Mortal Kombat

A Taste of Things to Come - On the island of the damned in the midst of the Lost Sea a gathering takes place. It is the commencement of the final Mortal Kombat tournament that will decide Earth's fate. Champions from Earth are summoned but their Divine Arbiter seems missing... - created on 20:49:49 09/01/2016 by Shang Tsung and last modified on 02:22:39 09/29/2016. Cast: Honoka, Iori, Aranha, Charlie, Zach Glenn, Daniel, Zabel, Scorpion, Reptile, Nakoruru, Ryu Hayabusa, Cyrax, Alexis, Eadni, Shang Tsung, Cassie, Lotus, and Cooper.

Kombat Briefing - The night after Shang Tsung's demonstration, some of his 'esteemed guests' are gathered in the barracks for some basic reminders of how /not/ to let Outworld overrun one's planet. The guest lecturer has some eavesdroppers, though, who are quick to offer their critiques. Nothing is what it seems... or perhaps everything is? - created on 15:36:32 09/03/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 01:11:40 09/04/2016. Cast: Ingrid, Honoka, Zach Glenn, Ryu Hayabusa, and Kotal.

"Living" Forest - Two of the early visitors to the island on the edge of reality find themselves braving the horrors of an old forest. There, questions are answered with riddles. But some horrors are best left untested, some histories left undiscovered. - created on 16:39:04 09/04/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 01:53:30 09/05/2016. Cast: Honoka and Nakoruru.

Mission Log: Kombat Primer - Zach Glenn seeks answers about the Mortal Kombat tournament from the only source he knows how to reach. Stakes are established, and the mending of fences started. - created on 18:58:42 09/10/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 22:19:41 09/10/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Nightwolf.

Signs and Portends - Is it an inscrutable message from an unknowable god or a simply the random odds of pure chaotic chance that puts Nakoruru on a path to an encounter with the self proclaimed Sorcha, the Mighty Terrible? - created on 19:40:07 09/10/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 10:23:13 09/12/2016. Cast: Nakoruru and Sorcha.

Task Force International: At The Enemy's Gates! - While ace detective Daniel 'Jack' Little of Interpol can handle anything, he can't handle everything. That's when the Task Force International Team comes in. A specialized task force of international experts, they fight the battles that Daniel Jack cannot handle. Starring Major Nash of the United States Military, The White Angel of Death of Russia, The laidback playboy Agent Bolivar Diez of South America, the prim and priss Lieutenant Lita Luwanda of England, and of course, Agent Little himself. Will they be able to save Daniel Jack.. At The Enemy's Gates? (The cover shows the fi- six members of the Task Force Squad. Agent Little is currently in a cage in some jungle prison camp, alongside Senator John McCain. As he is being poked by ornately-garbed guards with spears and hooks, the rest of the team is rushing in. The White Angel Of Death, garbed in her White Spetznaz Uniform, leads the way with an AK-47 pointed directly at them, with Major Nash alongside her with a Thompson Submachinegun. Agent Diez, the hot-blooded Latino, is busy mixing a drink off to the sides, as he woos a female guard in a strapless red dress, distracting her. Agent Lita, armed with a katana, is busy pointing the sword at both Daniel Jack and the Senator from Arizona) (45 cents) - created on 16:02:33 09/11/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 20:24:14 09/12/2016. Cast: Daniel, Sergei, and Bolivar.

Strangers On a Foreign Shore - Aranha and Alexis meet on the beach of Shang Tsung's island, each putting their energy to use before the beginning of Mortal Kombat in their own way. The two discuss their thoughts on the coming tournament, the use of music in martial arts, and a shared history of recent hospitalization. - created on 21:12:56 09/11/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 10:22:36 09/12/2016. Cast: Aranha and Alexis.

MK Round 1: Reptile vs Eadni - Shang Tsung: "REPTILE. Find the old woman who spoke out of turn at the reception. EADNI, I believe. I find those of loose tongue somewhat ill of manners. Perhaps she will find herself more amenable to your brand of conversation." - created on 11:58:48 09/12/2016 by Reptile and last modified on 15:22:38 09/20/2016. Cast: Reptile and Eadni.

MK Round 1: Takako vs Alexis - "For the next, we have an interesting battle. My servants have managed to exercise the will of the elder gods by pulling a chosen one who was almost lost. ALEXIS LOVELL. You'll be facing TAKAKO FUJIWA. Perhaps you will both find the Portal chamber in my Tower where you were summoned a comforting stage." - created on 16:55:10 09/12/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 02:16:26 09/15/2016. Cast: Takako and Alexis.

MK Round 1: Kitana vs Daniel - Princess Kitana vs. Daniel Little "While many governments have interest in the events beneath the realm, the governance of Earthrealm has no meaning in the face of the great tournament. The best way to make this known is Kombat. DANIEL. The daughter of the emperor wishes to meet you at the gates to the palace." - created on 01:44:18 09/13/2016 by Kitana and last modified on 03:30:13 09/26/2016. Cast: Daniel and Kitana.

MK Round 1: Kain vs Rose - A German and a Gypsy step into a ravenous and unnatural, desecrated hellscape colored by endless war to do epic battle. It feels like there's some kind of symbolism here... Either way, presented for one's viewing pleasure is near-Mortal Kombat between several philosophical contenders. (Winner: Kain) - created on 20:13:26 09/13/2016 by Kain and last modified on 12:38:40 10/02/2016. Cast: Kain and Rose.

MK Round 1: Honoka vs Sergei - SHANG TSUNG: "Ah. There is someone here with great interests in our grand tournament, and the Kombat that defines it. SCARLET DAHLIA, please let me be the first to introduce you to the considerable release of Kombat. You'll be fighting the military operative SERGEI DRAGUNOV. You may use the top of the tower for your battle. It should be an .. able grounds to redefine yourselves." - created on 16:23:37 09/14/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 19:03:28 09/25/2016. Cast: Honoka and Sergei.

MK Round 1: Julia Chang vs Bolivar Diez - Julia and Bolivar lock horns in the spike pit before the watching eyes of NetherRealm's dark entities. Despite Julia's resolute willpower, Bolivar dispatches her mechanically as his momentum builds. - created on 17:22:41 09/14/2016 by Bolivar and last modified on 02:18:09 09/15/2016. Cast: Julia and Bolivar.

MK Round 1: Momoko vs. Jao(?) - "I will admit, in all of the years of Mortal Kombat, I've not seen fighters quite so young. JAO PUNTASRIMA. You'll be fighting MOMOKO in the courtyard. Either the elder gods have seen fit to hold wisdom from me... or humor. Please feel free to make all the mess you please." - created on 19:18:35 09/14/2016 by Rust and last modified on 05:03:38 09/18/2016. Cast: Momoko and Rust.

MK Round 1: Kotal vs. Ryu - "A champion against a champion. One of Outworld's most promising minds, returned to share his wisdom with his former brothers in arms. KOTAL. You will face RYU today, in the Warrior Shrine. I understand Ryu is one of Earthrealm's most promising. Maybe there will be something that you can share." - created on 10:42:07 09/15/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 19:56:27 09/15/2016. Cast: Ryu and Kotal.

MK Round 1: Charlie vs. Testament - Fate brings two Kombatants with history together, as the bloody Gear, Testament, faces off against Major Charlie Nash of Special Forces. However, who ends up the one giving in to bloodthirst more of the two, when outside influences come into play? - created on 16:52:22 09/15/2016 by Charlie and last modified on 23:31:13 09/15/2016. Cast: Charlie and Testament.

MK Round 1: Aya Hazuki vs Lita Luwanda - Directed by Shang Tsung, Aya Hazuki and Lita Luwanda meet in the spike-topped Kombat Tomb for the darkest timeline version of an exhibition match. It seems to be a fairly tense battle of equals until a dangerous experiment on Aya's part makes things go horribly wrong... - created on 15:26:06 09/16/2016 by Aya and last modified on 01:44:05 09/17/2016. Cast: Aya and Lita.

