Set to Defrost: A Routine (?) Evaluation - In preparation for his upcoming mission for Interpol, Lynx is assigned to Chun-Li for combat readiness assessment. The exercise proves to be a bit more than either expects. - created on 15:35:44 12/11/2014 by Lynx and last modified on 21:36:07 12/12/2014. Cast: Chun-Li and Lynx.

A Billion Pounds of Gold - With the wreckage of the San Jose found by the Colombian authorities but the location of the shipwreck (and its estimated one billion British pounds' worth of gold cargo) unknown to the world at large, Agent Max Evory has been dispatched by MI6 on a diplomatic mission to insure that the treasure remains in the proper hands. However, one of Max's travelling companions on board a train to Cartegena finds herself the target of a Shadaloo operative intent on securing the location of the wreckage... - created on 13:15:47 12/05/2015 by Lynx and last modified on 20:14:18 12/08/2015. Cast: Lynx and Max.

Girl, Interrupted - Fevrier, the munitions expert of Vega's dolls, is busy teaching some of the Shadaloo rank and file a lesson in target acquisition when Shadaloo agent Lynx arrives in a disruptive capacity. An offer is made to salvage the situation through a combat demonstration. The offer is accepted, and battle is joined. - created on 20:24:41 07/22/2016 by Lynx and last modified on 00:56:57 07/24/2016. Cast: Fevrier and Lynx.

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