Chapter 1: Mercedes Goes To Confession - In which OUR HEROINE harasses a man of the Lord, with PARTIAL SUCCESS. Thrill to see her assigned PENANCE for TEENAGE SINS. Gasp at the disrespect in the Lord's house (almost typed 'hosue'). - created on 19:10:44 10/23/2018 by Mercedes and last modified on 23:13:34 10/23/2018. Cast: Mercedes and Walter.

Chapter 2: Mercedes Has A Meeting - An attempt to schedule a MEETING with ALAN R. B. fails, with sexy results. Our heroine declares she has "MAXIMUM CLEARANCE" and swears a lot. Alan R. B. zaps her repeatedly, but this use of electricity fails to improve her personality. Next stop: Probably fighting guitar witches. - created on 19:56:57 11/30/2018 by Mercedes and last modified on 03:36:28 12/01/2018. Cast: Alan and Mercedes.

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