MK Round 1: Zach Glenn vs Aranha - "ZACH GLENN. You'll be facing ARANHA at the dead pool at the base of my tower. Don't you find it fascinating that certain of us always find ourselves at the precipice of history? A thought, nothing more." - created on 20:19:17 09/16/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 01:32:03 09/17/2016. Cast: Aranha and Zach Glenn.

MK Round 1: Juri vs Henchman - Juri vs. ????: "A battle of untold savagery. JURI. GRANT. Among all of our fighters who have gathered here today, I take special interest in those who do not believe in the fetters that society-**A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED!** Or, I guess you could fight that one guy down there who is already in the ring. - created on 15:14:14 09/17/2016 by Juri and last modified on 04:22:40 09/26/2016. Cast: Juri and Henchman.

MK Round 1: Zabel vs Cyrax - He may not be fighting a resident of Outworld, but with Zabel as his opponent Cyrax is up against something at least as monstrous. A battle of the buzzsaws, with high tech versus dark magic. - created on 16:24:19 09/17/2016 by Zabel and last modified on 23:17:23 09/17/2016. Cast: Zabel and Cyrax.

MK Round 1: Athena vs. Akuma - It's seldom the elder gods get to see purity of purpose meet purity of spirit. ATHENA ASAMIYA. You'll fight the master of the fist, AKUMA. You'll fight in the pit. Let us see which falls by the wayside. - created on 18:36:20 09/17/2016 by Athena and last modified on 00:46:09 09/24/2016. Cast: Athena and Akuma.

MK Round 1: Vega vs Nightwolf - "There is someone here who is not on the manifest. Very interesting. An unknown from Thailand, was it? I trust you've found my gift of shard well. KAMON, you'll fight someone who has been waiting a long time to arrive at my island. NIGHTWOLF. You'll fight in the palace kombat chamber." - created on 18:20:13 09/19/2016 by Nightwolf and last modified on 22:35:12 09/20/2016. Cast: Vega and Nightwolf.

Halfdeadasaurus Orphanage - Left to her own devices by Takako Fujiwa, the defeated Alexis Lovell sits upon the cold stone floor of the tower's portal chambers. Her brush with death comes to a strange head when Howard Rust, Jr. and his adopted son Jao Puntasrima - for reasons unknown - just happen along her way. Hope, despair, and resignation all seem to be juggled amongst one another, but who knows what each will ultimately keep hold of in the coming days? - created on 20:47:43 09/19/2016 by Rust and last modified on 20:15:19 09/20/2016. Cast: Rust and Alexis.

MK Round 1: Baiken vs Scorpion - Some of us came to the island for promises of vengeance. Of recompense for some slight. A powerful agent from beyond the grave has risen, looking for someone. But there is another agent at play. SCORPION. BAIKEN. Perhaps you'd like to meet one another on the field of battle. Please. Make yourselves comfortable in the temple. - created on 17:26:20 09/22/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 11:14:08 09/23/2016. Cast: Scorpion and Baiken.

A Story for Three - A rare moment of peace and recovery affords two of Earth's Lucky Chosen to get acquainted, recover from their battles, and share some about their own stories that have brought them to this point. - created on 22:56:29 09/22/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 10:14:20 09/26/2016. Cast: Aya and Nakoruru.

MK Round 1: Nakoruru vs Erika - NAKORURU. Another self appointed protector of Earth. I wonder if your mettle will hold up to the test of time. You'll face ERIKA, whose fortune is contingent on seeing that it doesn't. You'll fight in the quarries beneath my palace. May glory go to the wisest. - created on 16:29:44 09/24/2016 by Erika and last modified on 10:10:16 09/25/2016. Cast: Nakoruru and Erika.

MK Round 1: Cassie vs Sorcha - On the quiet and peaceful beach of Shang Tsung's island, two warriors will face one another in Mortal Kombat! Who shall emerge the victor - the crazed minion of Chaos or the witty agent of the Law? - created on 19:47:47 09/25/2016 by Sorcha and last modified on 02:48:54 09/26/2016. Cast: Sorcha and Cassie.

(Special) Forces At Work - The calm before the storm leads Major Charlie Nash and Sergeant Cassie Cage to the quiet shrine. bracing for what's to come and making plans once things start to truly turn up the heat. - created on 20:03:44 09/26/2016 by Charlie and last modified on 22:30:40 09/26/2016. Cast: Charlie and Cassie.

MK Round 1: Ken Masters vs Henchman - ...Every Stupid Kool-Aid Drinking Mook -- Some Random Hallway. "On occasion, the gods can only be satiated by a battle of ferocity against skill. IORI YAGAMI. KEN MASTERS. You'll do battle at the foot of the subterranian throne of our current champion, Goro. Perhaps seeing the bones of all those who came before will inspire you." *whispering noises* "What? Again?! So be it..." - created on 20:07:20 09/26/2016 by Henchman and last modified on 02:02:14 09/27/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Henchman.

Never Alone - Solitude can be a difficult thing to appreciate when it has never truly been experienced. The price of victory over the Demon at the Pass is almost more than Asamiya can bear, one wiser than her sees a possible path forward. - created on 23:21:10 09/26/2016 by Athena and last modified on 11:05:01 09/29/2016. Cast: Athena and Kenshi.

A Window To The Past - Tendrils of soul energy act as living splints for the Scarlet Dahlia as she prepares for her next battle in the Mortal Kombat tournament. In the midst of the Dahlia's practice, Nakoruru arrives to provide her with a much-needed ray of hope. - created on 23:54:49 09/26/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 01:37:18 10/02/2016. Cast: Honoka and Nakoruru.

Task Force International: Death In The Ranks! - After the first rounds of fights had come, tragedy struck the International Task Force with the death of it's Russian, The White Angel of Death. Having been killed by a vicious criminal in mortal combat, the soldier was given a burial in the gravemarker. The team's own mortality has come into question, as they convene to discuss what it means to have a... Death In The Ranks. (The cover shows a graveyard, where a lone tombstone sits by a tree. It states 'White Angel of Death,' with an effigy of the woman on it, scarred and all. Three people are beside the gravestone; Agent Bolivar is embracing Lieutenant Lita as she sobs into his chest over the grave, while Major Charlie Nash is saluting the gravemarker, a single tear in his eye. A cutaway to below ground, however, shows that The White Angel of Death is NOT buried underneath, but in fact Agent Little himself. The detective is in a coffin, pounding up on the lid of the coffin, shouting aloud in the hopes that the others can hear him.) (45 cents) - created on 13:22:26 09/27/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 14:48:47 10/05/2016. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

From Bad To Worse - Ryu, the World Warrior, has had a rough few days. His battle with Kotal during the Divinement left him with wounds both physical and mental that he very clearly needs time to heal. And that's absolutely why I-No drops out of the sky to make fun of him until he decides to try and punch her face clean off. Hilarity ensues. - created on 19:10:44 09/28/2016 by I-No and last modified on 03:57:37 09/29/2016. Cast: Ryu and I-No.

MK Round 2: Zach Glenn vs Kitana - Zach Glenn and Kitana test the strength of their ideals and their bodies in Mortal Kombat. Only one will rise victorious. - created on 14:06:26 09/30/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:26:41 10/04/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kitana.

Rally Point on the Island - Bolivar eats a meal with Lt. Lita Luwanda in Shang Tsung's castle, discussing the events that occured during the first round of the Mortal Kombat tournament. - created on 21:03:01 09/30/2016 by Bolivar and last modified on 13:46:46 10/06/2016. Cast: Lita and Bolivar.

MK Round 2: Testament vs Kotal - "Many of you may have noticed that you often take the field against those that represent your realm. Rest assured, this is not accidental. Though I can never exactly account for the whims and wills of the elder gods, one thing to be assured is that they loathe imbalance. Regardless of our own will and our own declarations, the gods make their desires cler. KOTAL. TESTAMENT. You have a mutual destiny in my tower." - created on 18:50:05 10/01/2016 by Kotal and last modified on 00:58:46 10/02/2016. Cast: Testament and Kotal.

