The Arrival of The Champ - The Mountain arrives an Earth and in Southtown in search for good Fight Tube footage. - created on 20:18:33 04/01/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 23:39:50 04/01/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Kongou.

Tips For Content Creation - It's time to meet a star! Kongou encounters Lyraelle. Time for some tips on being a Fight Tube celeb -- or threaten each other with violence. Whichever. - created on 22:06:34 04/04/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 02:44:34 04/05/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Kongou.

Right Here, Direct From The Lamp! - Kongou Learns: DO NOT MESS WITH THE PONIES - created on 19:46:10 05/20/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 18:31:41 05/21/2020. Cast: Kongou and Emma.

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