Birth of a Monster - Using the corruption around Japan from Mt. Fuji's eruption, Makai gathers demonic energy from a leyline with the intention of merging multiple ideal youkai into a more useful minion. Before completion, Alisa tracks down his strange energy signal. Conflict abounds, but in the end, the possessed sealer manages to create a new pet... - created on 18:44:52 10/06/2017 by Makai and last modified on 23:24:34 10/06/2017. Cast: Alisa and Makai.

Sword Hunting - Makai seeks out an ancient Ainu relic in a small museum; wishing to purge himself of useless demonic entities, he brings forth a corrupted spirit of nature, the Mountain that Moves, to distract people -- hard to notice alarms when an entire city block is being destroyed. A nearby monster hunter attacks... one with an interesting aura to them, that the possessed Ainu finds irresistable... - created on 15:55:48 10/18/2017 by Makai and last modified on 20:50:20 10/20/2017. Cast: Noel and Makai.

A Monstrous Outing - A new Darkstalker begins to prowl the streets of Southtown, but might she bite off more then she can chew in her first attempt to hunt? (Jae Hoon vs Ichika) - created on 15:48:52 05/04/2021 by Makai and last modified on 04:49:02 05/13/2021. Cast: Jae Hoon.

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