Goofus and Gallant - Goofus Clone kills an orderly, and bites off the nose of another one while being forced to go in for diagnostics. Gallant Clone can walk to diagnostics unattended, and gets there early. Goofus Clone goes maverick in the middle of diagnostics, and threatens everything with fornification, death, and/or motorcycle riding. Gallant Clone gets his cake, and shares it. Don't be like Goofus Clone. - created on 17:31:41 10/27/2014 by Nameless and last modified on 21:29:25 10/27/2014. Cast: K9999 and Nameless.

For The Sake Of Panties - Nameless, disguised as Jason, has successfully infiltrated Taiyo High. But as he meets his fellow members of the football team, they are highly skeptical of their new teammate. In order to prove himself to the others, 'Jason' is made to join his teammates on a late-night raid over at Seijyun High. Nameless has been prepared for many missions, but does he have what it takes to handle... a panty raid? - created on 21:48:22 10/30/2014 by Nameless and last modified on 02:48:22 10/31/2014. Cast: Sada and Nameless.

Mistakes and Regrets - Kensou certainly made things hard for himself. Arrested by the police for assault, he soon finds himself out of the frying pan, and right into a fire, when the principal of Justice High, Raizo, decides to come over to the hospital where Kensou is kept, in order to talk to him about what kind of future Kensou was going to have from now on... - created on 00:40:06 01/01/2015 by Nameless and last modified on 02:43:09 01/01/2015. Cast: Raizo and Kensou.

SvN: Flashpoint - I was just supposed to be an clean, simple escort. Using the cover of Bastion guards, NESTS moved its special cargo through Japan. Shadaloo, however, has more than just a little interest, and ambush the transport vessel, all out. Soon, the nameless clone known now as Jason must defend the transport vessel from the infamous boxer M. Bison,.. - created on 16:45:02 01/12/2015 by Nameless and last modified on 03:47:17 01/14/2015. Cast: Sagat, Nameless, Juli, and M. Bison.

Girl Your My Angel - Reborn anew, the nameless soldier of NESTS comes out of another test tube, in order to tirelessly serve his masters. However, to bring him into the world of the living again, is a woman who rarely cares to live or die. Family is important in NESTS, but how can the nameless teenager endure a troublemaker like... Angel? - created on 15:42:53 02/04/2016 by Nameless and last modified on 01:01:12 06/28/2016. Cast: Angel and Nameless.

Maxima Come Home - Out in the Wyoming Wilderness, around a campfire, Maxima is found by the nameless NESTS assassin. But rather than simply getting the drop on the cyborg, the teenager pleads for him to return. Maxima will never sacrifice his freedom, however, as the nameless assassin repays him with retribution. - created on 13:29:10 03/01/2018 by Nameless and last modified on 14:51:52 03/02/2018. Cast: Maxima and Nameless.

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