MK Round 2: Sheeva vs Charlie - "I've always respected great leaders. It's a trait so rare these days. My favorite aspect is that there are so many different types of leaders. Inspirational leaders, generous leaders, wise leaders. And then there are terrifying leaders. CHARLIE NASH. You are not prepared for the world you are about to enter. Let me show you. Deep in the catacombs beneath my palace, there is a throne room. It is the throne of one of the greatest leaders a warrior like yourself could have the pleasure of knowing. Maybe you will survive long enough to meet the grandmaster. But until then, you will fight SHEEVA." - created on 19:46:26 10/01/2016 by Sheeva and last modified on 00:31:47 10/02/2016. Cast: Charlie and Sheeva.

MK Round 2: Zabel vs Daniel - "Ah. DANIEL LITTLE. I have a surprise for you. I trust the princess found you well? I see so little of her these days. At any rate. Go to the drainage pools at the base of my tower. There is someone there who wishes to test your mettle. Admittedly, I have so little interest in the latest practices of the realm, my taste being so much more ..refined. But I am sure your acquaintance will be well handled by the dear ZABEL ZAROCK." - created on 14:18:36 10/02/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 13:24:17 10/06/2016. Cast: Daniel and Zabel.

The Price of Chosen - In the darkest of places, two who have sacrificed everything to pursue their calling meet. In a time of utter desperation, alliances and friendships are formed of unbreakable steel, and hopeful plans are given a voice. - created on 16:02:46 10/02/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 23:33:13 10/06/2016. Cast: Nightwolf and Nakoruru.

Time Share Hidey Hole - Kenshi Takahashi, an Earthrealm champion and blind telekinetic swordsman, finds himself having to act with discreet movements and care to not tip his hands to the many eyes of the sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Retiring to a well-hidden safe space within the Wastes, he comes in to find that two others have, somehow, found this same humble hide-out from the elements and Outworld agents... what sort of branches will fate take following this mild inconvenience? - created on 18:07:17 10/02/2016 by Rust and last modified on 22:26:51 10/02/2016. Cast: Rust and Kenshi.

MK Round 2: Aranha vs Honoka - SHANG TSUNG: "Next, SCARLET DAHLIA. It pleases me to see that you have survived your injuries. It pleases me very deeply. We will all remember what.. happened.. to the Russian, but they say his conduct is understandable, and I agree. It is seldom that a man encounters such rare breeding and sharp beauty in a woman with a blade to match. I'll have you battle ARANHA in my throne room, where I will hold your audience personally. I have no doubt you will bring glory to austere proceedings." - created on 19:46:11 10/02/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 10:25:17 10/04/2016. Cast: Honoka, Aranha, and Shang Tsung.

MK round 2: Munin vs Erron Black - Deep in the bowels of Shang Tsung's palace, one hopeful spy is set upon by an agent of Outworld. Will life triumph over death in this most important of tournaments? - created on 16:13:36 10/03/2016 by Erron Black and last modified on 19:32:25 10/03/2016. Cast: Munin and Erron Black.

Mortal Kombat - MK Round 2: Akuma vs Juri - Earthrealm savagery is always a treat for some of us here. It is seldom we have occasion to see Earthrealm warriors with the will to do what it takes to truly win. However, today one warrior seems to truly wish to be here and one does not. In this, there is opportunity. I've taken the liberty of preparing the beachfront. But will you, JURI HAN, change your mind once you are placed in a true kombat with AKUMA? After all, if the task ill fits you, there is always one opportunity to rest. - created on 03:47:23 10/04/2016 by Juri and last modified on 22:15:56 10/07/2016. Cast: Akuma and Juri.

The Second Glen - With the aid of the ancient kamui and the souls bound to her, the Scarlet Dahlia delves into the condemned excavation in search of the recently departed. - created on 13:08:35 10/05/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 11:40:52 10/07/2016. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

MK Round 2: Aya vs Lotus - As round one of Mortal Kombat begins, swordswoman Aya Hazuki faces off against the nimble psychopath, Black Lotus, in the Warrior Shrine. - created on 18:37:59 10/05/2016 by Aya and last modified on 23:23:28 10/05/2016. Cast: Aya and Lotus.

Get Your Head Together... - Mortal Kombat is named for the understanding that a terrible fate will usually be dealt to the loser. Munin Arshe, one of the unfortunate losers, is left to rot after being executed at gunpoint in her battle against the forces of Outworld. Ryu, en route to a fated battle with a friend, happens upon the fallen... there is but one grace, one miracle, that can be bestowed, but would the price be willingly paid with Earthrealm at stake? - created on 23:13:08 10/05/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 12:36:45 10/06/2016. Cast: Ryu and Munin.

MK Round 2: Rust vs. Erika - "ERIKA, you will fight the child JAO in my Temple. I understand the boy has some representation that will make your task much more difficult than initially expected. Fortunately, given your abilities, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in you. This is our victory, and should we find ourselves handled well, glory will run like the rivers for those who aligned themselves to our cause." - created on 18:14:30 10/06/2016 by Rust and last modified on 04:40:11 10/07/2016. Cast: Rust and Erika.

Daniel Jack Investigates: An Arm And An Leg! - Ace Detective Daniel "Jack" Little has barely survived his battle with the fiercesome Zabel Zarock, but does that matter? Does it really matter, when the person you love has lied to you, and decieved you, and has gone out of her way to ruin your life? You do so much for her, and for what? For her to run off to the local opium den with some two-bit jazz singer, to kick the gong around? 15 years, 15 years you are with that woman. And she has the gall to not only blame you for it, but sue to divorce? Will she just accept that she is the one who ruined this? Or will she cost you... An Arm And An Leg? (The cover shows Daniel Jack alone in his home, a one-bedroom apartment with a desk for him to do his cover art and writing at. He is sitting at the desk, a bottle of whiskey in one hand, a picture in the other. The picture shows the alluring Fio Tessitore, dressed in a strapless red gown, though her face is all different. More photo-realistic than usual, as if it was traced from an existing photograph. She is with a man who looks strikingly like Daniel Jack as well, in a yellow zoot suit, at some kind of opium den. There are pools of tears on the desk... and also on the cover, smudging the artwork of the dark apartment slightly) (45 Cents) - created on 18:52:48 10/06/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 12:46:45 10/08/2016. Cast: Daniel and Dr. Tessitore.

Now What - In the defense of Earthrealm, or perhaps just for the amusement of Shang Tsung, or maybe even because of fate, Aya Hazuki has fallen. But as she might have reason to know more than most, death isn't always the end. Long ago, she met Howard Rust Jr. by chance; now that she's moved beyond the veil, it's time for a more than a few reunions to occur... - created on 21:24:51 10/06/2016 by Aya and last modified on 22:56:39 10/08/2016. Cast: Rust and Aya.

MK Round 2: Cyrax vs. Sorcha - Assassination Arts meet Magecraft as the Lin Kuei Assassin Cyrax meets Chaos Mage Sorcha in a fight that makes it harder to tell who's on Earthrealm's Side and who's on Outworld's side... - created on 18:42:52 10/07/2016 by Cyrax and last modified on 22:56:36 10/08/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Sorcha.

MK Round 2: Bolivar vs Senna - In the Kombat Chamber, a disgruntled boxer faces off against a skilled Special Forces-trained Interpol agent... - created on 18:59:35 10/07/2016 by Senna and last modified on 19:21:22 10/10/2016. Cast: Senna and Bolivar.

MK Round 2: I-no vs Rose - Rose and I-no encounter each other in the howling wastelands of another dimension. It gets sexy, but not... TOO sexy. - created on 20:28:54 10/07/2016 by Rose and last modified on 04:07:59 10/10/2016. Cast: Rose and I-No.

Fishing Up Bones - A short time after the fight between Daniel and Zabel, Dr. Tessitore undergoes the task of plucking the latter party's remains out of the dead pool. Luckily for her, the process is made smoother with the aid of Zabel's trusty companion... - created on 21:08:10 10/08/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 23:57:09 10/08/2016. Cast: Zabel and Dr. Tessitore.

