NFG Season One

Truths Unspoken - Spirited away to an abandoned village for the sake of privacy, Ichika is quizzed directly by Ariastra. Miscommunication and misunderstanding plague the pair as the extremely young tries to bridge the gap with the unfathomably old. Not even the purity of battle can bridge that divide, but perhaps in the blood shed they might have come at least a tiny step closer to understanding. - created on 11:42:43 06/03/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 18:27:11 06/03/2023. Cast: Ichika and Ariastra.

Checkout At Noon - Before departing on a cross-continental voyage, it's important to ensure that you aren't taking along any excess baggage. - created on 08:31:05 06/04/2023 by Mint and last modified on 03:56:58 06/05/2023. Cast: Mint and Ichika.

Energy Essentials - A long layover gives part of Team Thunder an opportunity for a walk on the beach and a brief talk about the nature of change. - created on 18:41:26 06/04/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 03:58:16 06/05/2023. Cast: Raiden, Chevy, and Buck.

Flexing a Muscle - Meetings of the mentors and trainees of Team Thunder continues with Ariastra taking time to spend with Buck, imparting wisdom and giving him a test of his abilities. - created on 12:04:42 06/05/2023 by Buck and last modified on 04:05:10 06/06/2023. Cast: Ariastra and Buck.

Trust Exercise - Mint helps a blind girl by punching her several times. - created on 15:01:52 06/05/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 04:14:21 06/06/2023. Cast: Mint and Djamila.

Quicker Dojo Picker Upper - Team Blaze comes together with Coco, Hawksley, and Captain Morgan. Headed by Mitsuru, to reach a special dojo where they would not only have the unique experience to clean up a dojo in the off season, but also have a unique and one of a kind chance to fight Boxing Legend Mike Bison in one on one training! That is, until a mountain is moved, and the fourth member of Team Blaze comes on the prowl for a fight of legends. - created on 09:14:38 06/06/2023 by Mitsuru and last modified on 18:09:38 06/19/2023. Cast: Akuma, M. Bison, Mitsuru, Coco, and Hawksley.

Ugly Streets and Beautiful Dreams. - To be seen for who you are. To see others for who they are. To be acknowledged, respected, and treated with dignity. One would think that such dreams would be small things, but it only takes a simple walk through the Sunshine City streets to see how massive such dreams may truly be. Ichika knows little about fighting, but she knows even less about the shape of the world and how to find her place within it. These things must be corrected before practical instruction can best bear fruit. After all, how can you play the game, when you haven't even set the pieces in their proper place? - created on 12:26:56 06/06/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 04:33:31 06/07/2023. Cast: Raiden and Ichika.

Life in a Fishbowl - Sunshine City should have some sunshine-filled beaches, right? Well, yes, but also, it's kind of a mess. Luckily, there's a NFG facility nearby for Chevy and Buck to squeeze in a quick practice battle. - created on 15:47:26 06/06/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 04:35:11 06/07/2023. Cast: Chevy and Buck.

Immersion Learning - One moment, Chevy's poolside; the next, she finds herself beside a much more impressive locale. All thanks to one of her new sensei! - created on 11:54:22 06/07/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 07:13:35 06/08/2023. Cast: Chevy and Ariastra.

Above Sunshine - Ichika asks Buck up to the rooftop so they can talk and get to know one another as teammates. Training and fighting is discussed, and a plan to help Sunshine City is hatched. - created on 13:05:06 06/07/2023 by Buck and last modified on 07:10:37 06/08/2023. Cast: Ichika and Buck.

The Difference Between Theory and Application - Zel calls upon Kenzo to discuss how they can improve on the things he does in a fight. The thing is, there is often a difference between the theory and the practical. - created on 17:09:06 06/08/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 17:26:09 06/09/2023. Cast: Zel and Kenzo.

Rise of the Machines - Mint and Kenzo put together some sentry droids that are to be used in the defense of what is soon to be Fort Metal. They decide to test drive the droids in what is also to become Kenzo's training session. It goes horribly wrong. - created on 08:37:48 06/09/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 12:16:27 06/12/2023. Cast: Mint and Kenzo.

The Darkness of Sunshine - Team Thunder had a simple dream: to help a local soup kitchen amp up their game and build community in this land of downtrodden souls. Little did they know that there are vested interested with very solid reasons for wanting to rip the heart out of any community effort before it gets started. Zog had an even simpler dream: free stew. Alas, there are powerful forces mustered against him realising that goal as well. When a humble soup kitchen becomes a proxy war for the soul of a city, when more stew is flung than eaten, can anyone truly be said to come out a winner? - created on 09:57:34 06/09/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 17:29:18 06/09/2023. Cast: Ichika, Chevy, Ariastra, Zog, and Buck.

Sun, Sea and Sorcery - Iris wants to escape the horrors of her household staff and get some ice cream. Ichika wants to try and order her thoughts. Can the heir to a proud magical family find common ground with a child with no great heritage whatsoever? Well, as it turns out... they might just share more in common than they had thought. - created on 01:24:23 06/10/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 09:33:10 06/10/2023. Cast: Ichika and Iris.

Deadbeat - Reporting for his first official session as a student of team Metal, JD is taken under the wing of Sensei Corporal Panesh. If only he'd come alone, or were the one she actually wanted to punch. - created on 13:10:39 06/10/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 08:34:45 06/11/2023. Cast: Mint and John Doe.

How to Train Your Goblin - Katherine Flake agrees to assist Nixie with an attempt to use a ption to become human again. Will this end in disaster?! - created on 13:18:39 06/10/2023 by Moondyne and last modified on 04:32:37 06/12/2023. Cast: Moondyne and Nixie.

Cold Blooded - With the team finally coming together, Juri unveils her plan to have them stake out a temporary base in Outer Sunshine. Claiming territory in the gang-strewn city is fraught with danger, but will also give them the easy access to real world 'training partners' that they'll need to whip the prospects into shape. With Ayala showing some willing, the only question is... will the rest of the crew take to the gambit, and will the arrival of Mad Gear's Strongest, the Secretary of Absolute Defense and the crazed taekwonda upset the delicate balance of Sunshine City's dark underbelly? - created on 18:39:13 06/10/2023 by Juri and last modified on 08:32:03 06/11/2023. Cast: Juri, Abigail, and Ayala.

The Dragon and the Sword - A morning conversation between new friends turns into a strategy discussion between teammates. At some point, theories must be tested -- but to what end? - created on 09:57:38 06/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 05:07:36 06/13/2023. Cast: Raiden, Ichika, Chevy, and Buck.

Sunshine City R1 - Nixie vs Ichika - In the nastiest part of town, a vicious goblin and the Ice Queen of Justice High (no ice powers included) face off. Sword against straw, chi against concoctions. Neither side's wardrobe come out unscathed in a fight that parental groups are calling 'a demonstration of Darkstalker savagery' and 'filled with so many flashy light effects an epilepsy warning is necessary'. - created on 02:30:51 06/13/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 12:26:56 06/15/2023. Cast: Mint, Ichika, and Nixie.

Mating Habits of the Common Ogre - Lyraelle's meddling leads to a lovesick ogre coming around to serenade Team Frost with the dulcet belly-bashing of his people. Unfortunately for him, Juri is not a morning person. She's even less of a morning person when it is the middle of the night. Fruit, flab and feet fly in a ferocious fight for the fancy of Frost's female fighters! - created on 12:29:43 06/13/2023 by Juri and last modified on 09:05:38 06/14/2023. Cast: Juri and Zog.

Eternity and Alcohol - Ariastra has a chat with Tamaki that turns into training. Painful training, but training! Tamaki gets a feel for what's expected to her in this tournament. - created on 13:02:17 06/13/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 06:41:06 06/24/2023. Cast: Tamaki and Ariastra.

A Vrooming First Day on the Job! - Destruction! Ruin! Mayhem! And it all happened the night before...leaving the Superhuman Hot Rodder and his new intern to pick up te pieces at Team Frost's headquarters! - created on 17:16:06 06/14/2023 by Abigail and last modified on 17:47:28 06/15/2023. Cast: Abigail and Daisuke.

