Neo League 0165

NL#0165: Juliet vs Aranha - After receiving a letter from Juliet Pope, Aranha finds himself fighting at the Southtown Heritage Museum to see if there is truly is a flaw in his style and kicking off the 7th Season of the NL. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 16:39:28 04/22/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 14:57:35 04/26/2021. Cast: Aranha and Juliet.

NL#0166: Jae Hoon vs Juliet - In the arena of the Southtown Young Fighter's Institute, Mr. Hoon faces off against the Boxing Angel, Juliet! Can Justice triumph over divinity, and will anyone actually tell Juliet that his name isn't Mr. Hoon? - created on 14:51:34 04/26/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 22:23:09 04/27/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Juliet.

NL#0167: Juliet vs Mint - Juliet faces off against her fellow boxer Mint in the G-King Arena! There's no space for familial strife or career concerns in the ring; there's only the clash of fist against fist! Who will come out on top, The Boxing Angel, or the boxer with the freshest moves in town?! Find out in this Pay Per View match! - created on 12:39:56 04/29/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 10:32:24 05/01/2021. Cast: Mint and Juliet.

NL#0168: Juliet vs Dennis - A cop who is a good man takes on a girl who is an angel. In the process, fists fly, pride is bruised, and nobody comes out of the aftermath unscathed. Is this a Rocky first impression, or a glimpse Before The Fall? (Note: Due to a server interruption the csys messages at the end of this fight were lost, but the RP remains intact.) - created on 13:23:52 05/02/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 12:01:14 05/03/2021. Cast: Dennis and Juliet.

NL#0170: Jae Hoon Vs Mitsuru - On the rooftop of Taiyo High, Jae Hoon faces off against the fierce fighter, Mitsuru! Tension flies, and so to the kicks. Who will reign victorious? - created on 12:12:21 05/03/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 16:14:48 05/05/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Mitsuru.

NL#0169: Dennis Vs Tarmo - Dennis has called out the bear-wrestling Finn, Tarmo, to duke it out for the League rankings in the forest on the edge of Southtown! - created on 12:23:50 05/04/2021 by Tarmo and last modified on 15:51:35 05/05/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Dennis.

NL#0171: Mint Vs Tarmo - On the popular tourist attraction of the boardwalk in Southtown's Sound Beach, the Bionic Boxer Mint faces off against the Bear-Finn Tarmo, in a brutal clash of rocketpower boxing and pure physical force! - created on 16:31:07 05/05/2021 by Tarmo and last modified on 07:34:32 05/06/2021. Cast: Mint and Tarmo.

NL#0172: Dennis vs Kongou - Still trying to improve his rankings despite his loss to Tarmo, Dennis challenges the giant Kongou to a fight, hoping to use his experience fighting Abigail. Unfortunately things don't go so well for Metro City's cleanest cop at Southtown's dirtiest river. - created on 17:08:25 05/05/2021 by Dennis and last modified on 18:11:32 05/07/2021. Cast: Kongou and Dennis.

NL#0173: Juliet vs Tarmo - Meeting on the street after an enforced break from her trials within the Neo League, Juliet is eager to get back up to fighting fitness against Tarmo! The bearish Finn enters with a bright attitude and sticky fingers, but can his greater size, reach and experience match up to The Boxing Angel and her boundless spirit?! - created on 12:55:49 05/07/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 18:07:20 05/07/2021. Cast: Tarmo, Kongou, Dennis, and Juliet.

NL#0174: Jae Hoon vs Tarmo - In the atrium of the Southtown Museum does two honourable contestants come forth to fight in the Neo League! Take part in witnessing the intense match between Jae Hoon and Tarmo as they clash together in a battle of skill and strength. Who will rise to the top? [Winner: Jae Hoon] - created on 12:42:18 05/08/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 09:34:50 05/13/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Tarmo.