MK Round 2: Nakoruru vs Baiken - The elder gods often give us great tasks to carry out. Of honors in the land, there are none higher. However, in the great tournament, dispensing with your obligation often means that only one is left standing. NAKORURU. It is your task to meet steel with steel. You'll be facing BAIKEN, in the courtyard. - created on 16:19:22 10/09/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 17:17:25 10/10/2016. Cast: Baiken, Nakoruru, and Kenshi.

A Test of Faith - The Scarlet Dahlia has a number of reasons for bringing Zach Glenn back to life. Some of them may even be shared... - created on 10:05:36 10/10/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 09:20:10 10/13/2016. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

MK Round 2: Alexis vs. Henchman - "The last battle at the pit destroyed much of our bridge infrastructure. While my mages have made more than ample repairs, much of the debris is still scattered across the floor beneath the bridge. As a result, we thought it may make a more fitting location for battle. Many of the collapsed stone pillars and bridge sections will offer some cursory protection. But as I've heard it said. A sword is a sword. ALEXIS LOVELL. JEREMIAH GRAVES. Try not to lose your balance." *whisper, whisper* "Yet again? If such is the will of the Elder Gods..." - created on 17:38:42 10/10/2016 by Henchman and last modified on 23:43:53 10/10/2016. Cast: Alexis and Henchman.

MK Round 2: Kain vs. Vega - Two demigods of wrathful energy face off before the lapping waves of an otherworldly beach, uncomfortable questions are raised, and only one walks away.... - created on 20:32:59 10/11/2016 by Kain and last modified on 02:06:27 10/12/2016. Cast: Kain and Vega.

MK Round 2: Baiken vs Julia - After her battle with Nakoruru, Baiken was desperate to prove herself - not just to the masters of Mortal Kombat, but to herself. Setting herself up on the bloody beach, still injured, Baiken chose to take on any comers. Eventually, one came: Julia Chang, who had not had a match of her own and was looking for a challenge. Kombat ensued... - created on 17:00:37 10/12/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 01:29:32 10/13/2016. Cast: Julia and Baiken.

A Burden for Two - Facing a world shaping tournament is a burden easier to bear when in the company of a friend. - created on 23:37:12 10/12/2016 by Athena and last modified on 20:30:25 10/15/2016. Cast: Momoko and Athena.

MK Round 2: Ryu vs Ken - Two legendary disciples devoted to a paradoxically non-lethal evolution of killing arts meet in the ultimate bloodsport, pitted in mortal kombat over a chasm that's claimed many lives. One of them is even compelled to violence and murder by an ominous psychic presence. It's a clash of wills within and without, and a lesson in the power of friendship and purity of intent! - created on 13:36:59 10/13/2016 by Ken Masters and last modified on 22:37:13 10/14/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Ryu.

Cost of Living - The Scarlet Dahlia drops by to see how Aranha is doing after their fight. - created on 19:17:57 10/13/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 14:33:31 10/14/2016. Cast: Honoka and Aranha.

Servants of the Gods - The wayward shaman encounters the mad gear in the unlikeliest place possible; Shang Tsung island. Though their previous Konfrontations have all ended in violence and blood, this time, Nightwolf learns that Testament may be set upon an unlikely new path. - created on 21:48:42 10/13/2016 by Nightwolf and last modified on 21:54:09 10/16/2016. Cast: Nightwolf and Testament.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Gallery Of Murder! - Ace Detective Daniel "Jack" Little, having gotten his hand back, was ready to seek down the true killer of the White Angel of Death. Hot on the trail of the Scarlet Dahlia, it would take a restraining order to stop him. And why would she need one? She already took the kids and the dog. A man needs to be with his dog. Sometimes there are needs that only a dog can fill. Why would she do that? Why would she take everything? Was the heart not enough? These are crimes against humanity. And crimes against humanity carry a capital sentence. Will she be able to keep him away? Or will she be another member to... the Gallery of Murder? (The cover shows The Scarlet Dahlia embracing Zach Glenn in the midst of a graveyard. The Scarlet Dahlia, true to her name sake, is clad in a strapless red gown. Zach is leaning her against a tombstone of the White Angel of Death, ready to give her the kiss of kisses. Behind them, at the gate of the graveyard, a car is parked. Daniel Jack is staring at her from the driver's window of the car, holding a snubnose revolver) (45 cents) - created on 15:35:37 10/14/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 14:31:59 10/17/2016. Cast: Honoka and Daniel.

MK Round 2: Lotus vs Lita - Lieutenant Lita Luwanda thinks she's going to that she's going to the Living Forest to face off against Momoko from the Psycho Soldiers. There was a change in schedule and instead, Lita finds herself facing the Black Lotus. - created on 18:44:17 10/14/2016 by Lita and last modified on 21:17:11 10/16/2016. Cast: Lita and Lotus.

So You're Dating A Yakuza - Some secrets are okay to keep between two people in love. Others must be given voice as soon as convenient. - created on 21:05:54 10/14/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 22:54:37 10/15/2016. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

Gods and Demons - As if often happens in the Mortal Kombat tournament, a challenge was made in between rounds. The impatient master of the fist, hungry for a fight against the enigmatic Shao Kahn, seeks his representative demanding a battle. Unable to fight the Emperor himself, Akuma instead faces against his second in command; the War God Huitzilopotchli. - created on 19:42:07 10/15/2016 by Kotal and last modified on 23:34:51 10/17/2016. Cast: Akuma and Kotal.

Dispirited Youth - Entrusted with the body of a fallen kombatant, one Howard Rust, Jr. and his adopted son Jao Puntasrima take their journeys towards the dangerous graveyards. Frightened by one of the many unnatural phenomena that dot the island, the two become separated. By chance, the heir to the throne of Outworld passes through for her own reasons... how will she deal with this unexpected, out-of-place child in a brutal world that would hardly suffer one such as himself? - created on 20:31:08 10/15/2016 by Rust and last modified on 01:30:06 10/20/2016. Cast: Rust and Kitana.

MK Round 2: Cassie Cage vs Ayame Ichijo - A driven Shrine Priestess seems hell bent on wresting some power from Cassie's dog tag soul shard, but the relentlessly hassled Special Ops squad leader has other ideas in mind. - created on 16:34:14 10/16/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 02:18:43 10/17/2016. Cast: Ayame and Cassie.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The End! (Last Issue) - Daniel Jack has finally found the woman who has ruined his life. But I'm already past that. The deed is done. Never will I be betrayed by her again. Never will I suffer at her hands. I know in my heart that I have done the right thing. But society will not agree. I cannot allow myself to suffer more. So I will not. My only action left is a journey into the next world. I'm sorry Margerat. I'm sorry that I could never be the husband you wanted me to be. But that never excused what you did to me in.... The End. (The cover shows Daniel Jack in the middle of an apartment kitchen, bringing a cocked snub-nosed revolver gun to his head. Assisting him is the ghostly figures of The Scarlet Dahlia, the White Angel of Death, Lieutenant Lita, Fio Tessitore, and the Black Lotus, each in a strapless red gown, each surrounding him, each guiding the gun towards its destination at the side of his head as they embrace him. There is a trail of blood in the room, leading out of sight. ) (50 cents) - created on 17:31:14 10/17/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 12:25:03 10/19/2016. Cast: Daniel, Dr. Tessitore, and Lotus.

The March of the Sea Turtles - Looking for council, Charlie seeks out the enigmatic warrior maiden in white and poses to her his questions and challenges. Her answers may not be the solace he hoped for, but even still, his path forward becomes more clear. - created on 22:49:39 10/17/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 02:13:45 10/20/2016. Cast: Charlie and Nakoruru.

Daniel Jack Unleashed - Experimenting on live human beings is nothing like experimenting on controlled substances in a stable environment. Contamination can dramatically alter results. Complex systems can spawn out of nothingness, while simple systems can fail for no apparent reason whatsoever. Daniel Jack has been Dr Fio Tessitore's pet guinea pig for a long time, and after his battle with Lotus -- another product of the mad Italian's scientific experimentation -- she's ready to advance him to another stage of study. - created on 13:00:22 10/19/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 09:22:30 10/26/2016. Cast: Daniel and Dr. Tessitore.

