Straight Flush - Nagase's rather public showings in the Rumble in the Streets tournament may have deluded the Skull Cross forces into a false sense of security. But, as she shows, the Southtown Syndicate doesn't simply forget about the crimes of the past: it gets even! - created on 15:15:45 02/11/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 22:05:59 02/11/2016. Cast: Nagase and Stray.

Big Missed Steak - It's not often that the tech-ninja decides to ditch her bumblebee-themed outfits and dress to impress, but some occasions call for it. A night with the big boss Duke at one of his favorite steakhouses -- what could go wrong? - created on 10:20:38 03/08/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 21:54:17 03/09/2016. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

The Ghost and the Mitsugami - The trapper becomes the trappee, as Team Ninja's best-laid plans are revealed to have been built right on top of their mysterious foe's even better-laid-plans. - created on 19:58:22 06/15/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 23:16:37 06/25/2016. Cast: Nagase, Maki, Ryu Hayabusa, and Seishirou.

Yoshiaki's High School Adventure - The warning bell has rung, and all throughout the busy hallway, students are bustling through the hallways to get to class. Two students are lagging behind, and a mysterious figure in a black hoodie is trailing along behind them. Waiting for them all at the door is the tall and handsome hot-blooded transfer student, still wearing the much-maligned uniform of his former school. As the transfer student cautions, with a husky voice, "Trespassers are not allowed," the mysterious interloper pauses, spellbound by his charm. "But in your case, I may make a special exception..." #PepperSpanglesAdventure #SpanglesAU #BaoziBuddyBoyStudios #CombotAdventureTeam #Hack [Pay 20 Moebucks To Continue Reading] - created on 19:26:38 08/30/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 21:58:28 09/09/2016. Cast: Nagase and Lee Chaolan.

Privacy Not Guaranteed - Nagase is a ninjutsu prodigy, but she's been hitting a wall lately. Sometimes you just need to branch out in order to reach new horizons -- and if that means starting a rivalry in the Southtown Mall, so be it! - created on 13:49:34 06/20/2017 by Nagase and last modified on 19:54:14 06/22/2017. Cast: Nagase and Mai.

Door To Door - Dahlia has gone underground, and Nagase believes she'll be trying to liquidate all of her assets to keep the fledgling Akatsuki afloat. But in the midst of pursuing that lead, the Syndicate kunoichi stumbles across someone with more intimate knowledge of the shadowy crime boss. - created on 12:42:32 12/17/2018 by Nagase and last modified on 11:01:48 12/21/2018. Cast: Nagase and Zach Glenn.

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