Neo League 0143

NL#0143: Aranha vs Steve - The Neo League is back in business. In an epic showdown of fists vs. feet. Neo League Runner Up, Aranha takes on a former boxing champion, Steve Fox in a brutal showdown on the London Bridge. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 10:24:10 10/29/2019 by Aranha and last modified on 16:37:41 10/29/2019. Cast: Aranha and Steve.

NL#0145: Lita vs Tairyu - The organizers of Neo League draw in Lita Luwanda for a match for the sake of a ratings boost. And for her opponent, in turn the relatively unknown Tairyu is drawn in through interested Syndicate parties. (WINNER: Lita) - created on 12:59:17 06/29/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 14:37:54 07/07/2020. Cast: Lita and Tairyu.

NL#0144: Hayley vs Honoka Inoue - Honoka and Hayley have a Neo League battle after their mutual absences from the fighting ring! - created on 19:15:27 07/04/2020 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 13:42:30 07/06/2020. Cast: Hayley and Honoka Inoue.

NL#0146: Tairyu vs Jezebel - The Yakuza Operative Katashi Tairyu faces off against the advertising might of Lightning Spangles in a Neo-League showdown! (Winner: Tairyu) - created on 13:53:05 07/10/2020 by Jezebel and last modified on 21:29:46 07/11/2020. Cast: Jezebel and Tairyu.

NL#0147: Clarity vs Tairyu - It's a hot summer smackdown in one of Japan's famed bathhouses. See the roving American icon, Clarity Reece takes on the Southtown Syndicate Hotshot, Tairyu Katashi. - created on 16:08:11 07/11/2020 by Clarity and last modified on 01:06:22 07/12/2020. Cast: Tairyu and Clarity.

NL#0148: Tairyu vs Vuong - Tairyu and Vuong throw down in the Yokohama's Minato Mirai 21 district! Thunder and lightning, very very frightening! - created on 11:33:42 07/24/2020 by Vuong and last modified on 22:16:40 07/24/2020. Cast: Vuong and Tairyu.

NL#0149: Hayley vs Vin - In Osaka, Hayley encounters a new contender for the Neo League, who... is rather unusual, to put it lightly. - created on 16:40:15 12/31/2020 by Vin and last modified on 21:58:44 01/04/2021. Cast: Hayley and Vin.

NL#0150: Leona vs Mint - A Neo League fight between Leona Heidern and Minal Panesh turns into a clandestine sharing of military information and secrets as the contest goes from fighting ring, the pool hall. - created on 01:29:42 01/03/2021 by Leona and last modified on 18:12:26 01/28/2021. Cast: Mint and Leona.

NL#0151 Daniel vs Vin - Shadow detective Daniel and drunken boxer Vin share drinks at an open bar on the open seas, before fighting before a judgemental crowd. - created on 09:34:09 01/05/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 21:07:44 01/05/2021. Cast: Daniel and Vin.

NL#0152: Bob vs Daniel - Two detectives face off in the Neo-League under the lights of Fremont Street. While both hit it off really well, their fans end up drawing lines between each other... - created on 15:17:54 01/08/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 23:07:24 01/18/2021. Cast: Daniel and Bob.

NL#0153: Aranha vs Olivia - After having difficulties obtaining challengers after his open challenge on FightTube, Aranha sets up a pop up fight venue at Ipanema Beach in Brazil. American practitioner of an Afro-Brazilian martial art takes on a Brazilian practitioner of a Chinese martial art for Neo League points and promotion. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 12:09:21 01/22/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 22:04:12 01/23/2021. Cast: Aranha and Olivia.

NL#154: Tsinghua vs Olivia - 2 Cultures clash as the colorful brazillian kung-fu practioner Olivia faces of against a Rookie in the fighting Scene, a timid Chinese Envoy named Tsinghua. (Winner:Olivia) - created on 17:41:41 01/24/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 11:08:46 01/26/2021. Cast: Olivia and Tsinghua.

NL0155: Tsinghua vs Jezebel - Gong Family Envoy Tsinghua gets his first Spangles experience under the Arc de Triomphe, as the pair fight for the Neo-League - created on 09:59:22 01/28/2021 by Jezebel and last modified on 11:01:08 01/29/2021. Cast: Jezebel and Tsinghua.

NL#0156: Olivia vs Yun - It's just another day on the job for Genhanten's Employee of the Month until he finds a strange bird hawking complimentary desserts on his restaurant's very doorstep! Such an affront to the sanctity of Genhanten's domain can only be dealt with one way... through a Neo-League battle?! - created on 11:00:53 01/29/2021 by Olivia and last modified on 16:19:49 02/04/2021. Cast: Yun and Olivia.

NL#0159: Jezebel vs Olivia - Lightning Spangles visits the Restaurante Ribeiro, Bahia to face the NUMERO UM love bird hostess Olivia in a Neo League match! <Winner: Lighting Spangles> - created on 16:10:04 02/04/2021 by Jezebel and last modified on 13:44:31 02/17/2021. Cast: Jezebel and Olivia.

