Shade beneath the Sun - Noel continues to follow orders in Southtown, combing the area for the lost Command Gear for the UN under NOL orders. While she doesn't find anything, she is found by Leona! In a mostly one sided questioning, Noel and Leona talk. - created on 10:30:31 10/29/2017 by Noel and last modified on 18:33:51 10/29/2017. Cast: Noel and Leona.

Damsel In Despair - The Eye of the Blue was taken by Hazama, and the Azure calls out for aid. Of all the people it attracts, it's one of the most unlikely - and most capable of helping - that arrives, Ragna the Bloodedge. How bad does it get? See for yourself. - created on 20:52:11 12/01/2017 by Noel and last modified on 10:30:27 12/02/2017. Cast: Noel, Terumi, and Ragna.

Blue Eyes White Bedsheets - What is supposed to be a normal afternoon in the hospital, and just another boring day, abruptly becomes a fairytale! With a prince charming, a bed of roses, and all the sweetness you can muster! Makoto, however, might be the valiant white knight for Noel, while the Black Knight tries to whisk her away! How will this fairy tale end!? ... Well Noel can't get out of the bed, so you probably know how! - created on 20:02:45 12/12/2017 by Noel and last modified on 21:43:19 12/13/2017. Cast: Kagura, Noel, and Makoto Nanaya.

Friends in all the wrong places - Is it not right that suffering is shared by those closest? Is it a reality that both Noel and Tsubaki suffer the same fate, or is it a reminder to Tsubaki that they are closer than they should be - considering the bloodline of Tsubaki and Noel's ... failures. Would she keep carrying the dead weight? - created on 18:53:31 01/01/2018 by Noel and last modified on 18:53:24 01/03/2018. Cast: Tsubaki and Noel.

Paging Miss Clio - Fresh from the hospital, Noel hears a cry out in Southtown and goes to investigate. What she finds is too much to handle, and so she doesn't do it alone! Remember to always always lift with two people and to also not handle strange weaponry, especially guns, either! - created on 22:36:49 01/03/2018 by Noel and last modified on 16:38:32 01/06/2018. Cast: Kagura, Noel, and Clio.

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