Sunshine City R1 - BRIAN STORM vs BIG BUFORD - The clearest mismatch between these teams: Brian Storm versus Buford. A wannabe samurai fighting a lightning-powered wrestler in his hometown. There has been high hopes for Brian that haven't panned out so far, but this could be his chance to turn things around with a homefield advantage who is likely familiar with the city buses of Sunshine. A stage like this could really prove tricky for novice fighters. You have to account for the possibility of sudden turns, the constant feeling of motion under your feet... and the smell of whatever Big Buford is vaping. Hopefully the driver will have cracked the windows in advance. Will you see somebody hurl? - created on 12:05:07 06/15/2023 by Buford and last modified on 13:55:21 06/23/2023. Cast: Abigail, Brian Storm, and Buford.

Sunshine City R1 - Djamila vs Chevy - 2 women. Pole vs Pole. Water vs Air. Thunder vs Metal. Only will be left standing tonight. - created on 12:40:04 06/15/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 17:30:45 06/16/2023. Cast: Djamila and Chevy.

A Bright Future - Following her failure in the first round battle against Nixie Ichika is summoned by the intimidating LYRAELLE. The Kasumoto heir has fretted a great deal about what her unwilling sponsor thinks of her, how she could possibly navigate that situation, and it seems she is right to worry. What is more surprising is that the student's opinion of the Sensei proves equally important. Shocking revelations ensue! The truth of Lyraelle's past bared to her stunned fan. Over milk and cookies a deal is struck, and the world need no longer fear. With young women like Lyraelle Lightheart and Kasumoto Ichika sworn to take care of it what could possibly go wrong? - created on 12:53:45 06/15/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 17:35:07 06/16/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Ichika.

Sunshine City R1 - Hawksley vs Ayala - Hawksley, the Irish Inferno of Team Blaze, faces off against Ayala, the cavewoman chief extraordinaire of Team Frost. Sponsor Zog the Hammer is in attendance to cheer on one of his favourite prospects. - created on 14:06:28 06/15/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 03:34:55 06/16/2023. Cast: Ayala and Hawksley.

Sunshine City R1 - Kenzo vs Buck - George Eddow Ford plays host to the battle that ask the question, technology or nature? The tech ninja Kenzo faces off against the animalistic shapeshifter Buck. Who will be the winner? Ford of course! The best vehicle for both the city streets and the open wilderness. Remember, George Eddow Ford is the only name in top quality Ford vehicles in Sunshine City! - created on 14:15:45 06/15/2023 by Buck and last modified on 03:38:48 06/16/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Buck.

Sunshine City R1 - Coco vs Sarah - Coco and Sarah square off in the Noise Factory, one of Sunshine City's most famous hotspots back in the nineties. With the NFG's premier club appreciator facing the NFG's premier fighting disc jockey, who will be able to keep up the dance the longest? Guest starring Hawksley and Captain Morgan! - created on 14:26:58 06/17/2023 by Coco and last modified on 15:55:40 06/24/2023. Cast: Coco and Sarah.

Sunshine City R1 - Tamaki vs John Doe - It's the battle of the boozers as Tamaki the Tanuki takes on John Doe. In a classic Sunshine City throw down, the stumbling strikers will have it out in the parking lot of the local Drive In, with every trip and tumble broadcast onto the silver screen. Let's just hope they remember the rules of engagement: No touching of the hair or face ... And THAT'S IT. Now FIGHT! - created on 15:02:38 06/17/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 06:39:51 06/24/2023. Cast: John Doe and Tamaki.

Public Transit Connections - In the aftermath of the first round of NFG team fights, Chevy and Hawksley find themselves on the same bus together. Only thing is certain -- in the future, fists will fly. - created on 15:08:09 06/17/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 07:26:55 06/20/2023. Cast: Hawksley, Chevy, and Zog.

The Importance of D&D - Her curiosity piqued by an ancient blog post (two whole years old), Ichika finds herself filled with an urgent need to talk to the author. Trusting social media is a risk, leaving Sunshine City is a risk, and traveling so far all on her own is a risk. But the young student is determined to get the answers she seeks, and as luck would have it, Rei Hazuki is in the mood to give them. After a fashion. What level do you get Lightning Bolt at, again? - created on 23:39:13 06/17/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 07:08:12 06/18/2023. Cast: Frei and Ichika.

Are You Friend or Foe? - Djamila wants to talk to Ichika and won't take no for an answer. Ichika entertains her. Does any good come out of it? - created on 09:35:50 06/18/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 18:14:27 06/18/2023. Cast: Ichika and Djamila.

The Forging of Kasumoto - During a casual stroll along the beach, the enigmatic Peng You asks his youngest ward to place a little more trust in him as a teacher, and herself as a fighter. The girl is only just finding her feet, recrimination and self-doubt threaten to trip her up at every step, and she must accept that her assessment is not flawless in all things - most especially when it comes to herself. Her journey is just beginning. It would be a shame if she were to fall now. Especially as it seems that mountaineering is in her future... - created on 13:12:55 06/18/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 07:27:59 06/20/2023. Cast: Raiden and Ichika.

Ayala and Djamila Finally Meet Officially - Ayala and Djamila meets for the first time. Then it's slowly turning in a stripping tutorial. - created on 13:14:30 06/19/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 18:14:00 06/19/2023. Cast: Ayala and Djamila.

Call Me Liza!: A Wild Fangirl Appears - After the conclusion of their match at the George Eddow Ford Dealership, Kenzo and Buck meet the dealership's overly-exuberant owner in search of further promotional pursuits. Just when they think they're safe, the dealer's even-more-excitable progeny appears. It looks like the NFG has at least one genki fangirl. (Guest appearance by Brian Storm and Big Buford!) - created on 11:49:13 06/20/2023 by Raiza and last modified on 17:50:09 06/22/2023. Cast: Raiza, Kenzo, and Buck.

Breaking the Ice - "Perhaps you should take a trip... A hike to the peak of Mount Shasta, I think. Surely that would do some good?" What started as a recommentation from their Sensei -- a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city -- turns into a learning experience all its own. - created on 13:09:09 06/20/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 07:16:01 06/27/2023. Cast: Noboru, Ichika, Chevy, and Buck.

Sunshine City R1 - Genie vs Iris - Spears! Swords! Shields! Squeaky mallets! You want hot girl-on-girl weapon conjuring action?! Well the NFG has your desires covered with this fight, you little sicko. - created on 20:21:41 06/21/2023 by Iris and last modified on 07:25:35 06/22/2023. Cast: Genie and Iris.

Call Me Liza!: Life's a Beach - Liza and Lucky Chloe decide to scout Daybreak Beach for Chloe's upcoming shoot. The pair come up with an idea for a community outreach cleanup and make plans to volunteer somebody else to do it. Djamila shows up to the scene of her most recent match, and is the first NFG fighter recruited for the project after lots of ~boy talk~. - created on 10:31:28 06/23/2023 by Raiza and last modified on 13:47:34 06/24/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Raiza, and Djamila.

And Back Again. - After the battle against Noboru, Team Thunder rest on Mount Shasta overnight. Beneath the stars they cook soup and discuss what they have learned, what they have done, and what is yet to come. - created on 15:55:14 06/26/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 18:47:28 06/28/2023. Cast: Ichika, Chevy, and Buck.

Training, Mistakes, Emotions. - A blind girl falls on her head, a tech ninja gives her electroshock to set her straight. A marine listens to her PTSD following the event. - created on 09:28:35 06/27/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 11:09:16 06/29/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, and Djamila.

It's Time For Some TEAM SPIRIT! - IT' pep rally time to get Team Frost back into the redline! Assuming, mind you, that Abigail can stop sobbing over his crashed truck and Juri doesn't kill all of them first! - created on 16:12:14 06/28/2023 by Abigail and last modified on 08:57:37 06/29/2023. Cast: Juri, Ayala, and Buford.

Music, Go, Falling Down Your Chair - After torturing all recruits physically, Ariastra finds a new way to torture Ichika. It's so harsh, Ichika falls down her chair. It's probably just because Ariastra didn't want to lose that game of Go. - created on 09:38:29 06/29/2023 by Ariastra and last modified on 04:42:24 06/30/2023. Cast: Ichika and Ariastra.

Sunshine City R2 - Coco vs Djamila - It's a disastrous day for the wardrobe department as Coco of Team Blaze and Djamila of Team Metal face off in the Corona Row District for Round Two! - created on 10:29:06 06/30/2023 by Coco and last modified on 10:02:40 07/01/2023. Cast: Coco and Djamila.