The Wolf and the Lizard - The answers which Nightwolf seeks come with a steep price. By initiating the conversation with the recently deceased Reptile, though, he is able to set the pace of the negotiation. - created on 20:15:16 10/19/2016 by Reptile and last modified on 22:44:00 10/26/2016. Cast: Nightwolf and Reptile.

MK: Test Your Might (Rust) - The Elder Gods have spoken. The child JAO PUNTASRIMA is to come forth and demonstrate his physical strength to the host of this tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, and those of Outworld who wish to truly gauge the level of strength that Earthrealm has to bear... if any. What results... well... - created on 03:57:42 10/21/2016 by Rust and last modified on 21:47:21 11/02/2016. Cast: Rust and Shang Tsung.

What Price for Victory - Nakoruru finds herself face to face with one perhaps even more out of place in time than she is, though for entirely different reasons. Coming with a request for help and unsettling information, the ramifications of this dialogue will be far reaching. - created on 22:18:56 10/21/2016 by Nakoruru and last modified on 15:05:47 10/23/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Nakoruru.

The Wicked Witch - Having retreated deeper into the island to nurse her wounds, the Chaos mage Sorcha finds herself beset by a foe who wishes to finish the job. He lies in ambush for the mutant in the ancient cemetary, intent on sending her to the great beyond, but is it he who will find his final rest here instead? - created on 17:07:49 10/22/2016 by Sorcha and last modified on 20:55:02 10/26/2016. Cast: Bolivar and Sorcha.

Sense of Self - "One world is aware and by far the largest to me, and that is myself, / And whether I come to my own today or in 10,000 or ten million years / I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness I can wait. / My foothold is tenon'd and mortis'd in granite, / I laugh at what you call dissolution, / And I know the amplitude of time." -- Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself" - created on 01:34:06 10/23/2016 by Frei and last modified on 20:42:41 10/23/2016. Cast: Frei and Zach Glenn.

Stolen Property - Zach Glenn has been set on a quest to find Nakoruru's sacred cloth. The trail leds to on Bolivar Diez. - created on 18:32:07 10/23/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 20:45:56 10/23/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Bolivar.

MK Round 2: Athena vs Ermac - Determined to earn the power to pay the price to regain what was lost, Asamiya finds herself challenging the Emerald Enigma guarding a vortex of collected souls. - created on 19:15:16 10/23/2016 by Athena and last modified on 04:41:24 10/26/2016. Cast: Athena, Ermac, and Sorcha.

Regenerative Breaking - Dr. Tessitore's pet project is doing quite well for herself on Shang Tsung's island, but even she needs to rest, from time to time. - created on 19:23:37 10/25/2016 by Dr. Tessitore and last modified on 09:31:06 10/26/2016. Cast: Dr. Tessitore and Lotus.

Bolivar vs. Lotus: Hunter or Prey - Bolivar knowingly walks into an ambush to face the Black Lotus, the murderer of Lt. Lita Luwanda, and engages her in a one-sided Kombat duel. After being humiliated and soundly maimed, he is interrogated and left for dead in the Living Forest, at the mercy of the trees. - created on 21:43:34 10/25/2016 by Bolivar and last modified on 01:02:33 10/26/2016. Cast: Bolivar and Lotus.

I-No/Rose: THE AFTERMATHING - After their round 2 fight, I-No and Rose have a conversation about the kind of things grown-up women talk about, like Ryu's junk, the fate of the universe, and having sex with Johnny Depp. They have so much in common! - created on 19:52:30 10/26/2016 by Rose and last modified on 22:38:06 10/26/2016. Cast: Rose and I-No.

A Spiritual Intervention - Defeated by Ken Masters - the more favorable circumstance of their recent battle - Ryu is still left in need of help. The foul influence of Vega lingers upon him, ready to take hold anew as he pleases, and it could be that his best friend stands to lose him again to the rage of various negative influences on top of that. Tipped off by a previous opponent, the mysterious fortuneteller Rose happens upon the two of them. It may be that only she could provide a means of relief, within a critical window of opportunity that may not yet ever present itself again... - created on 20:01:12 10/27/2016 by Ryu and last modified on 02:00:53 10/28/2016. Cast: Ken Masters, Ryu, and Rose.

When Needed - Bereft of a voice, and without many allies who can 'hear' him on Shang Tsung's island, Zach Glenn has been given a quest of sorts by the Ainu guardian Nakoruru. If he can find her missing mystical cloth, then she can help him restore his voice. Zach finds help in a somewhat expected way, encounters some unexpected resistance, and while he's able to secure his prize, things do not go 100% as planned for everyone involved... - created on 15:02:55 10/29/2016 by Frei and last modified on 21:25:21 10/30/2016. Cast: Frei, Zach Glenn, Nakoruru, and Jade.

MK Round 3: Baiken vs Kitana - "Though the Emperor's daughter has frequently found herself in dire straits during the great tournament, she has proven herself many times over to be as resourceful and deadly as she is beautiful. It is my distinct pleasure to host PRINCESS KITANA in a brutal battle against the swordswoman BAIKEN in my throne room, where I will witness their konflict personally. I understand that the venerable warrior abhors the monstrous. I wonder how she will do when the threat presents a more appealing facade..." - created on 18:31:55 10/30/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 17:51:41 11/01/2016. Cast: Baiken and Kitana.

MK Round 3: Bolivar vs. Cyrax - In the darkness of the caverns beneath Shang Tsung's Palace, two fighters low on conversational appeal do talking with the language of Violence instead, as the man known as Bolivar is tested by Shang Tsung's alliance with the Lin Kuei, courtesy of Cyrax. - created on 20:58:44 10/31/2016 by Cyrax and last modified on 09:19:55 11/03/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Bolivar.

MK Round 3: Akuma vs Vega - "Fascinating that such a soul would find itself upon the grounds of mortal kombat. Of course, to think that I've let things progress to this point is an unenviable presumption, to be corrected at the earliest juncture. Unfortunately, my hands are tied. I am here merely to discharge the obligations of my station. The elder gods have called for blood, and there is an unsatiable desire in each of you. LORD VEGA, is it? You will face AKUMA, in the portal chambers near the top of my towers. There will be blood." - created on 21:11:19 11/02/2016 by Vega and last modified on 23:27:25 11/03/2016. Cast: Vega and Akuma.

Insert Coin - Howard Rust Jr. made a promise to a ghost, and it would appear that he takes his promises very seriously indeed. Flush with wealth of all sorts after his triumph in Test Your Might, he makes a trip to the island's lonely graveyard to make good on that promise. What happens next is unexpected indeed, but perhaps Rust has fulfilled that promise, in his own way, after all... - created on 21:45:53 11/04/2016 by Frei and last modified on 22:52:01 11/05/2016. Cast: Frei and Rust.

MK Round 3: Rust vs. Alexis - "The time has come for a long held charade to end. Though this child has been brought into this tournament by the will of the gods and the grace of the Emperor, there has been an interloper in our midst interfering in his matches for far too long. ALEXIS. I expect that you will uphold the sanctity of Kombat. You will fight JAO in my palace's courtyard." - created on 15:06:53 11/06/2016 by Rust and last modified on 21:44:09 11/07/2016. Cast: Rust and Alexis.

Task Force International: The Ultimate Betrayal! - Task Force International has been sent in disarray. With the death of the White Angel of Death and Lita Luwanda, the easy-going Bolivar quickly is realizing that there is a traitor in the ranks of the Interpol team. Breaking away from Charlie, he goes out on his own to find the source of this betrayal. But how will the expert agent from South of the Border react when he discovers that the one and only Daniel Jack is the source of... The Ultimate Betrayal?! (The cover shows Bolivar moving through a deep, dark forest, following a hunting trail. In one hand was a latern, the light searing through the strange black mist. In the other, he was armed with a knife and holding himself at a cautious combat stance. His eyes drift to the side, as he stares at the vaguely humanoid trees around him. The edge of the cover is surrounded by the reaching branches of trees, all groping towards him. Behind him, emerging from the brush, is the shape of Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little, obvious by the detective uniform. But there are only shadows of his features, excluding yellow eyes and bared teeth. His long clawed fingers reach for Bolivar's neck, ready to strangle him from behind.) (45 cents) - created on 15:55:57 11/06/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 12:36:13 11/08/2016. Cast: Daniel and Bolivar.