NL#0157: Daniel vs Lita - Lita goes to bridge over the Dotonbori canal for a fight by an unknown opponent who turns out to be her former ally Daniel Jack. Daniel tries to seek forgiveness while Lita fights with a brutality rarely seen in her televised fights. (Winner: Daniel) - created on 16:16:59 02/12/2021 by Lita and last modified on 08:38:17 02/15/2021. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

NL#0158: Kongou vs Tsinghua - A Titan and a Young Boy face off in a true David vs. Goliath Fashion, albeit with a very different outcome. (Winner:Kongou) - created on 19:33:22 02/15/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 13:44:17 02/17/2021. Cast: Kongou and Tsinghua.

NL#0160: Tairyu vs Mint - Sometimes Neo League picks a beautiful island paradise for a battle. Sometimes a frigid wasteland on the top of Mount Inhospitable. Guess which one Tairyu and Mint got dealt? - created on 08:19:10 02/24/2021 by Mint and last modified on 20:46:35 02/24/2021. Cast: Mint and Tairyu.

NL#0163: Daniel vs Hayley - Hayley and Daniel face off in the Laff Stop for a Neo-League battle, which ended up being a lot more creepy than it should be. Haunted Comedy CLubs should be illegal (Winner: Daniel) - created on 16:13:40 02/24/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 14:29:21 03/01/2021. Cast: Daniel and Hayley.

NL#0161: Tarmo vs Tsinghua - A finnish Bear-Wrestler and the Young Messenger, face off in the streets of Canne to the dismay of one very distraught Café owner! - created on 18:10:18 02/24/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 13:43:45 02/25/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Tsinghua.

NL#0162 - Yun vs Xolo - A Kempo prodigy with a smart mouth. A prizefighter who smells like drinking. The arena explodes. - created on 01:25:37 02/28/2021 by Xolo and last modified on 09:47:56 02/28/2021. Cast: Yun and Xolo.

NL#164 - Aranha vs Tsinghua - Capoerista Aranha has a clean fight with Messenger Tsinghua in front of the Chamberlain Memorial Tower, UK. - created on 17:16:54 03/04/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 01:20:27 03/05/2021. Cast: Aranha and Tsinghua.

NL6: QF - Daniel vs Yun - Having qualified for the final 8 of the Neo-League, Yun and Daniel face off at Genhanten to see who will make the semi-finals (Winner: Daniel) - created on 11:24:41 03/10/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 23:27:53 03/13/2021. Cast: Yun and Daniel.

NL: QF Aranha vs Olivia - The path to the Season 6 Championship for Olivia and Aranha starts with a fight at Stonehenge. Olivia aims to settle the score with a capoeirista who bested her on the path to get into Top 8 and Aranha is just aiming to be taken seriously. It is a strange fight with both fighters displaying abilities not shown in their previous bouts. (Winner: Olivia) - created on 15:41:27 03/11/2021 by Aranha and last modified on 19:11:25 03/12/2021. Cast: Aranha and Olivia.

NL6: QF - Hayley vs Tsinghua - Neo-League quarterfinalists Tsinghua and Hayley on the rooftops of Dubrovnik in a frighteningly close bout! (Winner: Hayley) - created on 15:37:26 03/12/2021 by Tsinghua and last modified on 20:31:54 03/17/2021. Cast: Hayley and Tsinghua.

NL: QF - Kongou vs Tairyu - The Neo League Season 6 Quarterfinals continue in the famous Sydney Opera Hall, where a Legitimate Businessman is brought to face off against the Titan crashing his way into the top 8! (Winner: Tairyu) - created on 20:17:23 03/12/2021 by Tairyu and last modified on 19:42:53 03/14/2021. Cast: Kongou and Tairyu.

NL Season 6 Semifinals: Olivia vs Tairyu - In the semi-final round of Neo-League Season 6, Olivia Ribeiro and Katashi Tairyu, having respectively beaten Aranha and Kongou in the quarterfinals, face off in a steamy showdown in a Japanese bathhouse. - created on 10:51:52 03/16/2021 by Olivia and last modified on 11:25:15 03/17/2021. Cast: Olivia and Tairyu.

NL Season 6 Semifinals: Daniel vs Hayley - Daniel and Hayley face off in the semi-finals for the Neo League, returning for a rematch in the foothills of Brazil. - created on 11:13:23 03/18/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 12:15:30 04/14/2021. Cast: Daniel and Hayley.

NL Season 6 Finals - Daniel vs Tairyu - The Neo-League finals take place at the Howard Arena, the point leaders Katashi Tairyu faces off against the Darkstalker Daniel Jack for the championship of the Neo League - created on 21:35:37 04/14/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 00:44:07 04/18/2021. Cast: Daniel, Mint, and Tairyu.

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