Fated Paths - Unable to resist the lure of the strange and terrible energy scar left behind by some unknown explosion near the edge of Southtown, Sector Seven's head researcher herself takes to the field in an effort to unravel this mystery - only to find herself trapped with the one person in the world she's been waiting her entire life to meet. It goes about as well as expected. - created on 01:40:52 12/22/2017 by Kokonoe and last modified on 17:10:30 12/26/2017. Cast: Terumi and Kokonoe.

Family Ties - Having found an unexpected treasure in the depths of the Boundary, Kokonoe puts the finishing touches on her most recent creations. - created on 16:38:46 01/01/2018 by Kokonoe and last modified on 23:21:33 01/01/2018. Cast: Celica and Kokonoe.

Take Me to the Candy Shop - Seeking a solution to a particularly small problem, Bulleta comes to an out of the way candy shop in Southtown in search of a particularly cantankerous cat. Compromises over confections are made, because this scene summary's author has an amiable addiction to alliteration. - created on 20:32:25 01/01/2019 by Kokonoe and last modified on 16:21:17 01/08/2019. Cast: Bulleta and Kokonoe.

A Kind of Nostalgic Feeling - Litchi Faye-Lin decides to drown her sorrows away somewhere on the fringes of Southtown's Chinatown. A familiar face from her past, however, sees fit to interrupt, with her usual flair for charm, and a simple favor to ask. - created on 23:47:43 01/16/2019 by Kokonoe and last modified on 03:40:32 01/18/2019. Cast: Litchi and Kokonoe.

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