Sunshine City R2 - Kenzo vs Hawksley - Kenzo Kuroiwa takes on Hawksley Moore under the bridge of Evergreen Park in Sunshine City. It was a brutal fight where a cerebral approach is matched up against an instinctual approach. - created on 11:11:28 06/30/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 08:13:56 07/02/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, Coco, Hawksley, and Djamila.

Sunshine City R2 - Genie vs Ichika - Swiss Miss Genie takes on Ichika in the debut of her new Punk Rock Persona! Swords and backsides collide along the banks of Sunshine City's Venice Canals in a fight that parent's groups are calling "A danger to the safety of the public" and "A shocking breach of the peace". - created on 15:54:27 06/30/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 09:25:25 07/07/2023. Cast: Genie and Ichika.

Sunshine City R2 - Ayala vs Chevy - Inspired by George Eddow Ford's sales spike after hosting their first-round NFG match, the Natural Earth Food Store in Sunshine City hoped to jump on the profit bandwagon! But, after this knock-down, drag-out battle royal between Ayala and Chevy, they may have to settle for breaking even... - created on 13:40:04 07/01/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 08:15:21 07/02/2023. Cast: Ayala and Chevy.

Sunshine City R2 - Brian Storm vs John Doe - Seeking local fame and free publicity from the NFG's Small Business Initiative, Stoker and Sons have proudly opened their doors for the grand clash between local hometown hero Brian Storm, and critically acclaimed actor John Doe. It's anyone's guess which of these Super Stars will come out on top, but one thing is certain: in the cut throat world of the rich and famous, only one of these men's careers can come out alive. The other will be leaving in a body bag. (Or, maybe they'll both just get even more famous.) - created on 16:16:11 07/01/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 12:10:23 07/10/2023. Cast: Brian Storm and John Doe.

Identity - The aloof miko of the Meian Jinja finally takes direct interest in the training of Team Thunder's determined swordswoman. Eschewing steel for bokken, the two exchange strikes and words beneath a waning California sunset. Isolated in the peaceful grounds of an old mission, the reserved trainer shares tips on life and sword fighting in equal measures. - created on 01:16:02 07/02/2023 by Ayame and last modified on 09:11:25 07/13/2023. Cast: Ayame and Ichika.

Calling Nurse Coco - It's the morning after Hawksley and Coco's Round 2 matches and one of them is in a far sorrier state than the other. Thankfully Nurse Coco is on duty to treat Hawksley's war wounds. - created on 17:11:08 07/02/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 14:22:43 07/03/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

Sunshine City R2 - Sarah vs Buck - There's a match at the Dragon's stadium, but it's not football tonight. Sarah and Buck face off on the pitch. There's even tackling, in the style of the wrong type of football, or the right type depending on your opinion. - created on 20:21:12 07/02/2023 by Buck and last modified on 07:40:51 07/06/2023. Cast: Sarah and Buck.

Sunshine City R2 - Iris vs Amber - Take a look, it's in a book(store), Reading Painboooooow o/~ - created on 12:39:32 07/03/2023 by Iris and last modified on 14:22:14 07/05/2023. Cast: Iris and Amber.

Apple Attack Cake - Chevy very bravely enters the enemy territory of Team Blaze's dojo to save Hawksley from a life of takeouts. What starts as as simple cooking lesson soon switches into something a lot more messy. - created on 16:13:13 07/03/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 18:42:09 07/04/2023. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, and Chevy.

Sunshine City R2 - Buford vs Tamaki - Buford and Tamaki have their match at a car dealership. Words are exchanged, then not exchanged, as Tamaki loses her patience. (also, down with kitsune) - created on 18:25:44 07/03/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 15:54:38 07/08/2023. Cast: Tamaki and Buford.

Neo Fighter Girls - Ayala heads over to Team Metal's turf in Sunshine to visit Djamila, and finds her having a get together with her girls. - created on 12:26:03 07/05/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 09:10:22 07/07/2023. Cast: Ayala and Djamila.

Cutting the Crepe - Following her fight - no, not the one with Genie, the one with her parents - Ichika is clearly not in a great place. Luckily, Chevy knows how to deal with that! Sweet treats and a gentle heart to heart with just the right about of good-natured ribbing ensues. With friends like these, it's impossible for even the most intense teen drama to threaten real problems! - created on 05:24:29 07/06/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 09:15:42 07/07/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

O Otaku! My Otaku - It is a meeting writ by the fates as an attempt to attend to Buford's failings and training has forced Abigail's hand. He must now use his resources. Summon aid. He must now bring forth: KATANA. Will the meeting of these two ostentatious samurai pave the way to bushido glory or has Abigail just added the needed plutonium to create the ultimate ticking timebomb for the tournament. CONEITCHYWAH! - created on 15:56:41 07/07/2023 by Abigail and last modified on 04:57:16 07/21/2023. Cast: Katana, Abigail, and Buford.

Chloe's Cleanup Crew - With the shoot for Lucky Chloe's new music video, Kiss of Life fast approaching, the singer steals her backing dancer's idea to get some free publicity (and slave labour) by getting the New Fighting Generation competitors involved. What starts off as some low key litter picking soon spirals into biting banter and blood being shed. - created on 16:46:02 07/08/2023 by Lucky Chloe and last modified on 12:04:14 07/10/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Kenzo, Ichika, Brian Storm, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, and Iris.

Love and Thunder - Following the beach cleanup, Chevy and Ichika have a long walk back to the hotel. They discuss the various day's dramas, what might have been, and what might yet be to come. - created on 06:28:34 07/11/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 09:26:02 07/12/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

Staff Meeting - Djamila and Mint take swings at each other and apologize a lot. Not necessarily in that order. - created on 08:41:41 07/12/2023 by Mint and last modified on 09:16:13 07/13/2023. Cast: Mint and Djamila.

Sunshine City R3 - Coco vs Chevy - Competitive carwashes! A battle between two rival car manufacturers -- and their dealers! A battle between Team Thunder and Team Blaze! A battle between two women, in front of an Irishman they're both trying to impress! - created on 12:04:36 07/13/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 08:13:45 07/16/2023. Cast: Ichika, Coco, Hawksley, and Chevy.

Sunshine City R3 - Djamila vs Ayala - The Pink Paradise is about to get hopping more than usual--as Ayala and Djamila square off for the third around of NFG! - created on 14:27:24 07/13/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 09:46:43 07/14/2023. Cast: Ayala and Djamila.

Sunshine City R3 - Kenzo vs Buford - A long awaited battle between ninja and samurai takes place in the Venice Canals of Sunshine City. There's brutal violence, and even some poetic sniping. - created on 10:07:02 07/14/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 10:19:44 07/18/2023. Cast: Mint, Raiza, Kenzo, Djamila, and Buford.

Unexpected Compatibility - Neither Djamila or Lucky Chloe had much hope of enjoying their "date night" together, but as the evening progresses, the two teenage dancers find themselves bonding over hot boys, cool clothes and strange snack food. - created on 10:37:13 07/14/2023 by Lucky Chloe and last modified on 08:12:18 07/16/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe and Djamila.

Sunshine City R3 - Brian Storm vs Ichika - Ichika and Brian Swarm face off in a factory in a match that's crackling with intensity - and exposed wiring. Meanwhile, the latest buzz is that a celebrity couple might be in the making. Who will win? Will both fighters survive the deathtrap-like stage for their battle? And will this be the best or worst date Lucky Chloe has ever had? - created on 10:01:31 07/16/2023 by Brian Storm and last modified on 20:06:45 07/16/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Ichika, Brian Storm, and Ariastra.

Mustang Sally - The NFG's social media accounts are set ablaze with rumors as Hawksley departs with Chevy, rather than Constance Coalbridge. But what could be the story -behind- the thunderous clamor? - created on 10:03:00 07/16/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 04:54:24 07/17/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Chevy.

Sunshine City R3 - Hawksley vs Buck - The sun isn't the only thing blazing bright on Sunshine Beach. The two fiery fighters of the NFG square off in a match both have been itching for. Victory is only a little spoiled by a sudden appearance by Team Frost's Juri. - created on 09:56:34 07/17/2023 by Buck and last modified on 19:29:07 07/17/2023. Cast: Juri, Ichika, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, and Buck.

Everybody Loves Chevy - After what Coco did to Chevy, Ichika asks to meet Djamila. - created on 10:04:40 07/17/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 19:12:03 07/17/2023. Cast: Ichika and Djamila.

