Neo League 0201

NL#0201: Victoire vs Ahmya - Victoire, a professional fighter from France, makes her international debut against an unknown high school student. It's fair to say that things do not go as expected for anyone concerned. - created on 13:41:06 06/19/2022 by Victoire and last modified on 06:48:20 06/20/2022. Cast: Victoire and Ahmya.

NL#0203: Bob vs Victoire - In the aftermath of her crushing defeat at the blades of Ahmya, Victoire visits the Southtown Young Fighter's Institute where she sets up a far more familiar battle with Bob Richards. No gimmicks, no interfering costumes, just good old fashioned, no-holds-barred, hand to hand fighting. The polite Canadian and the exceedingly arrogant French fighter may look like near polar opposites to one another, but in a dramatic battle before the eyes of the next generation an unlikely friendship blooms between them. - created on 16:30:01 06/20/2022 by Victoire and last modified on 23:01:47 06/23/2022. Cast: Bob and Victoire.

NL#0202: Abigail vs Merrick - It's the new season of Neo League and the possiblity of cosplay has roused Abigail from his self-imposed exile from the Fighting Circuit! Is Merrick and the rest of the world ready for Mecha Abigail?? - created on 21:37:09 06/20/2022 by Abigail and last modified on 09:53:15 06/21/2022. Cast: Abigail and Merrick.

NL#0204: Hotaru vs Nikolai - Bury your doubloons and batten your hatches, as the Dread Pirate Borisyuk is storming the Great Fish Market in search of plunder. But what's this? A sailor without a ship? A Scout from Outer Space? Our last hope for salvation from the darkness? It's Sailor Scout Futaba, ready to put a stop to the Dread Pirate's villainy once and for all! - created on 23:42:41 06/25/2022 by Nikolai and last modified on 04:11:26 03/27/2023. Cast: Hotaru and Nikolai.

NL#0205: Tarmo vs NiCO - What starts as a Neo League match between two Finnish fighters turns into a race to find out -- just where did those blades come from? - created on 15:18:26 06/17/2023 by NiCO and last modified on 19:58:28 06/19/2023. Cast: Tarmo and NiCO.

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