Neo League 0064

NL#0064: Cracker Jack vs Honoka - Cracker Jack, flash in the pan champion of the Western Professional circuit, takes on Honoka Kawamoto of the Twilight Star Circus in the Neo League Season #2 Opener! A flashy battle from both opponents, ending with a bang! [Winner: Cracker Jack] - created on 15:19:55 11/21/2015 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 20:03:44 11/21/2015. Cast: Honoka and Cracker Jack.

NL#0065: Cracker Jack vs Rainbow Mika - In a grudge rematch, former Western Pro Champ Cracker Jack and Season One Neo League Champ Rainbow Mika go toe to toe in a match of pure, unstoppable violence beneath the Arc de Triomphe. [Winner: DKO] - created on 14:16:19 11/22/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 19:40:47 11/22/2015. Cast: Honoka, Cracker Jack, and Rainbow Mika.

NL#0066: Natsu vs Hotaru - Two Southtown Student Stars battle it out in the shade of the Westminister Abbey as part of the newly rebooted Neo League franchise! (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 15:05:54 11/22/2015 by Hotaru and last modified on 18:08:37 11/25/2015. Cast: Hotaru and Natsu.

NL#0067: Keith vs Ryu - The CWA has the honor of hosting a Neo League match to the league newcomer - but highly accomplished - Ryu. His opponent, Keith Walker, a street boxer of mysterious origins. The two are host to a battle that brings both to the brink... but what that brink actually entails, the other would not have immediately suspected from the onset... - created on 10:31:33 11/25/2015 by Ryu and last modified on 19:35:37 12/08/2015. Cast: Ryu and Keith.

NL#0068: Zach Glenn vs Cracker Jack - Zach Glenn and Cracker Jack slug it out in a bone shattering brawl! (Winner: C.Jack) - created on 18:11:07 12/04/2015 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 06:37:45 12/17/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Zach Glenn.

NL#0069: Cracker Jack vs Alisa - Cracker Jack faces the android Alisa in Osaka, the first public debut of a fighting android in Neo-League! ...And Cracker Jack's greatest challenge yet! [Winner: Alisa] - created on 16:58:15 12/06/2015 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 06:36:45 12/17/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Alisa.

NL#0070: Ryu vs Honoka - The Santa Maria is under attack from pirates! A fierce naval battle is the setting for a clash of wills between Honoka, of the Twilight Star Circus, and the famed World Warrior, Ryu! [ Winner: Ryu ] - created on 19:34:07 12/12/2015 by Honoka and last modified on 06:37:04 12/17/2015. Cast: Honoka and Ryu.

NL#0071: Cracker Jack vs Natsu - While Cracker Jack is quite a bit more powerful than the last, Natsu is at least somewhat familiar with how to deal with a baseball bat. [Winner: Cracker Jack] - created on 19:25:15 12/13/2015 by Natsu and last modified on 06:26:36 12/17/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Natsu.

NL#0072: Kensou vs Yuri - A Neo-League match right on the Noro Express! The daughter of The Kyokugen Karate Yuri Sakazaki faces off against Sie Kensou of Justice High. Justice High? What ever happened with the Psycho Soldiers... (Winner: Kensou) - created on 18:17:56 12/18/2015 by Kensou and last modified on 00:51:14 12/19/2015. Cast: Yuri and Kensou.

NL#0073: Kensou vs Zach Glenn - Zach Glenn and Sie Kensou square off for Neo League action! (Winner: Kensou) - created on 17:51:15 12/23/2015 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 22:36:57 12/23/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kensou.

NL#0074: Kensou vs Natsu - After Gorin High's victory over Justice High's volleyball team, Sie Kensou seeks revenge. Concealing his motives in the Neo-League, he challenges Gorin High Sports Star Natsu Ayuhara in a battle. But the question remains in the teenager's heart: was this really what he wanted? <Winner: Kensou> - created on 17:47:58 01/25/2016 by Kensou and last modified on 06:19:34 01/27/2016. Cast: Natsu and Kensou.

NL#0075: Makoto vs Cracker Jack - In an isolated Japanese dojo, Makoto marks her return to Neo League with a heart pounding duel against NL point leader Cracker Jack. Superior size faces technical mastery! (Winner: DKO) - created on 16:24:40 02/06/2016 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 08:56:46 02/08/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Makoto.

NL#0076: Sergei vs Daniel - Alternately: 'When The Shih Tzu Hits The Dan' - What's that, Daniel? You managed to get in the Chief's crosshairs again? That means a Neo-League fight. And not with a young lady this time. Oh no. This time it is with 6 feet of Spetsnaz fury. Are you gonna mess this one up, Little? (Winner: Sergei) - created on 17:00:10 03/16/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 21:21:16 03/17/2016. Cast: Daniel, Sergei, and Daisy.