Sunshine City R3 - Genie vs John Doe - It's a meeting of the minds as the Swiss heiress Guinevere Bouvier meets actor John Doe in the children's section of Dragon Books, but this is no Tea Time for toddlers. Fists will fly, powers will be unleashed, and the fate of at least one elephant statue will be decided. With special guest star 'That one disapproving redhead who follows JD around correcting people.' - created on 18:36:49 07/17/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 19:54:59 07/24/2023. Cast: Genie and John Doe.

Sunshine City R3 - Nixie vs Sarah - Underneath a bridge, a goblin and a parkour loving Capoeirista go at it against each other! Who will emerge from under the bridge? - created on 19:53:07 07/17/2023 by Sarah and last modified on 10:13:58 07/18/2023. Cast: Nixie and Sarah.

The Princess Peach Maneuver - Coco was living the high life as the villainess of the NFG until Juri arrived and revealed herself to be a bait-and-switch boss. As she's taken into captivity on the roof of the Team Frost warehouse, though, the purple-haired posh totty is about to discover a game-changing truth about her identity - and potentially shift the landscape of the New Fighting Generation's affiliations. Will the heroes of Blaze and Thunder be able to rescue their purple-haired princess before disaster strikes? - created on 10:50:40 07/18/2023 by Coco and last modified on 12:27:35 07/19/2023. Cast: Juri and Coco.

Holding Out For The Heroes - The idea that they'd even need a team to scale the roof whilst Ariastra distracted the gate guard and the others went through the front door had seemed fanciful, but worst case scenario it would mean that Buck and Hawksley could provide backup from an unexpected direction. Then it turned out this is, in fact, where Juri has come to have her private conversation with her kidnapped victim. It's a cold night and Coco is hardly dressed for the weather, but with two hot-blooded young heroes fresh from the fight and the sadistic Taekwonda off her leash at last, things are sure to heat up fast for her in all sorts of ways. - created on 09:05:41 07/20/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 17:12:55 07/20/2023. Cast: Juri, Coco, Hawksley, and Buck.

Sunshine City R3 - Tamaki vs Iris - Tamaki and Iris go at it in Natural Earth. Fewer (but not zero) displays are destroyed this time. - created on 15:24:06 07/20/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 12:55:35 07/23/2023. Cast: Tamaki and Iris.

Daisuke Drops In - Daisuke enters the Frost Warehouse, awakening a cavewoman--who has some questions for the young psycho power user. - created on 19:54:36 07/20/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 03:06:33 07/22/2023. Cast: Daisuke and Ayala.

Titanic Trouble - Situated out the front of the warehouse to meet the coming invaders is none other than the giant ABIGAIL. A man whose might is truly legendary and whose patience with Juri's antics may be getting sorely taxed. Nevertheless, if anything good is going to come out of all this, he can't let Team Thunder's Ariastra tear things up over what is ... probably ... a misunderstanding. Can all the magic of the mythic age help her overcome the modern-day marvel that is Mad Gear's own home-grown Titan? - created on 18:37:07 07/21/2023 by Abigail and last modified on 13:00:10 07/23/2023. Cast: Abigail and Ariastra.

Rude Awakening - Within the Frost Warehouse, Ayala and Daisuke were just trying to get some rest after a long day of Frost's brutal gang-warfare based training regime when Chevy and Ichika burst in to try and find the missing Coco. Alas, she's not here, and Juri's instructions on this have always been very clear. Anyone, ANYONE, who shouldn't be here and who gets through the front door, gets beat down. Or they catch a beating themselves. Strong incentives for a student-based security system. - created on 21:34:04 07/23/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 11:52:07 07/26/2023. Cast: Daisuke, Ichika, Ayala, and Chevy.

The Drive Home - After the Battle of Frost Warehouse the rescue team have a nice, chill ride home with no problems whatsoever. - created on 13:45:30 07/26/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 20:00:49 07/29/2023. Cast: Ichika, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Ariastra, and Buck.

The RUMBLE - Sixteen NFG fighters. One ring. Who will be the last one standing? This one kicks off with a devastating surprise! - created on 10:18:44 07/30/2023 by Pringer X and last modified on 10:28:27 08/24/2023. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Honoka, Ken Masters, Vega, Mint, Kongou, Kenzo, Genie, Ichika, Ayala, Brian Storm, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Nixie, Buford, Sarah, Iris, and Buck.

Matters of the Mind - With the competition ramping up and more attention being drawn from around the world, Juri knows it is only a matter of time before the powers in the shadows start making moves. Can she whip Genie into shape before then? Can she even figure out how to do that? She's not a teacher and Genie is not the kind of student she'd pick if she was. But the lessons can be delayed no longer... and there are very, very distant memories from the Taekwonda's past which might prove helpful. - created on 12:00:32 08/01/2023 by Juri and last modified on 04:24:08 08/14/2023. Cast: Juri and Genie.

A New Challenge - Even the places that seem most barren in the heart of Sunshine City can harbor an unexpected refuge. On an island oasis along the fifty mile concrete canal known as the Sunshine City River, the elusive miko instructor of Team Thunder takes time to open the eyes of the team's water bender into the more technical potential of her unorthodox style. - created on 23:08:04 08/13/2023 by Ayame and last modified on 05:59:40 09/08/2023. Cast: Ayame and Chevy.

Cafe au Lait - Dodging the not-exactly-paparazzi after a chance run-in on the street, Ichika and Iris catch up in a Starbucks in the nicer part of Sunshine City. Topics include: disappointing your parents, what exactly the "Warrior's Road" is, real person fic, and Buck's hotness level. - created on 15:17:12 08/26/2023 by Iris and last modified on 09:45:20 08/27/2023. Cast: Ichika and Iris.

Kiss of Life - It's finally time for the filming of Lucky Chloe's new video "Kiss of Life' and Raiza, Daisuke and Djamila are playing starring roles. With an overly ambitious director and a cast consisting of amateur actors, what could possibly go wrong? - created on 09:28:52 08/27/2023 by Raiza and last modified on 17:28:26 08/27/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Daisuke, Raiza, and Djamila.

Panic at the Disco - After the Rumble, Juri arranges a meetup with her students at the famous Rainbow Room. Underage drinking, deep psychic lore, and warnings about the future are all more or less ignored in equal measure. She may not have high hopes as they head into the unknown, but she does at least get to threaten Daisuke with a good time. - created on 01:45:58 08/28/2023 by Juri and last modified on 13:49:20 09/13/2023. Cast: Juri, Daisuke, Genie, and Coco.

Metal Party - Mint and Katherine put together a party for the members of Metal before the draft. Kenzo and Djamila seem to be the only ones to manage to get out of bed for it. Kenzo for his part decides to hand out gifts in case he doesn't get to see them again. - created on 07:38:05 08/29/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 07:50:00 09/03/2023. Cast: Mint, Moondyne, Kenzo, and Djamila.

Homeward Bound - Chevy and Ichika enjoy the promised reward after a Rumble well done. And, confronted by an uncertain future, decide to do the one thing all teenagers can bond over ... flee their responsibilities to go to a water park! - created on 15:14:58 08/29/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 16:59:01 09/01/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

Lapis and Carnelian - Team Thunder is many familiar faces, and a couple new ones. One of said new faces is a sponsor, Rei Hazuki, who blanket-invites the team for... well, ice cream, going by the text he sent. Ichika and Junko are free to find out what it was he actually wanted from them; what their erstwhile mentor gets is a very distinctive look into Ichika's growth and Junko's psyche. - created on 12:36:27 09/03/2023 by Frei and last modified on 21:56:24 09/05/2023. Cast: Frei, Ichika, and Junko.

Brawly, Burly, Brawny and Slightly Hairy - Team Blaze has arrived in Metro City! It's a meeting writ in the stars--or at least beer foam--as The Fiery Irish Brawler Hawksley meets The Bestial Brutish Warrior Braun an the only casualty are four freshly brewed cups of coffee! Wait, what? - created on 15:10:14 09/03/2023 by Braun and last modified on 19:20:00 09/03/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Braun.

Haters Wanted: Training Day - Ariastra takes Hated R through the paces to get him ready for NFG. - created on 09:35:16 09/04/2023 by Hated R and last modified on 04:31:33 09/05/2023. Cast: Hated R and Ariastra.

