Millia Rage

Establishing Contact - Millia Rage tracks down Zach Glenn in Southtown. A contract killer seeks out the psychic knight errant. What is her purpose? Is Zach Glenn safe anywhere from those that want to kill him? - created on 14:43:33 06/08/2020 by Millia Rage and last modified on 14:17:49 06/09/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Millia Rage.

A Flower Blooms in Adversity - On the shores of Yokohama, an assassin comes across her target. Millia Rage confronts the giant, Kongou, as her target. But the goal is not death, and the stakes are not dire. Seeking a test of self, and a test of mettle for a strange man, a fight may yet bring about understanding in a way only possible for Fighters. - created on 20:40:45 02/17/2021 by Millia Rage and last modified on 00:34:03 02/18/2021. Cast: Millia Rage and Kongou.

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