KOF 2019

KOF Ruleset 2019 - This is the official ruleset for KOF 2019. - created on 11:47:39 05/01/2019 by P-Body and last modified on 12:44:16 05/01/2019.

KoF 2019 Special DLC Episode?! Rust Jr. - What are they trying to return? This important question will be answered, and the answer must be heeded closely in this special DLC episode for King of Fighters 2019. - created on 02:44:58 05/02/2019 by Rust and last modified on 23:30:48 05/09/2019. Cast: Rust.

The Terrible Secret of Clowns - Shipwrecked at the Clown Motel, Echo is recruited by super rich cultist Gabriel for HAUNTED HAPPENINGS. - created on 12:15:54 05/13/2019 by Echo and last modified on 15:52:03 05/13/2019. Cast: Gabriel and Echo.

Legacy's Burden - At the Wu Shi Academy on the coasts of China, two warriors touched by the supposed hand of destiny connect and discuss how the King of Fighters tournament might help open the way forward on their respective journeys through life. - created on 16:18:43 05/19/2019 by Nakoruru and last modified on 01:26:59 06/22/2019. Cast: Nakoruru and Kung Lao.

Master and Servant - Kim Kaphwan is approached by an old mentor at his dojo in Seoul. There, he is given an offer that he could refuse... if he didn't have a concern for his countless students. - created on 16:40:19 05/19/2019 by Kim and last modified on 16:26:02 05/20/2019. Cast: Kim and Gang-il.

Do you want to build a KOF Team - Felicia meets up with Maki to form a KOF team! - created on 20:06:13 05/20/2019 by Felicia and last modified on 22:11:50 05/20/2019. Cast: Maki and Felicia.

KoF '19 - All But Thrown Together - In which someone whose recent sins weigh heavy, a young man marked for death (with a good dog!), and a washed-up fool all sign up for King of Fighters at the urging of the lattermost among them. Isn't this how they all form together, these days? I mean they're even pulling in a Darkstalker from the far north like it was a random decision. Come on. Does every King of Fighters team start like this? Where's the cohesion? Will any of it last after their exit from the tournament?! Find out... - created on 21:40:18 05/21/2019 by Rust and last modified on 02:35:10 05/27/2019. Cast: Zach Glenn, Rust, and Michael.

KoF: After Actions - Hayley Bretherton, once known as Aussie Spangles, had some history with a key figure in this particular King of Fighters. Lita Luwanda, knowing at least part of this history, seeks her out so that she can recruit her and allow her to face that past. Will Hayley take that opportunity? - created on 20:14:40 05/26/2019 by Lita and last modified on 07:02:51 05/27/2019. Cast: Lita and Hayley.

Saddled Up - Honoka's been informed by a reliable authority -- one on her own payroll, even -- that the Lightning Spangles she knows and cares about is dead. And yet, this year's King of Fighters is not only a Lightning Spangles tournament, but one that rewards winners with a role in the Ainu Spangles spin-off series. This is understandably upsetting to the only actress known to portray this "Ainu Spangles." When Honoka arrives at the site of where they are filming the latest Lightning Spangles movie, she encounters the real Lightning Spangles herself, ratcheting up for a confrontation on her true identity. Things go awry, however, when the real(?) Ainu Spangles also makes an appearance! - created on 08:31:54 05/28/2019 by Honoka and last modified on 11:14:51 06/18/2019. Cast: Honoka and Jezebel.

Two Explodey Guys - It's an old fashioned reunion as K' moves on in to Abigail's Scrap Metal and Team Heavy Metal Burn is formed! - created on 19:25:10 05/28/2019 by Abigail and last modified on 00:18:26 05/31/2019. Cast: K' and Abigail.