Metal Fabrications - Team Metal is all set to move into their new training space, high atop the skyscraper of Ultratech's American headquarters building. There's a few crunchy details to get smoothed over first, though, so Minal "Mint" Panesh requests a meeting with Gregory "Greg" Ilvich. - created on 00:22:19 09/05/2023 by Mint and last modified on 19:48:55 09/06/2023. Cast: Mint and ARIA.

Hot Metal Style - Team Metal's Djamila is minding her own business in Metro City's hottest boutique, Drippin' Style, when some of Team Blaze show up to bring their own brand of chaos to the city. - created on 17:17:38 09/05/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 19:54:59 09/06/2023. Cast: Vega, Kongou, Hawksley, and Djamila.

Metro City R1 - Braun vs Buford - Buford and Braun face off in Abigail's Scrap Yard, pitting beeg at beeg between the seasoned and well respected veteran of the NFG against a rude and crude fresh furry face. The duo unga their bungas in rushdown fury, but something else blossoms in the kokoros of the two fierce and furious fighters... (DRAW) - created on 13:35:37 09/07/2023 by Buford and last modified on 04:22:58 09/13/2023. Cast: Buford and Braun.

Metro City R1 - Djamila vs Junko - A blind girl debut with the fire of hell vs a blind girl strippers with the wind. Who's going to be the winner and why are there colleral damages? Someone has to get fired for this. - created on 16:52:44 09/07/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 03:25:40 09/09/2023. Cast: Djamila and Junko.

Metro City R1 - Kenzo vs Chevy - The Lightning Ninja takes on the Water Wielding Country Girl at Vito's Restaurant in the Little Italy section of Metro City. Can Kenzo earn himself a shocking victory or will Chevy wipe him out? - created on 16:58:40 09/07/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 10:58:41 09/10/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Chevy.

Cracked Masks - Having just suffered a fairly humilating defeat in her first round of NFG, Junko attempts to slink off to her room for some rest only to find one of her new teammates lying in ambush. Lured in by the promise of food, it quickly becomes apparent that neither the miko nor her new ally are what they seem on the surface. - created on 04:33:17 09/09/2023 by Junko and last modified on 14:59:03 09/09/2023. Cast: Ichika and Junko.

Metro City R1 - Genie vs Coco - Hoping to embrace truth in advertising, two posh heiresses are chosen to show off the affordable urban outfits of Drippin' Style as they engage in their first Metro City Match. - created on 10:43:15 09/09/2023 by Coco and last modified on 10:49:54 09/17/2023. Cast: Genie and Coco.

Metro City R1 - Tamaki vs Hawksley - Two brawlers walk into a bar... - created on 13:35:12 09/09/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 04:26:12 09/13/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Tamaki.

Metro City R1 - Zarine vs Laurel - TOM: "And what better setting for this showdown than Metro City's premiere goth club? I bet Zarine will be picking up a few fans, if she really is a vampire." - created on 20:10:51 09/09/2023 by Laurel and last modified on 19:53:13 09/11/2023. Cast: Laurel and Zarine.

Like Second Nature - In which Minal Panesh crosses the traditional divide between highly advanced technology and magic, and everyone learns what a halberd is. - created on 11:35:40 09/10/2023 by Iris and last modified on 11:32:00 09/11/2023. Cast: Mint and Iris.

Immortal Flames - Convinced that she can break through to the troubled Junko the same way that she has the other members of Team Thunder in the past, Ariastra soon learns that this particular problem child will won't be quite so easy to handle. - created on 14:16:56 09/11/2023 by Junko and last modified on 04:39:19 09/13/2023. Cast: Junko and Ariastra.

Metro City R1 - Ichika vs Iris - While they've met many times, Ichika and Iris have yet to cross blades. In the current round of the NFG, this little oversight is finally resolved, and the two have a surprisingly intense fight, psychologically speaking. - created on 10:10:24 09/12/2023 by Iris and last modified on 04:45:54 09/13/2023. Cast: Ichika and Iris.

Metro City R1 - Buck vs John Doe - After a brief sampler during the NFG Rumble, the much anticipated clash between Brawler Bros Buck and John Doe is finally here. This back alley throw down is sure to be one for the ages, so tune in to find out if the Beast of Thunder can overcome the Metal Movie Star! - created on 05:04:03 09/13/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 10:48:46 09/17/2023. Cast: John Doe and Buck.

Dance Display - Djamila tries her luck by giving Chloe a call and challenging her to a fight at Marble Lake. Will the poledancer's risk pay off or will the pussycat popstar punish her? - created on 09:27:39 09/13/2023 by Lucky Chloe and last modified on 13:52:26 09/13/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe and Djamila.

Happy Hour with Hawksley and Honoka - It's the evening after the night before and Hawksley finds himself encountering a mysterious woman in The Dead Squirrel. Is it just his company she seeks or could she have more to offer the young Blaze Brawler? - created on 10:43:52 09/13/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 18:54:51 09/14/2023. Cast: Honoka and Hawksley.

Thunder and Flames - Following their earlier discussions, Junko has determined to redefine the relationship between herself and Ichika. First, she suckerpunches her in the face. Things get worse from there. - created on 02:14:08 09/14/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 18:52:44 09/14/2023. Cast: Ichika and Junko.

Kenzo's Meeting With Gregory Ilvich - Kenzo finds himself in need of clarifications in terms of dealing with all changes happening within this new iteration of Team Metal. Mr. Gregory Ilvich is more than happy to provide answers to the tech ninja's questions. - created on 12:49:07 09/14/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 12:19:32 09/15/2023. Cast: ARIA and Kenzo.

The Princess and the Farm Girl - Lyraelle's minions are hard at work, but one of them needs some fashion tips. - created on 13:14:38 09/14/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 09:09:48 09/18/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Chevy.

A Very Metal Welcome Wagon - Applying some basic first aid after her fight with Ichika, Iris runs into Djamila, who welcomes the magus onto the team. The resulting discussion covers self-confidence, promises of future sparring, and the snobbery of wizards. - created on 13:15:43 09/14/2023 by Iris and last modified on 12:16:42 09/15/2023. Cast: Djamila and Iris.

Metro City R1 - Nixie vs Ayala - Ayala faces off against Nixie in the Cabaret Candide for the first round of Metro NFG! - created on 15:57:20 09/14/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 12:14:08 09/15/2023. Cast: Ayala and Nixie.

Djamila meeting Gregory. - Djamila meets the new sponsor Gregory, discussing her future and talking a very important decision. - created on 11:30:10 09/16/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 11:01:21 09/17/2023. Cast: ARIA and Djamila.

Les Femmes de la Nuit - Echo runs into Djamila, the blind staff-wielding NFG fighter in Metro. Despite definitely feeling something 'off' about the strange dark-haired woman, the dancer makes a new friend. - created on 15:33:42 09/16/2023 by Echo and last modified on 11:01:49 09/17/2023. Cast: Echo and Djamila.

Un-Ghosting - A cake-fuelled Coco goes looking for trouble and finds him drinking at the Dead Squirrel. - created on 16:26:16 09/16/2023 by Coco and last modified on 20:08:26 09/18/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

Metro City R1 - Sarah vs Hated R - It's Sarah of Team Metal VERSUS Hated R of Team Thunder in this NFG SPECTACULAR EVENT! - created on 12:40:07 09/17/2023 by Hated R and last modified on 04:49:38 09/18/2023. Cast: Mint, Djamila, Hated R, and Sarah.

Moment of Silence - Fulfilling the promise he made before, Rei Hazuki pulls Junko into some individual training to address a few of the... issues noted in their first meeting. What results is unexpected for both master and student; Rei offers some advice for Junko, but it's advice with heavy caveats, and no promises of success. The question now remains: can, or will, Junko take the necessary steps? - created on 14:54:48 09/17/2023 by Frei and last modified on 20:00:44 09/18/2023. Cast: Frei and Junko.

It's A Bonus Stage Party! - With his home and place of business serving as the venue for the NFG tourney, Team Frost Sponsor, Abigail, decides to host a block party at the infamous Abigail's Scrap Metal in celebration of the end of Round One! There's beer to be drank, grilled Turkey Legs to be eaten and, most importantly, automobiles to be smashed! VROOOOOM! ... Poor Bred. - created on 19:08:28 09/17/2023 by Abigail and last modified on 09:48:23 09/21/2023. Cast: Angel, Maxima, Faolan, Abigail, Djamila, Zarine, and Hashim.

