Stormy Seas - May finds herself being chased by a trio of scurvy dogs that are after her booty!! Fortunately, a real sailor comes to her aid and rescues her from the horrors of Child Services with some well placed lightning. Arr har har har! - created on 19:56:42 12/18/2014 by May and last modified on 01:03:50 12/19/2014. Cast: Raiden and May.

Pirates vs Ninjas - Arr! A sneaky ninja thinks she can board the Rindoukan Dojo and steal May's hat unperturbed. Thankfully good ol' cap'n May can dazzle her with song and dance to steer her off her thieving ways. Try as they might to find mutual kinship through both being Makoto's acquaintances, May and Ibuki prove that the age old rivalry between pirates and ninjas is still well and alive. Ibuki's laid back views on ninja discipline clashes with May's super serious freestyle pirate living and the two make a decision to settle their differences in the ring at some point in the future. - created on 16:41:24 01/02/2015 by May and last modified on 20:43:47 01/02/2015. Cast: Ibuki and May.

School Life - Avast! Could it be that the feared Captain May, terror of the seas, has now turned to a life of civilized land lubbery for good?? Prowling the stores that once spurned her as nothing but a scoundrel, and rightfully so, May runs into Yurika who takes pity on the poor pirate and splits some of her plunder. A pirate's reward goes to her! Though the Seijyun High student seemed dubious of May's methods of acquiring anything of value, in the end, Yurika kept her booty intact! Good for her! Arr har har!! - created on 18:01:19 01/21/2015 by May and last modified on 23:40:49 01/21/2015. Cast: Yurika and May.

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