NL#0175: Mitsuru vs Tsugumi - Mitsuru and Tsugumi have a clash of fists- A battered Tsugumi Sendo has objections to Mitsuru's behaviour. - created on 09:36:23 05/13/2021 by Tsugumi Sendo and last modified on 16:32:07 05/13/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Tsugumi Sendo.

NL#0176: Banyu vs Rachale - A dockside battle between Rachale and Banyu, newcomers to Neo League! [Winner: draw] - created on 15:17:36 05/13/2021 by Rachale and last modified on 20:37:10 05/13/2021. Cast: Rachale and Banyu.

NL#0178: Jae Hoon vs Aranha - Jae Hoon while on a hot streak comes face to face with consistent top 8 finisher Aranha at the Old Line in Southtown to match taekwondo vs capoeira to see who's kicks reign supreme in the Neo League. - created on 18:05:17 05/13/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 09:54:10 05/15/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Aranha.

NL#0177: Upsilon vs Juliet - NESTs has determined, with scientific precision, the easiest possible way for their fighter to make a dramatic splash in the Neo League (and earn a large number of points in the early season to boot). But can science beat passion and heart?! - created on 14:34:10 05/14/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 17:15:36 05/14/2021. Cast: Upsilon and Juliet.

NL#0179: Juliet vs Donovan - Hot off the heels of her crushing defeat at the hands of Upsilon, Juliet takes on the stoic monk Donovan. A man who has yet to make any kind of entrance on the fighting stage, who will emerge victorious in the clash of monk versus angel?! - created on 02:54:43 05/15/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 13:06:29 05/15/2021. Cast: Donovan and Juliet.

NL#180: Roland vs Banyu - An experienced young man faces off against an inexperienced senior on the fitting backdrop of southtown's Fish Market! - created on 18:17:41 05/16/2021 by Banyu and last modified on 16:39:22 05/17/2021. Cast: Roland and Banyu.

NL#181: Juliet vs Tsugumi Sendo - In Southtown Park, Juliet and Tsugumi Sendo clash - two girls with a lot of heart and a desire to prove to the world that they have what it takes to compete at the highest levels! Neither of them may quite be there yet, but each finds in the other a kindred spirit, and neither is prepared to back down! Who will triumph, the Boxing Angel, or Gorin High's own shoot wrestling fanatic?! - created on 13:12:34 05/17/2021 by Juliet and last modified on 16:44:48 05/17/2021. Cast: Tsugumi Sendo and Juliet.

NL#0182: Lyraelle vs Banyu - Banyu was just a man looking for some groceries. That's when he noticed them - massing outside the store, one by one... - created on 15:05:12 05/19/2021 by Lyraelle and last modified on 09:29:31 05/21/2021. Cast: Lyraelle and Banyu.

NL#0184: Roland vs Abigail - Two men enter a mall. Only one can leave. Who will it be?! TONIGHT ONLY... on Neo League Live!! - created on 18:07:44 05/19/2021 by Roland and last modified on 06:36:52 05/25/2021. Cast: Roland and Abigail.

NL#0183: Jae Hoon vs Lyraelle - The last thing Jae Hoon could have expected on his way home from work is to be tailed, yet the purple mass of Lyraelle's minions enclose in. Suspicious, he arrives at a nearby park where he meets the infamous Demon Queen herself. A challenge is issued for a Neo League fight in a test of skill shrouded in mystery! Will the top contender fare against the infernal woman, or will he finally be knocked down a peg? [Winner: Lyraelle] - created on 16:25:51 05/21/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 22:06:34 05/24/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Lyraelle.

NL#0185: Juliet vs Roland - While Juliet's rising popularity gets her a big crowd, Roland quickly makes them despite him in this furious waterpark battle. - created on 01:28:07 05/25/2021 by Roland and last modified on 06:38:25 05/25/2021. Cast: Roland and Juliet.