Time To Chill Out - Life under Team Thunder's roof is busy as always. Ichika and Chevy carve aside some time to catch up with one another and discovering some interesting new truths about themselves. - created on 11:49:36 09/18/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 03:26:07 09/23/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

Sufficiently Advanced Technology - The trouble with being really busy is that, to outsiders, it can look exactly the same as being incredibly apathetic. With Greg Ilvich handling the administrative tasks, Mint has been freed up to chase down some leads for her students -- and now it comes time to start getting her hands dirty. ... Figuratively. By letting Iris and Kenzo fight while she trolls people for fake internet points. - created on 08:54:42 09/19/2023 by Mint and last modified on 09:43:11 09/21/2023. Cast: Mint, Kenzo, and Iris.

Little Jack, King Elephant and Super Macho Dude - Exclusive footage from inside Blazin' HQ! See their training facilities, see their edgy decor, see one of their fighters smacked around by their sponsor! - created on 11:09:45 09/21/2023 by Angelina and last modified on 09:29:12 10/02/2023. Cast: Kongou, Hawksley, Zog, and Braun.

Metro City R2 - Hated R vs Buford - Coming in hot, Hated R and Big Buford go head to head at the Metro City's Drippin' Style. Like marmite and dog poop. But Hated R and Buford begin the start of a connection, a connection that is fused by the strict code of Juggavalues. - created on 14:10:44 09/21/2023 by Buford and last modified on 19:53:30 09/27/2023. Cast: Hated R and Buford.

Metro City R2 - Hawksley vs Iris - Look, there's only one thing you need to know about this fight: that stupid DJ's mixer had it coming. - created on 15:07:42 09/21/2023 by Iris and last modified on 05:47:54 09/22/2023. Cast: Mint, Kongou, Hawksley, Djamila, and Iris.

Metro City R2 - Djamila vs Genie - Genie vs Djamila. The two of them come in on their own feet. But only one leaves as such. Disclaimer:Inmates may or not may not been hurt in the making of this fight. - created on 09:04:52 09/22/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 12:48:51 09/23/2023. Cast: Mint, Genie, and Djamila.

Metro City R2 - Buck vs Coco - One of the NFG's premiere animal lovers faces off against the NFG fighter who is all of the animals. Is romance in the air? Or is that just the smell of something burning? - created on 12:12:59 09/22/2023 by Coco and last modified on 18:08:48 09/23/2023. Cast: Coco and Buck.

Metro City R2 - Zarine vs Chevy - Zarine and Chevy meet under the light of the moon to test their powers against one another. Will the Hydromancer prevail, or will the insidious power of the vampire triumph? - created on 19:45:12 09/22/2023 by Zarine and last modified on 17:54:31 09/24/2023. Cast: Chevy and Zarine.

Otherworldly Possessions - Fresh off of a heartwarming little tete-a-tete with Chevelle Beaumont, Princess Lyraelle decides to spread the love to her next prospect, Junko. Unfortunately, her attempts to light a fire under Junko's backside quickly have Junko threatening to do the same in turn - literally. Can the former hostess of a dark godling offer anything to a miko with a killer corporeal cohabitant? - created on 06:26:10 09/23/2023 by Lyraelle and last modified on 11:48:26 09/26/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Junko.

Metro City R2 - Ichika vs Tamaki - Atop the fashionable West Side Rooftops, laid-back Tamaki and perpetually highly-strung Ichika clash in a battle of sword and sake. - created on 13:41:31 09/23/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 04:37:13 09/27/2023. Cast: Ichika and Tamaki.

Talk Between Team... Friends - Iris and Djamila have a talk about things. Which ends up beneficial for both of them. - created on 18:04:56 09/23/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 13:14:10 09/24/2023. Cast: Djamila and Iris.

Actions Speak Louder - While Djamila has been busy fighting, Mint has been chasing down leads for Team Metal's training. As it happens though -- the time for Djamila's next training session has arrived. And also... there's something that -might- have been better left unsaid... - created on 13:20:21 09/24/2023 by Mint and last modified on 11:40:28 09/26/2023. Cast: Mint and Djamila.

Metro City R2 - Kenzo vs Braun - In the slums of Metro City, there is a fight hall that serves as the backdrop for a modern day battle between a tech savvy David vs. A bestial Goliath. Can the fight survive the clash between the two? - created on 19:58:36 09/24/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 11:47:21 09/26/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Braun.

Metro City R2 - Ayala vs John Doe - The NFG proudly presents, in partnership with the Dead Squirrel (not a furry bar), and John Doe Productions - Just Doe It! - the hottest fight of the century. Cat Girl vs Zombie Boy, a tale of Fangs and Fury! - created on 12:35:12 09/25/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 03:43:29 10/02/2023. Cast: Ayala and John Doe.

A Symphony in Silver - Iris has a proposal for Gregory Ilvich and Mint. Little does she suspect the revelations that her simple request unveil, as Ultratech's CEO takes a personal interest in the negotiations. - created on 09:09:02 09/26/2023 by Juliet and last modified on 16:06:45 09/28/2023. Cast: Mint, ARIA, and Iris.

Metro City R2 - Nixie vs Junko - Beneath the surface of Vito's Restaurant, the tricksy Nixie does her best to outwit her furious opponent who seems to have a particular dislike of darkstalkers. The outcome is predictably explosive. - created on 09:54:16 09/26/2023 by Junko and last modified on 19:49:21 09/27/2023. Cast: Nixie and Junko.

Metro City R2 - Laurel vs Sarah - LOU: "At 'Marble Lake?' I think we're in for another horror show. Let's just hope for Sarah's sake that she's the Final Girl." - created on 21:27:27 09/27/2023 by Laurel and last modified on 16:47:41 09/30/2023. Cast: Laurel and Sarah.

The Mystical Art of Kaffeeklatsch - In her haste to present a proposal to her sponsors, Iris had let a scheduled meeting with detective Brandon Malone slip her mind. His arrival gives her an opportunity to have a less weighty, though no less useful, conversation with a relative rarity: another spellcasting fighter. - created on 14:31:24 09/28/2023 by Iris and last modified on 14:59:30 09/29/2023. Cast: Brandon and Iris.

Ninja Training Day - After receiving an invite to the Ultratech American HQ, Nagase gives Kenzo some training in all things ninja-like and offers some critiques on some of the moves he had been working on. Alright! It's a showdown. - created on 13:37:24 09/30/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 11:38:08 10/04/2023. Cast: Nagase and Kenzo.

Cleaning House - Returning to Blazin' HQ after his match with Kenzo, the aching Braun is surprised to find it in just a little bit of disarray compared to how it was when he left. Oh, and a Cavewoman. Can't forget the Cavewoman. Well it's a shared space so the clean up after the party begins so that more viol--sparring can be on the table, Team Blaze style. - created on 17:20:40 10/03/2023 by Braun and last modified on 11:41:50 10/04/2023. Cast: Ayala and Braun.

Fire and Ice - Junko's made a reputation for herself as a brash, standoffish fighter. Her teammate Chevy wants answers. But she might not be ready for all the new questions that pop up along the way... - created on 22:29:40 10/03/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 13:22:32 10/16/2023. Cast: Chevy and Junko.

Metro City R3 - Chevy vs Hawksley - It's finally arrived. The battle between fire and water that the fans and the fighters themselves have been waiting for is about to commence. It seems like it will be a friendly affair with warm words exchanged but then Djamila and Coco show up to muddy the waters and even Abigail himself puts in an appearance. Will everyone be left in one piece or is someone about to get demolished at the scrapyard? - created on 18:27:54 10/04/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 05:10:54 10/09/2023. Cast: Abigail, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, and Chevy.

Metro City R3 - Djamila vs Buford - "Now what could be nicer than a lovely romantic meal at an Italian restaurant? Imagine, if you will, low lighting, delicious food, fine wine and ambient music. You've got all dressed up for your date and then in walks...Buford! That would make me angry enough to fight too. Let's see how long Djamila can cope with the Canadian's own unique brand of charm before she's smacking him with her staff. I'm cheering her on in this match, and after her perfect performance in the prison, who would bet against her?" - Kitty Fantastica - created on 09:36:29 10/05/2023 by Buford and last modified on 11:10:15 10/10/2023. Cast: Djamila and Buford.

