"Special Ninjutsu Training" - Mai promises to do some special training with Andy on Sound Beach in Southtown, and Mai would certainly never make up something to spend time with the younger Bogard brother. Oh no, of course not. - created on 12:50:48 05/11/2018 by Mai and last modified on 17:45:19 06/22/2018. Cast: Andy and Mai.

A Challenging Training Lesson - Chizuru said that Mai had some potential and wanted to test her chi... but Mai didn't realize what she was getting into offering to do a practice match with her. - created on 12:59:46 12/12/2018 by Mai and last modified on 16:43:56 12/28/2018. Cast: Chizuru and Mai.

Mai Vs. King - Christmas Shopping Date - Mai and King agreed to a small gift exchange this year for the Christmas holidays... but also a friendly spar. Silver bells ring and shoppers rush home with their treasures... and get to witness a lovely classy street fight! - created on 19:49:43 12/21/2018 by Mai and last modified on 16:56:25 12/28/2018. Cast: King and Mai.

Meeting with Makoto - Tea Cakes and Team Building - Mai and Makoto have a chance meeting to talk about the KoF. - created on 19:49:18 05/13/2019 by Mai and last modified on 22:28:09 05/13/2019. Cast: Makoto Nanaya and Mai.

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