Neo League 0087

NL#0087: Marduk vs Hitomi - Yo Dawgs This is Craig Marduk laying it straight to ya. Don't you hate it when you end up having to fight the sluts? Your main man Marduk is always having to beat them off, and the other way around, if you know what I mean! But when you gotta to get in the ring with a skank ass ho, you know its gonna be a bad time. Here I am slamming down for the Neo-League with this crazy-ass bimbo who is just so damn thirsty. I had to hold back you know, yeah. So you know, I wasn't 100%. Craig Marduk doesn't go out of his way to hit girls, you understand? <Winner: Hitomi> - created on 17:53:43 08/14/2016 by Marduk and last modified on 12:38:56 09/09/2016. Cast: Marduk and Hitomi.

NL#0088 Mian vs Lotus - In the first public outings of two fighters at the Electric Fountain, one could expect a lot of surprises. The newcomer Lotus, with a vicious temperament and even more vicious style, faces off against the new face Mian, the strange chinese girl with the dancing technique. Who will win in the battle between art and violence? <Winner: Mian> - created on 21:45:44 09/12/2016 by Mian and last modified on 11:32:57 09/14/2016. Cast: Lotus and Mian.

NL#0089: MURDERHOUSE vs Tizoc - Metro City continues to heal from the scars of its otherworldly tragedy. The Capcom Wrestling Association, as to best get a bit more funding for continued rebuilding efforts, coaxes two wrestlers into a Neo League bout. "MURDERHOUSE" Mick, the garbage wrestler who sought far better than what the bush leagues had to offer. The Griffon Mask, a luchador looking to salvage his career by taking steps into the uncertain world of "real" fighting. Together, the two would be among the first to duke it out at this stage of reconstruction, much of the arena still exposed to the elements. The slams shall rain anew, as sure as the coming rain brewing in the sky... <WINNER: Tizoc> - created on 15:57:21 09/24/2016 by Tizoc and last modified on 04:52:18 09/25/2016. Cast: Tizoc and MURDERHOUSE.

NL#0090: Sven vs Rochelle - In this brutal Neo-League match, Sven Maester faces fighting tournament newcomer Rochelle, Sven pitting his aerial wrestling from Scandinavia against Rochelle's bo fighting prowess from Indonesia. - created on 16:48:59 10/09/2016 by Rochelle and last modified on 20:54:18 10/12/2016. Cast: Sven and Rochelle.

NL#0091: Rochelle vs Quon - Neo League prides themselves on being able to throw a match together on short notice. They bring together both Rochelle and Quon together to match staff vs fists. <Winner: Quon> - created on 13:20:14 10/18/2016 by Quon and last modified on 22:38:51 10/18/2016. Cast: Quon and Rochelle.

NL#0092: Rochelle vs Mimi - In the Floating Garden Observatory, the aspiring Southtown Syndicate assassin Rochelle faces off against a student from Seijyun High. It's a battle between staff and blade, between ruthlessness and tradition--which wins out in the end? - created on 22:48:27 10/21/2016 by Mimi and last modified on 10:29:15 10/24/2016. Cast: Mimi and Rochelle.

NL#0093: Rochelle vs Aaron - Aaron Fang faces the Neo-League forerunner in the high Rockies, placing Rochelle out of her usual comfort zone and putting Aaron in his natural environment. - created on 10:53:06 11/05/2016 by Rochelle and last modified on 08:00:34 11/07/2016. Cast: Aaron and Rochelle.

NL#0094: Masaaki vs Sven - With Sven Maesters at the top of the heap with his worldwide rookie belt, he has it all. He has defeated his mainstay rival Rainbow Mika. He is uncontested in his belt. And yet, he wants more. He wants respect. And when he has the change to face a newcomer in the Neo-League, he expects to get that respect. Unfortunately, he is rudely awakened by just what kind of opponent Masaaki Himura is... <Winner: Masaaki> - created on 14:37:14 06/26/2017 by Sven and last modified on 11:43:56 06/27/2017. Cast: Sven and Masaaki.

NL#0095: Lita vs Fei - Fei Rutherford is a newcomer to the fighting world- So why is he facing former champion Lita Luwanda in a Neo League fight- It was a brutal somewhat strange fight between a Wing Chun specialist and a generalist of multiple styles. (Winner: DKO) - created on 14:27:57 09/05/2017 by Lita and last modified on 08:54:27 09/07/2017. Cast: Lita and Fei.

NL#0096: Fei vs Sean - When Fei Rutherford is invited to take on a match in Brazil for the Neo League, he expected a fight in among a crowd of spectators in an arena! Not a fight on a dusty basketball court in a backwater town by an abandoned cathedral without a single person around to watch. To top it off, he has to fight Sean, who he has dubbed the flying monkey. Were the Neo League Officials even taking his matches seriously- In a match up of strict style versus creativity, who would win- (Winner: Fei) - created on 11:11:08 09/09/2017 by Fei and last modified on 15:50:18 09/10/2017. Cast: Sean and Fei.

NL#0097: Hayley vs Mint - Neo League, the bastard stepchild of the pro fighting world. Sure, when the world's falling to hell and tournament season is in full swing, no one even thinks twice about poor ol' Neo League. But now with Japan in an uneasy truce with the United Nations, everyone just -happens- to remember that Neo League's a thing again. Oh, enough bellyaching, Mint and Hayley have a fight, just read it! - created on 21:57:44 12/31/2017 by Mint and last modified on 22:42:53 01/02/2018. Cast: Mint and Hayley.

NL#0098: Fumiko vs Mint - "A Flower Blooms in Osaka" -- The Neo League. A place where new, untried, untested fighters can go to scrabble in the dirt to figure out just where they may stand in the world of greater fighters down the road. Fumiko Abe, a demonstrator and practitioner of the art of Iajutsu, has stepped up in the plate to find out if she can hang with real fighters. Her first opponent as a professional fighter is one, Minal "Mint" Panesh, tiny mechanized Marine. - created on 13:12:56 04/28/2018 by Fumiko and last modified on 01:34:49 04/29/2018. Cast: Mint and Fumiko.

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