Metro City R3 - Coco vs Iris - It's Brit-on-Brit violence at the Metro Skywalk in the latest round of the NFG tournament! - created on 14:33:33 10/05/2023 by Iris and last modified on 09:04:02 10/08/2023. Cast: Coco and Iris.

Metro City R3 - Ichika vs Ayala - The third round of the Metro City arc of the New Fighting Generation Project sees Ichika face off against Ayala for the third time - at least, by the schoolgirl's reckoning. Not interested in entertaining the fashion choices of Drippin' Style or reaching out to mend the misunderstandings of the past, there is only one thing that both fighters can agree to seek - a truly epic clash. - created on 14:37:20 10/07/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 11:19:35 10/10/2023. Cast: Ichika and Ayala.

Metro City R3 - Braun vs Junko - Somebody must be after fire insurance fraud because The Dead Squirrel is in for a fresh new look after Junko and Braun finish with it. It's fire and mayhem, NFG style! - created on 23:25:43 10/07/2023 by Braun and last modified on 11:38:03 10/12/2023. Cast: Junko and Braun.

Metro City R3 - Kenzo vs Kunoichi Inazuma - Kenzo Kuroiwa's opponent wasn't able to make it to the fight at the arcade and last minute replacement <s>Liza Eddow</s> Kunoichi Inazuma shows up to take the fight short notice. Some of the action spills outside of the ring as Kenzo struggles and fails to maintain his clean record of no collateral damage in his fights. - created on 10:57:56 10/09/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 11:45:02 10/12/2023. Cast: Raiza and Kenzo.

The Puzzle of the Pendant - Following his fight with Chevy, Hawksley was given a mysterious pendant by a NFG employee, said to be a gift from Djamila...but one he'd have to return. Looking for answers the Irishman meets the Iraqi for lunch in the hope he can solve The Puzzle of the Pendant! - created on 14:02:23 10/09/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 04:48:06 10/11/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Djamila.

Ayala and Djamila Get Together Again - Ayala comes visit Djamila at Team Metal. She needs a guest pass first. After that the girls have a great time together. They both cherish the moment as this is what Friendship is about. - created on 11:32:47 10/11/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 11:51:15 10/12/2023. Cast: Ayala and Djamila.

Metro City R3 - Amber vs Zarine - Zarine and the cheerleader Amber meet atop a roof for a dramatic battle! - created on 18:53:26 10/11/2023 by Zarine and last modified on 17:05:37 10/14/2023. Cast: Zarine and Amber.

Water Hazards - Chevy's hit a few roadbumps in her fights as of late; Rei Hazuki decides to check up and see how she's handling them. And maybe give her a pop quiz on what she's learned. - created on 15:33:55 10/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 10:02:04 10/15/2023. Cast: Frei and Chevy.

Metro City R3 - Genie vs Buck - On the platforms at Marble Lake, the esper warrior and the shapshifter face of in an explosive battle of brains versus beasts. - created on 19:40:22 10/12/2023 by Buck and last modified on 04:29:35 10/16/2023. Cast: Genie and Buck.

Metro City R3 - Laurel vs Hated R - Laurel vs Hated R! NFG MADNESS! - created on 15:08:08 10/13/2023 by Hated R and last modified on 16:43:45 10/14/2023. Cast: Hated R and Laurel.

New Threads. Same Style - Recent matches have led to one ultimate need: Wardrove change! Djamila ane Braun meet for the first time outside of Drippin' Style, but a mutual search for new threads leads to a contest of more then just fashion sense. - created on 15:34:37 10/13/2023 by Braun and last modified on 16:53:10 10/14/2023. Cast: Djamila and Braun.

Good Food Bad Thoughts - Djamila happens to find Daisuke loitering in Metro in between his busy schedule, and seems to sense something is bothering the Team Frost intern. Company and food is offered, and Djamila happens to get a sense of some issues Daisuke has he himself doesn't recognize. - created on 12:17:36 10/14/2023 by Daisuke and last modified on 04:37:56 10/16/2023. Cast: Daisuke and Djamila.

Metal Paradise - Katherine Flake AKA Moondyne Mouse decides to take a trip over to the Pink Paradise to check up on Djamila, one of Team Metal's sponsored individuals. - created on 17:08:56 10/16/2023 by Moondyne and last modified on 11:18:00 10/18/2023. Cast: Moondyne and Djamila.

There Can Be Only One - In a shocking turn of events, Hawksley Moore and Buck Finley manage to spend an evening in a bar without either of them getting into a brawl. There's plenty more to keep the two fellas entertained though, including the company of Princess Lyraelle Lightheart and Kitty Fantastica. - created on 18:08:43 10/16/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 11:30:49 10/18/2023. Cast: Lyraelle, Hawksley, and Buck.

Kenzo and Djamila Sitting In E.V.O.L.V.E - Two of the members of Team Metal happen to catch each other for a conversation. But with that conversation comes changes being made. - created on 10:53:36 10/19/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 02:31:21 10/21/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

Fighting for Charity - Braun finds Felicia running a fighting exhibition down in Metro Square with the proceeds going to charity! The werecat and lion man do battle. - created on 19:29:09 10/19/2023 by Felicia and last modified on 09:56:30 10/23/2023. Cast: Felicia and Braun.

Fire in the Halls - The incorrigible Hawksley Moore enters... the THUNDERDOME! Contrary to popular belief he's free to leave at any time, but he doesn't, and instead enjoys a discussion about the future, both the immediate tournament and what comes after. - created on 10:08:54 10/20/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 08:58:50 10/31/2023. Cast: Ichika, Hawksley, Chevy, and Buck.

Tempering Process - Taking stock of her things as the time to say goodbye to EVOLVE gets close, Iris runs into Djamila and Kenzo. The former two get in a quick spar, and everyone thinks about how to best prepare for the upcoming tournament. - created on 13:42:03 10/21/2023 by Iris and last modified on 16:43:01 10/23/2023. Cast: Kenzo, Djamila, and Iris.

Coco's New Groove - Feeling a little outshined by Chevy's new threads, Coco turns to her own team's mentors to seek her own glow up. Well, one mentor in particular who has some very unique ideas about fashion. Oh and the intern gets dragged along too. - created on 12:52:42 10/22/2023 by Angel and last modified on 13:11:11 10/31/2023. Cast: Angel, Daisuke, and Coco.

Kenzo in Paradise - Ayala and Djamila invite Kenzo to a party at the Pink Paradise to celebrate life, love and the future. - created on 12:45:47 10/24/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 13:52:32 10/25/2023. Cast: Kenzo, Ayala, and Djamila.

Braun and Djamila Keep Meeting Randomly - Braun is drinking outside the Dead Squirrel. He knows Djamila approaches, before she notices him. Yet he stays where he is at. Conversation happens. They get to know one another better - created on 17:38:54 10/25/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 08:35:20 10/27/2023. Cast: Djamila and Braun.

Spell Versus Spell - Iris Osterlund's magical tradition doesn't really include battle mages, meaning she's been kind of making it up as she goes along. Brandon Malone has considerably more experience using magic to fight, and he gives Iris a firsthand demonstration of just what magic is capable of on the battlefield in a training bout. - created on 14:54:08 10/28/2023 by Iris and last modified on 09:05:01 10/31/2023. Cast: Brandon and Iris.

The Braun And The Boof-tiful - Buford hunts down Djamila to confront her on a gift he received from her, but instead finds himself confronted by Braun in a tense moment of soap opera drama - created on 14:08:21 10/31/2023 by Buford and last modified on 11:07:27 11/02/2023. Cast: Djamila, Buford, and Braun.

The Fifth Element - Pure happenstance brings Rei Hazuki to the Thunderdome at the exact moment Ichika is training. He decides to give her a little clue to jumpstart further study of her abilities, but in the process both sponsor and student end up discussing much deeper topics than they'd anticipated... - created on 14:15:03 10/31/2023 by Frei and last modified on 12:09:52 11/03/2023. Cast: Frei and Ichika.

Kongou Takes It Downtown - Kongo goes downtown to look for something, finds Djamila and Bezique instead. Free hugs are part of the mix. - created on 14:59:18 11/07/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 13:26:59 11/08/2023. Cast: Kongou, Djamila, and Bezique.

