Fun in the Sun? - After some mishaps in Metro City, Kang tries to relax on the beach in Rio. Unfortunately for him, Laura Matsuda is up to her usual antics. When Kang mentions a movie, however, Laura sees the perfect chance to show off Matsuda Jiujutsu to the world... - created on 12:54:37 12/20/2017 by Laura and last modified on 12:27:04 12/21/2017. Cast: Kang and Laura.

Matsuda Family Time! - Sean Matsuda is just trying to practice his freethrows when he's accosted by his loud, obnoxious sister, Laura. Sibling bickering and a spar ensue. - created on 19:20:46 01/01/2018 by Laura and last modified on 17:18:25 01/03/2018. Cast: Sean and Laura.

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