NL#0077: Sergei vs Lita - In a freight car on Noro's Express, the United Kingdom's Delta Red swordswoman Lita battles the Spetsnaz White Angel of Death Sergei. (Winner: Sergei) - created on 11:59:11 03/25/2016 by Sergei and last modified on 22:59:52 03/25/2016. Cast: Lita and Sergei.

NL#0078 Kensou vs Cracker Jack - In the first place standings of the Neo-League? Cracker Jack. In the second place standings? Sie Kensou. The teenager had surged to the lead undefeated, where Cracker Jack had to earn his place with wins, losses, and draws. The pair meet at the old Crow Cabin by the Cliff. Will Kensou continue his streak? Or will Cracker Jack put him in his place? <Winner: DKO> - created on 22:53:11 04/15/2016 by Kensou and last modified on 12:16:54 04/16/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Kensou.

NL#0079: Sven vs Aaron - As part of a promotion, Sven Maesters, the world Rookie Champ, goes out for a Neo-League match with the number one Boy Scout fighter, Aaron. Heading to 'The Crack', the wrestler finds himself enduring the arrows as the boyscouts understands what it means to face the Warwolf. Who will come out on top? The Eagle, or the Wolf? <Winner: Sven> - created on 18:56:42 05/18/2016 by Sven and last modified on 22:34:13 06/01/2016. Cast: Sven and Aaron.

NL#0080: Aaron vs Natsu - The Vegas Strip is the home of this exciting Neo League battle, but it's not in the night lights for which Vegas is known, but in the fiery daylight. Arrows versus volleyballs! [Winner: Natsu] - created on 15:23:16 06/01/2016 by Natsu and last modified on 22:52:24 06/01/2016. Cast: Natsu and Aaron.

NL#0081: Stray vs Aaron - Neo-League: Stray and Aaron Fang go fist to bow in Venice, Italy, along the scenic canal as day turns to night. Will the Stray Cat, veteran of pit fights since his early teenage years, succeed, or will Aaron Fang's pure heart triumph? - created on 13:00:33 06/05/2016 by Stray and last modified on 21:47:11 06/07/2016. Cast: Stray and Aaron.

NL#0082: Kazuki vs Azumi - Kazuki Kirigana and the mysterious Azumi duke it out atop a moving train! - created on 16:17:44 06/18/2016 by Kazuki and last modified on 20:29:34 06/18/2016. Cast: Kazuki and Azumi.

NL#0083: Quon vs Azumi - One man and one werewolf meet up at a beach to fight. Does it turn into a brutal affair where one swears to end the other's life? Not quite. While still a brutal affair, it's actually pretty civil. (Winner: Azumi) - created on 20:10:36 06/19/2016 by Quon and last modified on 08:07:37 06/21/2016. Cast: Quon and Azumi.

NL#0084: Marduk vs Cracker Jack - When you come to Vegas, you expect to see the sights. Taste the smells. Enjoy the strippers. But some people, especially those in the Neo-League, are looking for a fight. And Cracker Jack, the hard standing champion of the Neo-League, decides that this Marduk fellow seems like a good guy to challenge, and recruit into Shadaloo even. Marduk wants to punch people. Cracker Jack is people. How well does the Marduk Experience go, in the end? <Winner: Marduk> - created on 17:59:14 06/28/2016 by Marduk and last modified on 20:13:22 06/28/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Marduk.

NL#0085: Alexis vs Craig Marduk - He beat up her mentor. She insulted his mama. It's a battle for mutual vengeance between a raging bull and an angry beaver on the Neo-League's dime when Alexis tracks Craig Marduk down to Club Haddaway in Jamaica. Both are ready to show each other what love is, and neither is ready to ask for the hurting to stop. What did Alexis say to get Marduk so mad? Can a beaver even hope to whittle a bull down to size? What is right and what is wrong? At least one of these questions will be answered in this very fight. - created on 17:27:31 06/30/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 16:54:33 07/01/2016. Cast: Marduk and Alexis.

NL#0086: Hotaru vs Marduk - YEAH! YEAH! You thought this is gonna be some honky ass match between a bunch of asians? Well guess what. THE MARDUK EXPRESS HAS PULLED UP INTO TOWN! And it got Hotaru's name all over it. Craig Marduk is gonna bring Hotaru TO THE END ZONE and send her crying to her mommy! But what the hell is Gen doing here?! <Winner: Marduk> - created on 18:08:40 07/03/2016 by Marduk and last modified on 18:08:58 07/08/2016. Cast: Hotaru, Gen, and Marduk.

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