Get Hell Soon - Coco is convalescing after a devastating finish to her second-round Finals match with Junko. Hawksley comes to offer support. Ariastra comes to offer healing. Chevy comes to offer flowers. Junko comes to offer apologies. Abigail comes to offer protection. In return, Coco can only offer venom. - created on 17:01:35 11/07/2023 by Coco and last modified on 17:06:44 11/11/2023. Cast: Abigail, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, and Ariastra.

Kenzo and Djamila's date - Their first date, where they have good food, and talk about important things. Will there be some faux pas? - created on 12:29:38 11/09/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 16:54:08 11/10/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

A Test Of Your Reflexes! - Searching for Braun and Hawksley leads Djamila to Blazin' HQ and a random encounter not exactly synched to her current character level! - created on 19:38:34 11/09/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 06:26:30 11/11/2023. Cast: Kongou and Djamila.

Right as Rain - In the aftermath of a disastrous hospital visit, Chevy had started to give chase to a retreating Junko. After a few small steps, she'd realized that the true remedy might just be a little time alone with her thoughts. But only a little though: to Chevy, the prison of a restless mind is bleak and oppressive. There's only one way to let those trapped thoughts out -- calling a friend. Or, in this case, her very own sponsor. - created on 09:28:15 11/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 04:48:14 11/13/2023. Cast: Chevy and Ariastra.

Mad Gear Rising - Operation: Get Well Coco did not go well, nor did it achieve its intended objective. But, some good did come of it, as a tactical counterstrike from Team Frost's largest operative began with a coded message conveyed to Chevelle Beaumont's private communicator. The message was clear: Come to the scrap metal yard. And come alone. - created on 18:31:25 11/12/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 10:00:36 11/15/2023. Cast: Abigail and Chevy.

Mistakes Were Made - [CW: mild self harm] Having given her what feels like a safe amount of time to deal with the aftermath, Rei Hazuki tracks down Junko for a little "what's next?" conversation that goes to some decidedly unexpected places... - created on 22:33:16 11/14/2023 by Frei and last modified on 20:29:35 11/18/2023. Cast: Frei and Junko.

Mutual Appreciation - While she's thankful to her mentors in the NFG, Iris realized in her fight with Buford that she was so focused on shoring up her weaknesses, she never thought about her strengths. A lunch date with Minal Panesh is a chance to put that question to the corporal. - created on 13:22:08 11/15/2023 by Iris and last modified on 09:56:02 11/19/2023. Cast: Mint and Iris.

The Greatest Path to Self-Improvement - There are many paths to improve one's skill in martial arts. Some subject themselves to extreme conditions to harden the body. Some find meditation to unlock the powers of the mind and soul. Others... take the express elevator to the vaunted heights of technology. - created on 19:39:57 11/15/2023 by Meifeng and last modified on 20:34:12 11/18/2023. Cast: Mint, ARIA, and Kenzo.

Extra-Curricular Fight - Djamila goes out without her security detail to search for a fight to let off some steam with. What was supposed to be giving a lesson to hoodlums becomes, instead, a chance meeting with a wandering brawler completely unrelated with the NFG tournament. - created on 10:53:45 11/17/2023 by Tarmo and last modified on 19:34:34 11/18/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Djamila.

Once is Not Enough - Djamila after her last fight with Tarmo, wanted more. She asks him if he would train her. They end up fighting again. What does she get out of this? There are no more physically imposing big guys in the tournament anymore. Yet. - created on 08:09:16 11/18/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 20:18:12 11/18/2023. Cast: Tarmo and Djamila.

Self Actualised - Coco receives yet another visitor. It seems like she can't catch a break! Or, can she. How the hell is it possible that Juri isn't the worst person to have turned up in her hospital room? Is the ex(?)-assassin going soft? ... No. Surely not. - created on 10:17:14 11/18/2023 by Juri and last modified on 18:34:49 11/23/2023. Cast: Juri and Coco.

Even More Brawly, Burly and Brawny - In the long awaited sequel to Brawly, Burly, Brawny and Slightly Hairy, recently appointed therapist Braun gives Hawksley an opportunity to speak out on the matters weighing on him: Meaning there is drinking and brawling. Much, much brawling. - created on 14:54:31 11/18/2023 by Braun and last modified on 09:45:14 11/19/2023. Cast: Hawksley and Braun.

Cutscene: Going My Own Way - A mysterious note delivered after her fight with Chevy sends Iris to a moonlight meeting in Metro Park with more serious implications than she could have imagined. - created on 13:38:52 11/21/2023 by Iris and last modified on 16:32:15 11/21/2023. Cast: Iris.

Chevy and The Blaze Boys - Chevy decides to take a trip to Blaze HQ to look for Braun but she's not expecting to run into Hawksley...literally. - created on 09:17:27 11/22/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 12:02:54 11/24/2023. Cast: Hawksley, Chevy, and Braun.

Suspicious Interview - Fate - or possibly some more deliberate will - brings Djamila to bump quite literally into a... very strange person. Who claims to be a journalist. With very strange interview questions. - created on 12:27:31 11/23/2023 by Katsuro and last modified on 04:30:00 11/24/2023. Cast: Katsuro and Djamila.

Meet The Parents - Hawksley arrives back at Coco's hospital room to find a surprise waiting for him. - created on 12:19:45 11/24/2023 by Coco and last modified on 17:43:08 11/26/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

A Big Surprise - Kongou drops in unexpectly to meet Djamila. Djamila confuses Kongou. But everybody seems happy. - created on 16:23:27 11/24/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 12:56:38 11/25/2023. Cast: Kongou and Djamila.

Ichikast 6 - The NFG Finals! - Ichika Kasumoto's fans have been clamoring for the young prodigy's insight on the last few rounds of NFG finals. Who better to plead for the next episode than the sword-wielder's biggest fan? - created on 13:40:20 11/26/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 08:03:56 12/05/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

Love Can't Protect From Everything - Kenzo and Djamila talk together. Then they have a spar. They thought Kenzo was safe after his match, but no one is safe from injuries... - created on 11:10:37 11/28/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 08:26:49 11/29/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Djamila.

The Truth Shall Set You Free - Mint does what she needs to do to get the truth out of Djamila about what happened with Kenzo. Something Djamila couldn't admit even to herself. - created on 09:02:05 11/30/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 03:33:31 12/02/2023. Cast: Mint and Djamila.

Bags To Riches - There's much gossipin' afoot as Braun seeks out Djamila to congratulate her on her journey to the finals and to discuss recent events when lo - a sudden pop star appears and must account for his dumpster filling misdeeds! - created on 13:50:58 12/08/2023 by Braun and last modified on 07:12:50 12/10/2023. Cast: Djamila, Braun, and Jace.

Djamila Confides to Daisuke - Djamila still hasn't gotten over what she did to Kenzo. She decides to call Daisuke to talk with him. Free sandwiches for the trouble. - created on 10:19:09 12/09/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 07:30:48 12/10/2023. Cast: Daisuke and Djamila.

Cutscene - Drafts Folder - Kenzo's road to recovery is just beginning but not all injuries are physical. - created on 14:07:25 12/09/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 12:17:46 12/10/2023. Cast: Kenzo.

A Lesson In Environmentalism - In an attempt to spread knowledge and good cheer, Djamila takes it upon herself to educate the massive gigas Kongou on the matter of hoarding reusable bags meant for the masses and not just the massive and in doing so hopefully walks away with some encouragement to bolster her into the final fight of the tournament! - created on 14:23:48 12/12/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 07:01:12 12/14/2023. Cast: Kongou and Djamila.

It's An NFG Holiday Party, Charlie Brown! - An amazing festive celebration of the end of NFG, involving the biggest and the most bombastic of holiday cheer! Who could possibly show up?! What guests will the spirit of the season bring?! - created on 16:10:39 12/24/2023 by Kongou and last modified on 17:38:17 01/06/2024. Cast: Vega, Mint, Abigail, Kongou, Daisuke, Kenzo, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, and Buck.

Interstate 76 - There are a number of great landmarks and stopping points along the way from Metro City to Beaver, Oklahoma: Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City. It's a good long drive with plenty of opportunities for Buck and Chevy to stretch their legs and enjoy a good, hearty meal. But before they can kick back and relax in the Midwest, they'll need to make their way through snowstorms, mountain passes, and... feelings? - created on 17:55:44 01/17/2024 by Chevy and last modified on 16:24:18 02/03/2024. Cast: Chevy and Buck.

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