary Arc de Triomphe. But their audience will not be people, but a crowd of one hundred Poodles watching onwards, judging them silently in birthday delight. Will they get a junk performance? Or will the poodles be pleased with the people before them? - created on 18:28:59 10/23/2017 by Sylvie and last modified on 23:19:26 10/23/2017. Cast: Abel and Sylvie.

P-BBB 2017) Cooking By The Book - Bob vs Hitomi - When it is a Mafia's don's birthday, the families make piece. When Paciano Bollo's declares his own birthday party at the Cabaret Candide, what better way to celebrate than with a birthday feast? Representing the best in speed and weight, Hitomi is ready to tuck into the biggest delight, eating the delicious cake until her belly bursts! But imagine the hungry Hitomi's surprise as for Paciano's birthday when the sensual and shapely Bob bursts out in his finest, ready to entertain not only the done, but the hungry Hitomi with a fight! I- Wait, I think I messed up on the roles here, let me just make a note to edit this- - created on 22:23:23 10/24/2017 by Hitomi and last modified on 18:27:37 11/07/2017. Cast: Bob and Hitomi.

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