Angels Behind the Skies - When a British laboratory project working on the classification of Darkstalker genomes goes flatline from a preternatural murder, Max Evory is called in by MI-5, to stalk the killer to her home in London. He descends into the den of the wicked woman, his only weapon a poker chip and a cigar. Kiyomi is his prey, but is he the man on the horse, or the hound she's intent on tracking into the henhouse? - created on 19:48:33 10/30/2018 by Max and last modified on 22:48:20 10/30/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Max.

Hunting Moonlight - Agent Max Evory tracks the Kitsune Queen to the suburbs of London, only to find a scene of gristly carnage. - created on 13:02:49 11/26/2018 by Max and last modified on 13:26:23 11/29/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Max.

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