MK Round 3: Lotus vs Kenshi - "One of Outworld's most promising allies, LOTUS. I must admit. I am quite pleased by your performance. Perhaps you will favor the Emperor with another stunning victory. However, it is not the elder gods' will that you merely be handed victory. You will face a new arrival, whose blade the elder gods seem to favor. KENSHI. You will face your opponent in the dead pool beneath my tower." - created on 17:22:49 11/06/2016 by Kenshi and last modified on 07:56:51 11/07/2016. Cast: Kenshi and Lotus.

Just My Twilight Life: The Halloween Trick! - Happy Halloween! All of Honoka's Twilight Friends are ready to have a halloween campout! But Zach Glenn, looking to play a spooky prank on the girl, finds himself in a heap of hot water when a real monster shows up to scare him! Now Honoka, with her new friends AY4M3, Yoshiaki, and Nakoruru all have to work together in order to help their friend Zach, before he gets too spooked! (The cover shows outside the circus grounds by the spooky woods, where Honoka, AY4M3, and Yoshiaki all are around a campfire. They are all looking at Nakoruru with her pet hawk Mamahaha as her arms are out, as she tells them an Ainu ghost story. Above them on the branch of a tree is the kitty-eared Zach Glenn, holding a fake spider on a string, ready to drop it in on the girls and Yoshiaki. Right above him, the wiggling hands of Daniel Jack, a spooky monster, is reaching out to try and nab him.) (50 yen) - created on 12:53:13 11/08/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 17:20:28 11/09/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

MK round 3: Cassie vs. Erron Black - "CASSANDRA CAGE. You have done quite well for yourself, with two memorable performances. You've done the Cage name well. For this next match, we have done you the honor of placing you against one of our finest. I am sure you and ERRON BLACK will have much to talk about at the Kombat Tomb." - created on 21:25:45 11/08/2016 by Erron Black and last modified on 08:36:40 11/13/2016. Cast: Cassie and Erron Black.

MK: Crawling from the Wreckage - Zach Glen, with a little help and a lot of luck, escapes the Living Forest more or less with his life. There are, of course, complications. - created on 11:55:19 11/10/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 21:12:16 11/11/2016. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

Bereavement leave - The dead of Shang Tsungs island are ever restless but do not make a habit of roaming its paths and shores nor conducting rituals of their own. This is one tournament where death seems a small enough handicap that it is no longer insurmountable to those with sufficent motivation. - created on 19:49:43 11/10/2016 by Juri and last modified on 12:10:46 12/05/2016. Cast: Aranha and Juri.

MK Round 3: Charlie vs. Rose - HIgh above The Pit, the mystic and mysterious Rose runs into an increasingly pushed-to-the-brink Charlie. Will Charlie finally topple over the edge? Will Rose Soul Power save her own soul? - created on 20:09:24 11/10/2016 by Charlie and last modified on 20:15:54 11/14/2016. Cast: Rose and Charlie.

MK Round 3: Nakoruru vs Honoka - "I have always found the Ainu minorities a compelling people. So full of life and color. So I wonder what will happen as our DAHLIA finds herself against a curious exemplary of the indigenous peoples, NAKORURU. Avail yourselves upon the shores on the outskirts of the island. And in the ancient rite of Kombat, decide who is greater..." - created on 19:41:52 11/11/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 12:00:30 11/19/2016. Cast: Frei, Honoka, and Nakoruru.

MK: Rising from Ashes - Zach Glenn gets help from a Mysterious Wanderer type. Conversations ensue. - created on 13:28:00 11/13/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 09:18:25 11/14/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kenshi.

MK: Resting Wings - Following the lead given by Kenshi, the shade of Glen seeks help from an unusual corner. - created on 17:55:56 11/13/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 09:19:23 11/14/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Baiken.

MK round 3: The Death of an Assassin - In the assassin and counter assassin business, it can be hard to tell who is the predator, and who the prey. Bolivar, a skilled operative tasked with hunting down possible terrorist elements in the Mortal Kombat tournament, has taken it upon himself to hunt down Erron Black, the X Earthrealmer cowboy. They fight. - created on 20:37:17 11/17/2016 by Erron Black and last modified on 17:38:51 11/18/2016. Cast: Bolivar and Erron Black.

MK: Not Quite a Reunion - Two parties on a random course have a fairly random meeting. One party leaves with more questions than answers. - created on 13:53:50 11/19/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 11:56:16 11/21/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Rust.

A Measure Of One Never Born - Frei's existence was, no, continues to be an anomaly. Given the gift - and trappings - of flesh anew by unusual circumstances atop an already unusual circumstance, Frei's mystery continues to invite curiosity and speculation in all forms. Unallowed to mourn for what was lost in peace, Frei gives to the cold, dry, lifeless, still wastes a taste of who he was, who he is, and what he may yet become. - created on 20:17:00 11/19/2016 by Henchman and last modified on 00:54:45 11/20/2016. Cast: Frei and Henchman.

MK: To Forge A Champion - In the wake of her battle with Nakoruru, the Scarlet Dahlia receives a message from a swordsman very interested in meeting with her. Not all goes according to plan, however... - created on 12:07:19 11/22/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 20:17:03 11/23/2016. Cast: Honoka and Kenshi.

Regrets - "Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho' / We are not now that strength which in old days / Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; / One equal temper of heroic hearts, / Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." -- Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Ulysses" - created on 21:37:50 11/23/2016 by Frei and last modified on 02:21:47 11/27/2016. Cast: Frei and Honoka.

MK: Taking Flight - Two former Kombatants get a chance for conversation now that they are not trying to actively kill one another. - created on 19:22:52 11/27/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:59:42 12/02/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kitana.

MK: Daniel Jack and the Purifying Flame - The so-called "Dragon Lady" avoided Daniel Jack. The performer Honoka Kawamoto avoided Daniel Jack. The Scarlet Dahlia of the Akatsuki avoided Daniel Jack. But with the fate of Earthrealm hanging in the balance, the time for avoiding consequences has passed. On the bridge suspended over the spiked Pit, the two meet at last. "No more run arounds, no more snarking, no more cute sneers and wry evasions. No more!" - created on 15:16:21 11/28/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 11:17:58 12/07/2016. Cast: Honoka and Daniel.

MK: The Lessons of Civilization - With information on his nemesis being on Shang Tsung's Island, Aranha seeks her out in order to not only end her threat once and for all, but to gain power for Earthrealm as a last ditch chance to save it from the invasion of Outworld. But can the capoeirista remain unchanged by this tournament? - created on 14:43:27 12/02/2016 by Aranha and last modified on 11:36:54 12/05/2016. Cast: Honoka, Aranha, and Dr. Tessitore.

MK Round 4: Alexis vs Eadni - "Amongst those who have come forward, I find ALEXIS the most captivating. To think that she has come so far on such thin trappings. To that end, EADNI has disappointingly not come far at all. However, I find that the tournament has a way of whiling its way to finding the strongest. On the eve of the Grand Trials, perhaps I can offer a convincing boon. Consider this my charity for the one who mounts the station of SPIDER, as arbiter of this great tournament. I will hold your battle at the Kombat Tomb. For the winner, I offer an audience. Should you find the offer I make seductive, perhaps you may yet leave this place with your life." - created on 14:42:59 12/07/2016 by Eadni and last modified on 19:49:57 12/15/2016. Cast: Alexis and Eadni.

MK: Questionable Successes - The Scarlet Dahlia, flush with power in the aftermath of her deadly encounter, seeks out the one who was watching her from a distance. But just as she and Zach Glenn begin to discuss their plans, Aranha approaches with news of his own. And the three learn together that the situation on Shang Tsung's island may be dialed up even further than previously thought. - created on 14:22:44 12/09/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 22:19:08 12/11/2016. Cast: Honoka, Aranha, and Zach Glenn.

