Assassin vs Hero - A hero and an assassin meet on the beach! - created on 22:04:08 11/08/2018 by Koto and last modified on 00:16:48 11/09/2018. Cast: Rochelle and Koto.

Beach Sampling Ouch - While practicing on the beach, Koto has an encounter with Eve who expresses her intent violently to gain samples from him! - created on 19:40:04 11/14/2018 by Koto and last modified on 21:34:37 11/14/2018. Cast: Eve and Koto.

An Oni and a Hero in Chinatown - Koto has an encounter with Riki while going around Chinatown. - created on 17:50:47 11/17/2018 by Koto and last modified on 12:54:39 12/08/2018. Cast: Riki and Koto.

SNF: Brawl for the Meal - Pilgrim Hinata and Clown Koto are present for a Thanksgiving meal in Nevada when the owners of the Clown Motel ask for a fight for the entertainment. The two high school students work to put on a show for fun! - created on 19:54:38 12/01/2018 by Koto and last modified on 10:34:00 12/02/2018. Cast: Hinata and Koto.

Cheerleader Meets Superhero - While being a bit down after his recent losses as well as having a detention of cleaning the bleachers, Koto has a run in with Tiffany who was doing cheerleading practice. Sparring hijinks ensue with Koto's mind not being in the game at all it seems! - created on 15:47:24 02/27/2019 by Koto and last modified on 20:38:55 02/27/2019. Cast: Tiffany and Koto.

Thieves and Superheroes - Salem encounters resident wannabe super-hero Koto, aka Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon after one of her heists. - created on 10:39:09 06/05/2019 by Koto and last modified on 14:48:59 06/05/2019. Cast: Salem and Koto.

Misunderstanding Superhero vs. Models - While taking a tour of New York, Koto encounters Victoria being mugged but misunderstands it as a DarkStalker attack on an innocent. A fight ensues as a mutual test of skills! - created on 20:48:26 06/09/2019 by Koto and last modified on 09:57:48 06/10/2019. Cast: Victoria and Koto.

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