Experiment Log #2020 - A Matter of Affairs - Noel Vermillion gets a surprise request from Colonel Relius Clover, to meet him alone for a very important meeting. It sems thatRelius has a need for an experiment, and a want from Noel to carry it out. The subject? THe King of Fighters - created on 17:52:28 05/29/2019 by Relius and last modified on 23:15:32 05/30/2019. Cast: Noel and Relius.

KOF - A Very Important Mission! - Acting Colonel Hazama enlists promising up and comer Corporal Kaneko on a very grave mission -- participating in the King of Fighters to investigate what is obviously going to be a complete and utter mess. This will surely go well for promising up and comer Corporal Kaneko. - created on 10:47:46 05/30/2019 by Hazama and last modified on 11:26:42 06/01/2019. Cast: Hazama and Renka.

KoF: After Action - Pt 2: Let's Do Lunch - After Hayley's training session, Lita and Hayley discuss the previous tournaments and how they each are dealing with having multiple martial arts styles. - created on 16:31:34 05/30/2019 by Lita and last modified on 13:08:13 05/31/2019. Cast: Lita and Hayley.

Team Kyokugenryu - The Beginning - While pondering how to keep the Kyokugenryuu Dojo afloat, Ryo and Yuri are interrupted by Marco, one of their best and brightest students, to inform them that the King of Fighters is beginning, and that it's up to the three of them to bring Kyokugenryuu glory to the world! Then, Ryo and Marco fight. - created on 18:46:41 05/30/2019 by Marco and last modified on 01:30:49 05/31/2019. Cast: Marco, Ryo, and Yuri.

TEAM ARTISTISM: The Origin - Slayer recruits MARIA to investigate/join the King of Fighters. being an artist, MARIA takes it. TAKES IT - created on 19:07:00 05/31/2019 by Maria and last modified on 22:03:46 05/31/2019. Cast: Slayer and Maria.

Team-Shopping - Bulleta tracks down the woman who she thinks has the best shot at getting her noticed at the King of Fighters tournament: the sweet, dynamic ninja Mai Shiranui. - created on 20:49:14 05/31/2019 by Bulleta and last modified on 23:25:05 05/31/2019. Cast: Bulleta and Mai.

KOF: A Night At The Opera - Two blonde fighters investigate an opera house said to be a base of operations for the Southtown Syndicate; except they are both using the same alias. After some clearing up, Cody and Terry team up to fight Syndicate goons and leave a message: they will be coming for them. - created on 14:20:53 06/01/2019 by Cody and last modified on 17:32:30 06/01/2019. Cast: Terry and Cody.

KOF: Twilight Stars - Honoka may have been in two prior King of Fighters tournaments, but it was a bit more difficult to find a partner for this one. Luckily, the circus star watches a lot of FightTube, so she has a bead on a number of up-and-coming fighters, like the mysterious J-Dragon! And so begins the interview for the Twilight Stars... - created on 21:59:23 06/01/2019 by Honoka and last modified on 00:50:17 06/02/2019. Cast: Honoka and Koto.

KOF 2019 - USA Sports Team - Brian discovers a King of Fighters tradition, with the help of a time-lost samurai and a B-Movie Superstar. - created on 18:26:55 06/02/2019 by Brian and last modified on 20:57:36 06/02/2019. Cast: Brian, Hakumen, and Johnny Cage.

Brought the Sexy Back - The stash of Golden Angel is an unusual prize to say the least. In the aftermath of the successful tournament, the stock of the rare substance was assumed destroyed. The obvious trail of where it could lay? The Golden Angel Waterpark. The mysterious Aurora has arrived at the waterpark, trying to find any clues on the Golden Angel spray. But her investigation is disrupted by Maria. Maria's, or rather, MARIA's motivations are more aesthetically pleasing, as she is after the true nature of hostess of the KOG. And what would she do to the Spangle performance of King of Fighters? Destroy it, and the fundamental core of hollowness that runs through it's artless execution. The two may be able to work together, if they can tolerate their own eccentricities! - created on 19:58:01 06/03/2019 by Aurora and last modified on 16:14:15 06/04/2019. Cast: Aurora and Maria.