MK Round 4: Baiken vs Akuma - "Bloodlust. Earthrealm is not without those who walk the roads stained with blood. BAIKEN, AKUMA. Both of you have spoken much of your desire to fight Outworld's finest. But it is presumptuous to assume I would merely concede such an honor! I am charged merely with carrying out the will of the Elder Gods. Prove yourselves by battling for the station of the DRAGON at the Warrior Shrine, and find your way to the Grand Trials. Insult the gods with lackluster performance, and find yourself just one of the many bodies you have thought to claim." - created on 21:07:05 12/11/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 11:41:54 12/17/2016. Cast: Akuma and Baiken.

Give a Reason - The Scarlet Dahlia. She's been the focus of so many different forces and individuals, of late... seemingly all of which have some expectation, some agenda, they want to involve her in. I-No seems, at first, to be just another one of those individuals. But as with all things involving the scarlet-clad songstress, the conversation that results between the Dahlia and herself has some unorthodox methods... and equally unconventional results. - created on 19:31:48 12/15/2016 by I-No and last modified on 23:14:41 12/17/2016. Cast: Honoka and I-No.

MK Round 4: Daniel vs Rose - "Of great notice are those who battle at the edge of their perseverance, each and every time. I've always found a battle where a soul is the prize to be amongst the most exhilarating. The afterlife shivers imperceptibly, almost as if it hungers. ROSE, and DANIEL JACK. Do battle in the Pit, for the title of Serpent." - created on 17:23:26 12/17/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 04:47:02 12/21/2016. Cast: Rose and Daniel.

MK Round 4: Baiken vs Erron - The battle between the masters of the Dragon and the Hawk occurs under the watchful eye of Shang Tsung. Someone doesn't get to walk away from this one. - created on 15:50:26 12/18/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 04:43:12 12/21/2016. Cast: Baiken and Erron Black.

MK: Soul Shakedown - Lurking in the shadows of the Great and Abominable Mortal Kombat tournament, a schemer and her partner in crime devise a plan to secure victory for Earth. - created on 22:47:07 12/18/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 04:40:34 12/21/2016. Cast: Ayame and Riki.

MK round 4: KENSHI vs CYRAX - "The Lin Kuei have proven themselves able representatives in this, the grandest tournament. Each warrior fit to gain a king's ransom in golden honors. The gods still find it fit to grace CYRAX with their favor, and in so doing, have found interest for him to match blades against KENSHI. This battle will be decisive in attaining the title of WASP, and so I will host the battle at the Arena in my Palace. Do not displease them, for the gods have the longest memories of all." - created on 18:51:40 12/20/2016 by Kenshi and last modified on 13:42:49 12/22/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Kenshi.

MK: The Swordsman and the Sage - High upon a mountain in the land of death, two survivors of Mortal Kombat meet to discuss the future of Earthrealm. Uncomfortable truths must be faced, but even in the darkest times, life shines true. - created on 15:37:28 12/21/2016 by Noboru and last modified on 10:23:08 12/24/2016. Cast: Nakoruru and Kenshi.

MK Round 4: Athena vs Honoka -- Mongoose - After months lurking in the shadows, the Scarlet Dahlia steps into the spotlight with the violet-haired Psycho Soldier. Shang Tsung's courtyard has a way of bringing all imperfections to light... - created on 01:52:46 12/24/2016 by Honoka and last modified on 20:31:16 12/31/2016. Cast: Honoka, Athena, and Zach Glenn.

MK: To Visit A House Bereft Of Light - "I remember a journey I took across great yellow plains in Northern China in search for a temple near the heart of Zhongyuan... Out there in the untamed wilderness, I had the good fortune of taking shelter in the home of a guru who had removed himself from the world. His home, made from clay, was of a curious design... once the door was closed, it was pitch black inside, for he left no windows or cracks beneath the door. He burned no fire, lit no candle. To sit within his home was to be lost in darkness." - Nakoruru, recalling one of her journeys. - created on 00:27:23 12/25/2016 by Rust and last modified on 02:55:51 01/11/2017. Cast: Rust and Nakoruru.

MK: Surprise Challenger SAWDUST Vs. Munin - Munin Arshe, having seen what lies beyond after one's own death, has had little chance to do much but reflect upon the futility of her efforts and insignificance in the battle to save Earthrealm. This, for whatever reason, appears to be the unlocking criteria for a special challenger battle? (This log description is as lost about this development as you are...) - created on 18:35:40 12/28/2016 by Rust and last modified on 14:10:52 01/31/2017. Cast: Rust and Munin.

MK: Of Debts and Gratitude - Pursuant to the plan Ayame concocted concerning the fallen champions of Mortal Kombat, the miko and oni brave the darkness of the Living Forest to retrieve the first of the deceased. - created on 12:31:54 12/30/2016 by Ayame and last modified on 23:18:00 12/30/2016. Cast: Ayame, Lita, and Riki.

MK: Quid Pro Quo - Ayame's plan to selectively return competitors to the land of the living to gather their remaining souls in preparation of the Mortal Kombat endgame continues. This time, however, she makes a trip alone, farther than one might like to go on the wretched island. Ulterior motives aside, the miko made a promise that she intends to keep. - created on 21:12:14 12/31/2016 by Aya and last modified on 23:28:08 01/01/2017. Cast: Ayame and Aya.

MK Round 4: Honoka vs Rose -- Mongoose vs Serpent - "The final rounds will be pre-determined, as my duties as arbiter have, as I've said, drawn mine attentions... elsewhere. Of all, this round you will be battling for stations, of which there are six... The winner of the title of MONGOOSE will battle SERPENT." - created on 18:53:21 01/01/2017 by Rose and last modified on 11:59:08 01/04/2017. Cast: Honoka and Rose.

A Chat with the Dahlia - Rose and the Dahlia chat about the aftermath of their battle. A bear is involved. - created on 21:04:44 01/05/2017 by Rose and last modified on 00:49:04 01/06/2017. Cast: Honoka and Rose.

MK: Earnest Conversation - It is important to remember the things you are fighting for, to have a 'what next?' in your mind to help you fight through the challenges in your life. Glen, annoying shade that he can be, has some things he wants to bring to the Dahlia's attention concerning some of those possible 'nexts' that could be coming. - created on 20:42:59 01/07/2017 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 13:10:04 01/08/2017. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

MK Round 4: Kenshi vs Eadni -- Wasp vs Spider - The final rounds will be pre-determined, as my duties as arbiter have, as I've said, drawn mine attentions... elsewhere. Of all, this round you will be battling for stations, of which there are six... The winner of the title of SPIDER will battle WASP." - created on 21:49:43 01/10/2017 by Eadni and last modified on 17:29:34 01/19/2017. Cast: Eadni and Kenshi.

The Ladykiller: Hell To Pay - Brought back from the dead, ace detective Daniel 'Jack' Little has found himself damned into a fell existence. Trapped between the border of life and death, he finds himself in a new demonic form. Cursed in a powerful, but uncontrolled state, the detective is more monster than man. Unable to face his former friends, allies, and lovers as the beloved Daniel Jack, he has forced himself to don the alias of 'The Ladykiller' to prevent countless hearts from breaking. And such power has a price: His Long Lost Lenore, Fio Tessitore, the gentle and beloved scientist, has finally escaped the clutches of the Dark Lord Dohma. And the Dark Lord can only entrust the damned detective to find her. Will The Ladykiller escape his fate? Or will there be... Hell To Pay? (The cover shows us looking over the vague outline of a man. His clothing is indistinct; and there is a hazy presence around him. He is facing away the reader, and focused on an alluring figure in the midst of a summoning circle, painted in blood. The figure is a grey-skinned woman dressed in a blue strapless gown. The blond-haired woman is laying on her side, her clawed, red-nailed hands resting on her curves top and bottom. The front of her dress is held together by several gold strings, around her luscious legs.) (55 cents) - created on 14:12:17 01/25/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 21:51:00 01/30/2017. Cast: Daniel and Jedah.

