A Legend Begins - Still sore, both physically and emotionally, from her defeat at Daigo's massive fists, Makoto moves to fresh hunting grounds to blow off some steam; specifically, the atheletic yard of Pacific High. Naturally, one of the students takes exception to the rude visitor, but an unexpected twist awaits them both. - created on 21:50:56 11/07/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 02:50:40 11/08/2014. Cast: Gen, Tiffany, and Makoto.

Bull in a Chinatown - Makoto follows the cryptic promise of a fight given to her by a strange old man and ends up at the famous Chinatown restraunt of Genhanten. Yun gets called out before he can even get one foot in the door and a short but brutal clash of wills provides some unexpected entertainment for the hungry customers. - created on 23:57:20 11/11/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 04:12:04 11/12/2014. Cast: Makoto and Yun.

Mail Call - After getting some unpleasant beatings over the last few days, Mimiru tries to take it easy by delivering some packages around town for extra cash. Unfortunately, her last delivery runs a little late and the recipient takes very aggressive exception to this breach of manners. - created on 20:51:07 12/02/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 01:45:26 12/03/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Makoto.

What Goes Around... - Looking to grab a little cheap publicity by picking a fight with the local band of ruffians at the infamous Gedo High school of Southtown, American super-star Johnny Cage ends up with an opponent he didn't expect and both of them get a little taste of karmic justice. - created on 16:38:16 12/09/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 21:14:58 12/09/2014. Cast: Daigo, Makoto, and Johnny Cage.

A Whale of a Tale - The wandering pirate May stumbles into the wrong part of town and is accosted by nerfarious hoodlums! Fortunately, she's rescued from certain doom by a passing stranger - but it turns out that her helper might not be so friendly after all! - created on 11:19:52 12/23/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 14:41:09 12/23/2014. Cast: Makoto and May.

A Pirate's Life For Me - After 'rescuing' May from the hands of several Gedo thugs, Makoto drags the uppity pirate back to her dojo for some very necessary personal hygiene. Seriously, what's with pirates and smelling like barns? - created on 16:29:15 12/26/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 22:25:38 12/26/2014. Cast: Makoto and May.

Ninja Highschool - First a pirate, now a ninja! Makoto's daily life is starting to get really weird. Did she walk away with a new friend or a future enemy? Only time will tell. - created on 14:32:37 12/27/2014 by Makoto and last modified on 18:51:52 12/27/2014. Cast: Makoto and Ibuki.

Something Long Overdue - After being beaten soundly in the Inter-Highschool competition some months ago, Makoto had sent out an invitation to her opponent, calling her to a private meeting at the Rindou-kan dojo for reasons undisclosed. Somehow, that letter only just now got noticed... - created on 00:31:35 12/06/2015 by Makoto and last modified on 05:32:24 12/06/2015. Cast: Makoto and Hitomi.

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