Prelims 1 - Team WTF vs Sever the Wicked - It's a mishmashed group of men versus two very dangerous ladies in Neo*Geo Land. What possibly could go wrong?! (Everything. That's what.) - created on 09:50:10 06/05/2019 by Michael and last modified on 18:44:59 06/16/2019. Cast: Gabriel, Zach Glenn, Rust, Michael, and Echo.

Prelims 1 - Team Korea vs Team Ikari - The first round of the KOF 2019 Prelims send the Ikari Warriors slamming into Team Kora. Going into a full forced fight at the Club Haddaway in Jamica, the hot-blooded self-righteous Kim Kaphwan rolls straight into the Delta Red Lita Luwanda. - created on 09:32:23 06/06/2019 by Kim and last modified on 18:56:00 06/16/2019. Cast: Kim, Lita, Gang-il, and Leona.

Prelims 1 - Team ARTISTISM vs Team Legacy - The first round of qualifier matches get under way as The Arts Theatre clash with the Arts Martial in a stunning display of pyrotechnics and skill. Though only one team can emerge victorious, they are both determined to display the true depths of their craft. - created on 18:55:44 06/06/2019 by Kung Lao and last modified on 18:43:53 06/16/2019. Cast: Slayer, Nakoruru, Kung Lao, and Maria.

KoF '19 - Broken Memories - Location: Southtown Young Fighters Initiative Center - Time is like a river, and while the facts and details may change, some things remain and endure Such secrets of the previous timeline has it's hunters, most damning being the infamous Relius. His prey? The infinitely wise Rei Hazuki. Evading a pack of NOL agents hot on his trail, Rei takes shelter at the Southtown Young Fighters' Initiative Center. As he recovers, Rei finds himself approached by Howard Rust Jr., The son of Rust has his own motives, but he has something important to tell the sage, and has many questions to ask about his father. - created on 20:22:21 06/06/2019 by Rust and last modified on 01:35:02 06/07/2019. Cast: Frei and Rust.

KoF 2019 - Graveyard of the Fireflies - For the past however long, the inscrutable I-No has had former Gear commander and current junk food movie addict Elphelt Valentine in her 'care', which is to say El's being shielded from the many people who want her imprisoned, dead, or worse. But one particular evening finds I-No with questions that can't be asked or answered in a hotel room over cheesecake, and she spirits El away to a location of great significance to ask her a very simple question with some very complicated answers. - created on 20:37:30 06/06/2019 by Elphelt and last modified on 09:13:24 06/16/2019. Cast: I-No and Elphelt.

Prelims 1 - Women's Team vs Cat's Out Of The Bag - In this early King of Fighters match, The Women's Team fights vs Team Cat's Out of the Bag! It's a ninja demonstration with a lot of misdirection as Bulleta puts her tricky skills to good use! - created on 21:45:12 06/06/2019 by Mai and last modified on 21:45:41 06/16/2019. Cast: Maki, Bulleta, Felicia, and Mai.

Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels - Cats versus canines as Mongrel Team and Team Kaka square off in the underworld of Metro City. Which team of world wandering heroes and fugitives will come out on top? Will the Legendary Hungry Wolf defeat the One Eyed Twin Tail Lotus? Can the former Hound of the NOL take down the Fallen Hero of her own hometown? Will Taokaka go hungry? Some of this and maybe more will be answered in this round of KoF 2019! - created on 00:27:14 06/07/2019 by Clio and last modified on 01:20:37 06/18/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Clio, and Jubei.