MK: Queenmaker - As the tournament to decide the fate of Earthrealm winds to a close, promises are kept, power is transferred, and the final champion is chosen. - created on 14:01:24 02/12/2017 by Kenshi and last modified on 17:06:57 02/16/2017. Cast: Honoka and Kenshi.

MK: May The Wind Be Always At Your Back - The Scarlet Guard has been eliminated. Shang Tsung's Palace is no longer safe for anyone, with blood running freely in the halls. And Zach Glenn finds himself on the bridge leading away from the Palace. Only thing missing is some dramatic explosions. (Takes place prior to 'MK: Queenmaker') - created on 22:37:01 02/15/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 10:24:47 03/06/2017. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

The Ladykiller: Darkness Consumes - When darkness descends upon the splectures of Shang Tsung's macabre island of dark delights, the soul hungry Daniel Jack is one the prowl. Possessed by the spirit of the Lady Killer, the transformed detective is hot on the trail of his one Fio Tessitore. And the only lead left on this fell spider maiden is the similarly transformed Aranha, otherwise known as 'The Spider.' Daniel Jack finally manages to corner him, but will he get the answers he seeks before... the Darkness Consumes? (The cover shows a shadowy figure, identifiably Daniel Jack judging by the lower half, struggling in the midst of spider webbings. Bounding across the walls is Aranha, his face an actual full spider. The grotesque facade is spraying the webbing from the mouth of the spider, as well as from the wrists of of the manspider. Daniel Jack's clothing seems to be getting torn apart by the webbings. Nearby, in the background, a woman in a strapless red dress in screaming, recoiling from the display of the two men fighting out before her.) (55 cents) - created on 12:11:55 02/17/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 17:49:29 02/26/2017. Cast: Aranha and Daniel.

MK: Goro vs Dahlia - Champions Collide - "The Grand Champion of Mortal Kombat, and supreme prince of Outworld's greatest warriors the Shokan, has risen from his throne, and will now hold grand audience. A grand battle to realize the final fate of your dimming world. In three days time, Prince Goro will battle the Dahlia at his throne room and lair beneath my palace." - created on 15:32:07 02/17/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 08:22:14 02/23/2017. Cast: Honoka and Goro.

MK: Release - Zach and Aranha each have a feather which lets them teleport to Nightwolf's location. The feathers' magic seems to have gone awry, as using the feathers trapped each fighter within the winding catacombs of Shang Tsung's palace. But then the island is split asunder by a blow from a fallen God. Rock faces fall away from the mountain, as pieces of the palace tumble to the ground and sea below. An escape route opens up. And Zach and Aranha realize that perhaps the feather's magic did not lead them astray after all... - created on 22:10:46 03/17/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 13:03:05 03/20/2017. Cast: Honoka, Aranha, and Zach Glenn.

MK: Sarcophagus - Location: The Living Forest - Water Depth: 5cm and Rising - The bloodthirsty murderer LOTUS has left a wide enough wake of tragedy to earn her resurrection at the Tyrant Sorceror's hand. She has no need for orders -- she serves the machinations of Shang Tsung well enough without them. When the island is struck, the Living Forest was one of the hardest areas hit. The living embodiment of the lost, the deluded victims of centuries past, the Forest is terrified at the prospect of its food sources being swallowed up by the seas. As the shoreline begins to encroach upon the northern edges of the Forest, JAO wanders a bit too close to one of the ravenous trees. Will the tree devour him? Will Lotus? Or will his father RUST be able to write a happier ending to this perilous situation? - created on 22:14:35 03/17/2017 by Rust and last modified on 13:07:30 03/18/2017. Cast: Rust and Lotus.

Obligations - It might not be the end of the world, but it's certainly the end of Shang Tsung's island, the sorcerer's secluded home returning to the sea in an agonizingly slow death throe. Limping toward any hope of safety, Howard Rust Jr. and his son Jao are accosted by the hungry dead... but a last-minute save by someone who owes them a debt may change the course of their fate. - created on 16:39:39 03/19/2017 by Aya and last modified on 00:01:06 03/20/2017. Cast: Rust and Aya.

MK: Bolivar vs Alexis in "Kursed" - Quan Chi has enlisted BOLIVAR as one of countless willing servants to send the forces of Earthrealm into further confusion. But while he has been marshalling forces, Shang Tsung has been raising pawns of his own -- particularly ALEXIS -- to sing a siren song of a discordant rhythm. Two armies clash in a war of attrition -- any soldier felled by one side can potentially aid the other! Senseless deaths. If only there was a wise sage who could heal the forest. Someone who could bring much-needed clarity to the situation. Someone who has walked on both sides of the Veil. Someone like... RUST? Wait, no, that's supposed to be FREI, right? - created on 18:54:21 03/21/2017 by Alexis and last modified on 02:19:29 03/25/2017. Cast: Frei, Rust, Alexis, and Bolivar.

MK Final: Shadow of Hadou - Earthrealm may have won the tournament, but their heroes are besieged from all sides. On one front: Shang Tsung's armies preventing escape at every turn. On another front: Quan Chi's faithful revenants. Every fighter who falls in battle is bolsters the might of one army or the other -- willing or otherwise. One such soldier is BAIKEN. Quan Chi had high hopes that the ronin would cut through her enemies and amplify the chaos across the island. Three dozen zombie revenants sweep forward with her across the island, cutting down Shang Tsung's armies and Earthrealm's forces alike. Death and dismemberment await anyone in her path. Even if they happen to be trying to restrain the killing impulses. Revenants have no choice but to obey their dark compulsions -- and the SATSUI NO HADOU may be Ryu's only chance of survival against the incoming zombie horde. Success may mean a newfound sense of control over the foul urges -- failure may result in the corruption of yet another hero to Quan Chi's army. - created on 18:19:14 03/22/2017 by Baiken and last modified on 09:36:01 04/01/2017. Cast: Ryu and Baiken.

MK: Munin and ??? vs Reptile in "SINKING" - There is one obvious way off the island -- one of the massive galleons that brought the kombatants there in the first place. A gargantuan galleon of wood and steel, the vessel "Abandoned Hope" has more than enough room to ferry the survivors back to Earthrealm proper. It takes both a practiced sorceror and an experienced captain to navigate the leylines and return Earthrealmers from this hellish island -- and, fortunately, both are present aboard the ship. And even more fortunately, they are both willing to help people escape -- after all, their 'honorable' master Shang Tsung would just as soon see them perish with the rest of the island! MUNIN sneaks aboard the ship in order to secure it for Earthrealm's retreat -- but is she prepared to face Shang Tsung's enforcer REPTILE all by herself? - created on 19:58:32 03/24/2017 by Reptile and last modified on 09:51:19 03/25/2017. Cast: Munin, Reptile, and I-No.

MK: Escaping an Unnatural End - Location: Palace Gates - Water depth: 20cm and Rising - The victory for Earthrealm will prove pyrrhic at best if its champions cannot escape the final trap set by dark powers for its survivors. Can JULIA CHANG -- one who managed to escape notice following her loss in Mortal Kombat -- and her love of nature carry her back to the world she is most familiar with, or will one of Shang Tsung's nameless living servants -- a lone HENCHMAN -- take her to a watery grave? - created on 19:08:39 03/29/2017 by Henchman and last modified on 09:08:40 03/30/2017. Cast: Julia and Henchman.

MK: A Second Chance - The Scarlet Dahlia brings the Dancing Spider along to the graveyard to perform some tasks before they head back to Earthrealm. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. - created on 08:22:38 03/31/2017 by Aranha and last modified on 10:07:35 04/01/2017. Cast: Honoka and Aranha.

MK: The Return - The Mortal Kombat tournament winds to an end with the island of Shang Tsung's palace sinking into the sea. The long boat ride home sounds like as good a time as any to take stock of what's happened, and what's to happen in the future. - created on 18:00:26 04/02/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 11:03:33 04/03/2017. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

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