NL#0186: Riki vs Tarmo - Having discovered the modern marvel of the Neo-League, Riki uses it to have a fresh fight delivered right to her! - created on 21:05:36 05/27/2021 by Riki and last modified on 09:14:07 05/28/2021. Cast: Riki and Tarmo.

NL#0187: Upsilon vs Banyu - The Crashing Tide of Banyu runs afowl of his latest challenger; NESTs agent Upsilon. The secret criminal organization observing the Neo League with designs to claim the coveted championship for themselves. - created on 10:24:10 05/28/2021 by Upsilon and last modified on 21:19:27 05/29/2021. Cast: Upsilon and Banyu.

NL#0188: Abigail vs Geese - In this Neo League match-up, Geese Howard takes on Abigail. - created on 17:19:31 05/29/2021 by Geese and last modified on 21:36:00 05/29/2021. Cast: Geese and Abigail.

NL#0190: Terry vs Abigail - Terry is curious to see the former champion of the Neo League, and challenges him in an all-out brawl! One that goes back and forth, and is down to the wire! - created on 20:38:09 05/30/2021 by Terry and last modified on 17:26:33 06/04/2021. Cast: Terry and Abigail.

NL#0189: Blazing Panther vs Mitsuru - In the most unusual Neo League fight, Mitsuru Tokugawa faces off against the masked vigilante Blazing Panther, and... well. Let's be honest, it's not great for anyone involved. Lot of crying and a judge rethinking his decision to stop drinking. - created on 13:55:07 06/02/2021 by Daisuke and last modified on 17:49:46 06/04/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Daisuke.

NL#0191: Terry vs Lyraelle - Terry is signed up to fight against Lyraelle in the middle of a training session!! Too bad nobody told him about that... but will it really be that easy to hunt the Legendary Wolf?! Either way, great for ratings! - created on 15:42:32 06/06/2021 by Terry and last modified on 19:13:26 06/07/2021. Cast: Terry and Lyraelle.

NL#0192: Upsilon vs Tarmo - Neo League Action in the Morning! Watch as the Dutch Experiment Upsilon takes on the Finnish Bear! Who will win this grapple showcase between the might muscle and the power of chi! Tune in to also see a performance from Haruka-Chan and T-Set. Provided no mishaps preempt the scheduled programming. - created on 11:28:32 06/07/2021 by Upsilon and last modified on 19:16:35 06/07/2021. Cast: Upsilon and Tarmo.

NL#0193: Jae vs Banyu - Flames and waves collide when Banyu and Jae meet in front of a quaint Southtown cafe. A close fight ensues, with both participants finding respect for their opponent. - created on 12:47:37 06/19/2021 by Banyu and last modified on 15:49:44 06/22/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Banyu.

NL#0194 - Banyu vs Aranha - Aranha and Banyu come together for a throw down at a fish market in Southtown. The action gets heated, literally, as both fighters are finding their energy acting weird. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 14:11:18 06/25/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 10:05:43 07/01/2021. Cast: Aranha and Banyu.

NL#0195: Tarmo vs Banyu - A battle of spectacle ensues between two giants, smack-dab in the middle of the Mars & Venus host clubs! - created on 16:57:39 06/30/2021 by Banyu and last modified on 10:22:06 07/01/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Banyu.

NL#0196: Mint vs Roland - The battle of the cybernetics! Does two giant fists match up with one entire arm? The pressing answer to this question is hidden inside... - created on 15:47:26 07/04/2021 by Roland and last modified on 22:38:13 07/05/2021. Cast: Roland and Mint.

NL#0197: Roland vs Kasumi - Roland and Kasumi have a high-speed battle, where the normally quick cybernetic brawler finds himself out-maneuvered for once. And ultimately, fighting a sexy kunoichi is a win/win for him in a lot of ways... - created on 22:47:01 07/05/2021 by Roland and last modified on 09:26:11 07/21/2021. Cast: Kasumi and Roland.