KOF: A Syndicate Broken - A shipment of Cruggs seems so innocent. After all, the unholy union of Crocs and Uggs is a somewhat niche item. And yet, the limited run is a prize for the King of Fighters... and more importantly, it is in holding by the Southtown Syndicate. As the leadership audits what it means and who is holding the cargo, Okuno is sent to investigate a Syndicate warehouse that holds several cargo containers of the terrible shoewear. However, a personal meeting at the same site from Geese reveals a rift within the Syndicate, as one of its leaders is suspected of treachery. - created on 19:49:47 06/07/2019 by Geese and last modified on 23:11:50 06/07/2019. Cast: Geese and Okuno.

Prelims 1 - Family Values vs Aesop - The NOL enters KOF 2019 with a splash, showcasing not one but two power house teams. And then goes and hosts the match at the extravagant NOL Central Command just to show off! - created on 11:23:54 06/08/2019 by Renka and last modified on 23:43:13 06/17/2019. Cast: Noel, Hazama, Relius, and Renka.

Prelims 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Heavy Metal Burnin' - King of Fighters is in full swing as two teams clash. While Heavy Metal Burning is ready for a battle they are not ready for the surprise of one opponent this qualifying round. - created on 18:07:53 06/08/2019 by Maxima and last modified on 12:22:19 06/17/2019. Cast: Maxima, K', Demitri, and Aurora.

Day of the Dead - La Huesuda finds Velvet skulking around Celle Ligure, the site of Jedah's previous atrocity. But why is he drawn there? - created on 21:43:11 06/08/2019 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 23:41:00 06/08/2019. Cast: Velvet Blue and La Huesuda.

Prelims 1 - Twilight Stars vs Kyokugen - In their first match of the King of Fighters 2019, Team Kyokugen faces the Twilight Stars in a harrowing battle on Ayers Rock, Australia! Will the mysterious powers of the Twilight Stars claim victory, or will they be unable to stand against KYOKUGEN MIGHT!? - created on 10:43:57 06/10/2019 by Ryo and last modified on 12:21:33 06/17/2019. Cast: Ryo, Honoka, Koto, and Kasumi Todoh.

Mean Girls - Juri vs Chun Li - Chun-Li wraps up the after-actions on the Border Crisis. With Shadaloo's defeat in the United States, however, there are still a few loose threads to tie up. Gathering clues on the border, Chun-Li encounters one of Shadaloo's finest enforcers, Juri. Chun-Li may not be directly in her way, but she'll serve as an interesting plaything to alleviate her boredom... maybe somebody can finally put up the fight Juri thinks she deserves. - created on 19:47:50 06/10/2019 by Juri and last modified on 19:57:04 06/23/2019. Cast: Chun-Li and Juri.

KOF 2019 Act 1 - Genovese Syndrome - A glittering gem on the Italian Riviera, the University of Genoa is a breeding ground for the rising stars of engineering and medicine. Sometimes, though, science goes too far; one of the University's students went on to become Jedah Dohma's top chop-shop surgeon. The former Interpol detective has gone back to the former stomping grounds of his departed love Fio Tessitore, seeking answers as to what led her astray and where she might have gone. And it just so happens that someone who had sought to end Tessitore's so-called life is also there in search of clues -- not to the mad scientist's current whereabouts, but how they could affect the tower in Southtown. Suffice to say, the two may be a bit at odds... - created on 16:37:37 06/11/2019 by Daniel and last modified on 14:56:36 07/19/2019. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

KOF: Who's The Hero Around Here?! - There's something going on at Taiyo High. Two people are intent on checking it out, but only one of them can be the hero! Who will come out on top? (WINNER: Koto) - created on 11:12:55 06/12/2019 by Yuri and last modified on 06:29:28 06/13/2019. Cast: Koto and Yuri.

Prelims 2 - USA Sports Team vs Sever the Wicked - In round 2 of the King of Fighter's Preliminary matches, Sever the Wicked comes up against the USA Sports Team. Judgments are cast, and a forgotten hero re-enters the spot light. - created on 15:56:58 06/15/2019 by Hakumen and last modified on 18:19:30 06/17/2019. Cast: Gabriel, Hakumen, and Echo.

Road Test - In the aftermath of the fight against the Miracle Rookies, K' finds himself the target of an organization from his past. The desert blazes as K' fights for his freedom. - created on 23:30:27 06/15/2019 by Upsilon and last modified on 00:23:33 06/27/2019. Cast: K' and Upsilon.

Love Is Like An Open Grave - While news of Jezebel's disappearance has reached the global stage (somewhere back on page 4), the reason why is still a mystery. And nobody has been affected worse than her number one fan, Baby Bonnie Hood. But when Lightning Spangles appears to announce the King of Fighters tournament, the fangirl can't shake the simple fact that Jezebel is dead and buried, by her own hand. Discarding her disguise, Bulleta goes to investigate Jezebel's burial site to confirm she is still at rest. Unfortunately, Naerose is there to greet her. Her goal? To find Jezebel, and bring her back to life. - created on 15:22:56 06/18/2019 by Bulleta and last modified on 18:23:58 06/21/2019. Cast: Naerose and Bulleta.

Prelims 2 - The Mongrels vs Team WTF - A battle for the ages between legends and and upstarts alike in scenic North Carolina! Team WTF faces the fearsome duo that is Team Mongrel! Explosions, ninjas, waterfalls! - created on 03:04:38 06/20/2019 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:04:23 06/27/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Zach Glenn, Rust, and Michael.

Prelims 2 - Team Legacy vs Twilight Stars - The world has been waiting for this match. Team Legacy, masters of legendary martial arts from eras past. Twilight Stars, renowned for their eclectic mix of psychic powers and crowd appeal. Past and future collide on the tree-lined shores of crystal-clear Arrow Bamboo Lake. - created on 21:24:29 06/21/2019 by Honoka and last modified on 08:46:24 06/26/2019. Cast: Honoka, Nakoruru, Kung Lao, and Koto.

Prelims 2 - Team ARTISTISM vs Team Kyokugen - Amidst a tranquil bamboo forest, the contenders of Team Kyokugen and Team ARTISTISM come to a clash of body and spirit. Things get maybe ever-so-slightly philosophical, which is just the unfortunate byproduct of fighting Slayer. But still! Violence! Hurray! - created on 00:53:05 06/22/2019 by Slayer and last modified on 20:00:01 07/14/2019. Cast: Marco, Ryo, and Slayer.

Prelims 2 - Team Korea vs Team Aesop - An ostentatious hotel lobby plays host to a King of Fighters 2019 match between the stalwart Team Korea and the second of the Librarium teams, Team Aesop. - created on 12:01:35 06/22/2019 by Gang-il and last modified on 22:44:01 07/14/2019. Cast: Kim, Gang-il, and Renka.

Prelims 2 - Heavy Metal vs Cats - Heavy Metal Burnin' takes on the Cat's Out Of The Bag in the KOF2019 Preliminaries! - created on 20:50:52 06/22/2019 by Abigail and last modified on 20:51:29 06/28/2019. Cast: Maki, Felicia, and Abigail.

Prelims 2 - Team Family Values vs Ikari Team - With Team Family Values arriving with two points, and Ikari Team rolling in with one point, the duo battle at the Vatican to struggle an important victory: The winner will make it to the thunderdome runoff, the loser will be out. - created on 12:07:39 06/24/2019 by Relius and last modified on 13:38:25 07/18/2019. Cast: Chun-Li, Lita, Noel, Relius, and Leona.

Prelims 2 - Women's Team vs Miracle Rookies - When the Women's Team discovers that the so-called Miracle Rookies are actually helmed by the Vampire Demitri, Mai and Makoto have a tough fight ahead of them in their second preliminary round! - created on 20:51:30 06/26/2019 by Mai and last modified on 00:48:11 06/29/2019. Cast: Demitri, Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

Thunderdome - Makoto vs Hayley - The THUNDERDOME commences. (Victor: Makoto Nanaya) - created on 19:11:45 07/15/2019 by Makoto Nanaya and last modified on 22:02:11 07/16/2019. Cast: Hayley and Makoto Nanaya.