NL#0200: Jae Hoon vs Kula - Become witness to another thrilling Neo League match, wherein the current leader of standings, Kim Jae Hoon, gets to fight against his newly budding crush, Kula Diamond. Featuring a short cameo from Rock Howard, and the grand, glorious return of Hulk-sensei! (Winner: Kula) - created on 14:53:41 07/16/2021 by Kula and last modified on 14:32:46 07/22/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Kula.

NL#0198: Velvet Blue vs Aranha - Both Aranha and Velvet Blue receive invites to Neo*Geo Land to put on a show in one of the last fights for the Neo League season. There's acrobatics, a light show, and even some brutality mixed in. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 16:30:55 07/20/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 09:29:08 07/21/2021. Cast: Aranha and Velvet Blue.

NL#0199: Mitsuru vs Banyu - The Neo League Underdogs of Mitsuru and Banyu duke it out in a final stand in this season of the Neo League - created on 12:36:57 07/21/2021 by Mitsuru and last modified on 20:11:53 07/21/2021. Cast: Mitsuru and Banyu.

Neo League Season 7 Quarterfinals: Mint VS Tarmo - The quarterfinals for the seventh season of the Neo League begin! The first of the top 8 contenders to fight are the Bear Finn Tarmo and Bionic Boxer Mint! Which one will survive this clash of overwhelming brute force and rocket punches and move on to the semifinals?! - created on 08:17:59 08/06/2021 by Tarmo and last modified on 22:05:23 08/08/2021. Cast: Mint and Tarmo.

NL Tournament Lyraelle vs Roland - Roland tries to steal Lyraelle's gag and ambush her for the Neo League final! But can fighting dirty really work when someone sexy easily distracts him...? Well... tune in to find out! - created on 14:01:36 08/07/2021 by Roland and last modified on 10:50:55 08/22/2021. Cast: Roland and Lyraelle.

Neo-League Finals with Upsilon - Fresh-faced and ready, Jae Hoon goes into his first Neo-League final match against a rather fierce competitor. Watched closely by NESTS, their operative kickboxing champ, Upsilon, puts up a fierce battle against Kim's youngest son. Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, it is a wonder who will come out victorious in this passionate one-on-one! - created on 12:18:29 08/09/2021 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 22:12:52 08/25/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon and Upsilon.

NL Season 7 Semifinals: Lyraelle vs Mint - After barely eking out a victory against Tarmo, Mint finds herself stuck in a burning building with the celebrity succubus, Lyraelle! Neo League Season 7's finals series continues with a semifinal bout between the two points leaders! - created on 20:41:52 08/18/2021 by Mint and last modified on 23:40:38 08/20/2021. Cast: Mint and Lyraelle.

NL Season 7 Quarterfinals: Terry vs. Aranha - The Lone Wolf faces The Dancing Spider under the Southtown Overpass. The fight ends up being a brutal slugfest that is much closer than the odds makers had expected. (Winner: Terry) - created on 16:01:22 08/20/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 22:06:24 08/24/2021. Cast: Terry and Aranha.

NL Season 7 Finals: Terry vs Upsilon - A tremendous show of force and fury! "The Wandering Wolf" Terry Bogard takes on NESTs representative Agent Upsilon for the chance at Neo-League finals glory! Will the power of science overcome the mighty vagabond? Tune in yo find out! - created on 12:08:14 08/31/2021 by Upsilon and last modified on 01:32:27 09/05/2021. Cast: Terry and Upsilon.

NL Season 7 Grand Final: Terry vs Lyraelle - Fighting in the Hippodrome, will the heat of the Neo League finals boil away all the water? Will the stage even hold up?! Will the Hungry Wolves' passionate, individualized fans devour the manic efficiency of the Demon Queen's own Minions? Tune in to find out! - created on 18:42:56 09/09/2021 by Terry and last modified on 22:36:39 09/11/2021. Cast: Terry and Lyraelle.

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