Thunderdome - Mai vs Lita - Lita Luwanda from the Ikari Team takes on Mai Shiranui from the Women's Team. Mai's style and grace as well as Lita's strength and brutality are on full display as each fighter attempts to help their team move on from the prelims of the KoF tournament. - created on 20:24:23 07/16/2019 by Lita and last modified on 10:22:13 07/17/2019. Cast: Lita and Mai.

Quarterfinal 2 - Twilight vs Heavy Metal Burnin' - Brazil's famous Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace racetrack serves as host for the second semifinal match of King of Fighters 2019! Twilight Stars face off against Heavy Metal Burnin' -- hopefully the track will survive for the next F1 race! - created on 21:04:36 07/26/2019 by Honoka and last modified on 17:04:15 08/25/2019. Cast: Honoka, K', Abigail, and Koto.

Quarterfinal 4 - Team Aesop vs Team Kaka - The fourth quarterfinal match for KOF 2019 sets the stage for an awkward set of reunions in Southtown's Heritage Museum. Clio's Kaka Clan disguise has held up until now, but will it pass the scrutiny of Hazama, a former superior officer of hers? And whatever will Corporal Kaneko do when one of the Librarium's most wanted criminals is right there within reach? - created on 10:47:37 08/01/2019 by Clio and last modified on 09:23:18 09/15/2019. Cast: Hazama, Clio, Jubei, and Renka.

Quarterfinal 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Women's Team - The Women's Team fights to secure their place in this year's tournament against the team that consigned them to the tiebreaker round. - created on 17:59:35 08/02/2019 by Bulleta and last modified on 15:12:31 08/12/2019. Cast: Elena, Bulleta, and Aurora.

Quarterfinal 3 - Team WTF vs USA Sports Team - King of Fighters '19 Quarterfinals Match #3 - at Russia, Red Square. The very capitol is all but shut down from the sheer hype and splendor of the King of Fighters going underway. Between the 'USA Sports Team' and 'Team WTF,' both of whom have a number of... er... unexpected elements, there is but one certainty to be found in these circumstances: there will be only one victor that advances to the semifinals. The world is watching. Very specific parts of the world is watching even more closely. If they want to see something truly amazing happen... should they look somewhere else? (spoilers: nope, here is fine!) (WINNERS: USA Sports Team) - created on 19:37:27 08/03/2019 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 00:47:31 08/18/2019. Cast: Zach Glenn, Rust, Hakumen, and Johnny Cage.

Semifinal 1 - Women's Team vs Heavy Meatl Burnin' - Mai and Makoto of the Women's Team come up against the Beast of Flame in an all-out throwdown in the Slammasters Arena to decide one of KoF2k19's two finalist teams! - created on 17:42:54 09/21/2019 by K' and last modified on 19:49:19 10/01/2019. Cast: K', Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

Semifinal 2 - USA Sports Team vs Team Kaka - To many, the selection of Belgrade Fortress as the site for a King of Fighters semifinal match would seem eccentric as best. But perhaps the shadowy KOF 2019 organizers had something particular in mind for the battle between Team Kaka and the USA Sports Team... - created on 09:56:38 09/22/2019 by Jubei and last modified on 18:22:27 10/09/2019. Cast: Hakumen, Clio, and Jubei.

Finals - Heavy Metal Burning vs USA Sports Team - In the final round of this year's King of Fighters, Heavy Metal Burnin' squares off with the USA Sports Team for the title and glory. Things get hot. Stuff gets burnt. (Winner: Heavy Metal Burnin'). - created on 17:08:31 10/20/2019 by K' and last modified on 09:01:50 06/30/2020. Cast: K', Johnny Cage, and Bang.

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